VESTA’S CHALLENGE – THE TRIALS OF THE PRIESTESS & THE GRAND FIRE TRINE (w. Jupiter, Venus, Ixion, Nessus, Uranus, Mars and others)

Vesta's Challenge

Blessings to All! We have a Grand Fire Trine in the skies involving Jupiter-conjunct-Venus, Uranus and Pallas Athena-Moon, along with a Nodal T-Square involving Vesta-South Node, North Node and The Sun-Mars. Long story short, there’s a lot of expressive, assertive energy bursting into our world, bringing with it the need to surrender the Ego’s understanding of the Self, giving way to the true Form/Flame of Spirit. Those who embody or connect with the Archetype of the Priestess / Spiritual Facilitator will be especially challenged to find that which is authentic within their paths at this time – what with Ixion (The Tyrant), Nessus (The Abuser) and Hubris (Excessive Pride/Arrogance) in the mix. Hang onto your hats!

First, the Grand Fire Trine:

Jupiter (21 Leo) and Venus (21 Leo) focus upon our ability express our deepest vulnerabilities and our authentic selves. Jupiter expands upon and intensifies our need to express the path we believe is true, whilst Venus speaks to us of the embod(y)ment of Spirit into Matter, the energy of the Feminine (in her Assertive/Passive/Formless/Other Forms as well), and the tendency to ignore or distort the blind-spots of our own perception. Jupiter and Venus together can show us the way forwards towards a balanced place of detached perception, one that does not respond to the ego and its dictates. One that does not act out of a wound, but rather transcends it.

On the other hand, Jupiter and Venus can equally magnify the wounded-child-self – where one’s self-expression and methods of evaluating material objects and relationships strongly influenced by the experience of ‘wounding’ / ‘woundedness’. It is where a value system that has been distorted by a particular experience reinforces that view with the power of belief.

Jupiter and Venus are conjunct asteroid Isis (22 Leo) – She appears as a powerful Guide to those who reach out to her at this time. However, both Jupiter and Venus trine Ixion, the energy of the Tyrant. Be aware of the tendency to seek to impose your Truth unto others, and yours response to such impositions. Stay authentic, stay open, stay vulnerable and connected with the Fires of Spirit. Responding to such power play in kind, unless it truly cannot be avoided, is ill advised at this time.

Jupiter/Venus/Isis trine Uranus (20 Aries), The Great Awakener/Revealer who has been lighting the rod, or antennae that connects us with a Higher/Deeper sense of Consciousness. It’s a time where new energies and perspectives of the self are likely to break through into being. Watch your communication with friends and in online spaces/networks. Something is about to push through, triggering a profound learning opportunity for understanding what your true embodiment of Divine energy really looks like.

Pallas Athena Retrograde (15 Sagittarius) and the Moon in Sagittarius, together, provide an emotional impetus to act upon one’s belief systems. Many are likely to jump the gun, and feel the need to defend their points of view whilst, simultaneously attacking, the viewpoints of others. A calmer expression of this energy can come about when one is open to experiencing their emotions, and not merely reacting to them.

Looking at the skies – in all honesty, it’s a Kite rather than a Grand Fire Trine – completed by Mercury’s (17 Gemini) opposition to Pallas Athena-Moon. This only heightens the emphasis on communication, and its role in propelling this fiery, assertive, energy forward. Many are likely to be revisiting early childhood triggers that conditioned a person to see themselves in a a particular way. There’s likely to be strong reactions surrounding a person’s right to embody or walk on particular spiritual paths, and early experiences that denied them those freedoms.

In short – there’s the great potential to burn through the falsehoods that surround the self altogether, and there’s equally the potential to burn in them (and then to valorize it). How honest you are about which of the two processes you’re a part of depends entirely upon you.

It’s not a great day to seek out the wisdom of others as the Self is quite likely to rebel against any other source of Wisdom, no matter how sound it may be. (Probably why I had the message to bring the Vesta-Sessions to a close today).


We have a very powerful T-Square involving Vesta (7 Aries)-South Node (5 Aries), North Node (5 Libra) and The Sun (8 Cancer) -and-Mars (4 Cancer). T-Squares are intense, dynamic and ultimately creative sources of birthing new energy. They’re tense alignments that push through with new forms of consciousness, much in the same way a child is forced out of the birth canal.

