Blessings To All. There are multiple factors which explain the sheer level of intensity in the skies at this time – Uranus-on-Eris Retrograde, upcoming Eclipse Season, the Lion´s Gate and so on … All of this is true, valid and indisputable. But what amplifies all of the above is this … unusually long Grand Sextile alignment in the skies – involving ALL of the Goddess Asteroids!!!!!

Grand Sextiles are gateways to manifestation. The Universe essentially hands you a blank cheque and says … Cash it in. The Grand Sextile or Star of David alignment (it has many names in many different cultures – the Hexagram, the Shadkona Yantra, etc.) is one that is seen as highly protective.

It looks like two Grand Trines (Equilateral Triangles connecting 3 equidistant bodies) overlapping one another, one upwards and the other downwards. The alignment is surrounded by sextiles (60 degree angles), creating a hexagonal shape that houses it all.

In my experience, it´s the kind of protection that says ´Manifestation Guaranteed´ – but what that is .. is what you choose it to be.

In natal charts, Grand Sextiles indicate a person with multiple talents and the potential to synthesize things into a coherent whole. It can equally signify one who is pulled into so many different directions, lacking focus or a sense of defined purpose. (One of the reasons I love squares, but hey, I´m a happy-Cappy)

What tends to happen in a Grand-Sextile chart is that the person manifests exactly what their subconscious wishes them to manifest, as per the possibilities signified by the astrological bodies that make up the alignment (and the houses they are in). Things flow powerfully, almost ´like magic´ (it is, in point of fact) . The laws of causality appear to work in domino effect – when one thing goes right/wrong, so does everything else.

The sheer amount of energetic flow within this alignment makes it a challenge to navigate.

But whether this is a good / happy / desirable / word of choice flow again, comes down to the way the energy is used, focused and manifested.

One can manifest their personal version of hell – or – heaven, on earth – in other words.

What I see in the skies is an unusually long period where the Grand Sextile formation is in effect. We all get access to the Universe´s resources, in full flow. And not all of us know how to use, channel or harness that energy to its best, or most loving effect. So I hope this brief guide helps.

I call this the Great Goddess Grand Sextile as ALL of the Goddess Asteroids are involved:

Ceres – 2 Taurus
Vesta – 2 Cancer
Juno – 2 Scorpio
Pallas Athena Rx – 2 Pisces


Mercury/Venus – transiting through the end of Leo/start of Virgo
Requiem (Asteroid) / Hylonome (Centaur Planet) – at 1 Capricorn

This alignment began on July 28 and will last until August 14, 2016.

The nature of the alignment shifts when:

Mercury enters Virgo – 30 July
Venus enters Virgo – 5 August
Pallas Athena retrogrades into Aquarius – 11 August

The alignment is hyper-activated through the Moon´s conjunctions with:

Vesta @ 2 Cancer – 30 July and it´s opposition to Vesta @ 7 Cancer on August 14)
Mercury/Venus @ 27 Leo – 7 Virgo – August 3-4
Juno @ 4 Scorpio – August 9

Between August 13-14, an irregular Grand Sextile is present in the skies. In this case, that means the hexagon shape is intact, but not all trines are present within. This is formed by the Moon´s transit through Capricorn.


Yeah …. It´s … going to be a pretty intense 2 weeks – not taking into account other astrological considerations.

Here´s the gist of the kinds of energies we are asked to work with through this alignment:

Vesta in Cancer (now) – The commitment to service we bring to the spaces and individuals who make us feel that we belong ; or release from such conceptions, if no longer in alignment with who you are. Rituals by water and the ocean, in particular, will be of use. Asteroid Atlantis will be close to Vesta throughout this alignment!!!

Recommended gemstones: Aqua Aura Quartz, Larimar (careful, this one´s high intensity – excellent for past-life work), Aquamarine

Ceres in Taurus – The question of who/what nurtures you – or smothers you in this material plane (or vice versa). Walking away from material arrangements that do not give you room to grow ; creating arrangements for yourselves or others to grow. Rituals to/for/with the Earth-Mother will be of benefit, as will cord-cutting with overly attached familial ties.

