A brief video on my understanding of strength and vulnerability – and how they are not polar opposites –  different modalities of releasing trauma, pain and (if that appeals) the wounded healer paradigm. This will be especially important for us all as we address the intense influx of Capricorn Energy at our Doorstep. .

As with everything I say – this is my view. It doesn´t need to be yours, so go with what flows for you. We choose the roads we take and there isn´t a Universal Standard all must follow.

Also a brief announcement on an intended book on the subject and upcoming trip to Australia.


Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Hello Bairavee, do keep us informed of what you are up to in Australia, as you will be much closer!! North node Cap 1st house, south node Cancer 7th house. SO looking forward to more of your take on this !

    1. Hi Bairavee, great timing for me on this …progressed Moon going into Cancer/12th house March 12. Sun, Asc, Venus, Uranus in Cancer in 1st house, so these energies will be huge actors in coming years! Look forward to getting your book!

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