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POSTPONED!!! We have a 2-hour special on a very very, interesting topic that we’ll be exploring with three wonderful guest speakers! We’re going to be looking at “The Creative, Conscious Vagina: Female Sexuality and Transcendental Spirituality” with Katharine Krueger, Priestess Kerri Ryan MA and Marie de Kock.

Join me, your host, Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, as we explore the powerful connection between feminine sexuality and spirituality in conversation with these powerful, insightful women.

Katharine speaks to us about the role of ancestral healing and the ripples across the generational lines that womb healing can provide, ways in which we can begin to tune into our bodies and the fact that speaking about the vagina is not just a ‘woman’s issue’, but rather, is a part of the fabric of human consciousness.

Kerri shares with us channeled insights on the ancient priestess traditions dedicated to the Goddess Ishtar-Inanna, the rite of hieros gamos, and what sexual priestesses – those who embodied the archetype of ‘the sacred prostitute’ were actually doing in ancient rites – and how we can embody them today.

Marie speaks to us on the 5-Dimensional model of the human energy system, in connection with the Earth and the Cosmos, the Torodial Energy Field and its relationship with sexuality. We discuss the profound energetic difference between having ‘adrenalin-sex’ and sex that involves the ‘implosive orgasm’ – and more.

It’s going to be a very rich, juicy, and thought-womb-consciousness provoking episode, inspired my reading of Naomi Wolf’s ” Vagina: A New Biography “. Highly recommended reading!

You can listen to this 2-hour special episode LIVE at – airing at 4 pm, Central US-CST/Chicago time zone on the 26th of May.

The show will also be available for on-demand listening within a few days’ time.

Blessings to All! I hope many of you tune in for what promises to be the most exciting episode thus far on The Dark Mother’s Children!


KATHARINE KRUEGER trains women to lead Coming of Age Circles for girls. The mission of her community, Journey of Young Women, is to empower girls on their journey toward womanhood with mentorship and rites of passage. In Coming of Age Circles, girls learn to take responsibility for their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and sexual well-being. This work is transformative for the girls, their families and the mentors. Katharine is also a mechanical engineer, qualified facilitator, Waldorf-inspired educator, former Director of a Zen Sunday School, and the parent of two young adults. She is on Facebook at Journey Of Young Women and Occupy Menstruation. Learn more at

PRIESTESS KERRI RYAN, MA is a woman of Goddess, teaching and sharing on sacred sexuality, the Goddess and the sacred feminine. Her intention is to invoke the goddess back into women’s lives and to awaken their authentic sexual nature in order to know themselves as divine. She is an international workshop facilitator / speaker / writer and author, as well a qualified kundalini dance facilitator teaching through the medium of dance how to awaken and utilise kundalini and shakti energy. She was initiated as a Priestess of the Goddess in 2007 with the Order of the Pomegranate Grove and holds the archetype of the sacred prostitute. She wrote her masters thesis on HIEROS GAMOS: Sacred Sexuality Ancient and Modern”. She lives on a fabulous rural property in northern New South Wales, Australia, where she runs workshops and private sessions for both women and men from her yurt temple space. She is currently completing a qualification in sexological bodywork, while trying to finish her first book on the channelled memories of a past lifetime as a priestess, entitled “Mandipa, Priestess of Ishtar”. Also head on over to her website – She’s also on FB at Goddess of Sacred Sex.

MARIE DE KOCK is a Reiki Master, Female Spirituality Coach and Author of “Heal your Feminine Essence: A Transformative Journey Within: For Women who Wish to be Free. Link:…/…/B00U7WZ31M – You can also find her on FB at Heal Your Feminine Essence

PRIESTESS BAIRAVEE BALASUBRAMANIAM PHD is a scholar-researcher, Goddess worshiper, motivational speaker, intuitive astrologer, author and poetess. She sees the Movement of Spirit in every waking moment, every form, every Chapter in this Divine Dance of Life and Existence. She runs several Facebook pages devoted to the Rising Consciousness of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and writes extensively on her . As a “Priestess with a PhD,” Bairavee weaves her intuitive knowledge-through-gnosis, along with her academic commitment to in depth-research and analytical rigour together. Seeing spirituality as ‘not just something you do for a few minutes a day’ or ‘not just what is written in texts’, she explores the intersections between the spiritual, social, political, ritual, cultural and transcendental. Some of her topics of interest are: the breaking of spiritual stereotypes, the difference between the text and embodiment of spiritual understanding, the notion of ‘cultural appropriation’ and the challenges of cross-cultural interpretation of spiritual insights—and—living, speaking, writing and embodying ‘The Path of the Dark Goddess’.