Recommended gemstone: Mookaite Jasper (s´what jumped to me intuitively – feel free to work with alternate stones if you see fit)

Hylonome/Requiem in Capricorn – Okay, so they´re not astro-regulars in most readings, but that doesn´t mean they are any less important. Hylonome is the grieving widow who throws herself on the spear that impales her husband. She challenges us to question our sense of self-worth and whether we truly believe we can live without a partner. Requiem is the facilitator of endings, of different passages through life-cycles. Put the two together in Capricorn and I see the call to find new visions of success and achievement that empower you to stand on your own two feet (with or without a partner). Rituals of release surrounding ideals of self in which you are whole or complete only with another would be of benefit. Certainly a theme those who identify with the co-dependent narrative will strongly be drawn to at this time.

Recommended gemstone: Apache Tears to cry it out if you need to ; Black Obsidian if you need to cut through the illusion of incompleteness first. Use snowflake obsidian if you want something gentler.
Recommended reading: Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood (a life-saver)

Juno in Scorpio – Oh boyyo. The dark, deep chambers of the Underworld writhe, titillate and terrify us through the figure of the Soul-Mate. Doesn´t have to be someone you marry or love, but someone who makes sure that the doors of awareness open, and not necessarily in a nice way. But don´t fear the journey. Most of your gold is still hidden deep within 😉 And sometimes you create it by going through that journey in any case. Ready or not, you´re going to face your Shadow.

Recommended gemstone: Labradorite, Merlinite

Pallas Athena in Pisces – If you´re looking for a path through, don´t go with the Mind-first. Let the mind attune to the urgings of deeper spirit. Don´t be afraid to ask questions and to exercise discernment – s´part of the deal 🙂 Flow first with Spirit, and then fine-tune the experience. When Pallas Athena retrogrades into Aquarius, the Mind´s role is emphasized yet another. Best to keep the cosmic antennae ready for transmissions 😉

Recommended Gemstone: Smoky Quartz
Recommended Practice: Grounding / Earthing / Bare Foot on Soil / Sitting Under a Tree

Mercury / Venus in Virgo – Watch for ideas, communication, people, things, relationships, contracts – or really – anything that comes up in your every day life that shows you the way towards betterment, however you choose to define it. Try not to fret about what might go wrong, give things a go once you´ve sussed out the basics. A little bit of faith goes a long, long, way.

Recommended Gemstone: Carnelian (especially whilst both transit Leo), Dumotierite

You can make a crystal grid in a shape that resonates with you (two intersecting triangles, a hexagon, a square, something else) and sit in the middle of it. Or meditate with each crystal when appropriate (fi you´re called to them).

Another option is to work with the Merkaba – a 3-dimensional representation of the Grand Sextile – as part of your spiritual practice. You can get gemstones carved in this shape.

Salt soaks for the feet with essential oils can also help for grounding and release. Remember to check for allergies with oils. Frankincense for protection, Rose for unconditional love. There´s so many out there – just google what you need.

Generally speaking, the usual advice applies. Stay Open, Stay Grounded, Try to take Nothing Personally. We´re all in the Spin Cycle.

So yeah .. that´s a wrap.

We are all going to be dancing with these energies till mid-August, notwithstanding everything else that´s going on in the Cosmos.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: “Lock”, 17″ X 14″, gouache on paper, 2016 by Nataki McNeal Bhatti. Used with permission. For more awesome art by Nataki, head to The Whalesong Continuum .



There are many ways to change the world,
Worlds within, worlds untold,
Or simply a Blue Planet we have all yet to embrace as Home.
Some whisper. Some wait. Some hold the space for change.
And some push through …
We are all in it together.
This mad, whirling dance of Chaos.
Each playing a role dependent on the other.
Here´s to the whisper-ers,
Who nudge the currents ever so slightly
A little here, a little there
In time it becomes a wave,
A ripple,
A roar.
Here´s to the wait-ers,
Who tell us something new will come
Just bide the time, watching from afar
In faith they watch a new reality unfold
What will it be – who knows?
Here´s to the space-holders, the vessels,
the cosmic containers that focus the Dance,
the mad dance of Death and Creation
In body, in breath,
in life, in death
Behold the Body Chambers
And here´s to the push-ers,
the fools, the hero(ine)s who walk the path of the burning blade,
dancing, dreaming, screaming, heaving on the edge of change,
A precarious path one can celebrate
or simply target.
Here´s to us all.
Right now.
On the brink of change.

Poem © Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, The Sky Priestess

Image: Swirl By Kulshrax (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



One of the reasons why I don´t take the ´Love is Everything, We are all One, it´s Spirit´s Will´ argument as a default is because it´s so open to abuse. And it´s so easy to walk away from taking responsibility for our actions, with that principle.

Anyone can get away with anything, using that argument. If everything we do is an expression of Spirit – good, bad, ugly, beautiful, etc. – in its Mystery and Ways – then we go into the realms of transcendental acceptance.

Which means that everything is OK. And I mean everything.

Which, to me, is an expression of moral nihilism (you might call it ´enlightened´to the point where morality doesn´t matter, but same difference).

It´s not an incorrect view of the world, by any means – my contention is that it is incomplete.

I´m one of those facilitators who sees the need for greater standards, guidelines and codes of conduct within the section of spiritual aspirants that seek to guide or facilitate others in a formal capacity.

True, we all facilitate one another. But those of us who do this as a vocation or calling should have a set of standards or guidelines that we adhere to.

I´m not talking about certifications, titles or other accolades – but a general sense of – What is Ethical?

Maybe I´m just not at that transcendental level where I can ignore a breach of ethics in the name of Love, Spirit and Destiny – but I´m okay here for now 🙂

Let me give you some context:

We live in a world where you can become a ´Certified Shaman´ through taking an online course. Where you can call yourself a Soul Retrieval or Akashic Facilitator after 50 hours of going to a seminar. Where articles see fit to give you ´11 Steps to becoming an Expert Yogi this Summer` (I´m not kidding).

Dilution of the core content of these disciplines and paths of initiation/facilitation doesn´t even come close to what´s happening. Rather, it´s a process of distortion.

You then see facilitators, healers and yogis – as per their given certificates – go into the world and offer services that they believe they can provide.

And sometimes it helps people. And sometimes it lands them in the nut house.

(Premature activations of the kundalini by instructors who do not have the skillset to asses the client´s state of mind and energetic requirements come to mind, specifically).

As beautiful as the spiritual journey can be, it is a dangerous path to walk if you don´t know what you´re doing. Some of the long-term effects of facilitations gone wrong can (and do) last for years, if not decades.

I´ve come across quite a few of those cases in the work that I do and in my personal circle of family and friends. When you see the ruin that ungrounded spiritual facilitation can bring to a person and their family, it´s very … hard … (for me at least) to look the other way.

Getting back to the earlier argument:

The transcendental argument of ´All is Well, All is Happening as it Should, All is Love, All is Spirit´ lacks the moral content to say … well… this is shite.

People should be held to account if they´re taking the traditions of an older culture, diluting/distorting it and causing harm (often without intention or the knowledge that they do so).

Then again, I´m not claiming to be a Transcendental Being just yet 😛

But what I do see is the transcendental argument used in defence of a lack of standards in spiritual facilitation. Or worse still, a client-shaming approach, i.e. you should have tuned in and used your discernment. Or, it´s all happening as per your Higher Self´s Will, or, it´s your Soul´s Path, Choice or Karma.

I … am not comfortable with that … not in the slightest. My own work comes with a massive trigger warning label where I explain the potential effects to clients before getting into any work with me. Irrespective of how seasoned, experienced, popular, academically certified they may be (or not). I make them understand that what I do has its effects and consequences, where my (and their) responsibility begins and ends.

I also practice discernment in the clients I take on board because I need to be able to gauge whether a person will be able to handle the intensity of my work. And many cannot. It would cause more harm than good to subject someone to work that is of a deeper intensity than what they should/need exposure to.

This was a lesson I learnt the hard way, with a client who had all the external trappings of being a Teacher: a following, titles, etc. It was a very powerful interaction, but one which showed me the need to lay all this stuff out in total clarity, irrespective of who´s doing the listening. She hated her session and the mirror it held up to her, and of course made it all about me and my alleged lack of professionalism and skill. She and I must have had a powerful contract to work through this together as working with her (and her resistance to be seen) made my biological processes go in overdrive.

It took me a while to recover from that experience and the deep wounds it cut into me. For a long time, I blamed myself (as I tend to) and tried reaching out to her, only to be shamed over and over again. I blamed my body/energy field that took a beating from her resistance and intense force of denial. And I kept wondering what I did wrong and why I reacted to her energy the way I did. If I should stop what I was doing. If I was causing harm. If I was totally deluded, as she claimed I was. If I was not good enough.

The shift came for me when I realized what my mistake was. And to find that I had to look at the situation through the energetic eye, rather than the physical one.

My mistake was not practising that discernment in the beginning. I was too taken by the external trappings at that point of time. Else I´d have known she was not ready for the work I did. Of course when I tried to explain this … it made her go feral. (Yeah, I was a lot more naive then … )

The experience made me a far better facilitator, and one even more confident in what I did – once my ego-mind got past the external trappings (of following, title, labels) – and began to look at her – and me – at the energy level. If I had to look at her chart again today, I´d still have done the same reading of it as I did before.

I now hold a far more specific, focused energetic space than I did before – and readings are getting even deeper than before.

To be fair, at the time, I was walking away from a deeply narcissistic, emotionally abusive woman I had considered my mentor for many years. In retrospect, the clarity of self I achieved through this interaction helped me see that situation very, very clearly. And to eventually break myself away from it.

But the only reason why I reflected and learnt so deeply from this experience was because I took it seriously – and did not wave it off as ´her fault / client shaming´ or as ´the way of the Mystery´ *woo woo, cue mystical sound effects / X-Files theme song*.

I looked at it as a real human interaction and sought to hold myself as accountable as possible. And that is where my growth process came from. And yielded fruit.

So yes – that transcendental perspective of – everything happens for a cause/reason is valid. But it only has meaning when we look for one through a framework that brings it back to the Earth-Plane.

And that … dynamic tension is what, I believe, each and every facilitator who walks this world (and many others) would benefit from engaging with – if they do not do so already.

Tip: Work with Sodalite – it´ll help you discern your clients´ (and your own) energies before going into sessions


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Sodalite peg.jpg by Tillman at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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People appropriate their own culture.

The real issue is when culture is sold and the sacred commodified. Or when it is distorted or erased by ruling elites to secure their authority.
And truth be told, more people have probably disrespected the essence of the Gods and Goddesses here (in India) than anyone external trying to come in. And so much of those distortions have been internalized to the point that they are no longer questioned.

Tell me, is that not cultural appropriation? Are the members of a particular culture exempt from the claim that they take and twist what is and ought to be sacred to them for personal benefit?

I don´t think so …

Personally, I am of the view that the DNA that you are born with should not limit the traditions you choose to engage with – but if venturing outside, look for sources you truth, who can point you in the right direction with integrity. I mean … we started with One Source . Physically, Spiritually, Energetically. I don´t see why some people get access to certain forms of Spirit and others ought to be denied on the basis of their birth.

I think we might get further with the recognition that Souls cross gendered, racialized and ethnic lines. But at the same time, with that openness comes the need for discernment

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam​ PhD

Cauldron: On Politics, Power and Spirituality


I´ve been thinking about the cultural appropriation debate and have recently found a way to shift my thinking around it – one that is probably a lot more just to many from Western cultures who are sincerely trying to understand the East (and sometimes do so more effectively than those brought up within it) – and vice versa.

A lot of you who enjoy my posts are certainly not embodying the God/dess as part of religious dress-up, you really do see Her-Him and honor Spirit in your Form and Essence. I do the same archetypes that go past my personal upbringing.

Mary Magdalene, Anubis, the Archangel Michael – these dudes/dudettes are part of my tribe – though I wasn´t raised to see them that way. And they are a part of my own personal, sacred work.

So yes, I get it  🙂

But that doesn´t mean that cultural appropriation…

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MINI-ROUND OF SESSIONS (23-29 July, 2016) – Booking Slots Open.


Hello everyone. Looking through my pilgrimage dates and, as promised, there will be a mini-round of sessions between 23-29 July between 10 am-6 pm each day IST (Indian Standard Time, GMT + 5.30).

For sessions, I require your date time and place of birth &  email address. Sessions are via skype, payments via paypal. If you prefer a phone session, depending on where you live, a small surcharge will apply.

Here are the booking links for each type of session – NOTE: Times shown match your computer´s time zones:

Minisession / Eris Awakens / The Vesta Special – 30-45 minutes:

111 Bubble Burster – 60 minutes:

The Middle Session – 90 minutes:

Astrology for Newborns & Children – 60 minutes: We´ve got to have a chat in advance to see if it is a fit for your child

The Soul Portrait Masterclass – 210 minutes: We´ve got to have a chat in advance to see if it is a fit for you

I´m fairly flexible with slot times and types of readings offered – so if you need something specific (themewise, timewise, etc.) just get in touch. I also do relationship readings but require the consent and ideally participation of the parties involved.

Details of each session and prices are listed here:

Please note that all Sessions are subject to the T&Cs as explained in the invoice and at the start of the session itself. You will receive an mp3 recording within a few days of your session.


If you are not familiar with my work and approach, read this ´Why what I do isn´t for everyone a.k.a. something to read before booking a session with me´:…/why-what-i-do-isnt-f…/

I look forwards to hearing from you if working with me is in alignment with your journey.

The next round of sessions will begin in late August or sometime in September. Bear in mind that this mini-round lasts between 23-29 July. I will resume my pilgrimage from that point onwards.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


If you have any questions, you can use this form. Otherwise, please book directly with the links provided above. T&Cs are explained below.

** Please note that none of the information presented within sessions is meant to replace advice from a medical, healthcare, legal and/or other professional. How you choose to act upon the advice given is entirely based on your own free will. Receipt and/or Payment of the sessions implies full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as set out in the Invoice you receive when you book. All sessions are confidential, non-refundable, non-transferable and non-liable without exception.  You will receive a electronic link to an mp3 recording of your session.  With respect to this webpage, the author shall not be held liable from any intentional, accidental or other consequences of acting upon, sharing, or engaging with this information in any form. Use of this information or booking, purchasing and/or having a session implies tacit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

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Draupadi_s_presented_to_a_pachisi_game (1)


It´s a beautiful night in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Moon is nearly full and her glow brightens the night sky. I´ve just had dinner and am walking down a market street. There´s a sense of freedom and safety that I feel in South India. You certainly see a lot more women walking about by themselves than you do in the North, without the sense that you constantly need to look over your shoulder.

Something in my feet stirs and I feel a familiar pulse of energy in the land, calling strongly to me. I turn to my companion and ask him if there´s a temple about. Like a beacon, I feel Her calling to me, her temple pulsing through the soles of my feet.

And I find Her through my feet. Literally. Walking down Eldams Road, we turn into a small alleyway to find a 24-hour clinic. A few days ago I developed some blisters on my feet from walking around in my sneakers without socks on. There are little wounds that haven´t healed very well and are beginning to smell a little.

The doctor turns out to be a bright, curious and highly competent young Muslim woman, dressed in a fully-covered black burqa. She was curious about what I did as I explained I´d been travelling. I replied that I went to sacred places and wrote articles on women and spirituality and she smiled. It was a nice feeling to meet a lovely being able to exude that kind of intelligence, warmth and curiosity, breaking through several stereotypes in the process.

I take my leave and then turn towards the temple. I know I´m exactly where I need to be.

The temple itself is a very small, narrow, one-chamber building. There´s a black, seated statue of a Goddess with an uncharacteristic face. She doesn´t look peaceful, but not exactly war-like either. This of course is the Goddess Draupadi.

In the Mahabharata, Princess Draupadi emerges as a beautiful dark-skinned being from a sacred fire ceremony, conducted by her father King Drupada. She is also known as Krishnaa (female variant of The Dark One – contrary to the way she is commonly depicted in art and film) and is said to possess great powers, much like Lord Krishna himself. Unlike any other figure I know of in Hindu mythology, Draupadi is wedded to five brothers, the princes of the Pandava clan (protagonists of the Mahabharata). She is, in that sense, polyandrous.

Through an act of deceit (and godawful misogyny), Draupadi is staked as part of a claim in a game of dice staged by her husbands´ enemies (and cousins – the Kauravas). She questions the legality of staking her as a claim (as her husband had already lost himself as part of the bet). Nevertheless, she is dragged out publicly by force into the royal court. Some accounts tell us that she was menstruating at that time. Her enemies call her a prostitute on account of her polyandry and try to publicly strip her. She is saved through Divine Intervention (by Lord Krishna).

My sense is that much of the narrative has already been distorted. Many questions still linger around this powerful, enigmatic figure.

Draupadi, in one account I read, has the power to dissolve her enemies to ash through her gaze alone. Why did she not then do so in her time of need?

In ritual practice and worship, some communities continue to worship Draupadi as a Goddess, most notably (in South India) amongst the Vanniyar and other Shudra (allegedly lower) castes. In the temple I visited, I noticed two statues flanking the main deity – Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman (which was to be expected). A further statue sat facing the moolasthanam (central alcove) from a corner.

I asked my companion about this figure after I´d returned back to my room and he informed me that it was Aravaan. There are many narratives that surround this figure – but for the sake of brevity and focus – I´ll stick to a brief overview.

In the Mahabharata, Aravaan was a figure who willingly offered himself as a sacrifice so that the Pandavas would win the mighty war. He was said to be of Serpent (Naga) origin, as the grandson of Adi-Sesha (in some accounts). In the South, the offering of one´s body (self-decapitation) as the sacrifice to a Goddess goes back to antiquity – with goddesses such as Kottravai, Kali and Draupadi.

A different narrative links Aravaan with the Aravaani (transvestite) community. As Aravaan was a bachelor at the time of consenting to be a sacrifice, he yearned for marriage (and the rite of consumnation) before his death. One version cites his marriage to Lord Krishna in his feminine form (Mohini). Krishna-Mohini goes through the rituals associated with widowhood and beats his-her breasts in agony at the death of his-her husband. There are very few temples that honor both Draupadi and Aravaan and who celebrate and ritually enact this event each year through performance of ritual, dance, prayer and sexual activity. Aravaani-s transvestites play a significant role in the festivities.

Wikipedia´s entries on Draupadi and Aravaan are great starting places for further research into these traditions – for those interested.

What is also interesting is that I´d passed by Draupadi-Aravaan temples just yesterday on the train – confined to a very specific space in Tamil Nadu. I felt very moved by the lands I saw, especially as they are where my maternal ancestors come from. I had been thinking about the figure of the transvestite and of the great Serpent. These themes all come together through this temple and the figures therein – not something I would have known consciously beforehand.

Returning to the narrative – as I enter the Draupadi temple, I hear my favourite version of the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram (by the Sulamangalam Sisters) play in the background. I express my gratitude at having been guided there – for myself, and for a friend´s daughter in need – and have a brief discussion with Her on sexual politics and the politics of choice 🙂 .

As I leave, I notice that the priest gave me and my companion some yellow powder, which is wholly separate from what you get at Shaivite or Vaishnavite temples. It wasn´t the grey ash (vibhooti), re (kum kum), sandalwood paste – or anything I´d ever seen before. The temple priest explains that he´s given us turmeric ground with raw rice and 18 herbs, bearing great medicinal and spiritual properties. Very unusual indeed, and very very sacred.

I leave the temple with a sense of fulfilment. She´s asked me to write about the experience, and so here She is 🙂



Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Dark Mother’s Children ; Honoring The Dark Mother: A Temple-Space; The Sky Priestess ; The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light

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Image: Draupadi´s presented to a pachisi game.jpg – Public Domain vis Wikimedia Commons (Cropped from original)

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THE CAPRICORN FULL MOON, 19 JULY 2016 – Legacy, Commitment and Power


adjusted image

If Pisces is the Dream, then Capricorn is the Will to Make it Manifest. It is the energy of the lone mountain goat that surmounts incredible odds to make it to the solitary mountaintop, sacrificing so many creature comforts along the way. It is a deeply misunderstood sign and is heavily projected upon.

Capricorns are often stereotyped as being wholly unromantic, devoid of sentiment and entirely focused on achievement, ambition and power (at all costs). Whilst there´s a grain of truth to all stereotypes, that grain is often distorted. As a Capricorn, born to a Capricorn mother – I have had the privilege of witnessing what Love in a Capricornian form looks and feels like. It´s not cuddly, it´s not always that expressive – but it is focused and powerful. It can of course be used in a distorted form – but then – which energy is free from potential abuse?

Capricorn connects us, in a material sense, with the institutions of governance and the forms or persons we legitimate with status and authority. It addresses the relationships of power between those with differential access to resources, agency and control. In the case of the nation-state, it also includes access to arms and the ´right´ to use them. When it comes to the state and its civilians, it is often (if not always) an unequal relationship. With Pluto in Capricorn at this time, we also see an added emphasis on the institutions of finance and banking and how they (just as the state does) structure the life-cycle of individuals and society as a whole – for better or worse. With the Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015) we have seen widespread challenge to these institutions and a deeper shake-up of ´the system´ as we know it. The seeds have been set for change, and I look forwards to see the way it will all pan out.

Getting back to the present, as the state, (often autocratic) leaders, banks and other institutions that govern society (or appear to) have created so many imbalances in the world, people automatically distrust their power. What we forget is that these are institutions and individuals that have power so long as we continue to invest legitimacy in them (at least in a minimally democratic set-up). What has then ensued is a widespread distrust of power and status itself, rather than the recognition that in themselves – these are neutral things.

I would disagree with the phrase ´Power corrupts´ as it´s short-handed thinking.

Power in itself can neither do harm, nor do good unless wielded with intent.

What that intention is, comes down to you.

Wielding power in an ethical way takes a lot of groundedness, discernment and empathy. If your vessel is sound, go for it. Don´t fear it. Step up to the Dream and Dare to Make It Real.

The Capricorn Full Moon will go exact at 22:56 UTC time, 19th July 2016 at 27 degrees Capricorn. Look back to January 9th 2016, when we set the seeds for this event during the Capricorn New Moon. We will be asked to commit fully to something or someone (including the Self).

It´s a time to look at the long-term view – to understand what truly motivates us and what we are willing to strive for. An excellent time to consider the dynamics between home-career, mother-father, patriarch-matriarch and the various forms of relationships (and power dynamics) that society has asked us to live in (and accept without question). Changes in career, or your conception/relationship of whatever you´re doing with your life will be on the cards for many.

The key question is whether you´ve committed your energies to something worth doing and is that a legacy worth leaving behind in the world?

That need not be a huge project or giant aspiration, just a job well done. It may not be an occupation in the strictest sense of the word, but a commitment to an ideal or a particular role in life. For my mother, it was her children. For me, it is the work that the Dark Goddess guides me towards and the public-and-private partnerships that emerge to structure it all into being.

For you, it may be something wholly different.

* * * * * * * * *

Astrologically speaking, it´s quite a potent Full Moon as:

(1) The Sun and Moon are part of a GRAND CROSS, with Juno at 1 Scorpio, Ceres at 0 Taurus Nemesis at 21 Libra and Uranus at 24 Aries. Let´s just say that there´s going to be a lot of tense, dynamic and transformative energies at work that question where, how, why and with whom we form associations and invest our efforts and resources. We will also look at what or whom nurtures or smothers us and how we can, or might want to do the same (where appropriate). We will also consider the ideals by which we live and the decisions that either uphold or contradict our understanding of ourselves and the society we live in. This is a potent time for re-configuring relationship/partnership dynamics.

(2) The Capricorn Full Moon is part of a DOUBLE YOD (Fingers of Fate). The first yod lasts for most of July and involves Mars in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries and Vesta in Gemini. The second yod is formed by Mars, with Vesta at its apex. Mars sextiles the Capricorn Full Moon to complete the alignment. Again – long story short – karmic waters are quickening to a point of culmination and commitment. You will have the chance to make powerful decisions with long-lasting consequences at this time. Some of you will find older forms of commitment as no longer resonant – and will begin your path of re-discovery through the breaking of these forms. It´s a highly volatile alignment, to say the least.

(3) The Sun and Moon are in a KITE (GRAND WATER TRINE + OPPOSITION). The Sun trines Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. A powerful alignment that enables us to dig deeply into our wounds, fears and vulnerabilities. The unearthing of the Shadow. The healing (and revelation) of the Wound and its Scars – across Generations. The Moon opposes the Sun, making it the focal point of this alignment (much as an arrow appears to point forwards from a bow drawn backwards) – in astrology we call it a Kite alignment.

(4) The Sun is inconjunct the GALACTIC CENTER. Those with placements near 27 Taurus and/or Aquarius will experience this as a profound Yod (Finger of Fate). Any alignment with the Galactic Center brings us closer towards discovering Paths, Teachers or Teachings which resonate with a far deeper understanding of the Cosmos and the way we negotiate our Paths through it. Watch whom you are drawn to, or drawn away from at this time. All bear a significant message.

(5) VESTA opposes the Galactic Center. Watch for messages that challenge or reinforce the way you think about your Path of Service at this time. An excellent time to consider getting an astrological / other type of reading that guides or orients you towards discovering that Path. Choose a facilitator you trust.

My current round of sessions opens between 23-29 July 2016, however – if you feel you absolutely have to work with me now, just get in touch.

(6) Other Exact Aspects (within 1 degree): Pluto trined the North Node, North Node square Great Attractor, Eris squared Thereus, Venus trined Saturn, Saturn squared Eros

I hope that helps you navigate this complex energetic alignment.

Let´s choose to leave Legacies worthy of our Descendants. 


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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