Why What I Do Isn’t For Everyone. Read This Before You Book a Session With Me.

The modality I use powerfully catalyzes the work of spiritual transformation. This can be an extremely pleasurable, or extremely painful process.

Some people truly enjoy what I do and want more of it. Others can get very put off by it and find it overly intimidating. I get more than my fair share of projection either way – be it as ´saviour´ or ´bully´.  Neither identity is one I invest any emotional energy into as truly, it is not about me to begin with.

In the interests of professionalism and acknowledgement, I have prepared this document to ensure that prospective clients meet the prerequisites of my work. Those who do not are advised to wait till they to, or to work with a facilitator who is more appropriate for them.

If you are unwilling to invest the time it takes to read and understand this, please look elsewhere for your guidance. I work best with people who are willing to do the work.

You are not likely to enjoy the experience or to get as much out of it as you could without meeting these requirements. It is in your interest to be as honest as possible in self-assessment.

To benefit the most from my work one has to :

(1) Already have been on a path of self-inquiry with the assistance of other professionals / facilitators in the field for a good period of time. This usually involves developing a strong psychological foundation, as the prerequisite to spiritual work.

You do not need a degree in the subject or years of experience in the field.

If you feel secure in yourself and can take that leap of faith into the unknown – you´re probably alright. Still, please read the rest of this document in full.

(2) Be willing to trust the process of the facilitation and to allow the session to find its own rhythm.

(3) Be cognizant of the fact that spiritual work does not need to fit conventional expectations

(4) Be willing to suspend judgement till the process has had a chance to work (typically by the end of the session).

(5) Be willing to look in the mirror and learn from the reflection. Even if is not pretty.

(6) Understand that your time with me is not a chat session where I hold space and let you feel good about the story you´ve been telling yourself for a long time. What I offer is fierce clarity, empathy and compassion, not sympathy and pity.

(6) Have read and understood this document before booking a session.

(7) Have read and understood the Session Protocol. If you are unable or unwilling to respect my process, do not waste my time and yours.

You may not want to engage with my work if:

(1) You have unresolved emotional traumas that you are unable to acknowledge, identify or be mindful of. In cases like this, I would recommend pursuing a solid foundation of psychological exploration with a competent facilitator.

Spiritual work has a profound effect on the psyche, and if the mind is not ready to hear the truth that is presented, it is liable to distort the message and re-direct the energy in ways that can be truly damaging.

Please also note that this kind of  work is one that a professional counselor / psychologist needs to oversee.

Well-meaning support networks (of friends, etc.) can actually re-inforce your perception of the world without actually allowing you to see the bigger picture and understand your own blindspots.

Knowing your own astrological chart is also not a substitute for psychological work. 

In other words, the work that I do is in no way a substitute for psychological treatments or mental health counseling. If you require this, please look elsewhere.

(2) You have a set expectation of what a spiritual facilitation must look and feel like, or what it is you want to hear and how it is you want to hear it.

The specific energy of each session is different as each individual is different. Sometimes I am guided to stay in an absolutely detached space and at other times – especially when dealing with external influences on the psyche – my work is more impassioned.

Ultimately what I do is not tailored to cater to the emotional needs of the client, but to the kind of experience their Spirit is calling out to receive. And that is not always going to be a joyful process – sometimes the greatest success of the session is the client´s newly-discovered confidence to say: I hated that! And sometimes the success shows in the inner glow that radiates through a being that has forgotten his or her right to happiness.

It really … really .. differs.

In whatever role I am called to play, please be assured there is nothing personal behind any of it. Whilst I am committed to facilitate my clients in their paths of inner transformation, I do not have the time, interest or inclination to draw succour from their discomfort.

The discomfort arises when the expectations of the session do not match the reality of what is experienced. This is why reading this document is so important. For me to do my work best …

I need you to first drop your expectations about what you want to hear from me and how you want to hear it.

I deliver the message in the way your Spirit asks me to, drawn from both the astrology of your chart and intuitive guidance. You are likely to discover a whole new Self  – or possibly one you knew was buried, waiting to re-emerge.

But First,

Empty The Cup.

(3) You are looking for validation or comfort.

What you think you know (and I what I think I know) about spirituality has got nothing to do with Spirit itself. They are based on mental constructs, maps and frameworks of seeing the world that the ego-mind uses to sustain its view of reality.

I am not the right facilitator for you if you would like me to validate these views, or invalidate them – as that is not the focus of the work.

I do not subscribe to popular ideas, buzzwords and/or rhetoric used in contemporary spiritual discourse. I will call a spade a spade even if it makes you feel deeply triggered.

To be clear, I am supportive of clear and empathetic communication. What I do not support is the use of rhetoric to spiritualize or justify trauma, karmic patterns and blindspots – or the wastage of my time and energy (and yours).

Those who have enjoyed this work the most are ones who are willing to see a new vision of themselves with a scope for new possibilities. That requires emptying the cup of the mind and being willing to submerge themselves in the experience.

Those who have enjoyed this work the least come into the session with the expectation that I will make them feel better about themselves.

If you are the kind of person who needs space and connection to process for a long time afterwards, I am truly not the right person for you to work with.

I value my time and energy and do not provide free emotional labour as I already invest countless hours into providing information to the collective.

You are more than welcome to process with a friend in a safe space after your session but expecting me to play that role is beyond what I am willing or called to do.

Whilst I am happy to clarify specific questions on aspects of the reading, you need to be sure you can manage your after-care or have people who can support you through it.

My work, at its core, is a catalyst for transformation.  It is the spark that gets the system moving or the lightning strike that illuminates the roots of a problem.  That´s it.

(4) You are looking for a shoulder to cry on, especially if freshly recovering from intense grief, trauma and so on. Please seek out a counselor. A softer modality is generally required for a time period.

I recognize the validity of your emotions as you journey through a difficult time – if this applies to you – however I equally recognize the need for tenderness in those who are already too raw and split wide open with grief or trauma. This is not a judgement on you – consider working with me once you have stabilized somewhat and are able to face the depths without spiralling.

(5) You are wanting to replay family dynamics with the authoritarian/absent/father/mother. Or to play out patterns of rebellion/competition against those perceived as authority figures. Please look up ´family constellations´ instead. That might be more appropriate.

Unless it is a child´s reading (in which case my approach is completely different and parents must be present in any case) – then I´m going to treat you as an adult.

And ask you the difficult questions. Because you don´t come to me to find easy answers.

I require my clients to be responsible and mindful of the energy they bring into my space, just as I will do for them.

(6) You are looking for a Guru or a Saviour.

I do not believe in a hierarchical relationship with Spirit meditated by someone who thinks they can and should control your access to Divinity. A Guru is important in learning the right methodology to do so, and can be helpful in navigating more dangerous waters in the spiritual journey.

I have a skill. You come to me so that I use that skill as best I can with respect to your case. I have no investment in the choices you make thereafter. Because it is your life and you ultimately choose your path.

(7) You are looking for a Bully or a Punching Bag.

My role here is to provide information.

With the sole exception of external influences that need removal (see point below), there is absolutely no need for anyone´s energetic field to invade your space and sovereign energy field in any way, shape of form. This is also not one of my offerings.

To empower my clients and allow them to move past their own internalized shackles, my role is to provide them perspective. Not the permission to lash out at me because I am present. Such behavior is not tolerated.

(8) You are looking for an energetic battery for your work and presence in the world.

It is not my responsibility or anyone else´s to power your experiences. Only you can sustain your life and how you choose act in the world. My work can be a spark to re-ignite systems within the self that have lay abandoned. But my personal energy is my own. What I can is do is to suggest ways to cultivate greater personal strength without drawing it from others – myself included.

Similarly, I am not interested or able or desiring to harness another´s energies for my own benefit. What you pay for is what you get.

(9) You are looking for an exorcist, medium, shaman or expert in entity removal

There are those who specialize in these fields – and I would advise looking into these possibilities only when you have exhausted psychological and physical explanations.

(10) You are in a state of extreme vulnerability, agitation, trauma, terror, mania and/or fear.

Whilst no one is 100% healed all of the time, you really need to be in a solid place with yourself before working with me. I bring a very powerful energy of transformation to each session and that can be seen as being damaging, terrifying, intimidating, bullying (you name it) to those who are on unsecure footing.