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to Everyone Across The Globe,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Founder-Admin of The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light; The Dark Mother’s Children; Honoring The Dark Mother: A Temple-Space; I AM Rising: The Goddess Awakens; Aanmavin Kural: The Voice of The Soul E-Magazine; Shiva, My Love and Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Grand Air Trine  Nodal Kite

Blessings all. I’ve been wondering what’s up with the skies since yesterday and have just had a chance to have a look. We’re basically experiencing a very powerful Nodal Grand Air Trine. In all honesty, it is a Kite alignment, owing to the opposition between the North and South Node, making an axis along which the energy of the Trine concentrates.

This alignment has been in effect since May 25th and will continue till May 30th. Bear in mind that these dates reflect the points of greatest intensity, using a fairly tight orb for the North Node.

Trine energy is the energy of amplification – it basically brings together energies in a powerful manner. To use a chemical metaphor, it ensures that two substances are able to react with each other in the fullest possible sense. But not all reactions create something we might want – sometimes a great reaction leads to a wholly unusable product.

In the same way, Trine energy brings together different elements – and allows them to interact. It’s neither ‘positive’, nor ‘negative’, but certainly powerful – especially when there are Three Interconnected Trines, a.k.a. the Grand Trine.

As this is a Grand Air Trine, we need to first understand the element of Air and what it represents – mental, detached, intellectual, abstract realms that really deal with the different layers of Mind, and how that reaches out to the rest of the Cosmos.

We begin with Gemini, that focuses upon the development of consciousness in early childhood, then move to Libra that that looks to the energy of partnership (where 2 distinct minds are seeking equilibrium with one another, as is the different layers of Consciousness within the Self), and then finally to Aquarius, where the individual mind, now having understood itself, seeks to brings its gifts to the broader collective.

Looking at the specific bodies involved in this Grand Trine & Kite configuration gives us perspective on what its energies bring to us:


The Nodes are the gateways to the Soul. Here, they challenge the Soul to move away from past experiences and sureties, in search of something new and unknown. The North Node represents the area in which destiny calls, whilst the South Node tells us the position of strength or mastery from which we can heed that call. In Libra, the North Node tells us that what we are called to learn now is a deeper sense of balance and partnership. This could be between two people in daily life, collaborators at work, interpersonal dynamics for one seeking to understand both the conscious and unconscious self, etc. It calls for a recognition that all answers exist on a particular spectrum of possibilities, and that one seeks to honor the truth of the Self, and the Other together. Partnership dynamics will also be characterized by the need to find a dynamic equilibrium (balance isn’t necessarily a static concept), and for that balance to be one that resonates with deeper notions of fairness and justice.

In other words, if there is inequality in your partnership, the North Node demands that it be addressed.

The South Node warns us of becoming too complacent about the needs of others, focusing instead purely upon the self. It reminds us that the path to balance is to honor both/all sides of the equation. At times, striking out on one’s own is the most just thing to do, however, before going about it in that way – do your level best to exist with the group/partnership dynamic before heading off. Bear in mind that the cost of simply ignoring other perspectives may be damage to cherished connections in life.

The North/South Node opposition is the focal point of the experience of this Grand Air Trine. Just about all of the energetic lessons therein come back to the Self-Other dynamic described above.

In terms of asteroids, Askalaphus is at 9 Libra – reminding us to be discreet in the revelation of information within/about our partnerships. Persephone at 10 Aries shines the spotlight upon the deeper, internal work that we called to do. The retrieval of the Maiden/ Young Sexual Archetype from what we consider our personal (and collective) sense of the Underworld, or deep sub-conscious. This is an archetype I’ve been seeing in meditations as of late.


The energy of the Goddess Asteroid of Nurture permeates the Aether. We are encouraged both to nurture the self, and others, by deepening our connection with a wider/deeper/higher vibration of Cosmic Intelligence. We may find that our ability to nurture comes from bringing our individual gifts to a group situation/dynamic, potentially involving friends and/or networks of people that come together for some kind of charitable or humanitarian causes. Ceres reminds us that we have the power to manifest through the focused intention of the Higher/Deeper Mind, and that we only need to remember and believe in our ability to do so.


This stellium (or grouping of bodies/points acting as one) is powerful. We have The Sun (the light of awareness or focused consciousness, gateway to our vital energies), Mars (our ability to go forth and assert ourselves, using our willpower to acquire what we desire) and Mercury (ruler of Gemini, now retrograde) coming together in a 8-degree stellium. The Sun (3 Gemini) tells us where the focus of our efforts are in an everyday sense, whereas Mars (9 Gemini) tells us that we now have the ability to act upon that focus, taking action in a direct way.

Also note that the energy of Mars can represents the actions of the masculine (not necessarily male) romantic partner in a person’s life. This person may seem to be all over the place by way of actions-words-and-focus.

