The Moon conjuncted Uranus at 7:27 pm (about an hour ago) at 13’05 Aries. In three minutes (8:23 pm), it will oppose the North Node and conjunct the South Node at 13’38 Aries. It will then square Pluto and asteroid Cyllarus in half an hour (9:01 pm – all on 25-Jan-2015, GMT + 8).

In general, these lessons are likely to come unexpectedly, perhaps as a surprise of some kind. Uranus tends to work through that modality – you might find a message you hadn’t expected to see, or hear from a friend out of the blue, or simply come into the awareness of a whole new set of emotional tools, perspectives and/or states of being you were previously unaware of.

Through these conjunctions, the Moon reactivates the Grand Cardinal Cross (Uranus, Pluto, North Node, South Node and Cyllarus – an asteroid at 14 Cancer). The Grand Cardinal Lunar Nodal Cross effectively makes us question EVERYTHING. Our sense of self, our group identities, our understandings of power and — ultimately — how we can take all these energies and channel it into the North Node in Libra (Balance). Remember that Balance does not serve to erase differences, it accepts them.

The Moon’s transit also activates the Great Goddess Fire trine – formed by Uranus/Moon/South Node,Pallas Athena (11 Sagittarius) and Juno Retrograde (10 Leo). It actually a Kite formation, formed by the opposition between Mercury Retrograde (15 Aquarius) and Juno Retrograde, with Mercury sextiling Pallas Athena and the North Node.

Note that those with placements at or near 15 Gemini will experience this as a powerful GRAND SEXTILE. If asteroids are included, it’s already in place! So take care with what you choose to manifest at this intense time!

This alignment encourages us to be bold, creative, passionate and expressive about the Truths we feel in engaging with, embodying and immersing ourselves in the vibration of the Rising Divine Feminine. (Yay!) The Juno-Mercury opposition asks us to look inwards to discover the hidden mysteries of the Feminine and how we can effectively ‘step through the door’

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

2 Comments September 8, 2015 at 11:14 pm

“” This says it ALL. On 24th of January 2015 I had the Initiation Ceremony with my Priestess sisters as The First Veil Priestess and embrace the Goddess Snake. That day we passed passing through the 7 gates of the Divine Feminine initiation. On 7th of February also 6 of us expressed the Vows of Ordination. We ALL been so aligned with the Cosmic Feminine Call of Becoming Priestesses.


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