Musings on the Dark Goddess

A beautiful discussion on the astrological and symbolic meanings of Lilith and Eurydice – two beautiful, powerful Dark Goddesses in their own right ❤ Stay tuned – my Eclipse post is coming soon! Bairavee xxx

Cycles of Healing

Two Goddesses have recently asserted themselves into my life. I think they are important for us all.

Lilith was originally a Sumerian Goddess. In the Judaic/Christian myths, she was the first wife of Adam and made from similar substance: Earth. Adam was constructed of dust and Lilith from minerals. She refused to be subservient and when that was expected of her, she left. The patriarchs then painted a hideous picture of her as having copulated in the wilderness with the Devil and spawning demon children, bringing Evil into the world. She was even said to be the slayer of children. I reject these patriarchal embellishments since I have been shown a different story that seems closer to Truth.

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Energy image

At 19:43 (25-Sept, UTC time), the Moon moved into Pisces and formed a powerful Mutable T-Square involving Mars, Saturn at 0 degrees Virgo and Sagittarius respectively – nearly 18 hours ago. At the same time, it made an inconjunct aspect to the Libra cluster dominating the upcoming Lunar Eclipse with The Sun, Juno, Black Moon Lilith, the Super-Galactic Center & the North Node. (0-3 Libra). This particular emphasis would have dissipated about 8-9 hours ago (5-6 am, 26th September, UTC time)

Those of you with placements near 0 Gemini would have experienced the energy of a Grand Mutable Cross, whereas, those with placements at 0 Leo or 0 Taurus would have experienced the energy of an absolutely Powerful Yod (Finger of Fate).

It’s not the easiest of energies to handle, especially with Mercury in Retrograde (12-11 Libra), currently squaring Pluto Retrograde (12 Capricorn). Those with placements at 11-12 Aries or Cancer (or both) would have experienced a Grand Cardinal Cross or Cardinal T-Square.

In short, we’ve been at the receiving end of powerful waves of cosmic energy today. Not the best day to try and butt heads with ‘the establishment’ unless you’ve got a flexible attitude and have triple-checked all the facts at hand. Communication issues and electronic breakdowns are also strongly highlighted as possibilities.

Whilst I can go into a fair bit of detail for each of these alignments, something tells me this is okay for now – as they’re all preliminary waves, or build-ups to the Lunar Eclipse in Aries.

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Baby Phoenixes & Gentle Breezes: Welcoming Libra & the Equinox!


Dancing with Darkness has its costs – especially if you’ve been dragged into it kicking and screaming as so many were with the Uranus-Pluto squares and Saturn in Scorpio. After a while we steeled ourselves for the inevitable, the unthinkable, the absolute – except that it came at us day, after day, without respite, one challenge more daunting than the next. And after a while we forgot what ‘normalcy’ felt like before it all kicked up, three years ago.

Many forgot the comfort of silence, the pleasure of a gentle breeze on a mild day when they didn’t have to push as hard, when they didn’t have to struggle and grapple our way through growth spurts and deep transformations on a near-daily basis. Many forgot that being in One’s Presence isn’t this do-all-or-die mantra that has to be repeated so we don’t go down with a sinking ship. Many forgot to simply sit, smile and take the long view of the road ahead with a tall cool glass of lemonade, sitting in the shade of the midday sun. Many would have felt such luxuries impossible in the heat of battle within.

What a road that has been..

The descent into Darkness has ended. Many are now ‘out of the cave’ with fresh eyes that haven’t quite accustomed to the sunlight and open air. There is a sense of alienness, as a new perspective – no, a new expression of Self – begins to take in its surroundings.

No longer this mad rush to transform, to die, to come back as the raging Phoenix burning in the flames of I AM. No longer pushed by some kind of existential urgency for something a lot gentler, cooler, detached – and oh yes – pleasant has begun breezing through.

I felt the change in the skies as it was happening, furiously ploughing through the last pages of Gone With the Wind. And when I finished, I looked at the charts and saw that the shift had happened. The Sun was now in Libra, and with it welcomed the Equinox.

The tenseness that I, and so many others were feeling, has somehow quite simply disappeared. Even yesterday, all that energy felt as though it were rushing to a terrible crescendo which, once reached, simply opened to a far vaster, wider, calmer space. A space that could somehow contain all, accept all, and remain with a good-natured smile about the whole thing.