Mercury Retrograde (11 Gemini) tells us that our usual reliance on the mind, communication, logic, analysis and electronics is challenged at this time. The retrograde asks us to look further and revisit past commitments, ideas, thoughts and perceptions about certain situations in our life (partnerships, friendships, charitable projects, collaborations, etc.). We are asked to look back at the patterns of early childhood conditioning through which we developed the perspectives, mental constructs, or ways of seeing the world which we now take for granted as adults.

There is a whole bunch of asteroids close to this stellium, bringing us multiple layers of awareness, and adding different dimensions to the energy of this Grand Air Trine. Altjira (8 Gemini), for instance, tells about the importance of the dream-time and our ability to journey in that realm and retrieve much-needed information for the present. Eros (7 Gemini) asks us to reconnect with the original idea of ‘Eros’, as a powerful, intimate, primordial connection with Life-Source. The kind of ecstatic coming-to-life-experience that can, but does not always require, sexual activation.

In short, a time where the gateways of karmic experience are opening and requiring us to forge new ground as we find a deeper sense of Balance. Multiple channels add different flavours or nuances to this energy, taking us deep to the connection we share with Source, our partners, in the various parts of ourselves, and with the Cosmos at large.

Those with placements close to 7-8 of the Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius – we all have the transiting South Node at Aries) will experience this as a Grand Fire/Air Sextile, bringing to the fore the full power of manifestation.

Blessings, Love and Great Joy to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; ; @theskypriestess



Blessings to all. Within the next 4 hours, we will see a intense opposition made between The Sun (1 Gemini) and Saturn Retrograde (1 Sagittarius). This follows up from a powerful Venus-Pluto Retrograde Opposition (Part 1 – ) that challenged our sense of relationships, authority, balance of power, sensuality, sexuality and femininity. This opposition, however, is a very different kettle of fish.

The Sun, now in Gemini, brings the focus of our vital energies, our waking consciousness to the Mind. The landscape of ideas, thoughts, perceptions, mental conditioning, and so on. This terrain was forged years ago, in your early childhood (in a material sense), and arguably earlier, from a spiritual perspective. Gemini also involves the energy of siblings, and the early childhood environment in which the Self began to understand itself as differentiated from its environment, during with the nascent ‘I’ (individuated consciousness) began to emerge. As a feature of that emergence, Gemini is also focused upon language, communication, the ability to analyze, present, perceive and represent the self and its ideas in the context of the immediate environment it is part of.

Saturn Retrograde, on the other hand, is making us revisit the lessons and challenges presented by the karmic taskmaster. In Sagittarius, Saturn questions the way in which you think about, embody and walk the Path. It deals with the big ideas and questions, the philosophies, the belief systems and ideologies that underpin the passionate commitment you have to a particular way of seeing the world and finding your place within it. You may find challenges from/to your authority emanating from the Saturn position as it seeks to test your knowledge and mastery of the ideology you believe in, preach and are possibly seen as a master/teacher of. (And yes, even the belief that one does not need a belief .. still counts as one).

This part of life also deals with foreign travel, a sense of adventure, anything that allows you to explore and widen your horizons, including long-distance travel, passport, immigration and visa matters.

When the Sun opposes Saturn, what we see is a traditional clash between the self and authority (a representation of a the societal super-ego). The Sun in Gemini is seeking to discover itself through ideas unknown, whereas Saturn insists upon the wisdom has already received the stamp of social approval.

This can manifest in a multitude of ways, depending upon where both bodies are in your chart. For instance, you can find this at work – with an authority figure, or with a teacher/mentor/guru/guide-type person in your life. If it is your authority that is being tested, you might find a challenge to your mastery of knowledge through another person, possibly one less certain of your ideas.

Bear in mind though, that Saturn is in Retrograde, and so the heavy hand of authority you feel may stem entirely from you perception of it, as opposed to any real action on another’s part. It can well be a real provocation, but equally a perceived one.

You can deal with the Sun-Saturn opposition in a multitude of ways, depending on which role you’re playing – student or teacher?

Generally speaking, if you’re being seen as the authority in the dynamic, step down a peg. Be humble. Know that your words carry a weight you might not even be aware of. Open yourself to the possibility that you might not have the whole and complete picture, no matter how strongly passionate you are about your beliefs. Keep it open and allow the other person to have their say. They may be right, or wrong, but there’s no reason to browbeat them into submission.

If you’re the junior in the dance, the uncertain, emergent perhaps even whimsical or flighty seeker of knowledge/truth/ideas dancing on ten things like a butterfly on acid in a flower garden (don’t ask me where that metaphor came from) – then it might be time to consider your words. Consider the way you speak to others and the power that your communication has unto them. Consider that you may be questioning something that to another person, is intrinsically sacred, valuable, or the best thing since pizza. Once you’ve made that judgment call, then perhaps raising those questions is one of the best things that you can do – but just be aware that the Saturn-player can respond with a brute force that you might not expect, and even feel as wholly unjustified.