Vesta conjunct the South Node deals with our Soul’s engagement with the archetype of the Priestess/Facilitator in Aries. That’s a very very individualized path, and so, it’s hard to generalize what that will look and feel like for everyone. What I have seen, however, is that the Vesta-in-Aries theme is one that focuses upon the embodiment of the Priestess Archetype.

Up to a certain point, the Path tends to need the explicit expression and declaration of ‘I AM SHE’ ; I AM HER SERVANT ; I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE DIVINE ; I AM PRIESTESS ; I AM GODDESS RISING’ and so on and so forth (Or Son, or Child, you know what I mean – and Priestess as an archetype is not, just to be clear, limited to a single gender).

At some point, from what I’ve observed in myself and others … that need to outwardly express the Self-as-Divine tends to go. Once you realize, with every fiber and cell in your body, exactly what you are … you no longer need to say it. It speaks the moment you enter a room. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it, it just makes it a very different vibration of Priestess-ing/Facilitation when you truly do so, having realized just What You Are. A Expression of Source, of Divinity.

Some Priestesses will take this vibration and embody it as part of a public path, whereas others will do it in private. Some will use ceremonial robes and headdresses, and others will not. Some will bear the title, and others will eschew it. All choices are equally sacred.

But, conversely, and I know this is not a happy thing to discuss – as a fellow Priestess Sister wrote to me recently (and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me quoting her here), there is also the increasing tendency to ‘play dress-up’ and to label the self as Priestess/Goddess/etc. without embodying that vibration within. I know people dislike speaking about it, but that’s exactly why it needs to be discussed.

In the skies now, we have Vesta trined Hybris (7 Sagittarius), essentially a body that deals with the quality of Hubris (knowing it all, arrogance, excessive pride, and so on). It’s going to be a time where some Priestesses cast their hubris into the flames, and others conflate their path with it.

In other words – There’s a huge difference between the Ego declaring the Self to be Divine, and Spirit making that realization. A delicate point, but clearly demarcated in the skies. One who has walked the path long enough (in this lifetime, or across various lifetimes) will instantly be able to perceive the difference – again – something which the current discourse on Spirituality and Priestessing finds hard to accept. Issues with being judged, or evaluated come to the fore, with the unspoken resentment of How Dare You Judge Me?

Every Priestess, Every Facilitator that has been around long enough has made ass of themselves by believing themselves to have ‘arrived’ and rejecting an authority figure/mentor/teacher/guide/friend who presents an alternative – Myself included. It’s a part of the learning curve … and nothing to feel ashamed, resentful or defensive about. Vesta trined Hybris, however, presents that as a challenge to all awakening Priestesses / Facilitators.

Coming back to the larger astrological alignment at play:

Vesta conjunct the South Node in Aries challenges us to place the parts of the Ego that require ourselves to declare our identities as Priestesses – embodying that vibration instead, only when guided by Spirit. The North Node, asks us to take the Ego and its Wounds surrounding the archetype of the Facilitator and to transform them into a more detached, balanced understanding of what it means to be the Spiritual Bridge.

The Sun/Mars in Cancer square the Nodes/Vesta, forming the apex of the T-Square. Emotions are likely to run high and to head for overkill – so try to step away from any such situation and find a place of balance once more.

Also bear in mind that Mars is trined Nessus (3 Pisces) in the skies. Nessus reflects one of the deepest wounds that we bear, disconnecting us from the erotic, passionate, sparkling-with-life-quality love affair that we can have with the Universe. It’s a vulnerable day in which we explore the wounds of projection, passive-aggression, narcissism, and the lack of boundaries – related to past-life dynamics, our relationship with the Masculine, the Mother, our relationship with Mystery or the most formless aspects of the Spirit, with the Mystic within, and so on and so forth. Quite a gambit of archetypes triggered by that one alignment.

Taking these aspects together, the skies brim with assertive, powerful energies of self-expression, at multiple levels. What is important to remember is that what we feel, may not always reflect our deepest sense of self. What we believe may shift, What we perceive may be a distorted reflection of that which is seen.

In short, it is a day where many will rise and roar – but the real question is – what are they roaring for? The Ego? The Spirit? The Heart?

Are you ready to burn away the Ego that seeks to appropriate the I-AM-Rising/Embodying energy for its own ends?

