We’ve got Neptune, Venus, Mars and Chiron all together within a 9-10 degree stellium (grouping) in the Sky, along with a few asteroids. They present to us a powerful opportunity to Transform the Way We Love. There’s a lot going on right now astrologically but I feel this is this the most relevant aspect to discuss at this time. Quite a few of us will be feeling the need to retreat or find seclusion amidst all the deep processing that’s going on.

We’re looking at the Soul’s Wounds (Chiron) sustained in the Feminine (Venus) and Masculine (Mars) [however you define the two], embedded in the history/biography of our individual Spiritual Journeys (Pisces/Neptune) and the collective Journey we are all a part of. You’re looking a deep examination of our drives, assertiveness, desires, value systems, relationships, all aspects of material life and attachment to such, soul’s wounds, karmic dynamics, connection with Spirit, anima/animus [gendered aspects of the psyche as conventionally defined] — a lot gets covered in this stellium! And as you’ll see below – there’s going to be a strong focus on LOVE. (Quite appropriate as part of the build-up to the Leo Full Moon – Leo rules of matters of the heart and the kind of joy that romance can bring, and many other things)

The asteroids involved are: Teharonhiawako – 9 Pisces, Eros – 11 Pisces – Urania – 12 Pisces – Psyche – 15 Pisces – Borasisi – 16 Pisces – Orpheus – 16 Pisces — Without going into too much detail – this is the message that they convey:

We are asked to confront the known and unknown (light and dark) aspects of our selves to realize and transcend false binaries/dualities/ideas that we have about ourselves and our spiritual paths (Teharonhiawako). Borasisi’s energy encourages us to lift the veil of Maya that separates our illusions from some truer understanding of reality. In so doing, we are asked to uncover and let go of old scripts, narratives and ingrained patterns of thought we have about ourselves. For instance, people often have the script of ‘victimhood’ or being undeserving somehow running through our heads, almost on autopilot, whilst the parts of ourselves we are aware of try to learn new ways of defining our own stories. The veil is particularly thin now (in more ways than one) – it’s an excellent time to de-clutter the subconscious and release your hold on what no longer serves your path or purpose.

Eros focuses these energies upon the way in we we seek completion through union, with a special focus on the erotic. It may not always refer to intercourse as it is perfectly possibly to passionate about something abstract in the same way. The way we love, in all its flavours (as Venus is in the mix) is being strongly focused upon at this time.

Orpheus adds poetry, nuance and ability to move another being through artistic (verbal, musical) expression of some kind. He nearly brought back his wife Eurydice from the Netherworld, having moved its Lord and Lady with his hauntingly beautiful music and poetry. He speaks to (again) the extent of what we will do for love. Unfortunately, Orpheus fails to comply with the one condition stipulated to him – that he must not turn back to look till he reaches the world of the living once more. This asteroid also teaches the the power of faith and cautions us against giving into our insecurities, lest we sabotage our own efforts. (They are ultimately reunited though, upon his own death).

Finally, Urania – the Muse of Astrology and Astronomy – indicates deeper insights to be found in our current journey from the stars themselves. This is an excellent time to consult with your astrologer of choice – or to simply open yourselves to the messages of the Cosmos.

So taking it all together – there’s a powerful emphasis on some of the most fundamental drives that make up the human condition – Love and what we’d do for it – highlighted in the Sky. Along with the kind of surrender, faith and sacrifice of perspectives that Pisces often asks of us. It’s very likely to involve karmic dynamics now rising to the surface of your consciousness – chances are that your relationship with whatever person/object/idea/etc. that your energies are focused upon is something that is built upon earlier experiences in your Soul’s Journey.

None of this is happening in a logical, rational, straightforward way – we’re all in a big boat, riding the same waves of Mystery and Spirit. Trying to make sense of what you’re feeling through the lens of logic can – for most – be an exercise in frustration at this time. So what can you do?