I feel that the Gemini-side of things is somewhat more likely to burst forth with something perceived to be inappropriate or challenging to Saturn’s authority owing to the Mercury Retrograde in its home sign of Gemini.

A further focus of this energy can be concentrated upon a sibling. Be wary about the ways in which they speak to you, and you to them today. The voices of those we hold nearest and dearest to us carry a certain weight and power. Sometimes that’s a great thing, and at other things … it can be devastating.

For those of you who do astrology, or are seeking readings on this date, it’s important for you to find a reader who has the authority and mastery of the craft and subject, but also has the humility to take your views into account and double-check where need be.

In terms of other aspects, the Sun is conjunct Icarus (2 Gemini), bringing to the dynamic the sense of fear the comes when you fly too high, go too far – suddenly realizing the fall that awaits if you slip up. In mythology, Icarus is the sun of the inventor Daedalus. They’re both trapped on an island and Daedalus crafts two pairs of wings using the feathers of birds scattered all over the beach, binding them with wax and twine/rope. He cautions his son not to fly too high, getting close to the Sun, as it can then melt the wax. Icarus is entranced by the sun and the sensation of flying and goes higher and higher, only to have the wax melt. The feathers are no longer bound together and he plummets to his death in the ocean.,

Icarus can also lead to a certain type of recklessness in others, heading towards states and places that can be ultimately damaging and unnecessarily hurtful. It’s a fairly young, impetuous energy that can manifest differently for people, but it makes it more likely for the Gemini to provoke Saturn’s stern reproach.

The Sun is also trined M87 (1 Libra) or the Super-Galactic Center of the Lanikea Supercluster, of which the Milky Way is (and therefore we are) a part of. At the center of this placement is a Supermassive Black Hole, drawing unto itself all in its vicinity. Saturn sextiles this placement.

Whenever the Super-Galactic Center is involved, we basically feel pulled or drawn to situations that ultimately require us to discover or find a sense of balance, or dynamic equilibrium – particularly in matters of collaboration or partnership, be it as business or work. Your partner may be a catalyst in the unfolding of the Sun-Saturn dynamic. It is possible that some aspect of your partnership/collaboration can harmonize the opposition.

In fact, with M87, what we get is a Wedge aspect – an opposition connected together to a third body, by way of a trine and a sextile aspect. It symbolizes the ability to merge energies easily, using the pivotal point of the Wedge (The Super Galactic Center) as one’s point of focus. So in other words, draw upon the wisdom of Libra to look at the Sun-Saturn opposition from a different level of consciousness to find balanced solutions to the situation(s) that may arise. Those with placements at or near 1 Taurus will experience this as a profound Yod or Finger of Fate/Karma/God/Goddess/Destiny.

In short, there is a deeper sense of order, justice and balance woven into the heart of the Cosmos itself, and that wisdom, attainable only through the acceptance and detached objectivity of Libra is what we are called upon to re-discover through this intense Sun-Saturn opposition. The views of the self, and the views of society – legitimated with the institution of authority – occupy certain spaces in the spectrum of all possible views – and these possibilities are what the Super-Galactic Center opens us up to. Bear in mind the caution of Icarus as he overextends his grasp, and the authoritarian weight that Saturn can then bear down upon him.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; ; @theskypriestess

Image: A binary black hole.jpg – By ESO/L. Calçada ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.

PART 1: VENUS OPPOSES PLUTO RETROGRADE; Rediscovering the Hidden Power of Softness, Compassion, Delicacy and Grace

Venus opposes Pluto Retrograde

The next 33 hours are going to be unusually intense as we’re heading towards two powerful oppositions involving personal planets such as The Sun (conscious focus of awareness, vital essences), Venus (relationships, femininity, material connections and value systems) and trans-personal planets such as Saturn (the karmic task master) and Pluto (the Great Transformer, Lord of the Underworld) – both of whom are Retrograde. In this first Part, we discuss the Venus-Pluto opposition. Part 2 will address the Sun-Saturn opposition tomorrow.

The exact Venus (15 Cancer) -Pluto Rx (15 Capricorn) opposition will take place at 9:56 am (GMT + 8) on the 22nd of May, in about 9 hours’ time. The Sun (1 Gemini) -Saturn Rx (1 Sagittarius) opposition takes place at 9:34 am on the 23rd of May, nearly 33 hours from now (and almost a whole day after the 1st opposition).

Venus in Cancer addresses the way in which we relate to our family, home, notions of domesticity, traditions, cultural contexts and a deeper sense of attachment to some sense of ‘origin’. We may also feel more comfortable with and desirous of sensual experiences and expressing/experiencing feminine aspects of the personality within the traditional domain of the home. Be it in cooking, cleaning, ‘making a home’ – however you define it – it would of course depend on which astrological house that falls in for you. There is also a strong sense of connectedness with the Mother archetype anchoring us all to some larger, collective identity.

