Triple shift

Blessings to all. Against the backdrop of a powerful Sun-North Node opposition (with a square to Kassandra – see: ), we see three powerful shifts with Vesta, Mercury and Mars moving into new signs. Let’s discuss each in turn.


Vesta represents the Archetype of the Priestess and the Spiritual Facilitator. She also rules the hearth, the sacred flame of the temple, and the flesh. She shows us that which we are devoted towards – and – paradoxically – that which we may feel the need to divest ourselves of (thrown into the sacred flames) for something new to arise – much like the Phoenix must surrender its old body for the flames to render it anew.

In Pisces, Vesta wades through the Cosmic Ocean. Her laser-point focus is somewhat more diffuse and information comes to her at a sub-conscious level, woven together with different threads knitted together by forces larger than herself – call it Karma, Mystery, Time, Divinity. Whilst the Priestess knows how to commune with the elements, with her understanding of Deity, this is a sign which requires her to surrender all that she knows, and all that she is.

What remnants of the ego declaring that ‘I’ or the Individual Self knows, and serves in a certain way will have be washed away in these Cosmic Waters. It’s important for Vesta not to get overwhelmed by the sheer depth and intensity of the psychic information she is likely to receive now. Quite a lot of messages may come through dreams, or in moments of deep meditation. Some will be illusory, and others will be powerfully, and profoundly real. Part of the work comes in differentiating between the two. (Thanks to Catrin for highlighting the need to expand on this aspect)

It’s easy to get lose in those waters and to lose sight of things. The focus for those of us on a spiritual path, particularly those who facilitate, will be to remember the ‘goal’ (if you can call it that), or rather the orientation of the Heart that seeks the truest expression of Spirit possible in this lifetime.

Vesta, during her transit here, is likely to be called back to complete half-finished tasks, potentially from her past lifetimes. There is a sense of ‘cleaning up’, with waves of energy washing through the self (the sacred temple) and our paths of service itself. Part of the ‘cleanup’ process will involve releasing attachments to those we thought were on the same journey as we were. A lot of washing away of attachments that are no longer in alignment – remember that Pisces is also the sign of Detached Compassion.

Vesta entered Pisces on March 29, 2015 and will complete this deeply karmic chapter of her journey through the zodiac on June 8, 2015.

At that point Vesta will enter Aries and it will be a start of a fresh cycle of facilitation. But till then, it’s Surrender, Surrender, Surrender to that which we perceive as Sacred, or Spiritual. If you feel the ‘I’ making absolute claims of knowledge (it’s one thing to say 1+1 =2, it’s another thing to say 1+1 = 2 and knowing that makes someone superior… perhaps worse than saying 1+1 = 3).


Mercury represents our communicative, intellectual, analytical and perceptive abilities. It is the energy of the Messenger, bringing us insight and information from various realms. Mercury has completed an astrological cycle and now sits with us at the start of Aries, preparing for a new cycle ahead. We’re working through new issues with reading, understanding, communicating and expressing the Truth of the Self. The thing to be aware of is that they way we see our Truths is not the same as the way others see it. Expressing your truth is a good thing, but trying to make another person feel inadequate because of it isn’t. Try to avoid absolute statements, or statements that do not allow another’s truth to be included. Sometimes there’s not much that you can do about it when a person is triggered by perfectly innocent words (it becomes their process to deal with, and the best you can do is to assure them that it is not meant in those ways). But with Mercury in Aries, greater circumspection is required as we all desire to burst forth with the truth we now know and wish to express. Mercury enters Aries on March 31st, 2015 and stays there till April 15, 2015 (when it then moves to Taurus).


Mars represents our assertiveness, willpower, sense of masculinity, and our ability to go forward and acquire our desires. As Mars moves through Taurus, we’re going to have a lot more energy and drive to act upon desires related to the material plane. Be it finances, property, a relationship, anything to do with material plane and the comforts and sense of security that it can provide. Mars also fuels our quest towards developing greater internal resources like self-worth, self-value, self-love. It’s a great time to work on the foundations of anything that you’d like to build or shore up in your life, provided that it gives you a sense of grounding or rootedness – ideally in ways that align with your Spiritual understanding, rather than blocking them out. At times the material realm is used as a shield or insulating bubble separating the ego enjoying comfort and security, from Spirit that knows no limitation or form. It’s important to ensure that the Mars energy is used (ideally) to create a bridge between the vibration of material abundance that Taurus can bring and also our spiritual paths and journeys. Mars enters Taurus on April 1st, 2015 and leaves (then entering Gemini) on May 12th, 2015.

