The skies are going to be highly activated over the next 28 hours (until approximately 2.30 am, August 15 2016 UTC time). The Moon activates the Great Goddess Grand Sextile  and various other bodies in the skies. It´s a Prime Time for Manifestation and honoring The Goddess, in all Her forms. Also (as the linked article describes) a general amplification of all kinds of energy.


GGGS 13 15 AUG 2016




I´m going to see if I can make it out
to a special Goddess temple tomorrow. The temple pictures in this article are from my recent visit to the utterly spectacular Draupadi Amman Temple I wrote to you about a few weeks ago. Pictures were taken with the temple priest´s consent. Just wanted to share the good vibes ❤





Back to the astrology …


Saturn has … just … ended her Retrograde . Things are energetically interesting (more so than usual right now), as we adjust to the change. Remember that August and September are highly activated months (for a variety of reasons – refer to the article for more details). We now have the change to externalize the search for structure, authority and stability – with this change in direction.


Just a few of the exact aspects (1 degree orb) in the skies right now:

  • Venus at 11 Virgo opposes Neptune at 11 Pisces
  • Jupiter at 24 Virgo opposes Chiron at 24 Pisces
  • Jupiter at 24 Virgo inconjuncts Uranus/Eris at 24 Aries
  • Sun at 22 Leo trines Uranus/Eris at 24 Aries
  • Sun at 22 Leo inconjuncts Chiron at 24 Pisces
  • Mars at 5 Sagittarius inconjuncts Ceres at 4 Taurus

There´s more …

In a nutshell – all this points to the activation of deep wounds / lessons of healing / opportunities for growth / transcendence – in personal and professional relationships, knowledge of the Self, relationship with Spirituality and karmic / past-life dynamics. And a lot more besides.

Keep your Hearts Open, and your Feet on the Ground 🙂

Here´s a mantra for activation/clearing/protection – from the Lion Goddess, Pratyangira Devi – (It´s pretty intense, so if you´re feeling imbalanced, avoid this one)

And here´s another for calming/protection/gentle release – from the Hebrew Tradition (Invocation of the Heavenly Host / Energy) – If you´ve got a better translation, let me know x


And a third mantra – for multidimensional manifestation – also from the Hebrew Tradition – ( Yod Hey Vav Hey ) I see it as a call to balance the Masculine and the Feminine as part of the process of Creation. Some believe that the name of the Lord YHWH should not be pronounced out loud, others take a different view. Go with what resonates with you and respect another´s choice to  take a different road ❤



Generally speaking,

Focus on what you want to experience / manifest, where you are now and finding the most grounded, most loving path between the two.

Also an excellent window of time to simply Be and give Gratitude for All-That-Is.

Make the Most of It 🙂  IMG_20160811_190127


Blessings and Lots of Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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thx a lot Sister .I honor your path and work


Thankyou x


Thank you! Your smiling face and spirit is so beautiful!


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