FROM ANGER TO POWER: A JOURNEY THROUGH THE RED ROOT (Upcoming Workshop in Gold Coast, Australia, 29 April 2017)

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We each experience events that we understand as trauma, regret, grief – and often through these events – there is an underlying rage or anger that is unresolved or unexpressed. We are often shamed when acknowledging our anger as we are told that being evolved looks and feels a certain way. This has gone on for so long that there are so many who feel so depleted and depressed – not realizing that they expend an enormous amount of energy forcing their anger into denial. It takes a lot to keep something as primal, essential and elemental like that under wraps.
In various Wisdom Traditions across the globe, we find deities or archetypes whose wrathful or angry forms give us permission to express the red, hot rage that – often – we find stored in the Base or Root Chakra. Whilst anger in itself can be a destructive force, when transmuted and harnessed – it then reverts to the life-force itself. And through it we discover a channel to our own power.
Not many will understand this journey and some will be downright frightened or triggered by it as the face we wear when in our wrath is not a pleasant, comfortable sight for most. And many will choose to respond to it with fear, avoidance or shame – as it triggers the awareness of the same uncknowledged force within. In contemporary terminology, this is a path that is heavily projected on. And yet, it is one of the most rewarding.
In this workshop we remove the masks and strip away the veils that have been placed between ourselves and our primordial fire. We learn how to explore anger and rage as a distortion of this energy – and how to bring it back into alignment. As we work on ourselves as individuals, we work on the level of consciousness of the group – and the collective. We will also be paying special attention to the energies of the land that have most recently (and vividly) un-earthed so much of this energy, especially in the wake of Cyclone Debbie.
Now this is not an invitation to go into anger and sit in the vibration of self-righteous rage – it is to go beyond it and back to Source itself.
This workshop is not suitable for those who are freshly in the process of working through trauma but more so for those who have already developed a firm sense of grounding.
If you want a sense of the energy I´ll be bringing to the event, watch this:
Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ; The Sky Priestess
Workshop Organizer: Mr. Greg George – check out my SpiritBuddy Interview with him (he´s a super cool dude)
Date: 29 April 2017
Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (please aim to arrive by 9.30 for introductions, we will start at 10 sharp)
Venue: Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre, 14 Billabirra Cres, 4211 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
30 Places available
Prices: 111 AUD if payment is made before 26th April (Early Bird Special) 155 for on-the-day payment
To book, please contact Greg at 0418 755 068 (between 4-9 pm) Please bring a plate to share for lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments supplied.


Hi Bairavee

I am the one who wrote you yesterday through Paul Schapel’s facebook page, I’d like to invite you to drop in for a cuppa and a chat if you are in Sunshine Coast anytime. Just like to meet you since you are in Oz, and I feel we can have an amazing exchange.

I have a few events I am involved in – one talk today that may interest you, however, it may be a little late notice. I will give you details anyway and attach the event announcement for May in case you are still around Oz.

the upcoming talk also touches on EMFs from the expanded and extended look at this Human energy system (biofield) as it relates to the emerging understandings of the Zero Point Energy field in quantum science along side traditional and emergent models of subtle energy systems.

*Dates for this talk:* *1) April 20, **Thursday, **7pm at Theosophical Society, Buderim – The Croquet Club, Syd Lingard Drive, Buderim, Queensland*

*2) May 13, **Saturday, **10.30-11.30am,* followed by a Conscious Conversations meetup at the cafe next door till 1pm, *at Nambour Organic Co-op, 36 Price Street, Nambour, Queensland*

*inner ka huna Massage Demo:* I am also performing a demo and this is an opportunity to see for yourself this beautiful massage in motion, and learn a little more about the philosophy of Hawaiian culture that is the foundation the Polynesian healing system.

*Date for demo: * *May 6, **Saturday, **10.30-11.30am **at Nambour Organic Co-op, 36 Price Street, Nambour*

Trust our path cross and we get a chance to meet in person…

Aloha Lay Lin +61 436 025 309 / 0436 025 309 Nambour

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 6:54 AM, Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD wrote:

> Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” We each experience events > that we understand as trauma, regret, grief – and often through these > events – there is an underlying rage or anger that is unresolved or > unexpressed. We are often shamed when acknowledging our anger as we are > told that b” >

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Would love to be able to do this with you. When are you coming to Canada? 🙄 Hugs,Diane

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