The Power of Wounds, Empty Spaces, and the Sacred Darkness.


We talk about turning the light on to wash away the darkness, we talk about healing the wounds and becoming whole again. In my experience of life, I find these to be statements that can soothe, but which can equally detract us from experiencing truly potent aspects of our being.

Wounds are powerful. They have the capacity to rip open our perceived walls and boundaries, and to leave us wholly vulnerable, in surrender to whatever it is we consider Sacred … or to be held captive at the mercy of our deepest fears. This is why we alternate between venerating the wound, and equally, trying to ´fill it with light´.

Wounds leave holes in you at times. And for the longest time I thought that my dark spaces were things that I needed to fill so they would be healthy, fine, glowing, full of life and love … radiant once more. I judged them by the rhetoric I knew, and for the longest time, I hated those empty spaces.

Nowadays, whilst I wouldn´t accept something boring a hole into me by force, I do see the hollowed out caverns within in a different light. Rather than seeing them as halls of emptiness, they look to me to be a sacred chamber of sorts. An inner temple. Someplace where I can sit, rest, and connect deeply with The Dark Mother, my archetypal understanding of the Sacred Darkness.

Whilst I would not say I lack wounds, or flaws – my relationship with them has indeed shifted. I accept them for what they are, and the spaces they have created. What I once thought was a loss, I now see as a space for pure connection and deep transformation.

It is a sense of appreciation for what was, but equally a more detached state of being. I do not need to re-live those wounds, or identify with them (a.k.a. the woundology paradigm), or to find people who will tear open the same spaces.

Finally, I feel that I am ready for the work I came to do. On March 21, I will be holding a workshop in Glastonbury, UK that specifically addressess the Sacred Space of Darkness and how we reach it through a channel of Love, and yes, Detachment. More on that soon.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

Image: Life and Death Intermingled.jpg By NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Wisconsin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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Mercury´s at it again ….

Quick heads up from the skies. Mercury (16 Capricorn) is conjunct Pluto (16 Capricorn and squaring Uranus (17 Aries) and Vesta (15 Aries). It´s making a bunch of other connections as well, but long story short – the role of the mind, of communication, expression, intellect and analysis is highlighted at this time. Watch what you think, feel and say, for how you choose to express a message is almost (if not more) important than the message itself. You may find breakthroughs (or breakdowns) in thought and expression today – be it in yourself, or with others. It pays to clarify messages that seem ambiguous or which are easily misread, before jumping the gun.
We´ve experienced this energy in this exact alignment previously, when Mercury was retrograde. Now in direct motion, Mercury facilitates us with a clearer perspective on to decisions made and experiences had over the past few weeks. The focus here, is on how we communicate our power, retain our sovereignty or rein in excessive expressions of the same.

Full Moon in Leo (Jan 23-24, 2016) – The Gods and Goddesses Get It On in the Skies :D (Moon conjunct Aphrodite, Moon trine Siva, Osiris, Iris and Magdalena)


At 1:45 am (UTC), on January 24th 2016, the Moon (at 3 Leo ´29) will oppose the Sun (at 3 Aquarius ´29). Full Moons are times of culmination, bringing to fruition seeds set during the New Moon of the same sign, 6 months prior (August 13-14 2015). The Sun and Moon in Leo were conjunct Alshesha, the Serpent Star, in a Grand Fire Trine with Uranus and Ixion and inconjunct Chiron. It was a fiercely intense time in which we were called to explore our relationship with lower chakra energy, the appropriate use of power and our relationship with the pain-wounding-healing spectrum. We will see many of these dynamics played out in complex ways over the course of the next few days. Those of you who worked with this energy last year will have an easier time working with the energy of grounding, connection with the deeper, darker aspects of energy and the gifts of the lower chakras at the present time. Otherwise, these are likely to present themselves in a more challenging way. Bear in mind that higher chakra energy-information-intuition, in itself is amazing, but still requires the lower channels to allow it to manifest in a grounded, holistic manner. Neither is less or more important than the other, they are a whole system.