Cancer is particularly delicate – as it is the Crab – the one whose tough shell protects a soft interior. And together, the Crab and its shell have the power to plumb to the depths of the ocean and retrieve pearls of wisdom that no other sign is able to. A profound combination of strength, vulnerability and the ability to access hidden wisdom. It works well with the more traditionally feminine expressions of Venus.

Pluto in Capricorn, whilst Retrograde, focuses upon the kinds of transformations we can make within our psyches that lead us to evaluate the truth of what we consider our legacies in this material plane. We are asked to get deeper to the truth what we believe we have incarnated into life to eventually leave behind. We are asked to transform outdated ideas of what constitutes: success, achievement, prestige and social status. At a collective level, Pluto in Capricorn has been transforming the way we view power and the legitimacy of institutions that claim to have authority over the populace (governments, corporations, banks, etc.).

When Venus opposes Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, here we see the opposition between the private and the public sphere, between the energy of femininity and (often brute) authority. There is strength to be found in the Venus in Cancer placement as it brings with it a hidden power, drawing from the depths of the sub-conscious and appealing to (often-forgotten) essence of tradition, forgotten as it becomes ritualized and codified as a social norm. Think of the way an otherwise bitter grandfather might smile at his granddaughter’s attempts to make him a meal. There’s a certain, softer, kind of power that Venus can yield over the mighty Pluto – softening the blow of the otherwise brutal power such an opposition can unleash.

This is of course not the same as saying ‘take what you get’, ‘accept injustice’, ‘be submissive’ or any lark like that. It simply means that there is a position of delicate strength that can lead to to a more balanced outcome in this opposition. Alternate outcomes often see the Pluto placement to be the stronger one, where the force of transformation and crisis wounds the Venus-in-Cancer placement. Whilst the Crab has its shell, it might withstand a full blow from the Lord of the Underworld in the sign of Ultimate Material Authority. Hence, the challenge is to find a different kind of strength in such a tender, vulnerable, beautiful and delicate energy.

Let me clear when I say that not all women are going to play Venus, and not all men are going to play the Pluto role in the upcoming opposition. Femininity and authority go beyond sex and identifications of gender – it is an essence in all beings. You might find the weight of authority wielded by the female member of a unit, whereas the call for tender compassion from the male. The possibilities are endless, and I do not wish for my words to be typecast into gendered stereotypes.

One of the best examples I can think of of a softer, delicate sense of grace interacting a powerful female presence – and transforming the nature of that presence – comes from the Hindu tradition. In it, through his sweetness and devotion for the Goddess, the saint Adi Shankara is said to re-discover the love and compassion in the ferocious aspect of the Goddess. Here’s a beautiful article that describes that dynamic very, very well:

She’s not defeated, and certainly not ‘tamed’ – the relationship between devotee and goddess transforms in a powerful way. For when one loves you so much, and in such a tender way, what place does rage and ferocity have? It’s a very different dynamic from domination-submission, and actually enters a much more sensual, tender, place of devotion.

You can have a look at this song as it expresses that dynamic quite beautifully – 

It can be quite a trying time for intimate relationships, particularly where both parties are polarized – one representing the force of authority and conventional/social expectations, and the other in the more vulnerable, (traditionally understood as) feminine position, situated in the home. Other manifestations of this can result in dealing with the government or other authority figures that seem to have some say in the way you deal with the more private areas of your life. You might also find this with a supervisor, or authority figure at work.

A different way to look at the alignment is as a tension between two levels, or realms of sensual experience: Venus, in her more tender, sensual, private form, and Pluto with his more powerful expression of sexual prowess legitimated by socially sanctioned ideas of authority. One is the more yielding aspect of the sensual feminine, whilst the other is the more active, acquisitive variant (remember Persephone). Whether you yield, or hold your ground is – of course – context dependent.

Some of you may find great lessons in learning to hold to your sensual boundaries, whilst others will go deeper within by lowering them.

Again, it depends on the house placement and any other aspects this opposition makes to your natal chart.

Bear in mind that Pluto is Retrograde, meaning some of the brunt of the opposition may be more salient within your own psyche. You may _interpret_ someone behaving unfairly or in an overbearing manner towards you, even if that may not be the case. Consider the role of your interpretation and perception before responding.

My suggestion would be to maintain openness and to avoid becoming defensive. By all means, resist something which is truly unjust, but the trick is in learning how to carry yourself in a way that exudes grace, strength, and a different sort of power. Much like a Queen holding court in a gentle, yet firm manner.

There’s a space for both energies to coexist without one dominating the other, or dictating its terms in a unilateral manner.