An interesting thing to note is that Venus is now in Taurus (desires, sensations), then Mars (action, will) enters, followed by Mercury (communication, ideas). I suspect that the idea of material manifestation, or at the very least, deep reflection upon the value systems underpinning our relationship with the physical world, will be a fairly strong theme for us all. That makes for an interesting emphasis, what with Vesta swimming through Pisces, overturning and releasing our spiritual attachments that longer service. Generally speaking, it is the merger of Earth (Taurus) and Pisces (Water) – that can either result in a flood in which nothing may grow – or fresh, fertile soil, infused with blessed water upon which lush vegetation may one day grow

Please note that the dates given are relative to where I am (so Asia/Australia) – so these shifts will occur a day earlier for those in the US/South America/Europe.

Blessings to All,

Priestess B. Bairavee
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Sun South Node

Blessings to all. The Sun conjuncts the South Node (10 Aries), whilst opposing the North Node (10 Libra) today. The alignment calls for greater balance in the way we express who we are as individuals (our Sense of Self) in partnership with others, or as part of some collaborative unit (Libra). One cannot purely give or take in any exchange of energies. There has to be a balance – whether it’s with your partner, friend, collaborator, with your spiritual facilitator (for reasons discussed below) or even with respect to the balance within.

Try to use this energy to look at the the various exchanges of energy that you’re a part of:

Are there people from whom you take and have never given back?
Are there people to whom you give and have never gotten anything back?
Are there people whom you expect to give you something upon demand? Perhaps consciously/unconsciously?
Are there people who expect the same from you?

Now whilst unconditional love, and the gift of giving that is its own reward applies to some areas in life, it isn’t quite a total fit. Not till all of us get to that vibration. Till then there are bound to be imbalances. Moreover, the idea of unconditional love at often times gets twisted– Too often has this rhetoric been used to guilt-trip people into serving others when they don’t need to, or staying in codependent relationships – sometimes it is the line of thought that martyr-caretaker archetype often takes on, even when their vibration is wholly different.

And on that subject – Love, my friends wears many different faces. At times, it is giving and warm, and at times it is detached and impersonal. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do for someone who desires you to do their work for them (in an inappropriate way) is to simply say no. We call it tough love, but at times it is necessary.

In cases where one may not be matching the energetic contribution of another – then try to find ways to give back. Sometimes its a hug, or a sincere expression of gratitude, sometimes it’s bringing a person a home-made meal – try and find some meaningful way to express thanks for whatever that person has brought you.

In general – It’s a good time to re-evaluate whether you’re setting the right boundaries as you deal with other people. Know that the extreme manifestation of Aries is the bully, whilst it is the doormat for Libra. The first ignores the individuality of others, whilst the latter ignores the individuality of the Self.

Also an excellent time to work towards becoming more aware of aspects which you have hidden from yourself (typically what we call The Shadow Side). Try to make peace with yourselves, even the parts of you that you might find particularly annoying or difficult to stomach. Those are the bits that tend to need the most love, in any case. Try to be more accepting of the diversity within others as well. People are rarely, if ever, 2-dimensional characters.


Both the Sun/South Node and the North Node square Kassandra at 11 Capricorn, making a T-Square alignment with Kassandra at the apex (pinnacle). Kassandra was an oracle who was punished by the god Apollo for rejecting his advances. Her curse was that her words would be ignored, despite the purity and worth. She was accused of being a liar, and her gifts were overlooked. She suffered at the hands of the Greeks as they lay siege to Troy (her warning to not let in the Trojan horse was of course, ignored) and died an unhappy death – brutally raped and murdered in the Temple of Athena.

Don’t let that alarm you – essentially – her archetype is one that asks us to speak out for our truth and to hold fast to our integrity – especially so for those who seek the path of the spiritualist or spiritual facilitator of some kind. The truths that emerge now are more likely to be related to the legacy we forge in this world, by way of our actions, our careers – the parts of life in which we place our energies to build something for the future.

Giving the question of balancing give-and-take I just discussed, with Kassandra’s involvement, it seems to me that spiritual facilitators are likely to be asking themselves similar questions. Am I letting myself be taken for granted? Do I need to set better boundaries? Am I valuing the wisdom of the Self that I bring into my Service? Am I doing the right thing, by being on this path? (Quite a lot of self-examination .. )

One of the biggest issues that facilitators face is knowing when and where to strike the right balance. They need to fulfill their commitments – whether it’s rent, paying the electric bill, paying off the mortgage / college debt, saving up for their kids’ college funds – and very often, the fact that they’re human and have those needs is forgotten.