In terms of the skies at present, we see the Sun in Aquarius hilighting our visions and ideals of what humanity´s greatest chance at a future worth having might look like. We may find the more eccentric, unconventional and certainly rebellious aspects of our collective ideals expressing themselves strongly at this time. Matters that surround friendships, electronic equipment, social media networks, and altruistic causes may rise to the surface at present. I associate this energy more so with the throat and third eye chakras. Watch for ideas apparently springing out from nowhere, i.e. the Aether as your brain races to catch up with all of the energetic impulses coming through. Some of these will be wonderful, and others might be things to look at closely at a different time.

The Sun will be conjunct Narcissus (3 Aquarius) and Icarus (5 Aquarius) respectively. We will be asked to take a long, hard look at the illusions we may find ourselves trapped in, irrespective of how beautiful or painful they may be. Do we subscribe to ideals fueled by the idea that we are not worthy of more? Or, do we believe in a culture of entitlement without effort? (and so on and so forth – especially as they relate to matters of love, sensuality, joy, children, and so on). Icarus´role in this dynamic is to remind us to fly high and to follow our paths, guided by the Sun. His caution is not to get caught up too deeply, lest we get burned in the heat of our own enthusiasm. We may also be asked to see where we limit ourselves in reaching farther, or aspiring for more in our lives. The Sun is also conjunct Pallas Athena and the asteroid Child at 0 Aquarius. Pallas Athena grants us the strategy and long term vision to discover a truer ideal for the self as it relates to the collective, spurred on by realizations that we may make when considering our relationship with children and/or the Inner Child within. That just happens to be Leo´s domain anyway 😉

The Moon in Leo highlights our deepest states of joy, pleasure, happiness – the sheer passion that fuels us through life, as we seek to co-create a Life of Love. Leo is associated with lovers, sensuality, children, creative projects, self-expression, vulnerability, authenticity, the archetype of the inner child, the sacral chakra (at the very least) and the performative arts. It´s about what makes you come alive, so to speak. You may see ways you can develop a deeper love-connection at this time, especially with yourself. Those of you who honor the Solar-Lion-Goddess, consider honoring the energies of Lady Sekhmet, Durga-Ma or Pratyangira Devi as part of your ritual work at this time. There are of course, other forms of Divnity who equally resonate with this energy. Interestingly, the Moon is also conjunct Aphrodite (4 Leo). heightening the role and presence of the Goddess of Sensuality and Fertility throughout this Full Moon. In other words, a powerful time to Honor Her-The Yoni-The Creative Womb as individuals, and as a collective.

The Full Moon is also trined asteroid Siva (2 Aries – the primal lingam, creative Masculine Energy) and Osiris (2 Sagittarius – the wounded Masculine brought back to life by the Feminine), Iris (3 Sagittarius – the Rainbow Messenger Goddess – she heals through the catharsis of tears and rainbow-colours-the energy of the Rays, she also warns you not to get too carried away with it all…) and Magdalena (5 Sagittarius – Mary Madgalene herself – the vibration of the Dark Goddess, the blood-rose we begin to recognize as Sacred Once More …)

Quite a few Gods and Goddesses present during this Full Moon! Well, in terms of asteroids at least … 😉

Rituals and ceremonies that focus upon bringing back the intuitive, esoteric wisdom of the Feminine will be especially potent at this time – especially as they co-create a new level of individual and collective ´reality´for us all – in conjunction with the Sacred Masculine. It´s time to get the yin-yang dance on 😉 , especially relevant for sexual healers and practitioners that work with sacral chakra energy. It will be a tremendously powerful time to do work with the kundalini, fertility magic, conception and so on, but bear in mind that you need to be as grounded as you can be for that to happen in a balanced way.

