People appropriate their own culture.

The real issue is when culture is sold and the sacred commodified. Or when it is distorted or erased by ruling elites to secure their authority.
And truth be told, more people have probably disrespected the essence of the Gods and Goddesses here (in India) than anyone external trying to come in. And so much of those distortions have been internalized to the point that they are no longer questioned.

Tell me, is that not cultural appropriation? Are the members of a particular culture exempt from the claim that they take and twist what is and ought to be sacred to them for personal benefit?

I don´t think so …

Personally, I am of the view that the DNA that you are born with should not limit the traditions you choose to engage with – but if venturing outside, look for sources you truth, who can point you in the right direction with integrity. I mean … we started with One Source . Physically, Spiritually, Energetically. I don´t see why some people get access to certain forms of Spirit and others ought to be denied on the basis of their birth.

I think we might get further with the recognition that Souls cross gendered, racialized and ethnic lines. But at the same time, with that openness comes the need for discernment

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam​ PhD

Cauldron: On Politics, Power and Spirituality


I´ve been thinking about the cultural appropriation debate and have recently found a way to shift my thinking around it – one that is probably a lot more just to many from Western cultures who are sincerely trying to understand the East (and sometimes do so more effectively than those brought up within it) – and vice versa.

A lot of you who enjoy my posts are certainly not embodying the God/dess as part of religious dress-up, you really do see Her-Him and honor Spirit in your Form and Essence. I do the same archetypes that go past my personal upbringing.

Mary Magdalene, Anubis, the Archangel Michael – these dudes/dudettes are part of my tribe – though I wasn´t raised to see them that way. And they are a part of my own personal, sacred work.

So yes, I get it  🙂

But that doesn´t mean that cultural appropriation…

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