Looking at my own horoscope, energy levels, the shape of the coming year and the work I need to be doing – i see the need to maintain a system of structured slots for sessions. We´ll be going in rounds of readings. Have also taken two days off each week to give myself some needed downtime.

There won´t be any readings for the month of May, unless booked ad hoc. Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter all in retrograde at the same time will take the focus inwards. I´d like to use that time to consolidate the work I´ve been doing and to write.

So, if you´re looking for a session with me, please aim for April. I´ve opened up a few time slots – for both the Eris and Vesta Sessions.


ERIS & VESTA SESSIONS (Apr 5-28, 2016)

The Eris Sessions are a multidimensional awakening into Self. During the session we activate energetic keys present in the birth chart and discuss ways in which they can be best harnessed.

For some, the Eris sessions leave you feeling like you´ve just lit a match to rocket fuel, and for others, it is a powerful recognition of blocks yet to be dissolved and lessons yet to be integrated. Whilst the experience of these sessions vary for each individual, each session allows an individual to see the far vaster Self, often obscured in the (necessary) minutae of daily life.

For those who want a gentler awakening into Self, particularly those who feel burdened or trapped by their pasts, seeking to put those lessons to good use (i.e. Service), I´d recommend the Vesta Session instead. It is a far softer vibration. Powerful, but nurturing.

Eris on the other hand is a freaking lightning rod. .. I love her, but Goddess , that energy is incredibly intense to handle.

For either session, I work by channeling the energy of the particular Goddess or Archetype that ends up energizing and focusing the work that is ultimately done.

Remember, you can choose either the Eris, or the Vesta Session, depending on what you require.

Eris Awakens – 77 USD – 30-45 minutes
Vesta Session – 55 USD – 15 to 30 minutes

Booking Links – Please send me your date, time, place of birth, phone number or skype id and email address in the booking form.

Eris Awakens :

Vesta Session:

Before booking right away, if you´re not familiar with my approach, or the kind of work that I do in my sessions, please read this first: .

All sessions are recorded so you receive a copy afterwards. Payments via paypal. Sessions are subject to T&Cs explained in the invoice and during the session itself.

For reviews, see:

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess


If you have any questions about the sessions or the booking system, or just want to say hi, please use this form instead:

Post & Image ´Climbing up Glen Lyon Barefoot, 2016´ © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.

Terms of Use and Sharing: Feel free to use the Share button on FB or Reblog on WordPress for personal, noncommercial or educational use with all links intact. If you are an organization, insitution or individual seeking to use this material for promotional purposes, please ask first. If wanting to include this information into your workshop materials or written work, please cite accordingly. Sessions are subject to T&Cs explained in the invoice and during the session itself. Having or purchasing the sessions implies tacit acceptance of all T&Cs.


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