Why What I Do Isn’t For Everyone. Read This Before You Book a Session With Me.



The modality I use powerfully catalyzes the work of spiritual transformation. This can be an extremely pleasurable, or extremely painful process.

Some people truly enjoy what I do and want more of it. Others can get very put off by it and find it overly intimidating. I get more than my fair share of projection either way – be it as ´saviour´ or ´bully´.  Neither identity is one I invest any emotional energy into as truly, it is not about me to begin with.

In the interests of professionalism and acknowledgement, I have prepared this document to ensure that prospective clients meet the prerequisites of my work. Those who do not are advised to wait till they to, or to work with a facilitator who is more appropriate for them.

You are not likely to enjoy the experience or to get as much out of it as you could without meeting these requirements. It is in your interest to be as honest as possible in self-assessment.

To benefit the most from my work one has to :

(1) Already have been on a path of self-inquiry with the assistance of other professionals / facilitators in the field for a good period of time. This usually involves developing a strong psychological foundation, as the prerequisite to spiritual work.

You do not need a degree in the subject or years of experience in the field.

If you feel secure in yourself and can take that leap of faith into the unknown – you´re probably alright. Still, please read the rest of this document in full.

(2) Be willing to trust the process of the facilitation and to allow the session to find its own rhythm.

(3) Be cognizant of the fact that spiritual work does not need to fit conventional expectations

(4) Be willing to suspend judgment till the process has had a chance to work (typically by the end of the session).

(5) Be willing to look in the mirror and learn from the reflection. Even if is not pretty.

(6) Have read and understood this document before booking a session.

You may not want to engage with my work if:

(1) You have unresolved emotional traumas that you are unable to acknowledge, identify or be mindful of. In cases like this, I would recommend pursuing a solid foundation of psychological exploration with a competent facilitator.

Spiritual work has a profound effect on the psyche, and if the mind is not ready to hear the truth that is presented, it is liable to distort the message and re-direct the energy in ways that can be truly damaging.

Please also note that this kind of  work is one that a professional counselor / psychologist needs to oversee.

Well-meaning support networks (of friends, etc.) can actually re-inforce your perception of the world without actually allowing you to see the bigger picture and understand your own blindspots.

Knowing your own astrological chart is also not a substitute for psychological work. 

In other words, the work that I do is in no way a substitute for psychological treatments or mental health counseling. If you require this, please look elsewhere.

(2) You have a set expectation of what a spiritual facilitation must look and feel like, or what it is you want to hear and how it is you want to hear it.

The specific energy of each session is different as each individual is different. Sometimes I am guided to stay in an absolutely detached space and at other times – especially when dealing with external influences on the psyche – my work is more impassioned.

Ultimately what I do is not tailored to cater to the emotional needs of the client, but to the kind of experience their Spirit is calling out to receive. And that is not always going to be a joyful process – sometimes the greatest success of the session is the client´s newly-discovered confidence to say: I hated that! And sometimes the success shows in the inner glow that radiates through a being that has forgotten his or her right to happiness.

It really … really .. differs.

In whatever role I am called to play, please be assured there is nothing personal behind any of it. Whilst I am committed to facilitate my clients in their paths of inner transformation, I do not have the time, interest or inclination to draw succour from their discomfort.

The discomfort arises when the expectations of the session do not match the reality of what is experienced. This is why reading this document is so important. For me to do my work best …

I need you to first drop your expectations about what you want to hear from me and how you want to hear it.

I deliver the message in the way your Spirit asks me to, drawn from both the astrology of your chart and intuitive guidance. You are likely to discover a whole new Self  – or possibly one you knew was buried, waiting to re-emerge.

But First,

Empty The Cup.

(3) You are looking for validation or comfort.

What you think you know (and I what I think I know) about spirituality has got nothing to do with Spirit itself. They are based on mental constructs, maps and frameworks of seeing the world that the ego-mind uses to sustain its view of reality.

I am not the right facilitator for you if you would like me to validate these views, or invalidate them – as that is not the focus of the work.

Those who have enjoyed this work the most are ones who are willing to see a new vision of themselves with a scope for new possibilities. That requires emptying the cup of the mind and being willing to submerge themselves in the experience.

Those who have enjoyed this work the least come into the session with the expectation that I will make them feel better about themselves.

(4) You are looking for a shoulder to cry on, especially if freshly recovering from intense grief, trauma and so on. Please seek out a counselor. A softer modality is generally required for a time period.

(5) You are wanting to replay family dynamics with the authoritarian/absent/father/mother. Or to play out patterns of rebellion/competition against those perceived as authority figures. Please look up ´family constellations´ instead. That might be more appropriate.

Unless it is a child´s reading (in which case my approach is completely different and parents must be present in any case) – then I´m going to treat you as an adult.

And ask you the difficult questions. Because you don´t come to me to find easy answers.

I require my clients to be responsible and mindful of the energy they bring into my space, just as I will do for them.




(6) You are looking for a Guru or a Saviour.

I do not believe in a hierarchical relationship with Spirit meditated by someone who thinks they can and should control your access to Divinity. A Guru is important in learning the right methodology to do so, and can be helpful in navigating more dangerous waters in the spiritual journey.

(7) You are looking for a Bully or a Punching Bag.

My role here is to provide information.

With the sole exception of external influences that need removal (see point below), there is absolutely no need for anyone´s energetic field to invade your space and sovereign energy field in any way, shape of form. This is also not one of my offerings.

To empower my clients and allow them to move past their own internalized shackles, my role is to provide them perspective. Not the permission to lash out at me because I am present. Such behavior is not tolerated.

(8) You are looking for an energetic battery for your work and presence in the world.

It is not my responsibility or anyone else´s to power your experiences. Only you can sustain your life and how you choose act in the world. My work can be a spark to re-ignite systems within the self that have lay abandoned. But my personal energy is my own. What I can is do is to suggest ways to cultivate greater personal strength without drawing it from others – myself included.

(9) You are looking for an exorcist, medium, shaman or expert in entity removal

There are those who specialize in these fields – and I would advise looking into these possibilities only when you have exhausted psychological and physical explanations.