In ancient times, those exchanges were more straightforward — as all one needed was the food to stay alive and materials, if need be, to maintain the temple and enable it to survive. But it is a different world today, and one that is rapidly evolving. Holding onto the same ideas, does justice to no one.

Different facilitators take a different view on this – but it’s certainly going to be one of those questions that many in the field ask themselves at this time. Though – generally speaking – Very rarely do you find a facilitator who gives too little, the balance sought is often from the other side – where they give too much.

On a different note, as the South Node conjuncts the Sun, we may also find ways (especially with Kassandra involved) to shine the light of awareness upon parts of our pasts that deal with oracular or prophetic gifts. For some, this may manifest as a deep re-membering of past times, even past lives.


The North Node is inconjunct Neptune (8 Pisces). This is a time where the Deep States of Balance (acceptance of all extremes as equally valid) which Libra ultimately seeks can be challenged by, or in turn, challenge your view on how your Soul fits into the Cosmic Ocean/Collective Unconscious, i.e. your relationship with Spirit, or a Transcendental understanding Divinity. In a literal sense, it may be a relationship that you’re in, that you have with someone, that makes you question the spiritual views and understanding of You-And-God/Goddess/Divinity that may have once supported such an arrangement. Inconjuncts are generally uncomfortable aspects, ones that are not satisfied with easy compromises and that demand resolutions. Those with bodies between 5-11 Taurus or Leo will experience this as a Yod (Finger of Fate) that pushes you to a decision point of some kind involving the two.

Pluto (15 Capricorn) is loosely squared the Sun/South Node and North Node (if you’re willing to take an orb of more than +/- 3 degrees for the Nodes). Its transformative lessons also weave themselves within this alignment. The focus of the Sun is already somewhat activated by trine energy from Jupiter Retrograde( 12 Leo) and Saturn Retrograde (4 Sagittarius).

The Sun trines, whilst the North Node sextiles Sauer at 10 Leo – Sauer can refer to astronomy, space exploration, aeronautics (in the literal sense) and to a more mystical, etheric form of Cosmic Connection. A day where inspiration can strike, or be made apparent through our connection with the skies. Cloudwatching, astronomy, astrology, thinking about your relationship with the Cosmos – this can be a potentially fruitful way in which to bridge both The Sun’s and the North Node’s energy. In Leo, Sauer’s energy focuses upon the sensual, creative, child-like or more playful ways in which we can find this connection. It may be externalized and appear as a lesson/guidance/circumstance involving a romantic partner, a child, or even the inner child Archetype within.

The exact Sun-North Node opposition took place a 2:06 pm, GMT + 8, March 31, 2015. (About 3.5 hours ago). You’ll be feeling its continued effects over the next 1-2 days.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

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There’s a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that the work one does is fundamentally helping another person re-structure their life in a powerful way. There’s a sense of joy where you recognize that you’re just a stepping stone, or facilitative step in that person’s journey -and in that role – you did something real in their life.

Not a feeling I know how to put into words. But it’s a warm and happy one.

It’s not an easy vocation – being a Priestess. There’s a lot of tests, a lot of inner discipline needed, a lot of humility that comes with the task. You keep having to learn and re-learn, and continually transform the meaning of what that is. You keep having to birth and re-birth yourself. Some of that process is joyful, but you also know that it’s spiritual work.

But what makes me the happiest – as part of the work that I do – is hearing back from people that have somehow been moved, transformed and/or touched in some fundamental way with the stuff I do/write/speak about.

And even then it’s not the ‘I’ did it type of feeling .. more like a .. ‘good work was done here today’ sort of thing.

It’s certainly not a holier-than-thou feeling, nor is it any kind of ownership or regular expectation.

It just bubbles up sometimes, from deep within.

It comes from a happy place in the pit of one’s belly where a little girl child is excitedly clapping her hands with glee. Like butterflies in the stomach. Golden, happy, bubbly butterflies.

And there is this deep, rising sense of joy.

We did good. We did something useful. We were of Service.

Lots of Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Blessings to All. Right now we have what I’m calling a ‘Black Earth Trine’, formed between Venus (14 Taurus), Pluto (15 Capricorn) and Black Moon Lilith (13 Virgo). Basically, this is a Grand Earth Trine between the Goddess of Material Manifestation & Sensuality (Venus), The Great Transformer-through-Crisis (Pluto) and The Dark Priestess (BM Lilith in Virgo). Grand Earth Trines are powerful portals of manifestation, and they operate whether or not you choose to work with these energies consciously. The focus is upon the ways in which you connect with the physical world, the ‘rules’ which you assume to be true about manifestation.

So, really, the focus of this trine is going to be upon the physical aspects of the lives we lead on this planet. Are we in harmony with the Earth? Are we nourishing our bodies the right way? Are we living sustainably? Do we remember to take care of ourselves, with at least as much importance as we take care of others? (Can’t fill anyone else’s cup if yours is empty – that kind of logic) And what for – what kind of legacy are we leaving by what we manifest? What is the sum product of all that we strive to own, possess or have at this time?

But where does the Black/Shadow aspect come in? And what does that mean for the kinds of energies of manifestation present now?

Basically we’re being asked to question all the stuff we had to sweep under the carpet. All the stuff we were told was bad, inappropriate, wrong, sinful – so on and so forth. Be it women’s sexuality, the right of women to hold equal office in organized religions, the ways in which we can actually claim back our planet, and so on. And all of that baggage is coming out now

That’s manifesting in many, mixed ways for people. Some are feeling unwell, others just feel as though they’re walking through some maelstrom. Some others soaring and feeling great, and others .. well.. are feeling high , wired and fueled by the flames of self-righteousness. That can be fun, but hey, when you’re on the spiritual path, there comes a time where you have to let that stuff go too. That comes from an over-identification with Venus. Venus also rules judgments, value systems and our attachments to them – when her energy gets imbalanced – we then get egoic, emotional attachments to things we you believe to be true).

So it’s really, really a mixed bag …

+ Venus is opposed Deucalion and Achilles (15 Scorpio). Basically, we’re asked to rise above, or float above our impulses and bids for power and control. There’s also a strong warning not to rush into something with the assumption that we are invulnerable. A lot of stuff sitting about in our sub-conscious is about to come out, and we’re asked to try and channel it as consciously as possible.

+ Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Requiem (13 Virgo). Those of us who facilitate are likely to be drawn to reflections of how our path includes Darkness, in its Sacred form. Facilitators, in particular, are going to be drawn to the Death aspect of the Life-Death-Rebirth cycle. It may also be a time in which many uncover suppressed grief that they’d been holding in, also a time to recognize experiences of perceived ‘loss’

[[ Little wonder I finalized the first episode of The Dark Mother’s Children today, soon to air on WGT Radio 😀 😀 😀  ]]

Those of you who need a reminder on what Black Moon Lilith in Virgo encourages us to do – check out –

So if you’re feeling particularly weird or muddled up at this time my friends, fear not. The cosmos is just tilling the soil of the soul, or of our psyches if you prefer, before the Lunar Eclipse comes about. Try not to be too attached to your views on things – or another’s response/reaction to your own. And if you’re feeling fine – great! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Live and Let Live seems to be an especially good mantra to live by at this time.

Blessings to all!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

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We’re about to experience a POWERFUL Lunar Nodal T-Square, meaning the Moon at 10 Cancer will be in potentially tense aspects to the North Node (10 Libra) and the South Node (10 Aries). Navigating this T-Square will be a challenge for some, others will see it as the kind of challenge you need to push through into a new phase (like birthing). The Moon will be the apex (pinnacle/peak) of this T Square and so the focus is upon our emotions, our relationship with the Sub-conscious, issues surrounding the domestic sphere, connections with our Mothers/Motherhood/The Divine Mother, and so on.

The lessons that the Node teach us, or rather, the karmic experiences they ask us to face are ones that focus upon the idea of balancing the needs of the self with the needs of others in partnerships, and for integrating both aspects of self (known/unknown, light/shadow) into harmonious balance. We are able to draw upon the strength of the Self as it has been purified through the fires of the Solar Eclipse, and with that Strength we discover our capacity for detachment and acceptance. Those with placements at 10 Capricorn +/- 7 degrees will experience this as a Powerful Grand Cardinal Cross (Remember the intensity of late April/early May 2014? Yes, that kind of energy).

Exact alignment: 11:31 pm, GMT + 8, 27th March 2015 (10 ’24 Cancer-Libra-Aries) – about an hour prior to uploading this post.

A second T-Square involving the Moon (15 Cancer) will then form, this time with Pluto (15 Capricorn) and Uranus (15 Aries). This second alignment will effectively trigger the Uranus-Pluto square one more – and all the lessons, experiences and possibilities that it has opened our eyes to. Whilst the Cancer Moon stresses the emotional/familial/material concerns as activators for this alignment, its apex is at Uranus. We may find the intensity of this alignment to make us question the true nature of Who We Are. Uranus represents the breakthrough of consciousness as it moves to a new level of being. Here we have the opportunity to truly find more answers in our quest of self-understanding and self-assertion. Those with placements at 15 Libra (+/- 7 degrees) will experience this as a Grand Cardinal Cross.

Exact alignment: 9:13 am – 10:08 am, GMT + 8, 28th March 2015 – in under 9 hours’ time.

The Moon’s energy will also be energized by its trine to Neptune (8 Pisces), ensuring that the emotional energies, lessons and experiences we have directly correlate to key themes of Soul-Working we are all currently engaged in. Bear in mind that people will respond differently to this – some may be very likely triggered by the slightest provocation at this time, so it might be best to postpone overly sensitive discussions. Some people will sail right through it and harness the squares’ creative energy to break through the old, in order to find the new. Those with placements at 8 Scorpio (+/- 7 degrees) will experience this as a potent Grand Water Trine (amplification of emotional and psychic intensity)

Exact alignment: 7:33 pm, GMT + 8, 27th March 2015 – approx. 5 hours ago.

Whilst all this is ongoing, we also have the Venus (12 Taurus) – Jupiter Retrograde (12 Leo) square also exerting its influence in the skies. Try not to get too carried away with engaging in the sensual pleasures of life at this times as Jupiter tends to amplify anything that it touches. The challenge here is to manage our relationship with this material form, home, planet – and enjoy this embodiment – without getting overly attached to the sensual, physical pleasures that it brings. Those with placements at 12 Scorpio – Aquarius (+/- 7 degrees) will experience this as either a Grand Fixed Cross or a Mutable Fixed Cross. There may be some pressure to dig in and hold onto, or simply let go of beliefs and ways of being that one is attached to and comfortable having. That is case specific and dependent on your own chart.

Exact alignment: 10:10 am, GMT + 8, 28th March 2015 ; 12 Taurus Leo ’48 – just under 10 hours’ time.

The powerful Grand Fire Trine with The Sun, Juno and Saturn Retrograde still exerts its influence in the skies. You can read up more on it here.

In short, this is an extremely active sky. And one which raises many karmic question and opportunities to widen/deepen our Awareness. As always, be kind to Self and Others.

Blessings To All,

Priestess B. Bairavee
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As we release our insecurities, our fears, our distrust – we find ourselves a lot closer to who we really are. Beyond the Ego, Beyond the Mind, Beyond any Conscious idea of who you think, or perceive yourself as Being. It’s a shift that is hard to put into words, beyond a complete transformation of perception, manifestation and experience.

In some sense, releasing insecurity actually helps us find the security we seek. People will be what they need to be, but the shift begins within. And in response, our worlds, our external experiences, tend to mirror that degree of profound, vibrational re-attunement.

As each Soul makes this Choice, others are inspired to do the same. A cascade of awakening follows.

‘Life’, ‘the real world’ as we know it provides us many solid reasons as to why fear – defensiveness – perpetual guardedness may seem a ‘logical’ response for survival. And within an older paradigm, it makes perfect and profound sense. Yet at some stage in our evolution, we find ourselves at the crossroads.

Do we continue in the old paradigm? Or do we embrace the New? Do we let go of what we think we are, or should be? Or do we hold onto those perceptions?

Really, that is the question that many are asking at this time. Our defensiveness to past hurts, our guardedness of ancient wounds – can these truly be weighing us down? Are they not, as we assumed, our protectors or defenders against a repeat of wounding? Would letting go, and letting be, mean that there is no justice, no accountability, no balance? Questions from the Mind … and understandable ones.

But the New (actually Ancient) Paradigm of Spirituality that is re-emerging at this time does not obey the dictates of the ego and its habitual responses. The logic of the Mind is something that needs to be .. partially discarded or re-moulded to understand the dynamics of the broader energetic shift that underpins all of this.

And in time, even those questions will change, and dissolve. To be replaced by new ones, for the Mind is never fully satisfied, and the Soul never ceases to evolve.

But Why change now? Why make that shift?

Because …

Well , just because ..

You don’t really need a reason , be it astrological or transcendental, to simply wake up one day and strip away the baggage you’ve been holding onto for so long. You might find a self that you never knew you had within in the first place. Or perhaps one, long-forgotten, that a part of you yearns to re-discover.

Surrender to Spirit my friends. Let it go, and watch yourself emerge anew.

Ready for a Fresh Start.

But remember, it starts with YOU.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Celestial Dynamics The Energies of the Skies (26 3 15)

Blessings everyone. At this time the strongest celestial influences are:

(1) A powerful GRAND FIRE TRINE involving Sun (5 Aries), Saturn Retrograde (4 Sagittarius), Juno (3 Leo). We’re still feeling the intensity of the Sun Saturn Rx exact trine yesterday, making this a highly charged alignment.

This is the kind of alignment that basically inspires you to take your passion and follow it. Find what moves you, brings you joy and do it. Saturn’s presence in the trine indicates that the work or challenge you find yourself drawn to now is something that has a hand in the long-term development and shoring up of a sense of self-identity. In other times, a truly powerful time for self-work.

Juno’s role in the trine basically opens the doorway to the Divine Feminine, and facilitates experiences that lead to a more complete understanding and experience of one’s Soul.

The Sun in Aries facilitates the energy of the trine, allowing ourselves to put our best foot forward in the the challenges and the gifts that it brings. A powerful time for Knowing, Developing, Asserting and getting more Focused about our Paths of Self Development.

The following bodies are also activated during this transit. Rhiphonos (4 Leo) , Isis (2 Leo), Niobe (6 Leo), Nemesis (4 Leo), Child (6 Sagittarius), Rhiphonos tells us to honor the sacred, sexual boundaries that we are all entitled to have and cherish. Isis connects with the energies and mysteries of the Goddess Isis, her archetype both as a Mother, Protector, and an an Alchemist capable of resurrecting Osiris in the Underworld. Niobe warns us to avoid becoming overly attached towards, or developing an unhealthy sense of pride over our creative, sensual, sexual products and experiences (which, in a direct way, also includes our children). Child can either refer to your child, or a significant younger person in your life, even your own Inner Child within (strongly supported by Leo’s participation in the trine).

And finally we have Nemesis – Nemesis refers to an abstract principle of justice or karmic re-balancing. She ensures that we reap that which we sow, no more and no less.

She adds a powerful sense of gravitas to celestial proceedings at this time (along with Saturn), making this Grand Fire Trine feel distinctly less ‘peppy’ as it normally would – as there is much work to be done with it, as we move towards the Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.

(2) The Uranus/Pluto square – that alignment continues to make its presence felt in the skies, and will continue to do so for the next few weeks (it takes a long time for Uranus and Pluto to move into, or out of, alignments

(3) Vesta (28 Aquarius) sextiled Pallas Athena (28 Sagittarius). This is a phomenonal aspect for spiritual facilitators to work with, particularly if they are Female / resonate with the Priestess Archetype or are focused upon The Divine Feminine. Those with placements close to 28 Cancer will experience this as a powerful Yod, or Finger of Fate. This is a powerful time in which we can blend our intuitive wisdom, along with more structured paths of knowing and belief.

(4) North Node (10 Libra) inconjunct Venus (10 Taurus). Uncomfortable, potentially challenging situations raised in the areas of your Soul’s Growth (fixated in the realm of partnerships) and the way in which you relate to material value systems, your place / and partnership with this Earth, your ideas of sensuality, femininity and attachment. This is a time in which Balance is the mantra of the Time, and we are encouraged by the North Node to find more detached ways of viewing our role within partnership dynamics both within and with other people. Those with placements near 10 Pisces / Sagittarius will experience this as a Potent Yod, bringing you to a crisis or decision point. Such choices can either entrench you in a particular karmic cycle of learning or help you transcend it, and then begin new chapters.

(5) The buildup to the Lunar Eclipse (4/4/15). It’s unusual to see the energetic buildup of an eclipse begn two weeks before it is due. Looking at the specifics of the Eclipse .. I can safely say that it is going to be MAJOR. I discuss this alignment in depth in the upcoming episode of Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD  on WGTR – that will be airing (with analysis on the Eclipse and the Week’s Forecast + more) on Thursday (26/3), 9 am Central (US) Time –

There is just SO much going on in the skies right now, with energetic shifts anchoring, or paving, the way towards the Lunar Eclipse. Take it a day at a time, and let’s all get good work done together in the meantime.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;