In terms of asteroids, Venus is conjunct Burney (14 Cancer) and Cyllarus (14 Cancer). Burney shows us the way that the inner child can arrive at a brilliant conclusion from within, whereas Cyllarus warns us not to charge headlong into some perceived slight to our identity, culture, tradition, ethnicity, or some larger construct.

Pluto, on the other hand is conjunct Kassandra (15 Capricorn) and Asclepius (14 Capricorn). Kassandra reminds us of the voice of ignored, suppressed women’s wisdom – the great Oracle whose words were ignored. I suspect those re-discovering their soul’s history in this way will be bursting forth from the Pluto-placement – speaking that their words may once again be heard, and accepted. Asclepius indicates the possibility of discovering healing remedies, medicine, or simply ways to heal the wounded super-ego (societal consciousness). I feel that Kassandra’s role in delivering truth is major here, which is why you don’t want to ignore the Capricorn aspect of this alignment 🙂

Those with placements at 8-22 in Libra and/or Aries will experience this as a Grand Cardinal Cross (if both are present) or as a Cardinal T-Square – stronger with placements closer to 15 degrees. Bear in Mind that Uranus at 18 Aries already makes this a T-Square (but nowhere near as strong as it would have been , just months ago).

I hope that gives you a heads up for the challenge coming ahead. Some of you may have faced it already. Remember that I cover the Sun-Saturn opposition in Part 2 – tomorrow.

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; ; @theskypriestess

Image: Brooklyn Museum – Goddess Lakshmi with a Rose and a Peacock.jpg – Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Housed at the Brooklyn Museum. Artist Unknown.

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.



The Sun is at 29 Taurus. We’re revisiting the lessons of the Earth-Bull as the Sun prepares to head into airy Gemini in a little under 15 hours’ time. There may be a heightened focus on seeking security, stability and material grounding. The Sun is conjunct Admetos (29 Taurus) and Astraea (28 Taurus). Whilst Admetos brings in the energy of the Bull once more, now able to think before it charges – Astraea brings in the energy of justice, balance, and new beginnings. Quite an interesting position and mixture of energies at this time. I’d say before acting in haste, or charging at anything, it’s a prudent time to take a moment, tune in with your inner instinct, intuition and/or connection with what you perceive as sacred – before jumping ahead.

Certainly a powerful position that demands action of some kind, and very often related to a financial, sensual, earthy/earthly and/or what one might call a ‘worldly’ issue. Strategic, decisive actions can yield great fruit when the broader picture is considered. Try asking yourselves questions like: Is this fair? Is this just? Will this re-hash the old, or give rise to something new? Is it in tune with my sense of things, my innate connection with the Cosmos? Will I serve just myself, or also others through this choice?

Then, when it makes it shift into Gemini, we’ll see its energies focused upon ideas, communications, siblings, early childhood/conditioning, and the like. Bear in mind that the Sun is preparing for its face-off (opposition) with Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius (May 22 night/May 23 morning depending on where you are in the world).

That is when the Self meets the Authority. There’s a chance for a clash of wills and egos, or the true opportunity to discover one’s Mastery on their Path / Paradigm of Choice. More on that (and some other aspects) closer to the date.

Also bear in mind that there’s a bunch of other things happening as well: Pluto’s exact inconjunct to Jupiter/Juno, Mars trining the North Node and Ceres, Venus opposing Pluto, BlackMoon Lilith opposing Chiron, and the like!

It’s not as intense as it has been (especially in April/May 2014), but there’s still a great shifting of energies underway. Also bear in mind that Saturn re-enters Scorpio in under a month’s time. That’s going to be a very very interesting, and intense time for us all. May we find the strength to uncover long-lasting structures that guide us to the truth of ourselves, and our deepest, purest innate source of strength, alchemy and power.

Blessings to All,

Priestess B. Bairavee

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Image: Taurus by Johannes Hevelius.JPG – Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.


Skypriestess Taurus New Moon May 2015

Blessings to All. The Sun and Moon conjuncted one another at 26’55 Taurus at 12:12 PM, May 18th 2015 (GMT + 8). New Moons are potent windows for seeding intentions that are then culminated in some form during the Full Moon of the same sign – in this case the Taurus Full Moon of October 27, 2015. Here we have the opportunity to set the seeds of abundance that will allow us to feel more supported and nurtured at the material, sensual level. We have the chance to examine our material value systems and decide what it is that matters to us, and what not.

The Sun and Moon conjunct Astraea, the Star Maiden – she brings our focus back onto the cycles of balance, justice, karma and renewing our relationship with the Earth-Bull-Abundant Mother Archetype. Time to start a new cycle, as the last Goddess to leave humanity, Returns. And she calls for a more just engagement and relationship with the Material World / Mother Nature, our Earth-Home. A far vaster energy than any one of us as individuals may be able to fully appreciate. But yes, my friends, the Goddess of the Stars, the Virgin that cast aside the Scales of Libra – now calls to us once more!

