Musings on the Dark Goddess

A beautiful discussion on the astrological and symbolic meanings of Lilith and Eurydice – two beautiful, powerful Dark Goddesses in their own right ❤ Stay tuned – my Eclipse post is coming soon! Bairavee xxx

Cycles of Healing

Two Goddesses have recently asserted themselves into my life. I think they are important for us all.

Lilith was originally a Sumerian Goddess. In the Judaic/Christian myths, she was the first wife of Adam and made from similar substance: Earth. Adam was constructed of dust and Lilith from minerals. She refused to be subservient and when that was expected of her, she left. The patriarchs then painted a hideous picture of her as having copulated in the wilderness with the Devil and spawning demon children, bringing Evil into the world. She was even said to be the slayer of children. I reject these patriarchal embellishments since I have been shown a different story that seems closer to Truth.

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