Are you ready to cast the Priestess Archetype into the Flames of Spirit? What will then emerge?

As for me – I’m considering letting go of the Priestess Title. I’m moving into a new space and I’m not sure what to even call it. Am having my Vesta Return, we’ll see what She says …  I suspect many answers – to many questions – will come through when Vesta returns to 7 Aries on September 22/23, 2015 and again on January 4/5, 2016.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; ; @theskypriestess (on Twitter)

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Blessings all. Vesta, the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing, is now conjunct the South Node (5 Aries). It’s a time of great remembering and re-awakening for those who walk the Path of the Priestess / Spiritual Facilitator. Much of the Ego of the Self needs to be burnt away at this time, cast into Sacred Flame.

What remains is a more resonant path of service, able to build bridge, connect opposing polarities and to find a sense of dynamic equilibrium/balance within collaborations, partnerships and the individual’s relationship with their Unknown/Shadow Self.

It’s fairly hard to generalize what the experience of such a process is for everyone as all our Souls have their own re-membering and re-awakening process. Some are enjoying this, others are struggling with it – some feel a sense of elation, others pressure. It’s a very mixed set of responses which analysis of the natal/progressed chart can help to make sense of.

All that I can safely say is that it will be a Soul-Revealing experience, especially with Juno (28 Leo) still trined the Galactic Center of the Milky Way (27 Sag). The energy of Guidance/Ascended Beings beams unto the Soul-Mate Asteroid (responsible for awakening the Soul to complete its cycle of learning, sometimes through pleasure, sometimes through pain).

The Vesta Special Reading is still on, and for those of you want to book, please do so directly at : – I’m offering some extra openings for June 26th (which would be convenient for those of you in Europe, Asia and Australia. (As there have been requests 🙂 ).

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; @theskypriestess (on Twitter)



Saturn first entered Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and left (moving into Sagittarius) on Dec 23, 2014. By way of its Retrograde (apparent backwards motion), it re-entered Scorpio on June 14, 2015 and will turn direct on August 1, 2015. It will finally complete its tour of Scorpio on September 17, 2015 – not to return to this sign untill November 11, 2041!

During the Retrograde phase (June 14 – Aug 1, 2015), Saturn will transit between 29 ‘ 59 degrees Scorpio till 28 ’17 Scorpio. We first experienced Saturn at these degrees between 6/7 December 2014 December 23, 2014. Look back to this two-week period and have a look at the life-changes that took place in that time. Also bear in mind that we had the Solstice, Uranus Stationing Direct (ending its Retrograde) and a powerful Capricorn New Moon (whose fruits we are about to reap circa 1-2 July, 2015). You can refer to this post for reference on the astrology/energy of that time:…/capricorn-new-moon-22…/

Also bear in mind that the 6 out of 7th exact Uranus-Pluto square took place on 15th December 2014 – as well.

I remember feeling, back then, that … this wasn’t going to be the end of the energy, activity, change, breakdown, breakthrough and transformations we were going through then. I had a sense they would return for further acknowledgement, processing and re-integration (or release, if appropriate) into the psyche.

It was an absolutely intense phase of birth-death-rebirth, affecting us in powerfully deep ways, often leading to the un-burdening of older, ancestral ties and karmic connections. We learnt about the merger of energy, the necessary boundaries that we require to protect that which is truly authentic and sacred to us, and when these intimate boundaries deserve to be lowered, softened or merged into by worthy partners (be in work, or personal life).

And it’s time to look at those cycles once more. Some of us may have completed the ‘death’ phase of such cycles, but not experienced the Phoenix-like rebirth from the ashes. We’re likely to see that happening, especially after August 1st this year.

Whilst Saturn is considered a ‘malefic’ in traditional astrology, I believe the more empowering way to view it as a the ‘teacher of tough love’. Whilst its lessons can be tough, life-changing, and unusually intense – it does bring you rewards for lessons well learnt. There is the possibility of mastering the lesson and becoming an authority in whatever area / aspect of life it affects for you. This is the teacher that lets you learn through constriction, pressure and limitation – the stern taskmaster/grandfather figure that asks you to sit up straight and pay attention!