Owing to the sheer intensity of all the other alignments (Juno conjunct Jupiter, trine Great Attractor, trine Uranus, inconjunct Pluto + an unusually intense Mercury Retrograde), some people are feeling this energy in overdrive. In cases like that, I’d suggest going to some kind of natural space and grounding out. A crystal like smoky quartz can help, as can simply earthing (placing your bare feet on the ground). My preference is sitting under a tree I like (who hopefully likes me too) and simply grounding out that way.

Whilst the Bull (Taurus) can be playful and sensual, it comes with a great solidity of force that can charge (rightly or wrongly) through things. This New Moon energy seems to be a potent mixture of these various energetic tropes.

In addition to the Sun-Moon conjunction, we see a powerful YOD Alignment involving Varuna, Pallas Athena-conjunct-the Galactic Center-conjunct-Quaoar. Yods in themselves, are powerful ‘Fingers of Fate’ that lead us to key karmic crossroads of choice in our lives. We can truly get more attached to, or, completely detach from certain cycles or lessons that karma sees fit to impart to us. The lesson is is upon the attachment-detachment cycle, the question of how we can exist in this sensual, material, world without being overwhelmed by its dictates and seeming necessities.

The Sun/Moon conjunction sextiles Varuna at 26 Cancer. Lord Varuna is the pre-Vedic, Dravidian deity of the waters, associated with the movement of serpents and the coming of the rains. Prior to the influence of Vedic Hinduism, he was more of a primordial creator deity who existed more in the aether. Astrologically, his role in Cancer stimulates the movement of emotional, intuitive and subconscious energies in a fluid form, fixated upon the realm of the Mother and the Home. He is one of my favourite deities and plays a significant role in my chart and personal evolution.

The Sun/Moon – Varuna sextile both make inconjuncts to Pallas Athena (27 Sagittarius) and the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), as the apex of the Finger of Fate. Here, we see the energy of strategy, assertiveness, the mind and the power of Pallas directed within. She seeks out the Teacher, and through that inward journey, allows us to connect with external sources of guidance – be it gurus, saints, mentors – sources of wisdom that exist in the Universe, guiding us all the while. As we go within, we discover the world beyond ourselves.

I have saved the best bit for last. Pallas Athena and the Galactic Center are also conjunct a body known as Quaoar. Quaoar teaches us to harmonize opposites, reconcile dualities and heal the divisions created by false binaries. He is activated through ritual song and dance. A powerful way to wield the energies of the Cosmos and arrive at a truly profound, transcendent understanding of All-That-Is.

What a Day. Truly, What a Day. There’s still 3 days left in which we can sow the seeds of powerful intentions that will culminate in late October of this year.

Enjoy this powerful, profound energy, my friends!

Vanakam, Namaste, and Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

Image: Lord Varuna from Thanjavur Periya Kovil, 2015 by Bairavee Balasubramaniam ; Echinopsis Atacamensis and the Milky Way (wallpaper).jpg – By ESO/S. Guisard ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Blessings to All. Today we see the powerful culmination of energy between The Bringer of Abundance (Jupiter) and the Soulmate Asteroid (Juno). These two have been dancing in close proximity for days now, and today we feel their most intense point of merger, or conjunction – in the sign of Leo.

Let’s start with Leo – here is the sign that rules matters of the heart – romance, joy, vitality – that feeling you get when you’re just happy to be alive and filled with joie de vivre! It is associated with the archetypes of the dramatic performer, the child along with processes of creation, co-creation, reproduction, sensuality and the flow of sexual energy. I associate it with both the Heart and Sacral Chakra.

Whilst Leo is associated with that sun-shiney quality of being able to charm, persuade and enthrall, it is equally associated with the possibility of performing in inauthentic ways, i.e. wearing masks or roles to elicit a certain response from others. The gift of Leo’s ability to perform, prance about on the global stage as a playful lion, is that is can also reveal the power of vulnerability, authenticity and the wisdom of the inner child. The setback is when such performances block the very flow of authenticity in order to either mask the vulnerability and truth of self (from the self, or others), or to engineer particular responses.

Jupiter’s role in Leo is to show us the Path forward – the ways in which we can expand our sense of ourselves within the larger Universe. Be it through a mentor, a teacher, a priest or priestess, a guide, a philosophy, a belief system, an astrologer, or anyone/anything that helps you widen your horizons – Jupiter is paving the way forward for your growth and exploration of self. It is the Great Amplifier, which can work both ways. It expands upon all that it touches – both pleasurable, and painful experiences (and both might be valid/necessary for soul growth).