It’s a good time to relax, meditate, find seclusion in nature, or simply someplace quiet enough to simply ‘just be’. Some of you may be feeling extra sensitive or vulnerable at this time – Neptune/Pisces’ energies can also be used to fuel escapist tendencies (be it through substances, people, fantasies, obsessions, etc. ). Those who feel in need of support are advised to the seek the company of reliable care-givers at this time (e.g. solid friends or family who understand, or even a community group of some kind). Some of you will enjoy the solitude and others will be overwhelmed by the prospect of it – where you sit on that scale depends solely on you.

I’d say this isn’t the best time to start new things, or push through things like a conquering hero. Take the time to rest, retreat and rejuvenate – but remember it’s your journey. I’m sure there will be some who are just filled to brim with the intuitive, mystical and otherworldly type of inspiration that all this energy in Pisces can bring. It can be a powerful time to express channeled messages, embody truths, or simply connect with Spirit in powerful ways – perhaps through art, spiritual work and so on. Others may simply need to rest and sleep more.

Honor your instincts and be as kind to yourselves and others 🙂

Current Placements: Venus – 4 Pisces, Neptune-6 Pisces, Mars-14 Pisces, Chiron – 15 Pisces

Venus conjunct Neptune – 1:38 am Feb 2nd 2015 (GMT + 8) at 6 Pisces ’22
Mars conjunct Chiron – 4:05 am Feb 1st 2015 (GMT + 8) at 15 Pisces ’10

Note that the Cancer Moon will be trining these energies throughout between January 21st – Feb 2nd 2014. Emotions, subconscious impulses/conditioning, intuitive perceptions and/or communication with your mother and/or The Divine Mother archetype will be instrumental in activating the stellium’s energies.

Those with strong placements in Water signs – take heed. Those with placements between 4-16 Scorpio will experience this as as a powerful GRAND WATER TRINE. Chiron/Mars is inconjunct the North Node – those with placements near 15 Taurus will be experience a powerful Nodal Yod (deeply karmic).

Try not to get engaged in domestic/familial conflicts at this time – where possible. Those of you who reach out to the Mother Goddess, call upon her for guidance and support especially at this time.

it’s a pretty intense buildup to the Leo Full Moon due February 3rd/4th (depending on where you are in the world). The Pisces stellium will be heavily lit up this Full Moon.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Modified Image of : Small Planet Love.png – By Matriot (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



A complete sextile is formed when you allow for a slightly larger orb for the Nodes (not shown in full in my software as its pretty strict with orbs, but you get the idea). It’s a potent time for manifestation, intention-work, etc. – however, I’d suggest going about this in a slightly different way.


This G. Sextile alignment feels different then the previous one I wrote about on Jan 17 – –  (in fact, we’ve been having a long ‘phase’ of the Grand Sextile, if you were to include asteroids). There’s a lot of energetic heaviness in the air and I would suggest against doing heavy ritual or energetic work at this time.

Part of this is due to the upcoming Sun-Mercury Rx conjunction (tomorrow), Chiron/Mars, Venus/Neptune (coming over the next few days). There’s plenty of wounds/of from the Masculine and the Feminine coming up for collective processing at this time. Watch the way you communicate as best you can!

Encoding the energies of Joy, Peace, Harmony and Balance in whatever way you see fit – having a day off, taking some time out, sitting in nature, etc. whilst you process what’s coming up for you/me/we/us./all at this time would work just as well.

In fact, that’s what I’m planning to do. Just have a time-out and take a break.

The Grand Sextile ends at 6:32 pm today (Jan 30 2015, GMT + 8), though its effects can linger on for a few hours afterwards.

There will be other significant Near-Grand Sextiles and a complete Grand Sextile coming up in February as well. It is not usual to see so many in such a narrow band of time. So we’re clearly being called to manifest something (individually and collectively), and in a powerful way at this time…

What that is depends entirely on what you choose to make of it.