Generally speaking – Saturn in Scorpio deals with 8th house issues such as power, sexuality, the way we share resources (such as finances, etc.) It questions our place of deep truth and inner authenticity. It questions our motivations and methods for getting things done in the world, and asks us to wield the power of the Scorpion as a force for healing, rather than abuse.

Scorpio’s energy is also associated with medical issues, healing, surgery, sexual issues, ancestral and karmic dynamics (and a bunch of other things). You can get a sense of what it entails in this Introduction to Scorpio I wrote a while back:…/part-1-introducing-sc…/

Those with 28-29 Scorpio in the following houses will see the emphasis on:

THE 1ST HOUSE – their physical body, their conscious persona, personality, and self-perception.

THE 2ND HOUSE – their finances, material value systems, connectedness with the material/sensorial world, including the Mama-Gaia construct/energy

THE 3RD HOUSE – their early childhood conditioning, mental-intellectual constructs, communication, self-presentation, siblings, everyday surroundings

THE 4TH HOUSE – family, home, material anchoring to this plane, cultural/familial/domestic traditions and habits, emotions and intuition, 1st layer of the sub-conscious. Mother Archetype

THE 5TH HOUSE – Sensuality, sexuality, passion, joy for life, authenticity, creativity, self-expression, love/romance, children, Sacral / Swadishtana Chakra Energy

THE 6TH HOUSE – Daily work, habits, routines, rituals, Path of Service (Priest/essing) and your general sense of health and well-being.

THE 7TH HOUSE – Partnerships, gateway to the Shadow (Unknown Self), Collaborations, your Blind Spots in the way you perceive yourself, Legal and contractual matters.

THE 8TH HOUSE – Deep karmic/ancestral work, Underworld/Deep subconscious archetypes and energies, Shamanic work, sharing financial/other resources from others (mergers of energies, alimony payments, tax returns etc.). Can sometimes indicate health issues requiring surgery (but not always).

THE 9TH HOUSE – Long-distance travel, higher education, academia, religious institutions or structured/legitimated sources of authority and knowledge, philosophy, mental horizons. Can indicate a higher risk of accidents due to reckless or erratic behavior.

THE 10TH HOUSE – Career, legacy, status, reputation, prestige, social accolades, social standing, accomplishment. Be aware with your relationships with higher-ups at the workplace, governmental or other figures/institutions of authority.

THE 11TH HOUSE – Friendships, altruistic networks, individual gifts, collective consciousness raising, electronic/social media/forums, intelligence/brilliance/genius, breakthroughs of consciousness, new ideas / innovation

THE 12TH HOUSE – Connection with the Collective Unconscious, mystical/transcendental experiences, otherworldly planes, connections ‘beyond the veil’, karmic / past-life experiences, etc. Get plenty of sleep and ensure you matain a sound place of mental balance – vitamin B complex and gingo biloba are supplements that can help. Can sometimes indicate a place of confinement (hospitals, prisons, retreats, etc). – or simply hermitage/isolation.

To make the full use of that information, you need to find our where 28/29 Scorpio is in your natal chart, i.e. which house it is in. You can find out more using websites like or – but bear in mind that getting it looked at by a professional astrologer is a more reliable way of making sure you get the right house placements.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

** Please note that the information here is not intended to replace the advice / guidance of a professional medical, psychological or other health-care expert. This is simply general guidance, so please use your common sense when interpreting and acting on this information. Everyone’s chart is different, and this is but a general guide to understanding this particular transit.

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Image: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute



I’m looking at the astrology of the Solstice – and there’s just so much happening in the skies. Venus (13 Leo) trines the Great Attractor (14 Sag) ; Mars (27 Gemini) opposes The Galactic Center of the Milky Way (27 Sagittarius). Isis conjuncts Jupiter (19 Leo), whilst trining Uranus at (20 Aries). Juno trines the Galactic Center (26 Leo), whilst sextiling Mars (27 Gemini). Nemesis (22 Leo) -Ixion (22 Sag) – Eris (23 Aries) are in a Grand Fire Trine together – and a bunch of other stuff! These were the ones that really jumped out at me.

To make a very long story short, my friends – it’s a time in which the Divine Masculine and Feminine are beaming messages to us from the centers of wisdom and guidance in this part of the Cosmos. Those of you in relationships, watch what your partners do at this time.

There’s a lot of Soul Alchemy at work, and relationships (of the romantic and sexual kind in particular) are going to be the point of focus.

Nemesis essentially weighs the karmic scales – and she spares none who has acted out of harmony, or balance. She is trined Ixion, the tyrant – one who essentially overrides the will of others without compunction. Eris rises to the defense in Aries, as the Dark Goddess who can no longer tolerate the unfairly weighted scales of Justice.

I was hoping for happier alignments in the skies on the Solstice, but well – it is what it is.

Isis conjuncting Jupiter and trining Uranus acts as a benevolent guide at this time. Rituals and prayers addressed to this Mother will be greatly beneficial.

Many Blessings to you my friends. Those of you in well-established relationships at this time may face some level of tension and challenge. Others, in relationships that are not as established or riddled with toxic dynamics, are going to feel the full brunt of Nemesis.

And remember – those of you who are in a relationship with yourselves/the Divine – this still applies to you, but more so at the level of the psyche.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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The Age of Gemini – Healing the Hemisphere Split

Certainly one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time, and one of the most inspiring blogs I’ve seen ! xxx Priestess B. Bairavee


The Age of Gemini – Healing the Hemisphere Split.

ENERGY UPDATE: 17th June 2015 (Neptune Rx in Pisces, Saturn Rx in Scorpio, New Moon + Mars in Gemini, Vesta conjunct South Node / opposing North Node


3 major shifts / events recently: Neptune’s Retrograde in Pisces (June 11), Saturn’s regress into Scorpio (June 14) and the Gemini New Moon (June 16) – give or take a day depending on where you are on the planet. Neptune’s Retrograde gives us the ability to pierce through, or dissolve the veil of illusion that surrounds our relationship with transcendental Mystery. Saturn’s regress into Scorpio gives us the chance to revisit and re-shore up the foundations of our relationship with authenticity, power, alchemy and intimacy.

The Gemini New Moon (25 Gemini), between now and the next 2 days, gives us the opportunity to plant seeds which can ultimately transform our perceptions and re-pattern deeply entrenched forms of early childhood conditioning. It’s also a good time to reconnect with and replenish relationships with siblings and one’s early childhood environment/years/constructs. With Mars so close by (24 Gemini), we’ll also be revisiting the ways in which we understand our ability to assert ourselves, and the ways in which we co-construct perceptions of masculinity.

You will the reap the seeds sown now during the Gemini Full Moon, on 25/26 November 2015.

It’s a fairly intense time, with such big shifts happening, and many are experiencing it through sudden crises, illnesses, outbursts (though some will sail right through it).

What I’m also excited about is the upcoming North Node-Vesta opposition – Vesta-South Node conjunction (June 24 @ 5 Libra-Aries). That’s going to be BIG for Priestesses, Shaman/kas, and other Facilitators. The emphasis of work ‘down below’, i.e. in the psychic and spiritual Underworld is likely to be highlighted, as is clearing ancestral lines. The Priest/ess is then called to stand in the fires of ‘I AM Consciousness’, no longer needing to approach the healing experience as a form of battle.

Those of you seeking greater insight into your own paths as Facilitators/Priestesses, you might want to consider getting a Vesta Special Reading done at this time as Vesta (the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing) is lighting up the skies, and charging it with her Sacred Flame! Hooray!

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD  ( @theskypriestess on Twitter ) ; ( Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD FB Page )

Text and Image (Kolam at Kapaaleshwarar Mylapore Temple, 2015) © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015. All rights reserved.

Remember that my Vesta specials are still ongoing!

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD​


Celestial Dynamics 9th June 2015

Blessings to All. The heavens are lit with cosmic energy, concentrated and channeled through several key astrological configurations: a Grand Mutable Cross, a Kite, 2 Grand Fire Trines, 2 Yods, and a Nodal Wedge.

GRAND MUTABLE CROSS: We have a Grand Mutable Cross involving Chiron (21 Pisces), Pallas Athena (21 Sagittarius), Black Moon Lilith (21 Virgo), and The Sun/Mars (18-19 Gemini). Grand Mutable Crosses challenge our ability to adapt and be flexible in the midst of changing situations.

