THE SKIES SPEAK, THE COLLECTIVE SHIFTS: LESSONS FROM THE BROKEN GODDESS (Mercury conjuncts Uranus, inconjuncts the North Node + Grand Sextile / Star of David with Thereus and Cyllarus, 31 March – 1 April, 2016)


Blessings everyone. Over the past few hours I´ve been seeing a lot of messages coming through – signs, codes and symbols that speak to the crossing of the threshold – from the Age of Pisces, to that of Aquarius.

I wondered why, then turned to the skies. And it was clear.

At this time, we have a Grand Sextile (Star of David) in the skies, along with an impending conjunction between Mercury (The Messenger) and Uranus (The Collective Awakener / Revealer). They both form an inconjunct to the North Node (20 Virgo).

The Mercury-Uranus conjunction indicates that we shall either be receiving, transmitting, or somehow engaging with the energy, or consciousness, of the Collective. This is a time where we think about the ideals and visions of a future that we – humanity and all else it coexists with – can aspire to manifest. We are challenged to find new ways of thought and modes of articulation that facilitate the breaking into new ground, or revelation of new codes or forms of thought – as we enter a new Age.

So much of this requires a re-visitation of the lessons from the Age of Pisces, and to allow those lessons the time they need to fade. Change, as radical as it needs to be, is not something that happens overnight. It takes time for the ideas we articulate to sediment into the material lives of the collective we exist as a part of.

In Aries, Mercury and Uranus focus upon messages that are channeled through – the physical body – the way we connect with ´I AM Consciousness´- insights on the human brain (anything neck upwards really) – things that break through old ways of seeing who and what we are, and that allow new ones to be recognized.

The old and new dichotomy is somewhat ironic, as so much of what we celebrate as cutting-edge research is stuff that has often already been said or put into practice by ancient civilizations. An article I saw yesterday captures this perfectly: Scientists now believe they have to rewrite the textbooks as they have now conclusively shown a connection between the brain and the lympathic system. Whilst this is a celebration and indeed, a triumph, for ´modern´ science, it´s something that practitioners from India and China have recognized for thousands of years. Be it in acupuncture, Ayurveda, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and related fields of body energy-medicine.

For me, I saw it in a little-known version of Hercules (starring Dwayne ´The Rock´ Johnson). Surprisingly good … and I mean graphic comic book level good. He plays the role of Hercules, essentially, as a mortal man who has an unusual amount of strength. Quite gritty.

Much of the mythological figures associated with his trials are shown to be – rather than gods – interpretations of his own subconscious. I loved that narrative.

It´s quite epic in a Promethan-MonkeyKing-challenge-the-gods kind of way. A dismantling of old hiearchies, and dissolving of the game that mortals play and gods orchestrate.

The closing scene is him essentially pushing down an idol of Pallas Athena onto a raging army. In that world, much as this one, the symbols of the gods become co-opted for the tyrannical machinations of would-be autocrats. Quite a powerful tale, and Pallas Athena a powerful symbol of the fall of the old. She is, of course, as the ancient Feminine co-opted as part of a later, patriarchal, mythology.

Think of her as the Distorted Feminine, that (alongside the Distorted Masculine) equally needs to tumble back to the Abyss as we seek balance once more.

Interestingly, the head of the Goddess rolls straight into the main villain, plunging him – and Her – into the abyss. Quite a powerful symbol.

Now this direction of thought and experience wasn´t one I thought I´d be entering. I´ve served many lifetimes in the role of the temple priestess and related spiritual … positions. And I thought that this life was going to be more of that.

I – and many other priestesses – have died in service to older forms and symbols of what was once sacred (temples, statues, sacred serpents and familiars) .. But all of that has shifted for me, and for others who come forwards to tell similar narratives of their own journeys.

The karma of that path of service no longer seems to call to me, and instead, I am asked to find something new for myself – and to recognize that this is a collective moment to discover (once more) – what is ´Sacred´ in this coming Age.

So much of what we once considered the forms and structures that hold/express the sacred need to … well .. tumble down. They need reconfiguration so we do not repeat the imbalances of the past, but build on that knowledge to find better ways of connection. Even in in the things we´re trying to bring back.

But is this a call to Ascend and leave the Earth plane? Not necessarily. If anything, it is a call to find ways of service that are reconfigured to match the energies of this new Age. But one that no longer uses that binary of Earth / Heaven , Black / White – one that sees and celebrates it all as different chapters of the same story.

In short we are called to discover a collective ethos or universalist ideal that is focused upon service to this Earth-Plane. A bridging of the rational mind and intuitive spirit in ways that no longer enslave us within the doctrine of predetermination and fatalism.

I see that expressed as the inconjunct between Mercury/Uranus (19 Aries) and the North Node (20 Virgo). Those of you with placements close to 19-20 Aquarius, or 19-20 Scorpio will see this activated as a powerful Yod (or Finger of Fate). They will lead you through powerful karmic currents, and to the crossroads of change.