Blessings to All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD



The skies and energetics of today have been very strange. It feels as though the veil is thinner at this time than it normally would be. Turning to astrology, I see the most likely explanation to be the MERCURY RETROGRADE – NORTH NODE trine. The North Node asks us to evolve into new cycles of Balance (Libra), positions were we can be ourselves and let others to be who they are, and understanding of partnership dynamics (both inter-personal and intra-personal – they both reflect each other). Mercury Retrograde may pose us challenges in communication, particularly in friend groups or as expressed through social media (FB, Twitter, etc.) — that we may look deeper and find new, or better ways of expressing ourselves to the collective.

Even if you’re saying something as best you can, the other person might hear something different (and vice versa from their perspective). Same words, different meanings. Things like that. But What For, you might ask?

Mercury gives us the chance to reflect upon the ways we communicate in these larger group/collective dynamics and to refine both our listening/expressing skills – In Aquarius, it asks us to become aware of how we bring layers upon layers of meaning to what we say and how, by virtue of being the unique individuals that we are. it asks us to take ownership of the assumptions, the meaning, the perspectives we bring into communication – both conscious and sub-conscious. It also challenges us to put our individual ego-minds aside at times and see the truth that the other is offering, even if it seems opposed to your own. Practice the principle of compassion – and resist the temptation to respond in anger, defensiveness or fear.

Simply state your truth and be – no one has to accept it but you. For as a Collective, are we not entitled to Plural or Multiple Truths?

(I should add that – right now – Mercury is conjunct asteroid Icarus (12 Aquarius) — if you’re going to explore an idea of form of expression that is ‘out there’, try to do so with some restraint. Try not to leap too far ahead too quickly. Baby steps!)

Trined the North Node in Libra, it is likely that these opportunities for learning may come through a partner (at work, in life) or a social setting of some kind. It may occur as part of a intellectual discussion, legal arguments, or attempts at mediation between conflicting parties.

Rather than obstacles, I’d call them stepping stones towards a fuller expression of your being. The specifics of how that plays out depends on which houses that Mercury Retrograde and the Noth Node sit in for you.

In fact some of you might actually enjoy this time and find it a great moment to re-connect with people! It’s not always bad, or good – just depends on how you work with the energies with your own Free Will.

This is the second time that this trine is happening. The first trine between the two occured at 2:31 am, January 16 (14 Aqu-Lib ’09) , the second occured earlier today at 4:57 am, January 28 (13 Aqu-Lib ’31) and the third will occur on 5:57 pm, February 27 (11 Aqu-Lib ’54 – all times in GMT/UTC + 8). It is likely that the seeds of whatever is going on now may have been set during the first crossing, and that some form of culmination/release may come during the Feb 27th crossing. The fact this this back and forth is happening is of course due to Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion through the skies. (It’s not really moving backwards, it just looks that way to the observer on Earth)

Also – not all of you must or will experience this sequence in the way described, but some of you will – and so I hope it is of use.

At this moment, Mercury Retrograde is also sextiled the South Node and Uranus in Aries. This suggests the opportunity to find a harmony in the way we think, articulate, express and communicate by drawing upon the Truth of the Self. No… Not the Ego-I, but the I AM 🙂 Work with the revelations (which for some of us, have struck like lightning in recent times) you have about yourself and – Dare to Step into a New Dynamic in the way you Think, Express Yourself, etc.. This is a fantastic opportunity to break out of old karmic cycles, related to the themes described above.

Those with placements at or near 13 Virgo will experience this as a powerful Yod – a potential karmic crossroad which punctuates, intensifies and accelerates your spiritual journey in many ways.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Blackbird, singing.JPG By HTO (Own work (own photo)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



Blessings everyone, there’s a powerful Grand Earth Trine in the skies right now! Earth Trines represent powerful opportunities to manifest in the material realm. Earth energy is tangible, physical, and extends to all that we can interact with in three-dimensional space. We connect to this energy via deities or archetypes such as Gaia-Sophia, the Earth Mother, Bhuma Devi, and so on. I would be curious to know of your experiences if you connect with the Earth element through the conduit of the Masculine – so feel free to share.