Focus upon the bridge between the upper and lower chakras and you will discover … Synergystic Magic… call it the Alchemy of Manifestation if you will …

There´s always other connections to be made with these bodies, but I feel this touches upon the key aspects of the current energy. Have faith in your bodies, your hearts, your creativity and your ability to manifest it all into being…

As there is no limit to what you can do. Not even the sky. Especially not this sky…

Though, that being said,

Treat this energy with respect and give yourself room to listen to the intuitive voice within. Follow your conscience and question why, whether or not or how to best use this energy in a way that enriches you – the collective – and the Cosmos itself.

Also – this energy will royally backfire on you if you seek to manifest abundance from a deeply-rooted belief in a lack of self-worth, an inability to manifest, or a state of mind that says that you simply can´t … Perhaps work on the deeper issues first, sorting out the roots, before trying to make the tree bear fruit in that case.

There´s more than enough abundance for everyone, so keep the good vibes flowing. Know that profound healing is possible at this time, as is profound joy!

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Kalighat pictures Indian gods f.4.jpg, 1875, The Bodleian Libraries, Oxford – Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

HEALING THE WOUND, HONORING THE DARK GODDESS! Black Moon Lilith’s exact square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus (Cardinal T-Square, 11th January 2016).


Blessings – what an exciting alignment! Black Moon Lilith is now exactly squared Pluto at 15 Capricorn, whilst opposing Uranus at 16 Aries. Goodness, Goddess! This is a powerful activation of the exact energetic dynamics we collectively faced during 2012-2015 (with April/May 2014 as its energetic peak).

This time around, as Pluto tests our commitment to ensuring a legacy worth leaving behind and Uranus insists we burn with the truest flames of authenticity – we are now called upon by Black Moon Lilith in Libra.

She asks us the following …

Have you acknowledged my Shadow?
Have you seen it through the eyes of time?
Of depradation, of insult, of disempowerment?

Do you rage in My Name?
Do you demand justice for the hurt, the harm, the wounds that have been inflicted?

Or have you remained in acquiescent silence?

… And so on and so forth.

For context, Lilith (in the Judeo-Christian, rather than the Sumerian tradition) was the first woman created, paired up with Adam. She refused to obey him and took off. She was then projected upon as a night-terror, a queen of witches, a demonness, an eater of babies – everything that (comparatively) docile Eve was not.

Lilith’s story is not unique. We see it echoed across time, space and culture – as the independent voice, power, sexual choices and freedom of woman was forced into the Shadow. The Unacknowledged. The Disassociated. The Projected. The Othered Energy.

In Libra, Black Moon Lilith asks us to reflect upon about the types of energetic imbalances that are reflected within partnerships, arising from deeper ideals and values embedded in patriarchal modes of thought and cultural codes. Here we are asked why the feminine is essentially, told that she must comply, or else …

Bear in mind that this dynamic need not be played out in a man vs. woman sense – they are archetypes that we all bear within. For who has not, in some way, been told that they cannot afford to be sensitive, intuitive, powerful and yes … beautifully dark, beautifully sacred.

Some of Lilith’s insecurities and memories of past persecution and abuse will come out in partnerships, be it personal or professional. Within the self, it may come in the form of impulses or perceptions that your conscious perception of you are does not quite know how to express, acknowledge or understand.

Pluto’s exact square to Lilith intensifies this focus upon the shadow and the many cycles of victim-abuser dynamics that have been present within generational lines. Some of these imbalances have been integrated into cultural constructs, social mores and political ideas. They have been taught to us as being part of ‘the way things are’, or, the status quo.

I don’t think Lilith is going to stand for that at this time 🙂  – especially with her opposition to Uranus in Aries.

You might see declarations emerge from out of the blue, deep seated realizations that change your perspective on your connection with the Shadow Feminine, your idea of who you are, why you’re here and how your partnerships figure into it all.

Those of you with placements near 15-16 Cancer – this will be a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS for you! Kapow!  The role of family, the domestic sphere, your connection with your tribe, culture and the archetype of the Mother join the energetic configuration present. And they all begin to dance to this wild, dark, primal, feminine rhythm.