It almost seems like an anticlimax in many ways, after such intense transformations and awakenings. Parts of us may still be on ‘survival mode’, indeed, some may still be finishing their lessons from Saturn-in-Scorpio. Personally, for those of you looking for dates – I’d set the first week of November as a marker to recognize, truly, the end of such an intense collective experience. There’ll be other key moments in this time, such as the Lunar Eclipse in Aries (described below), the North Node’s shift into Virgo (early October), and so on.

But why early November? Because it’s when Saturn returns to 4 Sagittarius ’56, the degree at which it began its retrograde that ultimately brought back Saturn in Scorpio with a vengeance! If there’s any use in holding onto an idea of ‘normalcy’, some sense of what that might look like will emerge for us all by then.

But don’t forget, the seeds which were set during the intense Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015) take time to reveal themselves, years in fact. So … yes, ‘normal’ is yet to be determined.

But still… still…The intensity to which we’ve become acclimatized has somehow begun to change. It’s still powerful, it’s still transformative, but it’s giving way to something new. Something that doesn’t feel like a mad, desperate rush to transform, die, be reborn and emerging fighting fit as the resurrected Phoenix ready to breathe fire into its enemies!

Enter the cool breeze that is Libra, the Cardinal Wind Sign, heralded by the Equinox.

The Equinox represents a time in which the length of day is equal to that of night. The Northern Hemisphere welcomes the Autumnal Equinox, whereas the Southern Hemisphere welcomes the Vernal Equinox.

Pagans (and those who share similar beliefs) celebrate Mabon in the North and Ostara in the South. Mabon is the mid-harvest festival, celebrated at the peak of the season. Celebrants give thanks to the Earth for a bountiful harvest. Conversely, Ostara welcomes the fertility of the land and the bounty it is to yield – it is a time in which seeds are blessed before they are planted, in the middle part of spring. Either way, both festivals/equinoxes represent powerful beginnings and endings. What one sows in Ostara, one reaps at Mabon, and the cycle continues thusly, in the middle or peak intensity of each season or turn of the wheel.

In astrological terms, this corresponds well to a Aries New Moon in March/April and a Aries Full Moon in September/October. Both ask us to balance our notions of Self-and-Other and how the two dance in Partnership. This year, it began with the Aries New Moon on April 18, a powerful time for setting the seeds of the Self to emerge – even more so as the New Moon was trined the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius! We shall see those seeds emerge during the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Aries on September 28.

We’ve begun the build-up process to the Eclipse a week ago, as its energies intensify gradually, but certainly, in the skies. This Full Moon is especially potent as it involves The Sun, North Node, Juno and Black Moon Lilith in Libra opposing Vesta Retrograde (The Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing), the South Node and the Moon in Aries.

But rather than the volcanic explosion that one might think an Aries Full Moon to be, this one feels a lot more powerful in less noticeable way. Something is to be sacrificed, and no it’s not the kind of thing you see in B-rate films about Goddess Kali. It’s a sacrifice of an old Self, a release of an attachment, the freeing of hold of the past onto the present being. It’s a sacrifice that leads you more completely into devotion, dedication and service – within Partnership.

The burning fires of the Self, having raged fiercely in the belly of the Underworld, no longer have to rage quite as hard. In fact, they can finally calm in the light of day as we decide just what we’re going to do with all this knowledge, experience and new realizations. The same rules no longer apply. One does not light and warm a home with the same intensity of fire that one uses to burn through the shackles of the subconscious.

But this death? Vesta’s (The Priestess’) sacrifice in Aries, doesn’t that sound like more of the same Saturn-in-Scorpio stuff we’ve had to deal with the past few years? I don’t quite see it that way.

I feel the winds of Libra breezing about us now, and contrary to what we’ve felt with Saturn-in-Scorpio, this ‘death’ and release doesn’t have the same quality. It seems to be unshackling us even more, and allowing to find a greater sense of completion and Balance in our lives. And depending on where this occurs in your chart, an understanding of what wholeness looks like and feels like.

I feel that much of this detachment and release will come swifter as we turn to the power of the mind and use its gifts, as we simply say the words that will free us into flying free – though not necessarily solo 😉

I’m sure everyone won’t be feeling it in quite the same way, as we individuate our interpretation of spiritual experiences and astrological movements. But this is my sharing, and I invite you to explore or express the same as you see fit. Be aware that older layers of the self simply have to be shed, if you haven’t already – and you might have a tougher time of things holding onto to things that no longer serve.