(10) You are in a state of extreme vulnerability, agitation, trauma, terror, mania and/or fear.

Whilst no one is 100% healed all of the time, you really need to be in a solid place with yourself before working with me. I bring a very powerful energy of transformation to each session and that can be seen as being damaging, terrifying, intimidating, bullying (you name it) to those who are on unsecure footing.

Those who have a solid sense of footing tend to enjoy the process and join in with the dance. You can see the reviews on The Sky Priestess to get a sense of what jumping into the unknown with your eyes and hearts wide open can feel like.

But even then, you have to be in a fairly solid place to begin with.

(11) You´re expecting me to be nice, friendly, sweet, cute and/or to sugar-coat the work.

Whilst I´m not rude and do not use offensive language, I´m very direct. You can get a sense of tone from this document.  Those who are vulnerable and more fragile need a softer approach and are advised to find it elsewhere.

During the session, should I pick upon unpleasant possibilities (such as a potential breakup, illness, death) and/or patterns of behavior that have been unacknowledged it is my responsibility as a facilitator to inform you of this – in much the same way you would expect a doctor who spots an anomaly on your charts to inform you that there are certain possibilities that you need to be aware of.

But remember – nothing is set in stone. Remedies, where possible will be suggested.

(12) You´re looking for a friend, support network or regular mentor. This is not what I offer here. The work catalyzes your process and it is up to you to continue it with diligence with those who can support you.

In these cases – please do find a different reader. Everyone has a different learning curve and method of facilitation that best suits them. If you choose to continue with working with me, please understand that this is a choice that you consciously make and that you accept full responsibility for the consequences. 

My work is deadly serious at the end of the day and I want my clients to be aware of what they´re getting into. Even if some of them giggle through the process ….





If you are not sure whether you are in the state of mind/being that would benefit from my modality – avoid it, or ask me in advance and we can have a conversation about it.

Rather than having very many clients who are not ready for this work, I would rather have fewer numbers of people for whom it will be beneficial. Sometimes it is a case of needing to develop stronger foundations – and sometimes it just comes down to a simple matter of preference.

In addition to this document, please also note the Terms and Conditions worded in your invoices. Read and understand them before committing to a session.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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Buzz, buzz: Grounding Out, Mindful Communication & Other Strategies for the Gemini Full Moon

Gemini’s energies can over-stimulate the brain, what we perceive, what we want to express and shout out loud to the world. Now whether any of this stuff is actually true or valid is besides the point – it all gets filtered through the ego-mind. Some of those responses will be a screaming need to be heard, or to express something that just wants to burst out in you. As a friend of mine reminded me, it’s not just the Full Moon, we’re also heading towards the exact Neptune-Sagittarius square on November 26. Bear in mind that Chiron is also preparing to go direct on Nov 28! The Gemini Full Moon itself goes exact on 25th November 2015 at 22:44 UTC time (that’s 26th the 26th for those in Asia/Australia).
Some of you will use this energy with ease and channel the writer, student, or seeker of knowledge within. Others will be over-taxed with information, energy and no place to put it!
Plus, Saturn’s proximity to the Sun (opposed the Moon) adds pressure to all of the above.. . . Yikes!

Practically speaking – the best response that I know of the energetic overloading of the mind at this time is to — GROUND OUT.

You can practice grounding or support the process by
  • Finding raw earth or soil to sit down on or walk on with bare feet
  • Sitting on the roots of a tree and leaning against its trunk (my favourite method)
  • Using certain gemstones like smoky quartz, boji stones, etc. either by holding them, placing them on the root chakra, or sitting with them in a circle
  • voiding stimulants like tobacco or caffeine for as long you feel the need to as the last thing you might want now is an extra buzz
  • Consuming foods that make you feel grounded – some prefer leafy greens, squash, nuts, and others prefer meat or chocolate (just listen to what your body is saying)
  • Increasing intake of Vitamin B and Omega 3-6-9 s (which support brain function) be it through supplements or foods where these naturally occur in high amounts. Bear in mind not to overdo it.
Another thing that I’d suggest at this time is to practice mindful communication:
  • Take the time to read, and re-read matters of significance to you: jumping the gun or responding with knee-jerk reactions isn’t going to help
  • Consider the impact of your responses or communications: Do they clarify things, or muddy the waters?
  • Consider your perceptions: are they coming from a place of balance, or imbalance within you?
  • Consider your audience: who are you speaking to, and why?
  • Consider alternate perspectives: if anything, Gemini teaches us that there are multiple paths up the mountaintop and that we are free to choose a path or perspective that suits us.
  • Take nothing personally. Quite a few people are going to be responding to themselves as they interpret your words (and vice versa). Just that kind of time. You cannot demand that people see your words a certain way, nor can they demand the same of you.
A few other generic techniques come to mind, use if in resonance you and check in with an experienced practitioner you trust if unsure. The results may vary individual to individual.
  • Detoxing / Releasing: Some of you may be feeling irritable with the sheer influx of energy wanting release, some of which may be older stuff related with early childhood experiences and conditioning. Salt soaks for the feet can help, as rituals of release, or, simply spending time by the ocean, or high up in the mountains (or any place in nature where you feel at peace).
  • Journaling: Some of you may need to express deep truths at this time, and may not want to share it with others. Write it down someplace. The need to be heard is a powerful thing, even if the only person who hears it is you.
  • Sleep: The brain needs time to integrate and process 🙂 If you’re feeling a little ragged around the edges, a little more sleep might help at this time.
  • Sound Healing: Singing, chanting, mantras, tuning forks and the cleansing energies of singing bowls. (If all else fails, belting out Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep‘ is a proven method of catharsis 😉  )
  • Chakra Focus: Throat (5th Chakra – Expression), the 3rd eye (6th Chakra – Perception, Insight) and the Root/Base (1st Chakra – Grounding).
  • Gemstones:
    • Blue Lace Agate allows you to release pent up anger through a gentler form of expression.
    • Aquamarine helps you tune into a deeper vibration of Truth at this time.
    • Smoky quartz and Boji stones provide deep sources of grounding.
    • Lepidolite may have a calming effect on brain function.
  • Essential Oils: I find Patchouli particularly grounding, but there are plenty of other options – see Additional Resources (Below).
More often than not, I suspect the case will be needing to calm over-active energy centers at this time, rather than the converse. I would suggest avoiding energetic practices, meditations, overly intense emotional interactions and high-energy gemstones if you’re already feeling a little ungrounded at this time, Spend a little time in nature instead, if you can 🙂
Blessings – and I hope this guide is of use amidst all the cosmic buzz!
Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess


Additional Resources:
Grounding with Essential Oils – http://www.healingforgrounding.com/blog/essential-oils
Grounding with Food – http://www.earthenergyhealings.com/blog/11-grounding-foods
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WHEN DOES THE WOUNDED HEALER, HEAL? Reflections on Woundology (Part 1)

L0004642 Japanese model figures: doctor and patient


Woundology is basically the idea that we hold onto our wounds because they are comfortable or familiar. We learn the language of the wound, how it works, why it’s there, but remain within the consciousness that feeds and nurtures its existence. Because that is ‘the new normal’ and it brings with it the opportunity for a shared sense of identification.

The term itself was coined by Caroline Myss, from her book ‘Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can’. It’s probably one of the most-needed concepts in our collective engagement with the term ‘healing’ and the ‘wounded healer’ archetype. Highly recommended. This is my take on her work, especially in light of recent observations and awakenings within myself.

Caroline Myss makes the persuasive case – that for some people – the work of healing gets stunted by an over-dependence on the tools that we initially set out to use to heal. She found that her peers felt more at home attending the workshops, going for therapy, courses, sessions – anything that kept that experience of the wound and its need for healing alive. They reacted badly to the idea of moving out of those spaces (at some point) and that they could develop a sense of self, community and kinship not anchored within their wounds.

In other words, they had become attached to the ‘healing process’, rather than the end-state or goal (if you can call it that) of ‘healing’.

But why would someone do that, you might ask? Why would someone become ‘comfortable’ with their wounds and engage a healing journey that never seems to end?

Myss’ argument is that having certain wounds and going on a shared journey of healing makes it possible to relate to others and create shared bonds of identification. The rationale was that if the wounds no longer existed, they would lose such – I’m calling it – ‘families of healing’.

Hence .. the tool becomes a crutch.

It’s a similar kind of dynamic when you see a person who knows they’re in pain, but, at a deep and profound level, does not wish to heal despite what they say on the surface.

In toxic relationships, it’s the same kind of behavior you see when one partner shifts their level of consciousness to something healthier, and the other partner completely loses it. They become angry, accusative, irritable and make the partner searching for something better into the ‘villain’.

The unspoken accusation is this:

How dare you shift the carefully calibrated balance we’ve built up around our wounds?

And let’s face it, some people, friendships & families stay together just keep their wounds alive – not because it’s pleasurable, but because it’s what they know. And so the same goes with an over-dependence on certain spiritual tools, concepts, paradigms and circles. We get attached to those families of healing. We subconsciously begin to fear losing them and forget their original purpose. And in that fear, we forget that human relationships thrive when they have to evolve and discover new ways of being, together.

The question is whether we want bonds that are forged through shared wounds (which is alright in itself as a starting point), and whether those bonds can survive healing out of those wounds (which is the big question). If the recovering self fears losing these ties, it’s going to make sure that it doesn’t have to face that eventuality. If you’re in a relationship where your partner does not want you to heal, he or she is going to feel threatened by your efforts to do so.

So – in other words – Woundology – as a concept – reveals to us how we may be self-sabotaging the healing process, irrespective of (externally) how much efforts we appear to be making. It speaks to those who seek healing from others – and – those who heal others themselves.

As facilitators, it is important for us to question whether our work feeds into our own/others’ needs to ‘keep the wound in place’. Much like the band-aid that provides temporary relief or the palliative that allows us to manage without shifting the roots of things.

Does the work we do actually lead to a shifting of/away from those wounds – be it for ourselves or our clients?
Does the work we do encourage attachments born of the wound, but unable to survive – or evolve through – its transcendence?

I ask myself these questions (of me, and of the clients I work with) before consenting to do a session. If I feel my session will simply keep them in the same vibe/head-space of ‘wanting to heal, but not really’, I decline to conduct the session and explain my reasons for it.

It brings a greater sense of clarity to the focus of the work and the shifting that it facilitates. I highly recommend this moment or practice of reflection to others, should they resonate with it.

Blessings To All,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

PART 2 – Victim Consciousness and Ways of Moving through It

PART 3 – What is the end goal of healing – is there such a thing as ‘transcending the wound’?

5-minute video discussion on ‘Wound-Working and Conscious Spirituality’ –




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Image: Japanese model figures; doctor and patient Wellcome L0004642.jpg – See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons – digitally altered by author within license permissions.

SUN IN SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 – DEC 21, 2015): The Search for Profound Truth-s (a.k.a. ‘Here Comes the Sun’)

The energy next month will be especially useful for anyone out to:
– learn something new (go for a training program, get certified, enter a ministry, begin a new course)
– put forwards their brand or vision of ‘Truth’ (writing your book, starting a new blog)
– travel overseas or long-distance (going on that big Adventure beyond yonder horizon)
– address matters of immigration, citizenship, visas, etc.
– find a mentor/begin mentoring
– get astrological readings/learn how to become an astrologer (the same for Tarot, or any brand of divination that references a particular system of interpretation)
There’s a lot more that can be said for the Sun in Sagittarius – that’s some of the more usual stuff that comes up 🙂 There’s a lot of powerful Fire energy that encourages us to simply get up, and go forwards!
Sagittarius is also known for its restless nature, which is why some astrologers associate it with clumsiness and accidents. My only heads-up on that would be to simply .. ‘Look, Before You Leap’ ❤
Enjoy the bright rays of the Sun as you seek the Path to the Mountaintop!
As the Beatles say, Here Comes the Sun  …
Love ❤

SUN AT 29 SCORPIO – Prepare for Emergence (a.k.a ‘Time to Cry, then Fly’)


The Sun is in its last degrees of Scorpio, preparing to enter Sagittarius. At the Anaretic (29th) degree, the Sun’s focus manifests powerfully and intensely, much like the pressure of energy building-up just before it breaks through into a new sign.