Bear in mind that Black Moon Lilith’s opposition to Uranus will be exact on January 25th! Two weeks later, the Black Moon Lilith-Uranus-Pluto-Cardinal-T-Square begins to fade in intensity by February 8.

~ ~ So ..  what to do about the raging wounds, triggers and shadow-dynamics coming forth ~ ~

The best thing we can do – as in individuals and as a collective – is to honor what is getting triggered, birthed and/or wounded at this time. That does not mean needing to re-play those dynamics out, but to be compassionate to the parts of you involved in it.

Some of you will experience breakthroughs at this time that allow you to process this in a way that eventually, will help you release the attachment to those dynamics.

As with any form of energetic wounding, you can choose to relate to it in a different form. Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t help. Denying it is going to get you a Lilith kick-up-the-bum.

On the other hand, letting yourself acknowledge the fears and vulnerabilities that arise now is key. And, perhaps, more important, to realize that they are not the Sum of You.

You can let go. You can choose to manifest this energy differently. You can begin to work with the more detached aspects of Libra that say – right – I know there’s an injustice, this is what I can do to bring the scales back into balance!

For Honoring the Dark Feminine / The Shadow / The M(other) / every being whose Womanhood or connection with Goddess has been denied  – is not the same as needing to be wounded in the same way over, and over, and over again. Nor is it the same as exacting vengeance or revenge on those you perceive as being the aggressors.

The deeper you go with Lilith’s rage, you will begin to enter a space of detachment. It is neither apathy, nor is it acquiescent. It allows you to draw, once more, from that rich, dark wellspring of Her Embrace. It is a compassionate space.

And one day, the wound that took you to that space stops having power over you. It becomes a tool or modality of teaching, once cherished, but now outmoded.
And one day you begin to make entirely new choices and birth creative new expressions of who you are and how you respond to those triggers.
All in the Nascent space of Darkness, as you journey with the Forgotten Feminine.

At least, that is what I have experienced in my Journey with Her. Yours may look completely different.

As we begin this inner process of compassionate recognition, we begin a powerful process of healing – which can even lead to release. Not of the lessons the wound taught us, but with an identification with a particular dynamic of energetic wounding and victimhood – as being immutably ‘just the way things are’, or ‘just who you are’.

Your work within will begin to be reflected in your outer world – in your external partnerships, in the legacy you leave for later generations and, now, in the Sense of Self you are called to Birth into Being.

Blessings to All of You,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Confession: I’m an astrologer and I hate making predictions. (a.k.a. Meta-Musings on Astrology)

Snapshot_2016110 (16)

Astrology is a powerful tool that tells us how to navigate the flow of energy within our lives, and as they connect with the wider Cosmos.

Where you go in that flow is up to you,
What choices you make is up to you,
What life you lead, again, is up to you.

It’s a roadmap, it doesn’t tell you whether you’ll get there. It shows you the best route you can take. You still need to go on the journey though.

When I get the following questions –

Will I get married?
Will I get that job?
Will I find my soulmate and live happily ever?
and so on…

I just say I’m not that kind of astrologer…

What I can tell you when there’s a stronger chance of that happening and what you need to do to bring that flow of energy into your life/chart/being.

But I can’t tell you for sure. Well, I certainly won’t pretend to.

For the more I look I into the discipline, the more variables I see. And many of them tell me that there’s just so much we cannot predict. General themes yes, but there’s always that wildcard.

And, with the rate of current spiritual evolution/acceleration, those wildcards keep popping up!

From a philosophical perspective, I see that:

Human life, in its infinitely rich tapestry of forms, experiences, joys and losses – needs – to some extent, to remain Unknown; for it to have the meaning, power and significance that it does.

For …

If astrology could tell us every single thing about the shape our lives will take – if it was all already known in advance (to the human self/mind/consciousness) – what would be the point of doing it?

If all was already known, what then (illusion or reality of) Purpose can we reasonably assume to have? Or even of Free Will?

These are things too precious to lose for the sake of finding certainty.