Juno’s role, as I have been guided to intuit her, expands us in a different way. It opens doors for the soul’s evolution, through which we walk and explore ourselves in a wholly new direction. Here, the agent of initiation is not Jupiter, seeking to lay the path for us to walk upon – it is the Alchemy of Soul Transformation – which occurs through the energy of the SoulMate (Juno). Very often we believe that Soulmates are necessarily romantic or sexual partners, but this truly need not be the case. They can just as well be children, siblings, parents – and – as I’ve seen in some clients’ charts – even those who appear in our lives as ‘abusers’.

You might ask why someone who would hurt you would be a ‘soulmate’ – use the word ‘soul awakener’ if you prefer. For that is what Juno represents, an awakening of the Soul at a profound level in ways that leave you completely transformed. At time such transformations are pleasant, and at other times they are the absolute opposite.

Jupiter being able to swing either way essentially amplifies the intensity of the Soul-Contract being activated today, in ways that awaken us to the Paths our Souls seek.

Bear in mind that Juno is the spouse of Jupiter in mythology – their coming together in this form represents the merging of various sacred archetypes (and the projections upon them). Juno (as Hera) – the vindictive/jealous wife, Jupiter (as Zeus) the philandering patriarch. The more positive associations see Juno as the goddess of liminality (as I understand her), giving rise to new states of being through the life cycle (birth, marriage, and so on). Jupiter provides the guidance, elemental power, and the sheer presence of authority. For starters …

In Leo, the Jupiter/Juno conjunction may manifest as a wide range of circumstances and/or people – lovers, children, teachers, mentors, astrologers, guides, gurus – or simply people with whom you have already made a Soul Contract prior to incarnation in order to facilitate your awakening process at this time.

Either way, it is an extremely intense alignment. When we consider other bodies in astrology, we see further aspects which provide a more detailed understanding of what this conjunction brings to us at the energetic level:

Jupiter/Juno (14 Leo) :

– inconjunct PLUTO RETROGRADE (15 Capricorn) – This is the biggest alignment that Jupiter/Juno make in terms of the concerns of traditional astrology. Pluto rules over the great transformations in our lives, and in Capricorn, concerns itself with the question of authority, status, and the legacy that one leaves behind. Inconjuncts are uncomfortable aspects, and they raise issues in critical ways that appear to be in need of resolution. Pluto’s involvement can signify a potential abuse (real or perceived) of power and/or the invasion of privacy and other boundaries. In Capricorn, it is likely to involve a heavy-handed authority at the workplace, or someone else perceived to be in a senior capacity. Those with placements near 12-18 Gemini (see below) will experience this as an extremely intense Yod.

– trine GREAT ATTRACTOR (14 Sagittarius) – The Great Attractor, as I’ve written about before, is essentially a point in the chart that will draw, or repel attention to your path/ideas/belief systems/teachings in the public eye. People may be drawn to you, particularly if you are a wisdom speaker of some kind, whilst others may simply be repelled for no apparent reason. Jupiter/Juno’s lessons are drawn towards the Great Attractor, powerfully pulling us towards our paths and paradigms.

– square DEUCALION (14 Scorpio) – Deucalion reminds us that we have a choice in the way we deal with forces of destiny that seem too large to handle. One of our best approaches in managing the energy of Jupiter/Juno is to consider the roots or energy that arises – finding its truth and how it relates to one/another person’s need for control and power. Once you find your answer, you’ll know whether to walk, surrender, or stay put.

– sextile PANDORA (14 Gemini) – a supportive alignment that asks us to bear in mind the information that we share, discover or reveal about potentially sensitive situations today. Truth is wonderful, but there is a means, a time and a place where it is best revealed. This is part of a Yod (Finger of Fate) with its apex at Pluto Retrograde (15 Capricorn). Bear in mind that Mercury is about to go Retrograde close to Pandora – the role of communications is highlighted even more strongly!

– conjunct NIOBE (14 Leo) – Niobe is a warning. She cautions us against becoming too attached to our children, seeing them as proxies to find one own’s sense of ‘glory’, ‘worth’, or ‘achievement’. In a broader sense, she calls us to remain humble about our creative works, and to realize the hand of serendipity, the Mystery and the Cosmic in the co-creative process.

– trine HYBRIS (15 Sagittarius) – Like Niobe, Hybris is a similar kind of warning. Do your level best to avoid bragging with the ego (cutting a long story short) or giving into a sense of false pride. Irrespective of talent or status, it is worth bearing in mind that there is always a greater or larger force beyond ourselves that works through all that we do.

– trine PHOTOGRAPHICA (15 Sagittarius) – Quite a potent emphasis upon the visual image and the role in interpreting the image. It might be a great day to express whatever ideas or thoughts that arise through the visual/graphic form.

Bearing these influences in mind, what we see is an intense energetic alignment that awakens us to the deeper truths of the Self. And certain aspects of the energy will support this process, whilst others will test us in key ways.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

Image: James Barry [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
Text © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.