We’re currently revisiting the lessons of Scorpio – a focus on intimacy, sexuality, deep emotions, ancestral karma, subconscious beliefs, fears and the Shadow. Scorpio is the Pit or Cauldron in which the Phoenix goes to die, only to Re-emerge. Here we are being asked to release older parts of the Self, to arrive at a greater sense of Self-Knowing, Self-Mastery and Emotional Security.

The Sun is sextiled the True North Node (29 Virgo) – The deeper we get with ourselves, the more likely we are going to discover paths of service, healing and nurture at this time. Those of you with placements near 29 Aries are going to be experiencing a MAJOR Yod, or Finger of Fate. Certainly the opportunity for rebirthing a (aspect or layer) new self, a key or pivotal moment or breakthrough.

The Sun is also in a Grand Water trine with Vesta, the Goddess Asteroid of Priestessing (28 Pisces) and Varuna, the (according to some sources, pre-Vedic, Dravidian deity of the lakes, waters, and Nagas – 29 Cancer). Vesta asks us to release ourselves from older wounds, experiences of spiritual vulnerabilities, karmic connections and anything that no longer resonates with our Spirit. As we release or surrender these experiences, we allow for a new identities and pathways of service and healing to emerge.

Varuna’s role is harder to explain – my journey with him has brought me back to a more primordial, formless, understanding of the Sacred Masculine – reflected in the way he continues to be worshipped in Nepal and the vibration I get from him in South India. The Vedas, which came later, see his role differently – that’s a long discussion in itself. In Cancer, I interpret Varuna’s energy to refer to a process of emotional cleansing, paving the way for renewal. To me, he represents the blank slate of Creation, well before Humanity began to invent/recognize its Gods and Goddesses and to attribute qualities, forms and structured relationships to/with them.

Taking that all together, it seems to be a time for the heightened expression of emotions and the element of ‘Water’ (intuition, emotion, the ‘flow’ of energy, ying energy, sense of connectedness, etc.). As we tread these emotional waters, we see opportunities for greater healing, catharsis and nurture – in preparation of the New Paths that Sagittarius will be encouraging us to explore.

It’ll be a rough ride for some you, so give yourselves the space you need to. Bear in mind that others will be responding to this energy in their own ways.

We’ll be seeing some easing of this intensity when the Sun shifts into Sagittarius at 15:25 UTC time, 22nd November 2015.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

NEPTUNE, CIRCE, SATURN & CO. – Sacred Sexuality & The Search for Truth, Validation and Power.


Neptune turned direct two days ago, bringing changes in the way we experience and understand transcendental, mystical or otherworldly happenings. It relates to the flow of intuition, the feeling of connectedness we have with All-That-Is and urges us to find a sense of ‘The Sacred’ through the dissolution of the Ego-Self. It is linked with the energy of mystics, saints, spiritual martyrs – those who have touched the face of God/dess and felt the vibration of Unconditional Love. However, Neptune is equally linked to narcissists, addicts and those who seek to ‘escape’ reality and the need for certain boundaries, often in harmful ways. It’s a pretty intense energy, expressed either way …

There’s a lot happening with Neptune in the skies right now – and whilst I had this lovely, long piece prepared – I figured I’d go for the bare-bones summary.

Neptune conjunct Circe (7 Pisces): We look to Circe, the sexual enchantress, witch, master herbalist and potions-maker that mythology remembers as the ‘bad, temptress’ of ‘innocent’ men. I suspect she got the short end of the stick, and much of her narrative plays out male fantasies. With the two together, I see an intense focus questioning the sacredness of sexuality, and the many taboos that surround the merging of the two. Conjunctions are ambiguous at the best of times, but especially so with Neptune – it’s vital for those who Honor the Sexuality of the Divine Feminine to recognize their work and the projections that surround it. There’s going to be a strong interest in / response to the archetype of the ‘sacred whore’ or ‘holy prostitute’. Some Priestesses seek to reclaim these terms as being sacred, whilst others reject them wholeheartedly. As we seek to explore these themes, we are bound to uncover strong responses – be it from ourselves, others, or simply the projections of the collective.

Neptune/Circe squared Saturn, Tantalus (7 Sagittarius): Many are feeling the need to impress upon the world their variant or brand of Truth as being the best, or most valid thing since sliced bread. Considering Circe’s role in all this, I suspect that those who see themselves as spiritual or religious authorities may feel the need to question the validity of The Sacred, Sexual Feminine Archetype or alternative spiritual paradigms. Conflicts with mentor-figures, teachers, guides, astrologers, anyone who fits the Hierophant archetype in the Tarot are possible at this time. You can see these potential conflicts as a challenge or opportunity to deepen your own knowledge about your spiritual experiences and the belief systems that support them. Tantalus’ role indicates that many will find the need to assert their Truth vis-a-vis others as a tantalizing prospect at this time, but one that probably isn’t going to yield desired results or ‘victories’. Those with placements near 7 Virgo and/or Gemini will experience this as either a Mutable T-Square or Grand Mutable Cross, signaling the need for adjustment and adaptation in the face of stress or conflict.

Neptune/Circe sextile Pallas, Icarus, Atlantis (6-7 Capricorn): A powerful opportunity for us to revisit our ideas of power, status, privilege, authority, ambition, legitimacy/social acceptance and legacy. Some may un-earth deeply rooted fears surrounding standing in one’s power vis-a-vis institutions of power/the status quo at this time, but equally, ways to address those fears. Those with placements near 6-7 Leo will experience this as a powerful Yod focus on the way a person expresses the energy of their Sacral Chakra (sensuality, joy, play, authenticity, vulnerability, creativity, the Inner Child archetype etc.). That corresponds to birthdays close to July 29-31 (approx).

Neptune/Circe trine Askalaphus (7 Scorpio): Some of you might discover deep, intimate truths about yourselves or others at this time. Consider the cost of revealing what you think you have uncovered, as some secrets may not be yours to reveal. Those with placements at 7 Cancer will experience this as a Grand Water Trine, bringing this energy close to the home/tradition/family/relationship with the Mother Archetype.

So, that’s a quick overview of some of the spiritual challenges and opportunities for growth we face right now. In terms of gemstones (those of you who use them), I’d recommend the use of Carnelian on the sacral chakra if you’re feeling low energy or Thulite if you feel the need for greater nurture. If you feel that you’re expressing your Truth in a harsh way, try Blue Lace Agate for a gentle releasing and unblocking of the Throat Chakra. Bear in mind that gemstones work in different ways for different people – these are just generic suggestions.

Neptunian energy, generally speaking, isn’t the easiest of things to handle – so if you do feel out of your depth, get to a support group that can hold space for you. Practice extra self-care at this time. Here’s a couple of practical techniques that can also help – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-Gt .

As with anything I write , take what resonates, leave the rest. If you’re new to this stuff, check in with a facilitator you trust – and above all – always, always, check in with yourself 🙂  ❤


Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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NEPTUNE GOES DIRECT (7 Pisces) – 16:30 UTC, 18-November-2015


As Neptune stations direct, many of us are going to be experiencing a subtle, but powerful shift in the way we access and engage with spiritual energy. Neptune Retrograde was all about casting aside the illusions, ego-based projections and deep insecurities surrounding the act of Spiritual Surrender & Communion with what we understand as ‘The Sacred’. Much of the focus of the retrograde has been on inner experiences and responses to the mystical and transcendental aspects of spirituality. Neptune, in direct form, brings its own intensity, but it also allows us to go forwards and expand outwards, there’s slightly less pressure on the internal experience.

In fact, much of the heaviness and shifting we’re collectively experiencing is tied in with the end of the Neptune Retrograde. If were were to look backwards, check back to major spiritual experiences around February 17-19, 2015 when Neptune was last at 7 Pisces. For reference, the Neptune Retrograde began around June 12, 2015 at 9 Pisces ’49 – Neptune will only pass this degree once more around March 7/8, 2016. Then, and only then, does it leave its shadow period.

Basically, this means that we will be revisiting the spiritual lessons, experiences and opportunities for inner re-alignment and integration that we experienced between Feb-November 2015, over the next few months (till March 2016).

Watch the energy of vision, inspiration, imagination and spiritual communion surge forward as Neptune begins to move in stride, once again 🙂

Much Love,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

PS – Neptune is the energy of the deep sub-conscious, as it connects with the collective un-conscious. It represents the Cosmic, Primordial Ocean of Energy that connects us all. Not everyone handles Neptune’s energy with ease as it absolutely opens us up to deep vulnerabilities, requiring deep states of spiritual surrender and being able to simply ‘sit with’ powerful emotions and intuitive currents of energy. If you’re feeling vulnerable, seek grounding in nature or the support grounds of friends or people who can hold a nurturing space for you. I’ve also compiled a list of practical techniques that I’ve found of great personal benefit in coping with the shift – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-Gt – Hope it is of use and interest  ❤  ❤  ❤  Blessings!


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Salt Soaks, Gemstones, Oils & Other Methods of Re-Balancing, Healing or Shifting Dense Energy – A Hands-On Approach

Blessings to all. Many of you who engage with my work tend to be spiritualists, spiritual seekers and facilitators, empaths or highly sensitive people. I wanted to share a few techniques that I’ve been using, which have helped me shift some of the energetic density and deep processing that’s going on.
So in this piece, we’re going to be talking about salt soaks, gemstones, essential oils, herbs, a little homeopathy, guided meditations and visualizations. Use what tools resonate, and always seek guidance before trying something new.
Please bear in mind that none of this advice is meant to replace any medical / counseling / healing work that you do and that it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ prescription (see T&Cs below as well).

Salt Soaks

You can create a salt soak either in a bathtub, or using a shallow bucket for your feet. Many of you are already aware of the healing and metaphysically protective qualities ascribed to salt, drawing from various spiritual traditions. We use it to create circles, banish negativity and also balance the electromagnetic field (aura) of the energy body. Salt soaks are also recommended to address swelling / water retention in the feet.
You can create a daily (or bi weekly, or weekly – depends on what feels right for you) ritual with the use of salt, essential oils and herbs. I mix and match depending on what I feel I require at the time. You can immerse yourself in whatever mixtures you choose in the tub (just a little of each herb / salt / oil will do).
Turmeric powder and Neem oil are used for cleansing, healing and protective functions within my own cultural background, and they suit me fine. Bear in mind that Neem oil is fairly strong-smelling and that turmeric can leave stains on the carpet (so use some rags around the bucket/clean tub afterwards). But if you’re doing some clearing of stagnant energy, I’d highly recommend this combination, along with Himalayan pink or black salt.
Some people also use limes or lemons or even apple cider vinegar as part of their soaks (again, not too much is required). These substances assist in detoxification.
You can also support the process by lighting incense (sandalwood, jasmine, rose, lavender, frankincense – each has its own set of properties, and google will help you learn more 🙂 )


Those of your familiar with casting circles, guided meditations / visualizations can also intensify the experience by using mantras or spiritual tools that facilitate energetic re-balancing and healing.
A simple chant that you can use (get creative as you see fit) is simply:
I am Peace.
I am Love.
I am Whole.
I am Healing.
I am in Balance once more.
I am in Balance once more.
I am in Balance once more.
(or words to that effect).
You can also call upon protective guides, angels, animal totems, ancestors (if appropriate) depending upon your spiritual tradition. But as always, do stuff that you feel comfortable doing and check in with an experienced practitioner/facilitator if in doubt.