At least, that’s my take on it. Other astrologers will have different views on the matter, and that is cool too.

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

#metareflection #astrologicalmusing

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NEW MOON AT 19 CAPRICORN – Grand Cardinal Cross with Uranus, Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, Thereus and Cyllarus (Jan 9/10, 2016)


Blessings to All. It’s the first New Moon of 2016 – and it’s a Wowzer! New Moons are potent windows for the setting of intentions that culminate during the corresponding Full Moon of the same sign. We are now in the seed-setting cycle of the Capricorn New Moon. Its energies urge us to think about the material, physical, energetic and other forms of legacies we bequeath for later generations to inherit.

Capricorn’s energy also relates to our image or role in the public eye, be it through the successes and accomplishments we work hard to achieve, or the career or profession that gives us the scope to do so. At the societal level, it is the energy of the Supra-Conscious, the voice or level of consciousness that tells us what is socially desirable, acceptable and legitimate. Tied into this is a discussion of power, authority and the institutions that govern us as their (formal and informal) subjects, i.e. governments and banks.

Energetically, I associate Capricorn with the archetype of the Earth-Crone or Grandmother who watches over the land with a soft, care-worn expression in her face. She is custodian and protector of the land, as the legacy her grand-children will ultimately inherit (and inhabit).

As we set intentions for a new cycle of manifestation, bear in mind that this New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) is woven into and forms a part of an unusually potent Grand Cardinal Cross, involving Uranus and Pluto. We experienced a similar alignment with these two transpersonal bodies during April-May 2014. Though we may respond to that level of intensity differently now, you’re likely to see some echoes.

Pluto –  the planet of crisis, change, transformation, the hero/ine’s journey, birth-death-rebirth, issues with intimacy, sexuality, boundaries, power, health, regeneration, alchemy and resurrection – conjuncts the Sun-Moon at 15 Capricorn. The New Moon draws us into the depths of the Plutonian Underworld in order for us to explore the shadow and the gifts hidden within.

In Other Words,

Once More … Into the Abyss.

(But that’s really not a bad thing…)

The Underworld, just as the concept of The Shadow, is of course, one that has been heavily projected upon as being ‘evil’ or ‘negative’. That was a later cultural construct that gained currency with the rise of monotheism (and I would also argue, with the rise of patriarchy).  For instance, Greek mythology saw the the Underworld as more than a place for souls to go to upon death. It was the space in which heroes were born – as they faced their Shadow – and equally, where heroes returned to upon their death, i.e. in the Elysian fields (their equivalent of Paradise). Compare that to our contemporary (mainstream) idea of the Underworld – as a space of torture, confinement, and suffering – and you can see the deep cultural shift I’m talking about. And let’s not even get into the topic of how the Earth-Mother was displaced from her Dark Womb in later mythologies and religious conceptions. Darkness is a far more nuanced, multifaceted construct.

So, as Pluto draws you in, be it through a willing Descent into the Darkness of the self, or through the modality of crisis – bear in mind that this a journey into Shadow. Here is where the seeds lie in their nascent state beneath the soil, where the fetus gestates in the waters of the womb, the vacuum in which all existence burst forth from Nothingness. Here is the space of new beginnings, a realm of great healing, nurture, sanctuary and re-connection. And equally, here is where you hide your strengths, fears, truths and deep illusions.

Intimate partners (Pluto) and/or older, authority figures (Capricorn) may be the ones to draw you into this shadow space, more likely through the modality of conflict, rather than not. You may find yourself in games of emotional manipulation, projection and power-plays without realizing it.

Pluto, The Sun and The Moon square Uranus at 16 Aries. This is familiar terrain, what with the life-and-generation-transforming sequence of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares we all experienced between 2012-2015. Uranus, The Great Awakener, strikes us with an erratic, unpredictable bolt of Consciousness. Where it comes from, why, and through whom, is something no one can reasonably give you an answer on – except by checking which house it occupies in your chart. In Aries, be it by initiation or as a response to something else, Uranus awakens us to the Truth of the Self.