In the skies, the Taurus Moon asks us to examine our subconscious belief systems and emotional attachments to ideas of ownership and sensations of pleasure in the material world. We can neither afford to elevate the spiritual at the cost of the material or vice versa – once we realize that matter is the outward manifestation of – or an expression of – Spirit. The two are linked just as the light and the heat of a flame. Inseparable. The Taurus Moon asks us to find a position of Balance, wherein we can engage in the material world without seeking to own, or become owned by any aspect of it. Material incarnation is a transient phase of your spiritual evolution yes, but nonetheless, an important experience.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, challenged now by her opposition to Neptune in Pisces, asks us to recognize the Rise of the Dark Feminine Principle. Darkness here does not refer to negativity, but rather that which has been repressed, suppressed or forcibly hidden or unacknowledged. In Virgo, the Feminine Rises into her role as a Spiritual Facilitator or Spiritual Servant. She is challenged here to walk her Path of Service irrespective of projections traditionally associated with Virgo: neuroticism, frigidity, subservience and so on. Nothing could be further from the truth when you consider the independence, sexuality and knowledge of the Vestal Virgins who (in one narrative) inspired the Virgo archetype. The energy of Virgo ultimately asks us to realize that the material Path of Service that we do is encoded/entwined with Spirit. She reminds us to fill our cups first before we fill another’s – as you cannot give if you own cup is empty.

Ceres, the Goddess Asteroid of Nurture, asks us about how we best give and receive nurture. She shows us the kind of caregiving which works best for us in order to help us grow into the goals or experiences which our Souls seek to re-discover – and how we can do the same for others (where appropriate). In Capricorn, Ceres asks us to examine our understanding of what material legacies we come to leave in this world. Be it a career, a life purpose, your children, an internal shift, a life lived with a minimal carbon footprint – however you define it – Capricorn wants to know what material consequences the sum of your life will bring once you have eventually left this physical realm. Try to imagine the kind of legacy you want to leave, in whatever way you define the term. The question to ask is this: Once you have departed from this current material cycle of incarnation,

Will future generations have to bear the burden of your choices, or be freed by them?

To re-iterate: Taurus is more concerned with the immediate, sensorial, personal experience of materiality, whereas Virgo begins to shift towards a sense of facilitating a larger group (with the needs of the self met first). Capricorn on the other hand, culminates the material-Earth sign triad by asking how the sum of individual actions influences the material experiences of the (future) collective.

The Grand Earth Trine encourages us to explore these energies and to manifest a material reality in greater alignment with one’s ongoing spiritual evolution, and the needs of the collective.

This alignment is actually a Kite – focused by an opposition between Black Moon Lilith and Neptune (conjunct Venus, Mars and Chiron as part of stellium in Pisces). Reconciling the relationship between Matter and Spirit appears to be a key focus in this alignment – as is the relationship between the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. Those with placements at or near 6-9 Cancer AND 6-9 Scorpio will experience this as a Grand Sextile.

To conclude:

There is utterly nothing shameful, sinful or taboo about Matter. We wouldn’t have manifested as Spirit-seeking-to-experience-Matter otherwise. What tends to be the problem is when matter is elevated above spirit, or spirit above matter. Either imbalance has its own set of repercussions. Feel free to explore this idea and see how it sits with your own understandings – as ultimately, it is your Truth that guides You.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: NASA [public domain] This article was not endorsed by NASA in any way. Image obtained at



The Moon conjuncted Uranus at 7:27 pm (about an hour ago) at 13’05 Aries. In three minutes (8:23 pm), it will oppose the North Node and conjunct the South Node at 13’38 Aries. It will then square Pluto and asteroid Cyllarus in half an hour (9:01 pm – all on 25-Jan-2015, GMT + 8).

