Cauldron: Of Politics, Power and Spirituality

A new space for my political writings. Feel free to follow it if you like. Also on FB. Ciao!

Cauldron: On Politics, Power and Spirituality


Hello everyone. Most of you visiting this site for the first time will probably know me from or The Sky Priestess – having been introduced to my more spiritual and astrological writings.

As many of you know, I´ve spent years as a social worker, motivational speaker and have a PhD in Political Science. I have always been political, since the very start of my life and I suspect that I continue to be so, till the very end. Spirituality is a different part of my life that has similarly accompanied me from the get-go. And I see – in my case at least – there´s no giving up one and taking up (solely) the other.

I created this space to focus my political writings, with spiritual commentary where appropriate as I feel that part of my being needs greater expression. It is one thing to focus on Spirit within as a…

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