Those who have a solid sense of footing tend to enjoy the process and join in with the dance. You can see the reviews on The Sky Priestess to get a sense of what jumping into the unknown with your eyes and hearts wide open can feel like.

But even then, you have to be in a fairly solid place to begin with.

(11) You´re expecting me to be nice, friendly, sweet, cute and/or to sugar-coat the work.

Whilst I´m not rude and do not use offensive language, I´m very direct. You can get a sense of tone from this document.  Those who are vulnerable and more fragile need a softer approach and are advised to find it elsewhere.

If you are spiralling out of control, I will literally yell at you if I have to so that you snap out of a hysteric state if polite appeals do not work. Or if you disrespect my time and refuse to actually let me do my work by wanting to make it a monologue about your life story.

Which is why you need to be on solid footing first before booking a session.

During the session, should I pick upon unpleasant possibilities (such as a potential breakup, illness, death) and/or patterns of behavior that have been unacknowledged it is my responsibility as a facilitator to inform you of this – in much the same way you would expect a doctor who spots an anomaly on your charts to inform you that there are certain possibilities that you need to be aware of.

But remember – nothing is set in stone. Remedies, where possible will be suggested.

(12) You´re looking for a friend, support network or regular mentor. This is not what I offer here. The work catalyzes your process and it is up to you to continue it with diligence with those who can support you.

Whilst I care deeply about my clients and tend to go the extra mile for them, it is not a personal gooey-cooey relationship. I practice compassionate detachment and that in itself can be triggering for a lot of people.

By compassionate detachment, I mean that I will do my best with you as a facilitator. I will go the extra mile to get the job done as appropriate. And I will deeply care about your soul´s evolutionary growth process and do my best to guide it. I can guarantee you fairness and firmness.

But once the session is done, we go back to our respective lives. I begin my recovery process (as these sessions take immense work), and you process and decide how best to integrate the information. And that´s it. I have no further attachments, requirements or expectations beyond that.

Everyone has a method of facilitation that best suits them. If you choose to work with me, please understand that this is a choice that you consciously make and that you accept full responsibility for the consequences. 

My work is deadly serious at the end of the day and I want my clients to be aware of what they´re getting into. Even if some of them giggle through the process ….

If you are not sure whether you are in the state of mind/being that would benefit from my modality – avoid it, or ask me in advance and we can have a conversation about it.

Rather than having very many clients who are not ready for this work, I would rather have fewer numbers of people for whom it will be beneficial. Sometimes it is a case of needing to develop stronger foundations – and sometimes it just comes down to a simple matter of preference.

In addition to this document, please also note the Terms and Conditions worded in your invoices. Read and understand them before committing to a session.

If you´re ready to go, just head to theskypriestess.as.me and Book Directly.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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    Looking forward ❤️

    On Thursday, November 26, 2015, Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” Whilst I know this isn’t the > type of self-promotional material you’d expect, I don’t believe in beating > around the bush. I notice the interest in my work is rising, and with it > the need to be specific about the energetic impact of my services and why > it”

  2. Marie Davis says:

    Love it!! Exactly what I am wanting, to dig deep and figure out what is still there holding me back at a slower pace to reaching my life purpose! Excited for Dec 9th! Hoping Skype works this time! 😊💖 Marie Davis

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    It is useful for those of you who are new to my work to read this before considering a booking with me – especially if you´re booking anything apart from a Vesta Session. As so many new subscribers have recently joined this page … I felt it was the right time to re-share this post.

    The energetic component of the work is getting far more intense and so a strong level of grounding is required before beginning.

    I do not taken on board those who are extremely easily triggered, fresh from the wounds of trauma or abuse, or those who require emergency healings. I can direct you to facilitators who may be more appropriate in those cases.

    I work best with those who have already journeyed for some time and are at the conscious state of readiness and wanting to know the Deeper Self. Through the interface of the Conscious Mind, I help a person experience their own Spirit, or Essence.

    This is a lot more terrifying than you think especially if the grounding required is not present. Most people have no idea how … … huge! they are!! 😀

    Also – I cannot – and will not tell you what you think you want to hear. Only what arises through the astrological chart and/or spiritual guidance.

    Most of you who have been following me know this anyway – but some of you are new to the experience.


    The Sky Priestess​

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    Super clear, Thanks ❤ Talk to you on June 25th // Camilla


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