Aries energy expresses itself easily within the lower chakras, so pay heed to those gut-level impulses and responses. You may be surprised by the Self that is revealed, particularly when its sovereignty and power is challenged by another (Pluto).

All of this energy makes an aspect to Black Moon Lilith (15 Libra), the more matured (Crone) aspect of the Dark Feminine. She seeks to find Balance in the relationships that surround her and to ensure fair play between all parties, though she is likely to be negatively projected upon for doing so (and for reacting to that projection). The fact that Zeus (the ultra-patriarch)  is nearby at 18 Libra tells me that much of this re-balancing is going to have to look at the ways in which patriarchy has limited the scope for women’s agency, identity, power and spiritual presence over the past few millenia.

She may go the route of (what looks like) the bully, trying to carve out a (probably legitimate) space that has been traditionally denied to her. She may also go the route of (what looks like) the doormat, allowing herself to be take the back seat for the sake of a relationship, partnership or collaboration. However, that type of compromise isn’t likely to last long as Black Moon Lilith pushes us to challenge imbalance, especially as she fails to tolerate it 😉 . In general, this is not the best time to seek out objective-decision making (a Libran concern) in the domain of relationships, partnerships and collaborations, owing to Lilith’s reactivity and Uranus’ unpredictability. In other words, avoid making major life-changing decisions and commitments right now and let circumstances unfold as they will. Observe first, before reacting – to whatever extent possible.

Finally, we see Cyllarus (17 Cancer) and Thereus (18 Cancer) directly opposing the Sun/Moon/Pluto combination and squaring Uranus and Black Moon Lilith – this completes the Grand Cardinal Cross. Cyllarus warns us of the costs of acting in haste, lashing out or lunging forward without forethought. Cyllarus feels particularly threatened when the group identities that he feels at home in (tribe, culture, football team, etc.) are somehow challenged. In mythology, Cyllarus goes charging headlong into something without thinking and ends up dead with a spear through his chest.

Thereus, on the other hand, asks us to be mindful of victim-abuser dynamics, especially when one feels emotionally trapped by another. In mythology, Thereus was a hunter who stalked bears, entered their caves, hit them on their head and dragged them out afterwards. He’s not big on the idea of consent or honoring the personal integrity of another. In charts, Thereus often refers to the area in one’s life where they do realize the fact they are trapped or subject to predation by another, until it is fully revealed to them. Some prefer to ascribe something positive to the entrapment (a blissful state of denial) or to get defensive and reject it outright.

So, Thereus challenges us to become mindful of hidden control tactics or energetic/emotional predation; Cyllarus cautions us against simply not jumping the gun and charging in arms akimbo when we feel things that we are strongly attached to, challenged in some way. Both are present in the sign of Cancer, representing the domestic sphere – family, home, tradition, racial/ethnic identity, relationship with the mother or maternal archetype, and so on. Whether it be the source of triggering, or the context in which we seek the dynamics of triggering play out – familial/tribal dynamics pose powerful challenges during this New Moon.

In other words, even if someone from home challenges us, or someone challenges our sense of home – think twice before responding or falling into the victim-abuser polarity. This is going to be triggering some massive shadow-work and the need to acknowledge how we – and our families – at times, hold one another in rigid, dysfunctional emotional patterns. As we make healthier choices for ourselves as individuals, and as members of a partnership, we may find resistance from family and the traditional values they uphold – or even from authorities or institutions that we allow to exercise power over us.

Thank the God/esses for Uranus and Black Moon Lilith! They give us the impetus to walk away from inherited wisdom and ancestral truths that continue (rightly or wrongly) to tell so many of us just how and why we are wounded or trapped and why that is our fault or why we can’t change that ‘reality’. Whilst there are wonderful things we can inherit from our pasts, there’s a lot of baggage that gets lumped in as well. Be mindful that your individual actions can rock the boat for others around you, but as always – Follow your Truth.