Chiron reminds us to look at the vulnerabilities we face with regards to our connection with the Divinity, both Internal and External. Through the exploration of our wounds, be it from this life, or a previous time, we are called to heal these spaces in which we ourselves create a rift or disconnection with Source – simply because we have been conditioned to believe it to be something apart from who and what we are – Beings of Energy and Consciousness. Chiron opposes Black Moon Lilith, who serves as the Dark Priestess, finding the best way in which she can craft a material vessel, form or ritual that can truly express the lessons we learn from Chiron in Pisces.

Priestesses at this time are likely to be heavily projected upon, and it is imperative to understand that one’s task comes first, irrespective of social pressures and the ways in which society chooses to perceive the Rise of the Feminine. Both Chiron and Black Moon Lilith square Pallas Athena and The Sun-Mars conjunction.

Pallas Athena, still in Retrograde, teaches us about the inner resources we possess to guide ourselves on the Path we need to take. Whilst guidance from external gurus and mentors is not a bad thing, we are better off listening to our internal compass at this time, in the final instance.

Pallas Athena opposes The Sun-Mars conjunction in Gemini. The Sun focuses our attention upon the earliest stages of our mental conditioning (0-6 years typically), and asks us to re-examine that construct in light of present-day information. You will be called to adopt what works for the present moment, and to release your attachment to outmoded ideas or ways of seeing the world that simply no longer resonate. Mars in Gemini gives us the impetus, the ‘oomph’ you could say, to go about in the world and project our voices, words, ideas and intentions. You may also find matters related to your sibling/s to come to the fore at this time. Such revistation of childhood memories and inherited belief systems will only further Pallas Athena’s ability to strategize and forge the Path ahead, as required.


We also have a Grand Fire Trine involving Vesta (0 Aries), Saturn Retrograde (0 Sagittarius) and Venus (3 Leo). I wrote about this a little while back so I’ll just summarize here – it’s a fantastic time to act upon our passions, impulses and gut-level instincts. They will lead us to understand greater karmic tasks which we – as spiritual seekers and facilitators – need to come to terms with, especially as we connect with the Divine Feminine. You may find the focus of this trine to also involve your ability to create, co-create, pro-create and find a source of authentic joy in life, particularly within the context of personal and professional relationships.


A second Fire Trine is also present between Uranus (19 Aries), Pallas Athena Retrograde (21 Sagittarius) and Jupiter/Juno (17 Leo – 22 Leo). Uranus allows us to arrive at breakthroughs in our understanding of Self; Pallas Athena Rx allows us to internally strategize and arrive at an understanding of where we need to be to get to where we need to go and Jupiter/Juno essentially bring in the ability to receive guidance, blessings and ‘the way forward’ through a romantic partner, a child, a mentor, or someone you see as a soul-mate. Bear in mind that soul-mates aren’t always people who bring you joy, and that, at times, they can – at the human level – cause you great pain, even breakdowns, so that you can experience the conditions that will allow you to awaken to an even greater depth.

The 2nd Grand Fire Trine is, in fact, a Kite – owing to the opposition between Pallas Athena and The Sun/Mars – we discussed this as part of the Grand Mutable Cross as well. This basically focuses the energy of the Trine along the Gemini-Sagittarius opposition. It’s a wonderful time to discover and express the Self and its Authenticity through the Mind and all that it can unveil.


There are also 2 Yods (Fingers of Fate, Karma, Kismet, God, Goddess, Destiny etc.) at play in the sky. One is formed between The Sun/Mars (18-19 Gemini) sextiling Jupiter/Juno (17-22 Leo), both forming an apex by way of inconjuncts to Pluto Retrograde (14 Capricorn). The second Yod is formed by Pluto Retrograde sextiling Neptune (9 Pisces), The Moon (14 Pisces) and Chiron (21 Pisces – by conjunction), forming an apex back to Jupiter/Juno. As the yods share 2 points in common, they are Intersecting Yods. You can think of the energy that travels through these intense alignments as a pinball rapidly gaining momentum and bouncing back and forth across delineated grooves.The decisions and energetic consequences made through a dynamic created by the first Yod, feed into the second – and vice versa.

The Yods bring into play some of the dynamics mentioned previously, but also involve Pluto Retrograde and Neptune/Moon/Chiron. Pluto Retrograde’s role is to make us question our idea of what kind of legacy we leave behind in this world and the standards of attainment which we use to measure it. There is nothing wrong in achievement, wealth, success and status if you are seeking it for worthy cause. Be it to soothe your Soul’s yearnings (if that is the case), or to heed the call of your path, or to build something meaningful for later generations to use, or even to challenge the status quo through a radical re-imagining of what authority, power, order and discipline needs to look like in society. I find that Spirit teaches us how to negotiate material needs and requirements, provided we seek to effect change / experience / just be from the Soul, rather than the Ego seeking validation of some kind.

Neptune/The Moon and Chiron’s role in Pisces open us up to vulnerability in matters of Spirit. We are likely to experience such vulnerabilities in an intensely personal manner, potentially linking it back to karmic dynamics involving the maternal line. Those who have already worked through significant issues in this regard may experience this conjunction as a tender, emotional, vulnerability and yet sweet form of ego-dissolution, in which the Self no longer recognizes a separation between itself and Divinity.


Finally, I’d also like to point out a significant Mercury Retrograde (4 Gemini) trine with the North Node (6 Libra). This naturally makes a Wedge formation as Mercury is also sextiled the South Node (6 Aries). This is a fantastic time in which we can find pathways towards achieving a more spiritual understanding of detachment, balance, justice and acceptance through our relationships with partners, siblings, and collaborators. Pay attention to the words and ideas that come through now at this time as Mercury will, once it finishes its retrograde, revisit its trine with the North Node. The first exact trine between the two (6 Gemini-Libra) was on June 3rd, and it will be revisited on June 18 (depending on your time zone).

Those of you with placements at or near 4-6 Aquarius will experience this as a powerful Grand Air Trine.


Just a quick note on this – we’ve been experiencing an inconjunct aspect between Black Moon Lilith (21 Virgo) and Uranus (19 Aries) for some time now. The challenge to awaken to a more Authentic degree of Consciousness is rattling the cage and breaking open the archetype of the Dark Priestess – freeing it to be what it is – a Sacred Archetype of Facilitation and Service. Those who would like to know more might want to revisit an older Youtube video of mine on the subject:

Bear in mind that those with placements at or near 19 Aquarius and/or 21 Scorpio will experience this as a tremendously powerful Yod.

In short, it’s an extremely active sky that throws up some interesting challenges for our spiritual growth. There’s much to be learnt through the act of neutral observation (of self and other), along with a wilful surrender to the Hand or Agency of Divinity. Once that is achieved, we will begin to recognize humanity and divinity as different shades of the same expression of Cosmic Energy, Will and Consciousness.

Blessings to All ,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;
Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

PS – I’m going to be on an extended pilgrimage and am free for the rest of the day. Those of you seeking readings, please get in touch as soon as possible as I am not likely to have internet access once I physically resume my journey. I am working on a new astro-spiritual facilitation that focuses upon The Dark Goddess/Mother/Priestess/Priest Archetype.

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to All.

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Virtual Temple: Honoring The Dark Mother: A Temple-Space

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Venus, having just entered Leo is now focused upon the ways in which we attribute values, establish perceptions and judge matters of the Heart – be it love, romance, creative, reproductive and pleasurable pursuits. Vesta at 29 Pisces is completing a particular cycle of service, around the zodiac – she’ll be back in a while as part of her retrograde though. We are glimpsing certain spiritual tasks and opportunities of facilitation at this time, that are likely to challenge the ways in which we connect with spirit, along with deeply embedded imprints from previous lifetimes. The Priestess, in other words, is just about to begin her emergence into ‘I AM Consciousness’, just as the Lioness begins to Roar with her Feminine Beauty, Strength and Power. It’s a fairly complex interaction of energy between the two – and it gets intensified by Saturn’s energy, thrown into the mix. The Retrograde energy of Saturn brings to this Grand Trine a strong karmic component, indicating that the experiences and lessons we learn now are directly related to the ways in which we conceptualize our road ahead, upon the Path. Saturn is preparing to re-enter Scorpio in just a few days’ time, and so her lessons are unusually intense. Considering Vesta’s upcoming retrograde (which will bring her back to 29 Pisces) and Saturn’s own movement – it is very likely that we will revisit the lessons we face now in the near future.

Saturn will return to its current position on September 25th, 2015 whereas Vesta will revisit its exact current position on October 24th and December 3rd 2015.

To the best of your ability, learn from the current lessons and experiences you face right now as you will have to revisit them in the future.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;

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