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Blessings to All. I have been thinking about offering this session for some time. Most of you who engage with my work tend to have some experience with astrology and/or spiritual facilitation.

But there´s also a lot of interest from beginners in either field wanting to understand their natal charts – who may not necessarily have a problem they need fixing, a bubble they need bursting, a specific question they need in-depth assistance with, energetic shifting, etc.

I am going to try out a new type of session to see if I can address this need. So, for those of you who are starting out in astrological journey and would like some insight with it, consider booking ´The Discovery Session´.

This discussion will not include transits, progressions, Goddess Asteroids, Trans-Neptunian Objects and so on – which tends to be quite fun, though

Instead, it´ll stick to the basics:

Topics covered:

Major House Cusps
The 9 Planets
The North and South Node
Major Aspects / Alignments


Duration:1 hr – 155 USD


Booking Link:  – (timezones automatically match your computer)


This is more an information-only session and does not involve a strong facilitative component. You will have a solid grasp of the basis of your astrological chart by the end of the session.

For more in-depth offerings & deeper transformations, please see:



Blessings and Love,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


Post & Image ´Discovery Bridge`  © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.

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** Please note that none of the information presented within sessions is meant to replace advice from a medical, healthcare, legal and/or other professional. How you choose to act upon the advice given is entirely based on your own free will. Receipt and/or Payment of the sessions implies full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as set out in the Invoice you receive when you book. All sessions are confidential, non-refundable, non-transferable and non-liable without exception. You will receive a electronic link to an mp3 recording of your session. With respect to this webpage, the author shall not be held liable from any intentional, accidental or other consequences of acting upon, sharing, or engaging with this information in any form. Use of this information or booking, purchasing and/or having a session implies tacit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.





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