It´s a very exciting time to be working with the energy of the Collective as all of this is happening whilst we have a Perfect Grand Sextile in the skies. Grand Sextiles are essentially, the Hexagram formation, or Star of David surrounded by a Hexagon. We have all but one area in Cancer (9-16 degrees) that would otherwise complete the alignment – and that too is covered when consider other asteroids. So yes, a perfect Star of David.

The bodies involved are (briefly speaking):

Vesta at 9 Taurus – The Priest/ess in Service to the Earth – see yesterday´s post for more info

Neptune at 10 Pisces – The Deep, Formless Surender to Spirit / Nothingness / Ocean of All-That-Is

Moon and Pluto in Capricorn – Questioning our understanding of authority and forms of legitimacy born of power, the idea of legacy

Juno at 12 Scorpio – the Energy of the Divine Feminine, the awakener of the Soul in the sign of the Underworld / Lessons from the Descent

Jupiter Retrograde at 15 Virgo – Growth through the Archetype and Practice of Service (bear in mind that Jupiter itself is currently squaring Saturn Retrograde – 16 Sagittarius – and Pluto – 17 Capricorn)

Thereus and Cyllarus (asteroids) at 15 Cancer – The recognition of traditional traps of identification on the victim-abuser spectrum, familial or cultural wounds that resist transcendence. The need to recognize the power of emotional movement through the past, without wanting to leap forwards / into the fray before we´re ready to do so.

Energetically speaking, it´s prime time to manifest, whatever you will. Watch your energy and intention at this time and allow it to tap into the emergent wisdom fo the Collective. Quite a lot of what will come through for you is likely to resonate with the points of the Grand Sextile. And take it in your own time, there´s no need to rush into something. If it seems too overwhelming, plug out and let things unfold as they will.

The Grand Sextile formed through the Moon´s movement into Capricorn, circa 5 am on March 31st 2016, UTC time.

The alignment dissolves just as the Moon conjuncts Pluto (17 Capricorn) and intensifies its square to Mercury and Uranus (19 Aries) I´d estimate that to be around 3.30 am, April 1st 2016 (UTC time) – roughly 9 hours from the time this post goes public.

The Grand Sextile dissolves as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, squaring Mercury-conjunct-Uranus. That activates the same dynamic we´ve been (intensely) feeling between 2012-2015, i.e. the Uranus-Pluto squares. It (in a nutshell) makes you question the legitimacy of authority and the legacy you leave behind in this world – supported by that radical break-through energy of Uranus as it propells the evolution of the Collective.

Old structures fall, as we prepare for new alignments to take their place.

Blessings to the Collective,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.
Image: Roman – Statue of Hygeia, Goddess of Health – Walters 2342.jpg – Walters Art Museum [Public domain, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Vesta, the Priestess or Sacred Facilitator, has been in the sign of Taurus since early March 2016. In this sign, she focuses upon finding her means of Service through the sensual, embodied, fleshy material realm. For some, it will be a call to renounce all these things, and for others, it will be a time to embody and celebrate them fully. Some will find that they´re doing both, in certain ways. Perhaps a letting go of conventional ideas of relating to the Earth and the material world, and a celebration of far older ways. There are many ways that can play out. In this article, I´m going to focus on the Earth-Gaia-aspect of it, with practical suggestions.

Unsurprisingly, the entry of Vesta into Taurus matches the time I spent in the UK on pilgrimage and strongly echoes the lessons I learnt and experiences I had there. Most of my time was spent in the countryside, far away from the cities. I felt the ancient heritage of the land and the ways its people have learnt to commune with that consciousness over time – and equally – how that relationship has been tampered with in more recent times.

At this time, those of us who work with the archetype of the Spiritual Facilitator, Earth-Worker, Priest/ess, etc. will be feeling this powerful call to serve Mother Earth. It is an excellent time to honor Her energy, presence and consciousness – and to acknowledge the harm that we, as a species, have done.

At times this comes through construction work and over-development that does not take into account the consciousness of the land it is built on. And at other times, this comes from intentional energetic tampering. You´d be surprised at how strongly that came through in the sites I visited whilst on pilgrimage. Be it through those seeking to tap into the energy hotspots to promote their personal growth (at the expense of others), or well-intentioned healers ending up amplying the damage that´s already been done.

Even in Glastonbury, of all places.

Since my last visit there to 2012, the vibration of that land has shifted (and not in a good way). More and more energy-workers and sensitives prefer to live away from the town center itself, or to avoid certain parts of it. It´s whispered between practitioners and those in the know, but really – it´s something that needs to be acknowledged.

And it´s certainly not an isolated incident. Consider the politics of control and the proposed commercialization of Stonhenge, an ancient ceremonial site!

Though .. coming back to the immediate present — Here´s a couple of ideas that you can use in your own celebration or dedication of Service to our Great Mother, Gaia.

Consider honoring the Earth in ways that celebrate her, allow her to ´remember´ her own beauty, fertility and vibrance.

Be it through ritual, focused intentions, prayers, gemstone grids – or simply a heartelt acknowledgement and the giving of thanks.

Sit under a tree, or on your favourite patch of soil and simply allow yourself to listen. Remember to unplug if things get too intense.

Working in groups is probably going to be more effective than doing it solo, for most. The land retains a lot of energy, and sometimes, when forced into an unnatural alignment, the pain and anxieties of the people who live on it (and its own consciousness). That´s too much for one person to handle.

It´s an excellent time to begin reaching out to others who can do this kind of work with integrity and knowledge. It´s quite a sophisticated skill-set … think of it as a long-forgotten form of energy technology.  In other words – If doing energetic work on a specific piece of land, seek guidance from an experienced practitioner.

That being said, honoring the Earth with your love in a simple, direct way is something that you can do as an individual. A prayer of thanks, a prayer of love.

Plant seeds if you can, and with each seed – set an intention of love, or of giving back to the Great Mother. Of finding ways of coexistence that allow us to honor Her cycles, and our own needs.

For those of you who prefer gemstone tools, try working with natural smoky quartz, black tourmaline, hematite, pyrite or moss agate – or whatever truly calls. There´s plenty of options.

Now, this is just one part of Taurus´energy – others will be working through the same dynamic, and need to serve, through others aspects of material manifestation – exploring other channels of abundance. For some that will involve the tactile body, and for others the exchange of goods, items, services and currency.

Whatever medium you use, treat it with integrity, but remember to give back  🙂 And keep the cycles of love flowing.

Those who are facing blocks surrounding that side of things – especially as there is so much spiritual shaming that comes on the moment you talk about money, sex or the material realm – consider working with the Carnelian gemstone on the sacral chakra center.

For those dealing with very raw, tender wounds that inhibit the creative expression – and pleasure within – your body, try working with Thulite or Rhodocrosite. For those who need help holding their own space in the process, try Rhodonite. You can lay these on your body or wear them as jewellery.

Finally, be it through Earth-energy-working, or simply dealing with issues of self-worth/self-esteem – if you do feel you need a mantra that can clear your space and bring you back into the present – I´d reccomend this one. The Lion Goddess (Pratyangira Devi) meditation. Deeply energizing, loving and … absolutely protective. .. Much like the Earth herself <3.



I hope these suggestions are of use and benefit. It´s a wonderful time to expand our spiritual tools and practices to work directly with the Earth-plane and to acknowledge what has been done, but also, what can be done to restore balance in the most loving way possible. And to reach out to others who do the same.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam ❤  ❤  ❤

The Sky Priestess

Post & Image ´Sunset from Boscawen-Un, Cornwall, March 2016´ ©Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.

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An Open Letter to Malaysian-Tamil Society: Trapped in a Culture of Dependency, Entitlement and the De-Valuation of Social Service


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD speaking on ´Re-wiring The Human Brain´ at University Malaya,  2013

I am the daughter of Mr. Thannambikai Balasubramaniam, the man who introduced the phrase ´Thanmunaippu Payirtchi´ (Motivational Seminar) to the Malaysian-Tamil people. He pioneered most of the techniques, formats and even developed the conceptual language that acts as the basis of most of what we see in the motivational scene today. Over the past few decades, since my father´s time, that industry has sadly become far more commercialized whilst our society – for the most part – is still struggling to find its feet. Consequently, whilst there is a recognition of the need for this type of service, people don´t know who to go to, and when they do find someone decent – they demand their services for free.

I began speaking in Malaysia when I was 16, mostly on matters of education, learning paradigms and the consciousness of the brain. I was recognized as a Mensan Genius (172 IQ) and accelerated my own education by teaching myself most of secondary school syllabi in under a year at the age of 13. Three years down the line, I had developed my own modules and spoke to thousands of Malaysian-Tamil children through mass programs and on the radio alongside other speakers and my father, of course. I had to stop when my work began to raise too many uncomfortable questions, and it was then that I began my tertiary education overseas. Financed primarily by merit-based scholarships and a lot of hard work, I obtained my PhD at the University of Warwick, UK in Political Science just after I turned 25.


Me and my father, Mr. Thannambikai Balasubramaniam, the pioneer of Tamil-language motivational seminars in Malaysia, 2013

I still get invitations (and sometimes demands) from members of the concerned public to return to the work I once did – and to do so for free. I believe that social work and service should not be done for a commercial or profit motive (if so, get into business instead), but that the facilitator or trainer should receive something in exchange that is of use to them. Let them get paid – and as long as they do something useful for you – let it be a fair exchange.

A good service provider will give what they can without expectation, but try not to assume that they must always do so. Most people with integrity in this field struggle to even break even – and remember – they´re people, just like you. They have kids, or need to pay bills or debts – just like you.

In my experience I have seen that what is taken for free is never appreciated – and what is a heartfelt gift cannot be something that you shame, bully or guilt-trap someone else into giving. In all honesty that is one of the reasons why so many motivators have come and gone in this society, and even fewer of worth stay behind. Valuing the worth of the individual and the service that individual provides is one of the biggest lessons that our society has yet to learn.

There is a refusal to honor the time of people who genuinely want to do good work. And yet, we would cash out the same money for entertainment, luxuries and spiritual charlatans who claim to fix our lives but ultimately don´t – without a moment´s doubt or hesitation. There´s some good spiritualists out there, but a lot of quacks as well. The same applies to motivational speakers in this country, and in other parts of the world.

So really, it´s not a question of lacking resources. It´s a question of what we truly value and whether we´re willing to put the time into evaluating who or what we choose to seek help out from.

And if we do not value the help we seek, what use is there in providing it, except to feed the bottomless pit that says ´give me, give me, give me – or you´re a bad person´.

We, as a society, constantly expect someone else to come in and solve our problems for us, or show us a way to do so without developing the individual ability to do so. And that has created a culture of extreme dependency. We expect to be saved.

I still go back to public speaking and pro bono work here once in a while. What I´ve seen is that the mentality of entitlement, of individual inability, and of devaluing work and service has all but intensified.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots in our society has all but widened. And that scream that says ´give me, give me, give me´just keeps getting louder and louder. And no matter how much you do give, it´s just never enough.

And that cycle needs to be broken.

But here´s the simple fact of the matter:

Until we learn to value our teachers and facilitators – whoever they may be, we will not learn to grow. We will not even be ready to begin to learn.

I am thinking about ways to contribute, but it´s really got to be something new. Otherwise it´s just going to be feeding into the same old thing, over and over and over again.

Just as it is pointless to throw salt into the sea, it is pointless to try and drain away the people who can (and are willing to help) in the name of ´social service´. Believe me, if this society spent just a fraction of the amount it spends on other things (beauty treatments, entertainment, luxury goods), we wouldn´t need to be having this conversation.

If I do decide that I want to work with the people here, it will be in a way that honors my time and commitment as a professional – and that allows an individual to actually empower themselves, rather than to simply make them dependent on yet another motivator, course or training program.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam

Pilgrimage – Equinox Musings … Things I´ve learnt from Master Manifestors

This ongoing pilgrimage of mine has been an education in so many different things. One of which is the way that those who are in alignment with themselves seem to manifest what they need, when they need it, as though out of thin air. Like magic, in other words. In fact, that´s how this pilgrimage has been unfolding for me. This a fairly long musing, so grab a beverage.
The individuals I´ve been staying with over the past few weeks have all been Master Manifestors. That doesn´t mean that they´re super rich financially (far from it), but that they always seem to have what they need. They do, however, lead very rich lives.
In them I have seen a willingness to give, without expectation.
They know (not just from the head, but every part of their being) – that abundance will simply be returned, if required.
An ability to truly live in gratitude, not only in words, but in energy – even when they don´t know what tomorrow will look like.
I saw this graceful ease, this trusting that things will simply come if they were meant to. And if not, then another way would emerge.
They took no one, and nothing for granted.
Every act of service. every little transaction of energy was exchanged or honored in some form, be it in kind, or in cash
They never dishonored their commitments to others – though if a plan needed to be changed, they took steps to bring things into balance
They never took themselves for granted, either.
They had the strength of voice to say, look – I require this in exchange for that – or simply – I´m not comfortable doing that
None of them had issues with using money as a form of exchange where other forms were not appropriate. They simply treated it with integrity. It neither controlled them, nor did they try to control it.
My general take on the question of money and spirituality is this:
  • If you don´t see people as walking piggy banks, and you´re not trying to make a profit to become the next Ebeneezer Scrooge or Ruler of the World, you´re ok.
  • Just do your job, and aim, if anything, to stay aligned with the Cosmos-Earth-Love Vibe and Yourself.
  • Set your price to whatever you need to live your life and your calling – and be brave to let that be as big, or as little as that needs to be (spatially speaking, at least).
  • The Universe has enough abundance for us all.
  • Your success will not limit the doors for another.
  • Be open to other forms of exchange (if you feel they work), or stick to what does.
  • Money is never the end-all or be-all of the kind of work we do. It can´t even begin to measure it.
  • It´s just a means to an end.
You will not believe some of the things I´ve heard from insecure (finanically, spiritually, energetically) individuals because they feel threathened by me travelling, or running a business that offers spiritual services, or simply being successful.
And after this trip, yeah, I´ve got a solid confirmation I´m doing what I´m meant to be doing. I wouldn´t have manifested this trip, or these powerful teachers and friends otherwise 🙂
My work is to travel the globe and speak. I´m not meant to be in a specific temple-space or a distinct location (not for a long time at least). But that work and the legacy it leaves has to (and does) go back to the land and the culture of my origins (The Tamil people).
If anything, I have learnt the need for even more assertion and the drawing of boundaries. I now see how introducing and openly stating a nonrefundable deposit or cancellation fee to cover operating costs is a needed thing in workshop organization. I have also updated Terms of Use and Sharing on my posts. I do not understand how people can use information that is provided for free to promote their own paid services (which I then find out about later).
So in other words, that voice that says – hang on a minute, why this lack of integrity? needs to come out. And to ask those difficult questions, or to simply draw the line. And people will flip out over it because they´ve been programmed to think being a spiritualist means you turn the other cheek and become the empathic, compassionate, suffering-in-all-of-its-glory doormat.
Christ is often pointed to as an example of this, but also remember his epicness with the moneylenders at the Temple. No, that man did not twiddle his thumbs when he needed to stand up and draw the line. That tends to get glossed over.
That being said, the Christ story tells us of the ultimate sacrifice which opens the kindgom of heaven for us all. Now that is an incredible narrative, and it makes sense … for an Ascended Being in the Age of Pisces. (1) Most of us ain´t there yet (2) The Age is Shifting .. into Aquarius.
Time for an update, methinks.
But back to this pilgrimage…
One of the things that my hosts have taught me, in practice – is if people hate you for you asking for what you need, or for being able to generate goodness, abundance and wide network of supportive people – then you probably do not want them in your life. They´ve got wounds to heal, and lessons to learn, but it´s not your job to teach it by being devoured or sacrificed in the process.
Trust in the stars, the Heart of the Earth, the Love that exists in the Cosmos to help them find their way (if they wish), and for you to keep walking on. Fill the cords (if present) with Love from the Earth, and send them back to Her, gently fading away.
But, taking a step back, you´ve got to wonder where all the fear around money, manifestation and the need to shame others who manage to find a way for themselves – is coming from.
Part of it has to do with the conditioning that – to be spiritual, sacred, or holy, thou must suffer and be at the mercy of the God. (Oddly enough the blokes that taught us that have temples lined with gold).
That paradigm that has unfortunately conflated the act of spiritual surrender with a pedestalization of victimhood, and an erasure of agency.
Karma is often seen in this paradigm as a ball and chain around the soul´s neck, rather than over-identification with a particular pattern of energy that can be walked away from.
By choice. (Go Aquarius!)
And I´ve saved the very best for last.
All of these lovely people whom I met, who took me into their homes and profound sacred spaces – were deeply attuned to the rhythms of the Earth and the knowledge of the awakening of collective consciousness. They were ´tuned in´, in other words to the Breath of Gaia and the Dancing Heavens. And gods with the Dark Mother. So much Dark Mother energy. I felt so at home 😀
Their physical homes tended to be close to ley lines, or deeply sacred places in the natural landscape, be it by the hills or the ocean.
When you´re reminded of that kind of natural abundance on a daily basis, the ego´s fear of ´will I get what I need´ melts back into the primordial ooze. The Land took care of Her Custodians.
More often than not, their needs to manifest came from a place of service – be it to Earth, or the Collective. Their immediate material requirements simply flowed into being, to support their work. And the children of these families are amazing to witness. I see (astrologically and otherwise) much that they will contribute in their own time.
In other words, these lovely people that I learnt so much from, and shared so much with, live a life of Service, Purpose and Integrity. And the Universe supports them in all that they do. It has been such a priviledge, and to be able to give back to that conduit of energy.
What a wonderful thing to see and be a part of.
Equinox Blessings,
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HEADS UP! THE TRICKSTER´S ABOUT! (Piscean Projection, Chiron-South Node-Conjunction, Sun at 29 Pisces … & More)


The Universe sometimes teaches us things through the archetype of the Trickster. It´s when you experience or learn something through the act of misrepresentation or trickery, often seen as play. Coyote, for instance, is a Trickster God in the Native American tradition. That corresponds with Monkey in the Chinese tradition, or Anansi the Spider in the African tradition.

They´re not necessarily mean, just cheeky buggers who really make you learn by making you do something foolish. Wisdom comes when you realize the joke´s on you, and you see it as part of the Divine Dance – maybe you´ll have a laugh at yourself at the end of the day. Not my favourite archetype, but certainly a rewarding one (I´m a Tiger in the Chinese system, more of a serious type).

Thinking about it (and seeing the first Wikimedia Commons image that popped up – shared above), you can see Trickster energy as a different octave, or form of Chaos. Perhaps it´s Chaos (or Kaos) wearing a smiley-face mask. The Universal kick-up-the-bum or spanner-in-the-works tinkling with the jiggling of the bells on the jester´s hat. And it just makes you want to laugh, doesn´t it? (not the kind of laughter you see from Saturday night stand-up at the Apollo Theater, but the drier, existential kind).

But hey … giggling .. I mean, moving along…

Astrologically speaking, there´s a couple of candidates that might account for this Trickster vibe I´ve been seeing about:

One is the Sun preparing to leave Pisces, now at it´s 29th (final degree). We´re preparing for a new cycle (i.e. the Equinox) and clearing the psychic pipes in the meantime, before the Sun shifts into Aries. The kind of ´trickery´ one might see here doesn´t necessarily have to do with an external person, but the inner trickster-projector (quite related with some of the falliabilities of Pisces energy).. read on…

There´s quite a few bodies nearby the Sun adding emphasis the challenges and gifts of Pisces through various channels: Mercury, the Mis/Communicator – 25 Pisces; South Node & Chiron (that´s a biggie) – 21 Pisces ; Ceres (the Mother-Nurturer) – 19 Pisces.

The South Node conjunct Chiron really stresses the need to release from cycles of (perceived) woundedness, victimization and matryrdom. Through that, profound healing and access to psychic gifts is possible. Quite a lot of you will be working through past life cycles, karmic connections and generally – some pretty old stuff.

Mercury in Pisces raises the risks of verbal slippage, losing sight of the necessary details, or simply mis-communication (in general). Remember the inner trickster at play. The South Node-Chiron conjunction nearby adds a karmic weight to such exchanges. Think of them as greater gifts that allow you to clear energetic blockages.

Ceres in Pisces asks us to disconnect from over-attachments to the Mother archetype, particularly with the aspect of it that can be particularly smothering or controlling, especially through passive-aggressive methods. If you´re going to try to nurture yourself or others, be clear with your intent. Sometimes disconnection and detachment is the most compassionate thing you can do. Sometimes it´s prayer. But it really depends on your specific situation.

Generally speaking,

Watch out for seeing your own shadow as the bogeyman, mistranslations or perceptions of things that make you feel wounded, victimized or persecuted .. or just plain silly. Chances are it doesn´t really have to do with anyone else, or anything external to you. Be clear with your words as best as possible (remember the North Node in Virgo opposes Chiron), but there´s no need to cut others down. Try your best to make sure you´ve got the organizational details of things ironed out, practical matters sorted – for anything you´re working on at this time.

People will be what they choose to be and you cannot control another´s reaction to you. If you do see someone reacting strongly to something you say or do, which may be entirely innocent – bear in mind that they might be acting out some old pattern of wounding. Which does not mean you need to back down from your truth, it just means you understand the dynamic a little better.

Be clear, be honest, don´t beat about the bush. Say what you mean, mean what you say. But don´t expect others to see you in any particular way.

That´s generally good advice, but especially relevant for the present time.

At the end of the day,

Remember ….

The Trickster is at Play 😉

( Hey, that rhymed! 🙂 Hooray!
Lots of Crazy-Wisdom-Teachings today
Okay I´ll stop now …
Yay 😛 )

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess

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The flames of truth, authority, service and prejudice: The Jupiter-Saturn square (February-July 2016)


The flames of prejudice, projections and the need to inflict (yes, inflict) one´s personal views as absolute truth the rest of reality needs to follow – is going to be lit up pretty strongly at this time.

Much of this has to do with the Jupiter-Saturn squares (given to a 7 degree orb):
September 7, 2014 – December 17, 2014: Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio
July 3, 2015 – September 9, 2015: Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio
February 8, 2016 – July 5, 2016: Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius

Personally, I see the first two periods of the squares, in 2014 and 2015, as the precursor to the current round, as it were. Leo and Scorpio challenged our expressions of passion and power, whereas Virgo and Sagittarius now challenge our journeys into service and new horizons. The former, in many ways, has set the seed for the latter (current) experience of the square.

The square goes exact around March 22-23, 2016 and May 25-26 2016, when Saturn and Jupiter reach 16, then 13 degrees of Sagittarius and Virgo respectively. Bear in mind that Jupiter and Saturn both experience their respective retrogrades, prolonging the duration of the square as both reverse, then go forwards once more.

Whilst this is a significant alignment for 2016, it´s not the only action we´ll see in the Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces). The movement of the North and South Nodes through Virgo and Pisces and Neptune in Pisces also interact with Jupiter and Saturn. I´ll cover that in later pieces. Let´s just say that 2016 is the year of Adaptation, Navigation and Change. Or ought to be.

If you want an overview of the Dance of the Mutable Signs between May to September 2016, I refer you to this article. It´s going to be quite a ride.

But what does Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius mean for us all?

Virgo represents the energy of the Priestess or Earth-Facilitator. She preserves, nurtures and heals through the combination of intellectual analysis and pragmatic, hands-on action. Virgo´s energy isn´t about standing on a pedestal and claiming to know a greater, absolute Truth for all to follow (like…ahem.. Sagittarius .. ahem) – instead, it focuses upon the little routines, the daily habits, rituals and ways through which we structure our lives for the better. For some, it will be a return to more ancient traditions that involve the archetype of the Priest/ess-as-Earth-Facilitator and for others, it will be a greater focus upon matters of health, nutrition, organizational or logistical planning, or simply hands-on, pragmatic methods of being of service. There´s plenty of ways this can play out.

Sagittarius´ energy is more about the Teacher pointing you to the way up the mountain, or simply showing you the road-map to your destination. It is more about identifying, or locating one´s sense of self, and Truth, within a larger collective understanding of the same. It is an energy that seeks to explore and expands it sense of self-awareness through the journey of discovery. Long-distance travel, academia, organized religion, etc. are some of the domains associated with the energy of Sagittarius. You can link it with the archetype of the Hierophant in the Tarot, the university professor, the fire-and-brimstone preacher, Indiana Jones (Jr. and Sr. ) on an adventure-quest for knowledge or with the image of the orator or public speaker addressing the masses. This is about communicating what you know to a greater audience.

Virgo´s shortcomings lie in its tendency towards being hyper-critical, or overly precise in its analysis of things. It may hold onto overly rigid standards of how things ought to be, couched in puritanical terms or standards. Sagittarius´shortcomings lie in its reliance on a hiearchical division of knowledge, i.e the creation of (ultimately dissolved) pedestals that seperate the Teacher from the Student, or the Speaker from the Audience. In other words, the Mutable (Adaptable) energies of each sign become harder to handle when interpreted and embodied in a rigid, non-flexible way. (Straightforward argument, really 🙂 )

The bodies that channel the square, or dynamic tension between the signs (with Sagittarius seeking to expand and project its energy outwards, and Virgo seeking to keep-it-real in the here-and-now) are Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn brings with it the test of consolidating our belief systems and expressions of an authoritative claim of knowledge, perspective and opinion – in Sagittarius. Institutions of authority such as government will essentially challenge us by seeking to structure our access to the freedom of ideas, information and expression. We are likely to see the rise of charismatic speakers and figures across the political spectrum, each garnering their own mass following. Some of these lessons carry over to Jupiter-in-Virgo as Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Virgo tests us on how we choose to expand, explore and achieve a greater degree of self-knowledge through the structured, analytical and pragmatic focus of the healing/purifying/discerning Virgo energy. We are asked to see where such discernment is a boon, and how it becomes a burden when in excess. We will also be seeing many Teachers of such healing methods and paradigms appear and occupy a greater voice in collective public discourse at this time. Political matters and debates will ultimately need to focus upon the notion of service to the people, and to the planet as a whole – with greater recognition to the role of the Feminine in the process! These voices are likely to be challenged, especially when they present alternatives to the status quo. It is equally a challenge for us to discover the truths that matter to us most in our paths of healing, service and preservation of the Earth – and to act on those truths. And not everyone will come up with the same answer or vision.

No one can truly predict the shape and form this square will ultimately take. There are multiple options that are open to us all – as individuals, and as a collective. That being said, it is certainly a year to stand in your own truth, whatever that may be.

So, in other words, 2016 is equally the year of Ideological Conflict, a Clash of Societal Visions, and Warring Voices of Truth.

Here´s a couple of general notes that may help you navigate this square (and again, bear in mind that the Mutable dance continues for longer in 2016):

Keep exploring what is true for you, but remember that doesn´t have to be the same for everyone else. The validity of your truths, ideally, have nothing to do with how many people agree or disagree with you. If your Soul resonates with it, then that´s it – for you.

That being said, it is equally a time where you do need to put your foot down in the face of people or authority figures who tell you that you do not have the right, or freedom, to explore the truths that set you free. And to challenge the institutions that would seek to put such barriers to freedom.

As you speak and explore your own perspectives, center yourself first. Rather than the ego that reacts in defence, seek to speak from a deeper place, within.

But bear in mind the power of projection at the same time – before jumping the gun. What you react to may well be yourself, rather than anything or anyone outside of you.

The best thing you can do in the case of a dispute or argument is to take a few breaths before responding. Another option is to simply detach, but that really depends on your context.

And remember that the last week of March and May 2016 is when we´ll see the exact Jupiter-in-Virgo and Saturn-in-Sagittarius squares!



Please note that the current round of Vesta/Eris Awakens/ Minisessions run between 24 May-23 June, 2016. Blessings.

Image: Galactic Center Of Milky Way..jpg – From NASA/JPL-Caltech ( [Public domain]

INTO THE VOID: A JOURNEY TO THE DARK GODDESS (21st March 2016, Glastonbury, England)

23 hours left till registration closes (14 March 2016, 23:59)


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Into the Void


INTO THE VOID: A Journey to the Dark Goddess celebrates the channel of Darkness, the Shadow and the Night in its most Sacred vibration. We Journey to the Womb of the Earth Mother, and further still into the Black Void, the Abyss from which all originated – and to which all shall return.

This is a sacred space, one that has been shunned and abandoned for millenia – but no more…

It is time for Her Return.

In practical terms, Into The Void is an extremely intense workshop that opens and clears energetic channels connecting to our inner and outer Perceptions of The Dark Feminine.

We will be discussing specific tools, paradigms and practices that you can use to clear the energetic waterways and plunge into the depths, on your own terms.

Much of this will involve a re-signification of the…

View original post 223 more words

A Dream of Asherah … Messages from the Goddess



The Goddess weaves her Magic and Mystery through Love, Joy, Warmth and Play. But equally so through Sorrow, Grief, Abandonment and Pain.

I had a dream last night in which I was shown, once more, the multi-facetedness of Her Presence in The World. She is the moving, living, breathing force that moves through All. Seen and Unseen.

It was a powerful reminder of her Love. In the dream, she helped me find my strength to close the door to a powerful karmic current in my life I was ready to release. I saw her wear multiple faces, some of those who had hurt me, some of a Higher/Deeper Self, and many others.

It was a realization and a reminder to see the personal hurts and attachments we associate with our human life as part of her Sacred Dance. And to trust in that Dance, and our ability to evolve through it.

As we walk in Faith with the Goddess, we understand this complex tapestry She weaves with us, as co-weavers, or co-creators of Experience and Consciousness.

Be She Asherah. Kali. Diana. Hecate. Dhumavati. Ixchel. Pele. Brighid. Inanna. Sophia. Gaia. By these names, or any other name, or no name at all.

She is here with us now. And always has been. And always will be.

Hail Goddess! Hail the Mother!

Blessings and Love,

Priestess B. Bairavee
I AM Rising: The Goddess Awakens

❤ ❤ ❤ I thank my dear sister Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall for giving me the space to figure out what all this meant for me, in my work and spiritual being. She is a lovely soul that I value and appreciate deeply in my life. She runs the page The Way of the Priestess .

Image of Asherah – By Deror avi (Own work) [Attribution, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons. Fair Use Policy.

The Pisces Eclipse. A Summary of Energetic Themes and Practical Techniques.

Right, I´ve been looking at this Eclipse and considering what to write on it. There´s just so much going on, especially if you consider the asteroids. I think it´s best to bring it back to the basics.
(1) There´s a lot of deep, karmic processing going on right now. We´re looking at energetic patterns inherited from ancestral lineages and from past-life dynamics.
(2) We are challenged to see the role we play in the creation and perpetuation of these karmic dynamics in our lives. In so doing, we are asked to shed the games of projection and illusion often seen in Piscean energy. There is little room here now for the martyr or the victim.
(3) We are shown the ways or paths to ground or anchor new energetic vibrations that can help us in the choosing of new experiences, paths, and realities. Some of these will come through powerful teachers, and others through the use of healing tools and modalities.
(4) If we choose to let it, this eclipse can help us clear away karmic debris from previous times which we no longer need to re-play in our lives. Bottom line.
(5) As we do so, we clear the psychic waterways and are better able to step into and explore our own gifts and deeper connections with Spirit.
Any way you slice it, these are the key themes that the Pisces Eclipse brings to our awareness. There´s a tonne of asteroids and minor planets involved in this configuration – and really – they point to the same message.
Here´s a couple of practical things you can do
(6) Get grounded. Whether it´s with hematite or smoky quartz, cedarwood or sandalwood essential oil, walking barefoot on the ground, sitting in nature, eating warm, healthy soup – make sure your feet are planted in this earthly reality as your spirit traverses the unseen.
(7) Sleep, or simply Rest. If you´re feeling overstimulated, this is the best thing you can do. Things like lavender essential oil and the lepidolite gemstone are deeply relaxing. They can help you ease into a more receptive, restful state of mind. The same with salt soaks for the feet or in the tub (combining that with lavender would be great). Remember, you´re still processing internally.
(8) Supplement. Whether it´s with raw, healthy foods with these compounds or vitamin supplements, consider using B vitamins (in moderation) or the Omega Oils to support brain function as you go through the deep work of re-wiring. You´ve got the chance to rewrite your energetic script, and your brain will then need to catch up in terms of its physical configurations.
(9) Meditate. Nothing too intense at this time, unless you´re strongly called to it. But simply closing your eyes and paying attention to your breath is more than enough. Do your best to find that sweet spot of openness and receptivity, and yeah… the Universe will do the rest. In this alignment, the best thing you can do is to simply Be.
So, that´s what I have to say right now about this Eclipse. I´ll tune in tomorrow and see if the asteroid interpretation will be helpful. Right now the key theme is to simply Be.
Keep the faith, stay grounded. You´ve probably heard me (and others) say this quite a bit. But it still holds.
The Eclipse goes exact at 1:54 am UTC, 9th of March. (About 5 hours from the time of posting this).
Ciao ciao!
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Sagittarius, as a sign, and a type of psychological predisposition (especially if on the Ascendant) is very focused on its understanding of personal truths as they sit in relation to a greater body of other Truths. In other words, it wants the roadmap that shows it the various steps and twists and turns of the journey – and the dot that says ´You Are Here´.
The energy of Sagittarius comes alive when it can navigate its own conceptual map, especially when it feels as though it has made enough progress to be seen as an authority or master of that journey – or that is associated with such a teacher.
And .. well.. let´s just say it also likes to make sure you´re aware of that fact. Barring other aspects, Sagittarius finds it hard to have a conversation without referring to the thing they read, or did, or learnt from someone.
Now whilst that isn´t a bad thing in itself, it is – like every other sign – going to face its own challenge.
Let me put it this way – If you´re looking for a guide, guru, mentor or teacher to show you the way to your own salvation …. well, you couldn´t do better than Sagittarius.
And whilst this would have been relevant to previous ages and energetic climes, it really doesn´t hold up much in the emergent wave of spiritual consciousness we are all dancing with at this time.
Because Truth.. and our relationship with Truth .. is changing.
The old codes are shifting, and with them, a new wave of information – and modes of interpretation – are coming through.
The old roadmaps that said – this be the way to the mountaintop – are changing, rapidly.
We´ll see this with the intense focus on the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) throughout this year and the next. A lot of pedestals are going to dissolve (and rightly so), and many of us will discover a healthier relationship with the Journey and its many Conceptual Roadmaps.
Navigate away, brave adventurers – but bear in mind the terrain keeps changing.
The ´I Know, I Judge, My Truth is Better Than Your Truth´ vibe has gotta go. At least the parts of it that make you rigid to change.
Just some thoughts I felt like sharing at this time. Remember, we´re in the buildup to the Pisces Eclipse! Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Eclipse, whilst Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo opposes it.
More on that soon… Stay tuned!
Ciao ciao !
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