The Lunar Eclipse takes place at 4 Aries ’40 ”23 at 02:50 am on September 28th 2015 (UTC time, GM).

Time to see if the baby phoenix has begun to poke through its precious egg yet,

Time to see if that old self (dare I say it) has .. gone with the wind?

Stay Tuned!

 Post & Image ( ‘Ode to Butler’, 2015) © by Bairavee Balasubramaniam.  All rights reserved.

RE-DEFINING RELATIONSHIPS: North Node/Juno/Super-Galactic Center Conjunction (0-1 Libra) sextiles Saturn (0 Sagittarius)

Close up

Close up

Libra’s energy is one that asks us to take a step back and be objective in our dealings with others. It asks us to create a space in which we can co-exist with others without the need to make them bend to our will, or bend over to theirs. It’s one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac – as I see it – because it is the only sign that does not need to transform another in some way. Libra is also associated with a sense of justice, though, I doubt that it refers to a sense of ‘tit-for-tat’, but rather a deeper sense of how all things work together as equally sacred expressions of Source Energy – woven together into far more complex puzzle of being.
The North Node represents the direction in which the Soul is urged to grow further into as part of its Journey of Evolution. Juno, to me, represents the energy of the Divine Feminine and its ability open or awaken the soul, particularly through the ‘soul-mate’. This isn’t always a happy experience, but certainly a powerful one. The Super-Galactic Center represents, in astrology, the most potent connection we have to Source at this time and it exerts a fairly mysterious ‘pull’ towards certain people, relationships or ideas that lead to deeper understandings of Balance. All of this is occurring between 0-1 Libra (not forgetting Black Moon Lilith at 2 Libra).
So what do all these conjunctions in Libra challenge us to understand, or become?
Now’s a time in which we are asked to expand our definition of ‘partnership’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘balanced integration’. Whether it’s a marriage, or joint project between two parties, it’s a time in which we re-evaluate our role in relationships.
Are in in them for the right reasons? Are we with the right person/people? Are we (ourselves) the ‘right’ person? It really takes two to tango, and what we see mirrored in others, at some level, reflects some aspect of ourselves. And sometimes, rather than the other person changing – if you feel for the relationship enough – it might be you who has to change. Only you can decide if that’s right for you, or if you’ve done that for far too long already.
Whilst the North Node-Juno conjunction it itself represents a powerful opportunity for growth in these areas of life, particularly with those we share soul-contracts with – it’s is especially significant as both these bodies conjunct the Super-Galactic Center at 0 Libra, whilst sextiling Saturn at 0 Sagittarius. So the choices we make now resonate stronger with the ways in which we connect with Spirit/Source/Center and they lay the foundation for a far longer-term commitment to explore/transform certain outlooks on life (belief systems, ideas, philosophies, etc.), potentially through foreign travel as well..
Those with placements near 0 Taurus will experience this as an absolutely powerful Yod or Finger of Fate, propelling you to a certain set of karmic crossroads in which you have to choose. Choose with path you take, what you choose to hold onto, where your attachments and values lie (or don’t). You’ll be asked to let go of values that no longer resonate with the wisdom coming through from this powerful conjunction, despite how comfortable or familiar they may seem. What comes next, however, will be a powerful new beginning in the way you relate to yourselves and significant others. 
Some relationships will become stronger at this time, and others will begin to fray. We’ll see much more of this during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Aries, with the Sun in Libra opposed the Moon in Aries – in about a week’s time! Hang onto your hats 🙂 

The Final Lessons of Saturn-in-Scorpio … Preparing for Rebirth


Saturn has one day left before it leaves Scorpio (till 2041) – and so many are already feeling the powerful, intense, currents and ripples of change it brings in its wake. We’re headed for the mountaintop (Sagittarius) next, but first we’ve got to complete the work down below – in the Underworld, the Sub-Conscious, the place we Descended into and found ourselves stripped and laid bare of our illusions, fears, insecurities and inauthenticity. We’ve already taken the steps towards the entrance of the cave, leaving behind the teachers of the realms beneath.

So many now are in their metaphysical death throes before re-birthing into a new cycle of being, a new level of awareness – whilst others are sailing smoothly under the pressure of such immense energy.

Many of you know what you’re feeling, enduring, living through or even soaring through (depending on your individual journey) – and what you’re at the cusp of emerging into. But the question is –

What do you with all this intense energy? What lessons do the final days of Saturn-in-Scorpio ask us to complete and embody?

For starters –

Honor your Commitments. Ensure fair dealings or exchanges.
Finish off things that you’d been putting off.
Be honest in your dealings.
Be charitable, if you are able.
Believe that you have the strength within to rise to the challenge.
Be authentic. Never compromise on your core values.
If your core values no longer resonate, change your core values.
Be truthful. Represent yourself with honesty and integrity.
Cut away, or simply walk away from anything that no longer resonates.
You owe no one and no thing an explanation.

But above all,

Remember your power and use it well.

Many have asked me ‘when does the process end’. And in all truth, growth never does. We simply experience new phases of it.

We’re going to see several major cosmic/astrological alignments in the coming weeks, through which time a new ‘normal’ will begin to assert itself in your realities. We began the process long ago, powered by the generation-transforming Uranus-Pluto squares, peaking with the Grand Cardinal Cross in mid-2014 and the Saturn-in-Scorpio transit (itself in mutual reception with Pluto-in-Capricorn) between 2012-2015.

So there really isn’t any going back, in terms of the levels of consciousness or the doors of awakening we’re about to step into.

For those looking for more specific, human-timeframe-dates, here’s a couple of key markers (earlier dates for the US/South America, later dates for Asia/Australia):

Mercury Retrograde Begins, Jupiter/Neptune opposition, Juno enters Libra – Sept 16/17

Saturn’s actual shift in Sagittarius – Sept 17/18  Exact time: 02:46:04 hours:minutes:seconds on September 18, 2015  in UTC

Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Sept 27/28
Mercury Retrograde ends – October 8/9
North Node’s shift into Virgo, leaving Libra – Oct 9/10

These will be fairly intense times that will speed up the process of death-to-rebirth. I suspect more people will be settling into the ‘new normal’ towards in the final week of October 2015, as Mercury exits its shadow phase.

Astrologically speaking, there are few periods of human history in the past few decades that – as far as I know of – have been anywhere near as intense as what we’ve been going through for the past three years.

So please – Be gentle on yourselves, those of you who are still letting go of whatever that no longer serves you. It could be your desires, attachments, fears, shadows, intimate partnerships, finances – whatever your personal journey of awakening has entailed.

It’s been a rough, rough, transit for so many….

Some of you will sleep loads, others will be buzzing like Duracell bunnies – don’t bother with comparisons, simply honor the time you have now – alive, awake and at the precipice of eventful transformation.

You’ll have the time you need to grieve what has been released. Practice gratitude for the lessons you’ve learnt and prepare to set sail for new horizons …

Can you feel the breeze yet?
The whiff of fresh air that so many parts of you have yearned for?
Can you feel the rays of the Light on your face?

It’s right around the corner.

Finally, a new Chapter – about to begin.

Love, Blessings and Honor to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

Image: Dragon Storm.jpg – From ; NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute- public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam,

Current Energies – 16/9/2015: Eclipse Season, Welcoming Mercury Retrograde + More

Original Peacock

Why do things feel so heavy? Why does it feel like the cosmic spin cycle just got a hundred times more intense? My personal take on this crazy intensity is simply — Eclipse Season + the last-days-of-Saturn-in-Scorpio.

There’s a wild influx of energy present now – things are shaking, unsteady, and waiting to birth/burst/combust.

And that’s okay.

Personally, I see tomorrow’s (Sept 17) Mercury Retrograde in Libra as a good thing. Merc Rx actually brings a welcome slow-down to the already overactive mind. It’s a good energy to work with, take a chill pill, and slowly – but steadily – make key decisions inspired by the Virgo New Moon and the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries (Sep 27/28). I feel like there should be a wolf howl accompanying that in the background…

I’ve been sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping. Crazy dreams though – but hey, it’s an interesting way to process.

Bear in mind we’ve also got other things going on/coming up – Juno’s entry into Libra, Jupiter/Neptune opposition – Sept 17, Saturn’s shift – Sept 18 and more besides.

It’s a busy time for us all to search for Balance, Equilibrium, and the role of the Self within/through Partnership.


Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess

PS – Whilst most of us are still in the ‘dying’ phase that precedes rebirth (Saturn-Scorpio themes), some will have already passed that phase. For them, it’s smooth sailing through epic energetic intensity.

Grand Mutable Cross w. Isis, Amor, Ixion, Chaos & Hephaistos – REFLECTIONS ON THE VIRGO NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE (13-Sep-2015, 6:41 am UTC)


In addition to the Chiron-Eclipse opposition yesterday, we also experienced a powerful Grand Mutable Cross involving Isis (19 Virgo), Amor (20 Pisces) and Ixion (21 Sagittarius), Chaos & Hephaistos (21 Gemini). As so much has been said of Virgo energies as of late, I’d like to focus on this lesser-explored dynamic.

Grand Mutable Crosses bring with them the challenge of resilience and adaptability – they ask us if we’re able to roll with the punches and make adjustments as need be. That was very much my experience yesterday.

I was planning to write a post on the Eclipse, but throughout the day, I had to manage a balance between doing spiritual work, going on an abrupt pilgrimage someplace, performing acts of service and maintaining a level of self-nurture through trying circumstances (very Virgo-an). I woke up in the middle of the night, fueled by the need to write on the Virgin archetype – and this words flashed in my mind as I was waking up – Venus (a personal message for myself) & Ixion (a collective placement)! I had no inkling why until I had the choice to ground out, center myself and actually look at the star alignments for the Eclipse just past. We’ll get to what it all means.

Sometimes the Universe has a different idea for the work you’re meant to be doing at a given time. I find it’s just best to go with the flow.

The Sun and Moon conjunction in Virgo essentially asked us to honor our powers of discernment, and to understand how we are all essentially Vessels of Service. The strength of Virgo lies in its ability to be of the Earth, and to maintain a certain earthly humility despite its spiritual gifts and prowess. Other themes that would have been highlighted include our conceptions surrounding priestessing, parthenogenesis and the Womb. That was what I was wrote/channeled through at 2 am last night, half-asleep – you can read about it here: The Virgin Goddess. The Virgin Sacrifice. The Vestal Virgin

Chiron opposed the Sun/Moon conjunction and essentially asked us to – equally – surrender. Despite the power of the Virgin, at times we were simply told to turn the other cheek. To experience the vulnerability that comes with letting your guard down – and equally – to know when to put it back up. There are moments in which Spirit works through us best when we simply open ourselves, and others when we draw a line past which certain energies are not granted access.

At times – for those of us who serve as Priestesses or in a similar spiritual vocation, our willingness to surrender and take on the pain of others is used to perpetuate energy dynamics that are in themselves, unbalanced. For instance, when you meet a person who is not willing to do their inner-work and constantly seeks some external intervention or ‘help’. The former may appear child-like, somehow immature or undeveloped in constant need of a wiser, older guide. Whilst that can feed an ego that desires to be needed, it becomes counterproductive in the long run. Knowing when to to walk away and send love from a distance or to pitch in/step in/take on the burden of another is where the discretion of Virgo comes in.

It’s a fairly complex opposition of energy, and one that would have echoed strongly with most people doing any kind of spiritual work or vocation.

But what struck me just now as I was called to (finally) look at the charts, was the Grand Mutable Cross woven into the Eclipse-Chiron opposition, to which we now turn.

Isis (19 Virgo) conjuncted the Eclipse. We saw the hand of the bounteous Egyptian Mother Goddess guiding us all to find the parts of ourselves connected to the vibration of Nurturing, Protection, Guidance and Security. You may have connected it through different archetypes of deity, depending upon your path.

Amor (20 Pisces) conjuncted Chiron. We were encouraged, through the act of surrender and ‘turning the other cheek’ of discovering Unconditional Love in its most pervasive, ephemeral form. Note that this has nothing to do with the vibration of victim-hood or codependency that can be read into this – but it comes from a place where you surrender without expectation of any kind.

Chaos & Hephaistos (21 Gemini). Chaos refers to the Void from which all things emerge. You can think of it as the mystery of the Abyss, in which life somehow thrives, the black holes at the hearts of galaxies, or even the dark womb through which we all (in one way or another), emerge. Hephaistos refers to the act of self-redemption, the forgiveness of betrayal and the ability to find worth in a self that has been rejected by others. In Gemini, we see these sudden emergences that require forgiveness, acceptance, or the re-discovery of self worth come through siblings, issues in the immediate environment, issues from early childhood, thought-forms, perceptions and ways of seeing/expressing the self to others.

Ixion (21 Sagittarius). This was one of the aspects I dreamt of at 2 am last night. Ixion represents the tyrannical abuse of power, in ways that seek to deny the individual worth of others. This can arise in issues pertaining to citizenship/visa/immigration matters, foreign travels, ideas within belief systems, philosophies, etc and connections with guru, mentor, preacher, Hierophant-like figures.

For me, all this simply lit up the Grand Mutable Cross that was already in my natal chart, sitting within the Mutable Houses. I saw each element listed above present itself through a series of unexpected events requiring my attention. So much of these lessons connect with different aspects of the Spiritual Journey – be it of seeking, teaching, preserving or sacrificing. It was quite a powerful day indeed.

Let’s not forget that all of this energy, woven into the Eclipse-Chiron opposition was already inconjunct Uranus (19 Aries). Those with placements near 19 Scorpio would have experienced this as an almighty Yod or Finger of Fate, with its apex at Uranus. An alternate yod placement arises at 19 Aquarius. Damocles was close by at 21 Aquarius, making the apex of the Yod the Eclipse itself. That would have brought many of us to a critical decision points that either asked up to rescind or accept fully a certain ideal in our paths. Such choices prepare us to accept greater responsibilities in our lives, or to realize that certain ideals may exceed our capabilities.

Taking all of this together, what we do see is the immensity of the Eclipse just past and its Energetic challenges. I hope this explanation of the Grand Mutable Cross woven into the skies last night (it persists, but without the Eclipse in full force) will help you better chart your spiritual pathways.

Blessings and Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess ;

Post and Image © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, ‘Waves’, 2015

The Virgin Goddess. The Virgin Sacrifice. The Vestal Virgin.


We see these archetypes embedded within cultural folklore and deeply rooted, residual belief systems that human societies unconsciously drift towards, irrespective of how technological or ‘rational’ a civilization becomes.

In India, it is the wrath of a murdered virgin, her unappeased spirit that strikes the fear into local villagers. She is transformed into a grama devathai, deified as a local protectoress for her to ‘find rest’. She becomes the most powerful form of Virgin Goddess, who appears without the Womb (Karumaariamman).

In ancient Greece and Rome, is the the Vestal who successfully mounts an alternative to patriarchal systems of social organization and proprietorship. A collective of women who existed beyond the prescription of man, and in full cognizance of their sexual, ritual, devotional and spiritual dimensions.

In too many civilizational clichés to count, it is the sacrifice of the virgin, be it to the angry volcano or the raging mega-beast, that ultimately spares the lives of its citizens – for the virgin is seen to be the purest form of being, and at the same time, somehow expendable.

There are far too many cross-cutting, interweaving archetypes and stereotypes that run through these narratives to cover in a single article. But what is clear is that the Virgin is somehow associated with a superior sense of spiritual power or worth, in the eyes of those that seek to understand or appropriate her.

From whence does this power stem?

The Womb.

We look to narratives of parthenogenesis in mythology and religion to see it as a vessel through which the Virgin incubates, and births some form of life. It is the chamber in which, with or without the sexual act, Spirit enters the Flesh and Ideas attain their Physical Form.

It is the crucible in which alchemy of the most powerful sort occurs.

And so it is the most feared by a system of social organization that cannot seek to emulate it – Patriarchy.

What was once a sacred understanding of the gift of the Womb became a systemic attempt to control its workings, its engagements with the wider world and its ritual and spiritual significance. An all-out re-signification of the womb and its corpus of biological processes ensued.

Menstruation became taboo. The Sacred Blood that preceded the conception of life became Unclean. The period in which a woman could most acutely and sensitively listen to Her Spirit became a societal joke.

Female sexuality became undesirable, an invitation to to immorality and a general loss of reputation. The independence, self-sufficiency and sexuality of the Virgin was entirely supplanted with an ideology that equated virginity with celibacy, dependency and innocence.

We began elevating pregnancy and motherhood as the ideal state for a woman to attain, limiting her social and biological function to child-rearing. There are simply no ideals as such, for a woman is a woman is a woman. She need not have given birth, or even have been born into a female body in this day and age to be one.

The women’s mysteries themselves were lost for millenia.

Now, with the resurgence of Goddess-centered spirituality we see far more opportunities for men and women to once more cherish the life-giving, idea-birthing, creative and spiritual manifestation vessel that is the womb.

We begin to realize that, for beings that are not born as female or who do not identify as such, there is in fact, an energetic Womb Center through which we can access our own pathways to creative manifestation.

We begin to realize dimensions of humanity lost through the ages as the everyday, human woman was somehow too common, too impure to understand the magic in her own womb, as opposed to her Goddess counterparts.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ~Priestess, Astrologer, Doctor of Political Science and Public Speaker

Post & Image © Bairavee Balasubramaniam. All rights reserved.
Image: Samayapuram Mariamman, 2015.

RE-WORKING THE NARRATIVE; RE-WRITING YOUR LIFE’S STORY – The Sun opposes Chiron and inconjuncts Uranus, w. Isis, Eurydike and Psyche.


RE-WORKING THE NARRATIVE; RE-WRITING YOUR LIFE’S STORY – The Sun opposes Chiron and inconjuncts Uranus, w. Isis, Eurydike and Psyche.

Tomorrow’s (12/9/15) Sun-Chiron opposition & Sun-Uranus inconjunct will be bringing us powerful insights as to the nature of who we truly are, what we truly believe in, what wounds us and how we can heal from them, what needs to stay and what needs to go in our lives.

The Sun also makes significant aspects to key asteroids:

The Sun will be conjunct asteroid Isis (19 Virgo) and square asteroid Psyche (18 Gemini). It’s an excellent opportunity for connecting with the healing, nurturing, but equally disciplined force of the Great Mother-Nurturer archetype. Psyche’s role tells us that here, we have a powerful opportunity to ‘rewrite the script’ or sub-conscious narratives that we believe govern our lives.

Isis/The Sun is also trined asteroid Eurydike (18 Taurus). This opens a great potential for healing issues that surround codependency, the desire to be rescued, the fear of the Unknown – and to recognize we can only feel/be trapped in our lives only when we allow ourselves to be at a deep, sub-conscious level. It’s a great time to examine your inner drives and fears and to see how they may be helping you hold yourself back. It’s also an excellent time for healing from grief.

Those with placements near 19 Sagittarius or Gemini will experience this as a Mutable T-Square or Grand Mutable Cross. Those with placements near 19 Aquarius and/or 19 Scorpio will experience a powerful Yod/Finger of Fate with the Sun & Uranus. Those with placements near 18 Capricorn will experience a Grand Earth Trine with the Sun/Isis and Eurydike – a perfect to manifest a pathway out of ‘the cave/descent/subconscious’.

Key Placements: Sun – 19 Virgo, Uranus Retrograde – 19 Aries, Chiron Retrograde – 19 Pisces.

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

Image: “Eurydike”, 1901 by sculptor Wilhelm Wandschneider, public domain by Wikimedia Commons. It was a bust of his wife whom he saw as Eurydike.



There’s a powerful build-up of energy that precedes Saturn’s shift into Sagittarius. Here are the key highlights:

September 9 – Black Moon Lilith conjunct North Node! ( )
September 12 – Sun inconjunct Uranus, Sun opposed Chiron
September 13 – New Moon at 20 degrees Virgo
September 17 – Mercury Retrograde Begins at 15 Libra ; Juno shifts into Libra ; Jupiter opposes Neptune (7 Virgo – Pisces – already feeling the start of this one – )
September 18 – SATURN SHIFTS INTO SAGITTARIUS! ; Jupiter inconjuncts Vesta Retrograde (8 Virgo – Aries)

So, friends, as you can see – there’s plenty of energy in the skies building up to Saturn’s shift into Sagittarius – and I’ll be doing write-ups that reflect these shifts when they occur.Two major themes jump out as being ‘dominant’ during this intense energetic phase:

Mercury Retrograde will be asking us to slow down before we commit into partnerships, and to ask us to think twice before using our minds/voices/words. It’s a time to take the time to deliberate, carefully weigh  your options before committing to anything.

The New Moon on September 13th will be strongly interwoven with the impending Jupiter-Neptune opposition in Virgo-Pisces. We’re going to feel a strong call to actually act upon our spiritual beliefs and paradigms in a material, tangible, way. (Why else do we talk about Earthly Service, if not to Serve?)

There’s a lot more going on, but this is the bare bones of it – all as we move out of the Cave of the Sub-conscious, ending the phase of collective Descent-with-Scorpio on September 18.

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I’m also going to be revising the sessions and prices of readings to better fit the intensity, time and energy it takes to do the work that I have been called to do. I have to better honor my physical requirements, just as I honor the requirements of my Spirit.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam

The Sky Priestess