Essential Oils / Herbs / Homeopathy

You can enhance the experience of the salt-soak using other substances which have been traditionally used to shift, clear, heal and re-balance energy from a metaphysical perspective. Here’s a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling:
Rose oil – high-vibration, essence of Love, 4th / Heart Chakra
Lavender – crown-chakra, calms the nervous system, sedative effects
Neem – highly protective, purifying, acts powerfully on the sacral chakra
Nettle – (thanks to my first mentor for this one) highly protective, dislodges unwanted energies and stagnant fields from the energy body
Patchouli – grounding, Earth-energy, works well with serpent totems
There’s so many oils that help, and various combinations that work beautifully. Just do a little bit of research on what it is you’re wanting to achieve and experiment. Bear in mind that just a few drops will do and that certain oils are not safe for internal consumption.
There’s a also a lot of healing to be found at this time through the use of homeopathic herbs – though I’d highly recommend going to an experienced homeopath if you’re interested. I’ve worked with Ms. Kathy Stranks (www.kathystranks.com ) and am happy to recommend her work to those seeking guidance. One of the herbs she introduced to me whilst I sought her counsel was Lachesis (and that seems to be coming up a lot in the work I’m doing with people now). It is linked powerfully with the archetype of the serpent and works well in unblocking emotions or energies surrounding issues of power, repressed rage/anger and sexuality. I’ve written a little more on this here: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-x0


Gemstones can act as facilitative tools when you do this kind of work, as can guided meditations. Here’s a couple of gemstone suggestions that have been relevant for many at this time:
Rose Quartz – 4th (Heart) chakra, healing issues of self-love, giving and receiving love
Amethyst – 7th (Crown) chakra, clearing the auric field and stagnant energy, especially around the crown/top of the head, ability to receive Cosmic energy / Guidance
Smoky quartz (the real stuff is a deep, dark colour) – fantastic tool for grounding, connecting with Earth energy and releasing stagnant or dense emotions into the Earth
Citrine – 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakra – good for bringing joy into that energy center and releasing the self from responses that over-identify with the Will of the Ego-Self
Carnelian – 2nd (Sacral) Chakra – great for healing or addressing energetic imbalances with the sacral chakra, including issues surrounding creativity, sensuality, sexual experiences and the ability to authentically embody Joy and the Playfulness of the Inner Child. Other stones that support the same function: Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Thulite
Lepidolite – 6th and 7th (Third Eye / Crown) Chakras – excellent for supporting whole-brain function and re-wiring entrenched neural pathways/processes. Of great benefit when you’re trying to take an old situation and look at it through a new lens/paradigm/perspective. I’ve found this to be a useful stone when working through the symptoms of PTSD, and issues surrounding obsessive thoughts or addictions. Works well with amethyst.
Bear in mind that there are thousands of gemstones used for healing purposes, and this is a tiny teensy glimpse into what they can do, and how they can support you at this time. Healing energy through gemstones is an art in itself, it’s important to remember that not all stones (or oils, herbs, or prayers, etc.) work in exactly the same way as they would for another. Again, turn to an experienced practitioner if in need of specific guidance.

Guided Meditations / Visualizations

There are plenty of wonderful meditations that are available free on Youtube. This is one of my favourites. It is a sacred chant from the Hebrew traditions that involves the archangels and their protection, healing and love. I ask my clients to work with this meditation before doing energetic work with them.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr2lp7cw7CY (this is three minutes long, but here’s a longer version of the same –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsdr9St0Z3E )
Here’s a few suggestions for visualization work:
(1) Visualize a reflective bubble of light around you, be it in silver, violet, gold or pink, or even incandescent white. Whatever works.
(2) Set the intention that this bubble is a semipermeable membrane, that it can selectively draw stuff out and let other stuff in. You are inviting the bubble of energy to draw out whatever negativity or imbalance energies within/near you that no longer serve their purpose with you.
(3) At the same time you are inviting cosmic energy, messages from the Divine, from sacred guides and protectors, and from this session to reach you with the most possible loving vibration.
(4) Allow gold/white/etc. celestial light from the cosmos to touch the top of the bubble. And allow deep red/gold/earthy colours (that resonate with Gaia with you) to come from the root of the planet, or its core, up your feet.
(5) Let the energy from the crown stream downwards through your chakras, and the energy of the earth stream upwards. This way there are two currents of energy interacting with the bubble, all in 3D + more.
(6) Once you are done with your meditation, or you feel that the energy has shifted, thank your guides/protectors and whatever herbs/oil/stones/tools that you have used to shift. As far as I’m concerned, all these have their own vibrations (you could call it crystalline consciousness) – saying an energetic equivalent of ‘thank you’ or gratitude goes a long way in developing a more sensitive relationship with different forms of consciousness & their physical expression.
I’d highly recommend using or exploring these techniques as they have really helped me shift through some of the density that I / you / we / me / us are feeling at the individual and collective level. This is especially so for those who spiritually facilitate others in any form, particularly Priestesses who work with the energies of the Womb / Sacral Chakra energy.
Lots of Love and Goddess Bless  ❤
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess ~ www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com
** Terms and Conditions: Please note that none of the information presented within sessions is meant to replace advice from a medical, healthcare, legal and/or other professional. How you choose to act upon the advice given is entirely based on your own free will. You may use this information for educational and non-commercial reasons, in parts, or in entirety with full credit given to the author and links to her webpage (www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com ). The author shall not be held liable from any intentional, accidental or other consequences of acting upon, sharing, or engaging with this information in any form. Use of this information implies tacit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
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Heavy Hearts & Astrology: A Sky-Perspective on Current Events

So much is going on in the world right now, and much of it brings heaviness to our hearts. You wouldn’t believe the messages I’ve been seeing in my in-box, from so many grieving, in their own ways, for their own reasons.
Astrologically speaking, I’ve been trying to identify the specific placements that brought about this wave of senseless, sad human losses (in Paris, Beirut and other places) – but sometimes astrology (or any other method of inquiring about and understanding your Universe) just does not provide you with neat and tidy answers. Sometimes, no matter how much we want a simple, rational explanation for things, we just can’t find one.
Here’s a collection of some of the celestial factors that _currently_ appear to reflect the heaviness and density that so many are feeling, be it through empathy for those who have lost loved ones, or from some kind of direct tragedy or loss in personal life.
Please bear in mind that the planets are not ‘to blame’. Astrology indicates certain possibilities for action and likely outcomes, but ultimately it comes down to how we choose to work with those windows of energy and opportunity.
I have been studying the astrology of November 13, 2015 (when so much of this stuff went down) and it does tell its own tale. I might do a piece on that later, but here’s what’s happening now:
Sun conjunct Mercury  (25 Scorpio, heavy influence: 16-18 November 2015)The Light of Awareness meets the Messenger in the Dark Den of the Underworld. Our thoughts, ideas, and mental focus finds a powerful vehicle for expression today. It is likely that we each identify a personal point of crisis (or simply intense focus) today, one that requires our highest/deepest levels of integrity. We are tested today on the use of our power and the ways in which we use words to exercise that power – for words can destroy, just as they can heal.
The Sun/Mercury are close to Achilles (24 Scorpio), whilst squaring Pandora & Hopi (23-24 Leo). We are asked to be mindful of our vulnerabilities and to acknowledge the role of fear in whatever self-defensive mechanisms we erect. We are also asked to take the leap forward into the dark/the Unknown by truly expressing what we feel (thereby triggering our vulnerabilities). There is a particular state of Surrender (with Faith) that Scorpio/Pluto encourages us to adopt as we experience its energy. It’s one of those moments where you just have to take that leap and trust that your hard-earned wings will beat into motion. Hopi encourages us to take multiple views of the same situation without letting one’s self become stuck in a persecution complex. We are asked to see the lesson behind whatever situations arise at this time.
The Sun, at this time, is also opposite Sedna (25 Taurus). Her energy is one that speaks to the themes of betrayal (especially by a masculine / paternal / father figure), release, rebirth and transformation. Her mythology is pretty graphic, and I leave it to you to do further research on her if so inclined. It’s just a little too heavy for me to deal with in this piece.
Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith (9 Libra, 16/17 November 2015)We are asked to recognize some of the shadow qualities projected unto the bodies, sexuality and material forms of the world around us. These themes will directly relate to the feminine experience and its relationship with sex, power, rights and inequity. It can be a time in which deeply rooted fears can arise in partnerships (personal and professional). Alternatively, it can be a time in which we learn to represent, embody and bring into material manifestation aspects or qualities of the Shadow Feminine/Dark Goddess Archetype. There’s a lot of ways this conjunction (as with any conjunction) can play out.
Neptune stations Direct (17/18 November, 2015 – depending on your hemisphere – a day earlier for the US/South America, a day later for Asia/Australia)
Neptune is asking us to wake up now, and quickly. We’re being stripped away for any remaining layers of illusion, or ego-serving mis-perceptions as to the nature of the spiritual path and mysticism. For some, the wake-up call will be eye-opening, for others, the pressure of Neptune stationing direct will only serve to entrench them further in a distorted perception of reality. (see below for that that ties into questions of belief with the Saturn-Neptune square). Themes that are linked with Neptune: otherworldly realms, mystical experiences, things ‘beyond the veil’, working miracles, faith healing, martyrdom, obsession, escapism, spiritual vulnerability & sensitivity, addiction and in extreme cases – suicide. If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable at this time, get to friends or a support group that can help you. It’s going to be rough for quite a lot of people.
Saturn square Neptune (5-7 Sagittarius/Pisces, 2 degree orb). Whilst this alignment is not yet exact, we’ve already begun to see it take shape. High strung debates, polarized opinions and probing questions arise as to the relationship between organized religion and the compassion we seek out in spirituality. There are other arenas of life in which this can equally play our, e.g. in higher academia, foreign travel, philosophy/beliefs (Sagittarius) vis-a-vis our relationship with ‘The Sacred’, our personal experience of spirituality, otherworldly experiences, ideas of suffering and martyrdom and/or past-life karma. You can also see this as the conflict between the Guru/Pedagogue and the Mystic/Hermit.This square will go exact on November 26, 2015. Those with placements near 7 Gemini/Virgo will experience this as a Mutable T-Square or Grand Mutable Cross.
Mutable T-Square between Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), North Node (28 Virgo) and Vesta/South Node (28 Pisces) – Ongoing
I could write a book on this alignment and it still wouldn’t be enough. The Galactic Center represents our connection with Ascended Beings, Wisdom Teachers, Gurus, Religious Figures and others whom we believe can inspire or lead us with their version of Truth. Whether that Truth is Valid, or Absolute is a different question. People are going to be drawn to different kinds or layers of Truth at this time, some of which seem outright incompatible with others. The North Node in Virgo challenges us to find ways to implement our truths in bite-site chunks, small acts of service, (supposedly) menial daily rituals and other practical actions. It’s an excellent time for those researching the Priestess Traditions, the Mysteries of the Womb, and for those seeking alternate paradigms to thinking about rituals, health and the concept of service. On the other hand, the same stressors can lead to overly harsh judgments, pronouncements about what standards of ‘purity’ are and a generally narrow view of what belief systems and forms/paths of service can and ought to look like. Vesta and the South Node jointly ask us to release what answers we believe we have to Neptunian concerns (spirituality, martyrdom, compassion) so that we can find new answers. We are not only asked to find new ways or paths of service, but to actually release our attachments to older understandings and the wounds, or sense of spiritual disconnection, that may have inspired them. As Neptune goes direct, we’re going to feel the power of the South Node (past karmic, older attachments, potential strengths) and Vesta (the Priestess) with greater intensity.
Those of you with placements near 27-28 Gemini (birthdays near June 18 & 19) will definitely be feeling this as a Grand Mutable Cross.
My suggestion to empaths, spiritualists and highly sensitive people would be to ground themselves as much as possible in this time. Sitting in nature under trees, eating simple but nutritious food, starting a practice of deep breathing each day – these are simple rituals that can keep you grounded through the emotional turbulence that the planet is feeling. Seek help from support groups if things feel overwhelming or get overly intense. One does not have to go at it alone, for we are all in this together.
Blessings to All,
Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess



There isn’t one definition of what a ‘good’ parent is, just as there isn’t one definition of what a ‘good’ child is. In recent years, with so many energetic changes and waves of spiritual acceleration across the planet, the face and substance of parent-child relationships have been undergoing their own dramatic transformation.

Basically, we need new ways to understand our children. They bear within them great wisdom and the template of a new, emerging consciousness. We need new tools, or perhaps, old tools re-fashioned to understand a child’s path through a more holistic perspective.

We see this with parents who are daring to question accepted ideas about parenting, and to seek different ways of understanding conditions like ADHD/Autism and other manifestations of energetic hypersensitivity. Labels such as the ‘Indigo / Crystal / Rainbow’ generation have on the one hand, created ideal-type models to match the pace of change and innate spirituality of many of the kids being born today. On the other hand, these labels can be pretty stifling and prone to create ridiculous expectations of children when growing up. It isn’t easy being a sensitive soul in a very very, loud world irrespective of how powerful one’s gifts are said to be.

So, whilst those general paradigms help us understand the collective characteristics of this emerging generation of children, they don’t help as much when we consider the question how to nurture a specific child, growing up in a specific set of circumstances. Parents who innately understand that their children have certain special needs, or struggle with very complex spiritual questions at a young age then begin to look for other tools to help their children.

In that vein, and this emerged out of the blue at a suggestion of a friend, I began to offer the ‘Newborn Session’ – astrological consultations for new-born babies, up to the age of 6. I chose six years as the cut-off age as that generally tends to be the time by which much of the brain has been formed, as has the neural wiring/network that supports the emergence of a discrete Ego-Mind.

The purpose of this session is to help craft a set of approaches, techniques that can better help you understand what your child is doing in this lifetime, and how you can best nurture that process. It works best when you consider the information provided as a general set of guidelines, rather than a rigid, dogmatic chart or list of things that you ‘must’ do.

For instance, If I tell you that your child might have a gift for music, please don’t force him/her to go to music classes – that can create resentment against a gift that ought to be explored and celebrated.. Introduce the option of music classes, and leave it at that – as a door or opportunity that your child can choose to take. The point of astrology, as I understand it, is to allow ourselves the greatest possibility of choice, which we then navigate with Free Will.

The astrology of your child’s chart can reveal the following:

– what kind of work / spiritual experiences / lessons that your child’s soul has come to experience this time around (some of it will relate to parents/family, and others will come from different areas of life)

– inherited or easily acquired aptitude for talents, habits, certain skills or interests (which can be great things, or things to avoid, depending on what they are

– your child might be able to pick up words quickly, or maybe he/she may be too easily able to pick up vibrations in the environment, it differs)

– areas where a child might need more support (physically and otherwise)- learning techniques or modalities that would suit your child’s needs and interests (again, things to explore, not to force unto your child)

– potentially problematic dynamics or challenges that can arise and ways that these can be mitigated to some extent

– areas of strength and mutual growth for children and their parent/s or guardian/s (as this is a spiritual experience for all of you involved)

– a general road-map which can give you the tools through which you can better understand your relationship with your child, and vice versa

There’s only so much that I will reveal about your child’s chart to you as certain parts of the chart are really things that he/she should go forth and discover for themselves. There will be certain experiences that the Soul has to go through, and no amount of mitigation or early warning can avoid it.

The information given in this session not be used as a means to ‘control’ a child’s life or destiny, but to allow a parent to understand their needs and sense of being through a different perspective. If you’re looking for that kind of control over your child, you will not be granted a session. Simple as.

So what you won’t be getting is a blow by blow account of the specific life-path your child will choose to walk on. You’ll just be getting the manual of ‘How can I best help or facilitate this process’? Sometimes there are things that you can actively do, and other times, it will be a case of ‘being there’ and being supportive. Sometimes both.

Some children will be easier to work with, and others will have more Shadow-placements to deal with. Some children will easily bond with their parents, and others will have to work through their own trauma from past-times. No reading will be the same, as no child is the same 🙂


Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 155 USD

Sessions are via skype, payments are via paypal. I require the consent of both parents/legal guardians. It is best that both parents/guardians are present with the child at the time of the session.


Contact form:

Here’s a review from a recent Newborn Session:

“We were initially not sure if we wanted to get an astrological reading for our son who is just an year old. However, we are facing a dilemma, given our current situation we are at the brink of making life changing decisions. Hence to know how our decisions as parents can impact our son’s life, we resorted to getting an astrological reading from none other than dear Bairavee. From our past experience with her, we could trust her discretion in revealing to us what we absolutely need to know versus not know. We signed up for an hour’s session with Bairavee and she went way beyond the constraints of time to explain the complexity and subtlety of not only my son’s chart but also how it is deeply interconnected with our charts. After getting a broad perspective on our son’s soul journey and what he is here to accomplish in this life gives us insight into how to nurture him and avoid few pitfalls. Every individual is unique and hence nurturing each individual uniquely becomes imperative. Bairavee has a special gift of explaining some of the most abstract concepts with great clarity and ease. She could deliver to us the psychological and socio-emotional challenges that my son could face in his life and how we could support him through those experiences. We feel blessed to have received this information as it allows us to become more conscious and mindful parents. We wholeheartedly recommend other parents to get a reading of your child/ren from amazing Bairavee.”

~ Published with permission from Mrs & Mrs. T, USA

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions:

Please note that none of the information presented within sessions is meant to replace advice from a medical, healthcare, legal and/or other professional. How you choose to act upon the advice given is entirely based on your own free will. Receipt and/or Payment of the sessions implies full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as set out in the Invoice you receive when you book. All sessions are confidential, non-refundable, non-transferable and non-liable without exception. You will receive a electronic link to an mp3 recording of your session.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
The Sky Priestess ~ www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com

Image: A child’s dream of a star, Internet Archive Book Images, No Restrictions via Wikimedia Commons
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