In general, these lessons are likely to come unexpectedly, perhaps as a surprise of some kind. Uranus tends to work through that modality – you might find a message you hadn’t expected to see, or hear from a friend out of the blue, or simply come into the awareness of a whole new set of emotional tools, perspectives and/or states of being you were previously unaware of.

Through these conjunctions, the Moon reactivates the Grand Cardinal Cross (Uranus, Pluto, North Node, South Node and Cyllarus – an asteroid at 14 Cancer). The Grand Cardinal Lunar Nodal Cross effectively makes us question EVERYTHING. Our sense of self, our group identities, our understandings of power and — ultimately — how we can take all these energies and channel it into the North Node in Libra (Balance). Remember that Balance does not serve to erase differences, it accepts them.

The Moon’s transit also activates the Great Goddess Fire trine – formed by Uranus/Moon/South Node,Pallas Athena (11 Sagittarius) and Juno Retrograde (10 Leo). It actually a Kite formation, formed by the opposition between Mercury Retrograde (15 Aquarius) and Juno Retrograde, with Mercury sextiling Pallas Athena and the North Node.

Note that those with placements at or near 15 Gemini will experience this as a powerful GRAND SEXTILE. If asteroids are included, it’s already in place! So take care with what you choose to manifest at this intense time!

This alignment encourages us to be bold, creative, passionate and expressive about the Truths we feel in engaging with, embodying and immersing ourselves in the vibration of the Rising Divine Feminine. (Yay!) The Juno-Mercury opposition asks us to look inwards to discover the hidden mysteries of the Feminine and how we can effectively ‘step through the door’

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Lilith yod

There is a yod (Finger of Fate) in the sky involving Sun (Aquarius) sextiling Moon (Aries), with inconjuncts pointing towards Black Moon Lilith (Virgo). This yod lasts between 3:15 am – 1.22 pm, Jan 25th 2015 (GMT + 8). Most of that yod has passed (1 hr left), but this information is still useful to make sense of unusually intense emotions, thoughts, and spiritual experiences you may have had in the time period.

Effectively, we are called to bridge both the unconscious and conscious, the rational and intuitive, the masculine and feminine, (etc). aspects of our Awakening Process and Embodiment of I AM Consciousness. These energies challenge us to bring these valuable insights to Black Moon Lilith- the Rising Feminine, often burdened with societal projections depicting her as a ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ woman (e.g. the bad mother, the harlot, the schemer, the manipulator, etc. etc. etc. ).

Virgo is all about the Path of Service and the way we ensure we are firstly self-sufficient before we seek to help others. (The idea of filling your cup first before you help another – else no one gets anything!). Black Moon Lilith in this position breaks through the ideological and culturally conditioned shackles that many of us still wear – the idea that women must be meek and submissive and that it’s not okay for them to take care of themselves!

This Yod is further activated by the ongoing opposition between Neptune in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo. We may find out understanding of Spirit tested at this time. Are you manifesting a Self (Aries), deepening your consciousness (Aquarius) so that you can follow a truly liberated path of Service (Virgo)? What collective, subliminal beliefs, or ideas about Spirit facilitate this process? And which hold them back?

Spiritual Facilitators who are just now re-membering and re-claiming their identities as Priests, Priestesses, etc. may also find this video useful:

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

PLANTING THE SEEDS, REAPING THE FRUIT: SUN NOVILE CHIRON (9:39 am, Jan 23rd – 12:59 pm, Jan 27th 2015 GMT + 8)

The Aquarian Sun is currently in a novile (40 degree) aspect to Chiron (14 Pisces), and will remain so over the next three days. Novile aspects indicate how two energies will grow to influence one another, over time. The way in which both energies are harnessed at this current moment in time determines their future, later manifestations. It is the relation between the seed and the soil, and how the interaction between the two can later culminate into a tree bearing fruit – it is a forward-looking energy.

The Aquarian Sun focuses upon the Awakening Process. We are focused upon elevating or deepening our sense of Consciousness at this time, particularly with respect to the role that we – as individuals – play as a part of the collective. Our attention is focused on friendships, networks aligned with charitable causes, processes of awakening ‘the Higher Mind’, and so on.

Chiron in Pisces, on the other hand, asks us to become aware of the core wounds we bear in matters to do with past-life experiences, the Soul’s karma, transcendental spirituality, our experience of Connection-with-All and our relationship with the idea of Formlessness and Dissolution. Pisces is the sign that is closest to the idea of ‘Living From/As Spirit’.

What the novile does is indicate that these two processes are intersecting with one another at a subtle level. It is important for us to see this connection, and to know, that it will undoubtedly shape the way both energies are received and manifested in our lives.

The work we do now on raising our Awareness will help us heal those painful Soul Wounds. The work we do now on healing those wounds will facilitate the growth/deepening of our level of consciousness and the width of our perception.
Whist these two processes are – if you sit down and think about it – logically linked in any case – the novile indicates that the fruit that both the soil & seed can give rise to – if cultivated at this time – is a fertile one indeed.

The converse also applies. Avoiding either of these processes at this time … might not be the wisest approach. You might not like the fruit that these energies culminate as, in time.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: NRCSGA01001 – Georgia (1855)(NRCS Photo Gallery).jpg – Dot Paul / Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service., via Wikimedia Commons



This is a massive awakening, with multiple geographic epicenters arising in tandem. Political changes in Africa and the rising of female leadership, the energizing of public discourse on sexual attitudes and the ‘causal’ attitudes of rape in India, women’s voices emerging from the Middle East – point to this being something that is happening across the globe. Clearly, the awakening is spreading like wildfire in the West, and that is something to be cherished and celebrated in its own right – but that does not make the West it’s epicenter.

On more than one site, I have seen casual references to how this Re-Awakening is a ‘Western’ (read: Caucasian or North American/European) phenomenon and that women from those regions will lead the way for others. When I hear or read about how the West will re-ignite the Goddess movement, I feel dismayed and to me history begins to echo once more.

I immediately recall the patronizing discourse of ‘educating the natives’ that arose with the earliest proselytizing attempts in Africa and Asia. I recall how the modus operandi of repressive, colonial regimes (in India for example) was to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed women there, who needed freeing from the shackles of their own religions and customs. That led to the codification of a multiplicity of Indian traditions, and in one single blow outlawed certain controversial customs, but also de-legitimized the many practices of peoples of the so-called ‘lower’ castes who had far more fluid attitudes towards marriage and sexuality. (A step backwards, you could say). Many other examples from the history of colonialism and the ideological machine that legitimated it provide so many examples of the same.

When we look to history, we see that any teleological (different from theological) explanation or description given to mass movements has almost inevitably reflected entrenched power hierarchies. In the narrative that I see arising, the West is (once again) the center of the globe – this time with its women, rather than its men, bringing Enlightenment for the Globe. And I find this a mistake that we can avoid, with some circumspection, critical thought and consideration.

Many of the compassionate, awakening, men and women I have on my site are Caucasian, and some of the most evolved spiritual individuals and teachers I know are Caucasian. So I have no issues there, no reason to argue why Western men and women cannot or should not be a part of this movement. What I find problematic is when a particular racial and/or geographic group begin to be uncritically hailed as ‘leaders’ for others to follow.

When we make such categories, when we draw the spiritual geography of this Earth with a particular location of the globe as its center, we make the same kinds of boundaries, hierarchies and power relations which so many of us on the Goddess Path rejected so heavily when it appeared through the institution of patriarchy. Let us avoid making the same judgments when so many of us seek equality and a leveling of the playing field.

We are at a critical time now where our movement has begun to amass enough energy that it stands at the brink of divergence, fragmentation, consolidation – or some other process. We get to choose to avoid the errors of the past, we get to choose to not have to re-learn the lessons of history – just as so many of us are beginning to see the need for herstory or even, ourstory.