Taking these together, we see an extremely intense, shadow-oriented, unpredictable flow of energy between the signs of the Self (Aries), Partner (Libra), Family/Home (Cancer) and Career/Legacy (Capricorn). Many of you will begin exploring new directions, perhaps even with a new map (i.e. a sense of what is possible). This New Moon will be a defining time for many, strongly echoing similar dynamics we collectively experienced during the Grand Cardinal Cross of April-May 2014.

Look to July’s Full Moon in Capricorn to begin reaping the seeds sown at this time (27 Capricorn, July 19). June’s Full Moon at 29 Sagittarius will have some precursors to what we see in July. The Moon moves into Capricorn not long after it opposes the Sun at 29 Gemini (June 20).

So, taking this all together – it’s a powerful, energetically intense time that asks us to consider how we (ultimately) think about the different aspects of who we are, who we choose to connect with, where we’re from, and – where we’re going. The legacy we leave behind in the world weaves together the elements from each Cardinal sign and the challenges and strengths that they bring.

Choose your legacy wisely, and as far as you can, remember that we are all facing this dynamic – together. How strongly these placements influence you depends upon your natal chart and your own spiritual path / process of evolution.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Merc Rx in Aquarius & Capricorn (Jan 2016)


Mercury Retrograde is a time where we revisit ideas, contracts, decisions, any type of significant commitment or investment of energy. Where the re-visitation takes place depends on the sign/s Mercury retrogrades in and what house/s that corresponds to in your chart.

In this case, we’re seeing Mercury shift out of Aquarius and into Capricorn, before it returns once more to the Water-Bearer. It’s a time to revisit the ideals we hold about the collective and our role within it, technological/electronic concepts, ideas or items (anything that holds that energy), friendship groups, social media networks and commitments to humanitarian causes. That’s Aquarius’ role.

Mercury’s transit in Capricorn asks us to consider whether the ideals we now believe in or identify with actually contribute to a legacy that is worth leaving behind for future generations. We also examine our relationship with institutions of governance, authority, power and statecraft to see how they best reflect (or inhibit) our fullest expression and collective dynamics of awakening – and how best we engage with these institutions. We are encouraged to get clearer about our long-terms goals and visions of the future, in ideological and material terms.

In day to day terms, it means looking at the way we communicate, express and exchange energy through our electronic/online presences, friend groups, charity/common-interest associations and with VIPs, bosses or authority figures. We may feel an urge to transform the way we see our careers and find ways that that may better align with our ideals.

The potential for miscommunication and misinterpretation is heightened during a Mercury Retrograde. Bear in mind that people (you, me, we included) respond not to the words of the message, but to their interpretation of it. Take a little time to think about what was said vs. what may have been meant before jumping the gun and allow others the same courtesy.

I’d also recommend not committing your energies/resources to major purchases or decisions now. If signing paperwork, delay if possible, or triple check all details – especially if it is related to your career and/or governmental institutions. Give yourself and others the space to look over things.

In terms of dates, Mercury retrograded earlier today (Jan 5, 2016) at 1 Aquarius ’02. It will reverse out of Aquarius and re-enter the tail end of Capricorn on January 8, 2016. The retrograde ends at 14 Capricorn ’54 on January 25, 2016. Mercury exits the shadow period, i.e. the point from which the retrograde started, on February 14, 2016. Quite a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (those of you who do).

We will all be revisiting decisions, commitments and new/changing ideas or relationships with power/authority and career-related shifts or questions experienced between Dec 19, 2015 – Jan 5, 2016.

Please bear in mind that dates might differ based on location. Also – we’ve got a whopper of a New Moon (19 Capricorn) coming up on January 9th! The Sun/Moon conjunct Pluto (15 Capricorn) and square Uranus (16 Aries). For many, this will be a time reminiscent of the generation-and-life-transforming Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014, woven into the seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015).

Stay Tuned,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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Image: By Ken (Lightning over Short Hill Mountain) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons