The North Node moves out of Virgo as the South Node moves out of Pisces. Over the next week, we will see the closing of many chapters of self exploration and growth as we prepare to embark on new journeys ahead.

At this moment in time (22 April 2017) the Moon conjuncts the Piscean South Node whilst Mars in Gemini squares both Nodes, creating a Mutable T-Square.

Use this energy to feel and move your way through the closing cycles or chapters that emerge at this time. Catharsis through the spoken or written word would be beneficial, as will an exploration of thoughts, ideas, communication modalities, memories from childhood and/or relationships with siblings. Keep an eye on your physical health (especially digestive / circulatory issues) and focus on decluttering, purifying, strengthening your relationship with your body and/or ritual spaces.

If you have bodies near 0 Sagittarius, know that you will be experiencing a Mutable Grand Cross. Keep your eye (and aim) at the bigger picture – as you manage the different energies or themes that emerge right now.



PS – For those of you in Australia, there are two workshops coming up – (1) From Anger to Power: A Journey through Red Root  (29 April, Gold Coast) – (2) Exploring the Sacral Chakra (May 3, Melbourne). More details on the latter soon!

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  1. Love your posts Dr. B.

    Ugh my digestion is a mess.

    blaming it on gallbladder surgery (ugh. i’m the healthiest person, curate my foods/diet, etc… genetic lottery… I tried everything to save but nothing worked)…

    but I also know these deep ascension times are also causal.

    i’m a mess. but a wonderful mess

    going to a shamanic healing tonight.

    hoping that helps.

    my stomach burns.

    much love and thank you for your wisdom medicine.


    seattle, wa USA


    Liked by 1 person

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