For some who might think this to be a ‘trivial’ point, it is important to bear in mind that discourse – the way we talk about things – reflects, very powerfully, the way we think about things. When we privilege any one race or region as being the focus, we (whether we do so consciously, or unconsciously) relegate other centers to a peripheral focus. This was the thrust of the ideological machine used to justify colonialism and bringing ‘God to the natives’. This is the reason why the World Map we all know makes Africa smaller than it is and exaggerates the size of the United Kingdom.

And on top of everything else – for those you who integrate an understanding of the Earth’s kundalini (The Serpent of Light) and its rising in December 2012, the epicenter of that awakening took place in the Andean Mountains of Peru. Ironically, it is in ‘the West’, but not part of what most people mean when they use that term. Their teachings are sifting further and further into collective consciousness, but few ever consider this sacred site to be the ‘center’ of the awakening – and frankly, one does not have to!

This is a movement, as I understand it, for all. For men and women from North, South, East, West. It is a moment where we get to equalize. Where we get to right the wrongs of the past, or at the very least, to create a new balance that celebrates plural perspectives and provides multiple centers.

Unfortunately – and feel free to disagree with this if this is not your perspective, as a Priestess of Colour and a scholar of politics and history, I find that a lot of Western discourse and attitudes towards the spiritual traditions that have found center-stage in the ‘New Age’ movement are far too reminiscent of the ideology and attitudes of Orientalist scholars studying the ‘exotic’ other. So many traditions are being appropriated and given new life, which is a wonderful thing, but they are being done so in ways that do not always look at the reality of the people who live in the contemporary regions those spiritual teachings emanate from.

The spiritual teachings that so much of the New Age subscribes to very often co-exist paradoxically with oppressive, unequal realities for women in other parts of the globe. The beauty of Goddesses and the words that describe them in scripture fly across Facebook walls, but with few reflections on how a land that produced such prose can still kill its daughters and view them as burdens. Very often, these traditions become romanticized in themselves, and the critical question of – Well, why didn’t it work before? Why didn’t it empower the women of the land to rise? is completely missed.

And to me, that is a critical question, that is a key opportunity for us to engage with traditions of the past and identify new pathways for change. We may need to revisit or revamp these traditions that have on the one hand elevated female metaphysical energies, but barred its daughters from real positions of power – be it in politics, or even in the right to hold spiritual office … or even to enter a temple during their menstrual period, if only to open their Heart to The Divine. Whilst honoring traditions are important, idealizing them to the point that the key questions – of what didn’t work? what needs reworking? – needs to be equally addressed. And to this effect, the local knowledge and awakening that is happening concurrently in different global epicenters needs to be honored, integrated and seen as a valuable part of the Goddess Movement.

In the name of respecting ‘ancient traditions of the East/South’, let us not uncritically mouth the same ideology that somehow kept the women of those lands suppressed/oppressed.

Let me give you a concrete example: I have seen a rise in artistic and photographic imagery of the Goddess Kali/Durga as a Caucasian woman. (nothing wrong with that). But as a movement, little consideration is given to the message that imparts to women (from India) who are considered to be too ‘low’ to ever think of themselves as Goddesses. Have you ever seen a Laxmi with Dark Skin? Or one that wasn’t flawless? Ironically, at an anti-rape protest event that I participated in, I saw Indian women carrying placards that said that ‘we don’t need to be goddesses, just treat us as people’. Coming from the land of a million goddesses, this is a powerful statement.

What do we do with those messages? And why are they valued less, or sub-consciously perhaps, integrated less in the mainstream of this movement? We have so much to learn from the fierce self-assertion in the West (in this example) and the desire to assert oneself/be counted outside of the context of religion as expressed by Indian women. But until we see both ‘ways of knowing’ as equal, each side is bound to repeat the painful mistakes of the other. ..Food for thought…

In closing:

Daughters and Sons of the Mother, wherever you are, whatever the colour of your skin may be – now is the time to Rise. Together, we are all — at the Center.

With Respect,
Bairavee, Daughter of Kali


Post & Image by: Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
Images: Compilation of Goddess and Earth images freely available on Wikipedia under the appropriate sharing license
Please do not use this image without permission, even in modified form

ASTRO-ALERT (23/1/15)

The double yod that dominated most of January is now over! (whoo!) In the next few hours, we will see the Moon conjunct Mars (7 Pisces), Neptune (6 Pisces) and later Chiron (14 Pisces), whilst opposing Black Moon Lilith (6 Virgo). This is part of a Wedge alignment with Ceres (5 Capricorn) – making a sextile to Pisces and trine to Virgo. Wedges provide us a means to harmoniously channel these various energies to a single point. Whilst we may find a tension between our sense of Spirituality / connection with the Metaphysics of Spirit (Pisces) and our more grounded path of material service (with an emphasis on the Dark Feminine), we may find Ceres to be a fertile meeting ground for both energies.

Ceres represents the energy of the Nurturer – and in Capricorn she encourages us to think about what kind of material legacy we leave for ourselves and all of life on this planet. She literally acts here as a nurturing bridge between Matter and Spirit, and shows us that the two need not be opposed. She seeks to facilitate profound healing, of the Masculine and the Feminine, in this alignment.

In other words – no matter how frustrating the Pisces-Virgo opposition may seem – allow the nurturer within to emerge! See what material needs of yours can be creatively met during this time – chances are they will have to do issues such as your career, status, achievement, public appearances and/or social recognition.

Those with placements at or near (6-14) Gemini or Sagittarius will either feel this as a Mutable T-Square or a Grand Mutable Square. The focus here will be upon how well you can adapt!

This energy will last all of tomorrow (23-01-15). The Moon will also reactivate the Pluto-Chiron-Juno yod by way of transit.

Blessings to All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Merc Rx Aq 2

(1) Cherish your friendships.

(2) Be open to the idea that you don’t know what’s what. You might not know the answer to everything. You might have an idea of yourself, what you came to do etc. that is in need of revision.

(3) Be open to people (especially friends, soul groups) giving you information that asks you to shift your perspective, or at the very least to reflect on it. They might be right, they might be wrong. But stay open-minded. Opening yourself up to answers and alternate points of view would be greatly beneficial at this time.

(4) Assume the best intentions in communication. Someone might not have said something with the intention you assume them to have.

(5) Take the time to reflect. On your ideas of who you are. Your role in a friendship. Your role in a group. Your most cherished ideals. The gifts you feel you can share with the collective. The vision that you may have with/for the collective.

(6) Be especially cautious about sensitive electronics, including computer programs. (Just had a near-fiasco here!) Backing up your computers is also a good idea.

(7) Generally speaking, Mercury Retrograde Periods are not the time to buy expensive and/or electronic items or initiate new projects (unless they’re a continuation of the old). Look through the details one, twice, thrice, on anything that you sign or purchase right now.

(8) Keep the Faith. Mercury Retrograde periods can feel sluggish, as though the energy needs to work a lot harder to get to the same destination. Trust that this minor lull is also a necessary part of your Journey. Practice gratitude 🙂 It helps, it really does.

(8) Finally – and possibly the most important – Keep the Flow of Love Going. If you receive unexpected information, news, messages, perspectives from friends, soul/groups. Give gifts of love, tokens of gratitude, or simply shower your dear ones with waves and waves of beautiful energy.

** Be aware that Mercury will take a little while to fully ‘wake up’ as it were. Expect it to resume full function from March 4th onwards.

I hope this mini-guide is of use to you. I will be writing a more detailed astrological post on this soon. You might also want to check out a lovely guide by my friend Laurie O’Driscoll – Priestess & Witch:…/chill-out-its-only-mercury…

Image and Write-Up by

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD