Greetings everyone! Today I am overjoyed to bring you a potent conversation, introduction, seed and ancient continuation between two beings who walk the same path, but in different ways. (It all reaches the same space in the end anyways).

I am joined, as part of the SpiritBuddy Interview Series, a man whose work I have followed for a long time. I first encountered Bernhard Guenther´s writings when he tagged something I had written on the Limits of Astrology a few years ago.

Of the many spiritual writers and mystics I have had the good fortune to meet, I was most moved by his articulation of energy. I am deeply appreciate his clarity of mind in expressing some of the deeper pitfalls and different types of interference that a spiritual seeker encounters. I address the same theme, in a different language.

You can find out more about his teachings at his website , or by following him on Facebook.

A mutual respect developed over time, and this is – I hope and trust – the start of many fruitful collaborations in the future. This interview is timed just as Venus enters Libra and prepares to conjunct the Super-Galactic Center. (Long story short, a good time to explore collaborative work that speaks to the Balance, or Dance or Light and Shadow at the Source of All Things).

In this discussion, we talk about the roads we have taken, and why. We examine the pitfalls of a hyper-logical, overly-intellectual approach to Spirit and the many ways in which our Minds get in the way our paths.

We share the vibration of Joy-in-the-Body and discuss the importance of reconnecting with the Child-Self – especially as the world appears (on the outside) to be getting far more intense, chaotic and unstable.

We also discuss the limits of astrology (and other tools) and the importance of not relying on external tools and paradigms to the neglect of Inner Knowing.  These help the seeker tremendously, but only up to a point.

Till you reach a very different state of inner perception.

It is a knowing transcends the mind, emotions, narratives of Self or perceptions that arise purely from being incarnated in the 3-D form and experiences you encounter therein.

We also explore how certain understandings of Ascension as become in themselves …. escapism. It does no justice to the wisdom of the Soul who chose to be here for a reason.

And a lot more. So much more.

Sit back, enjoy and … take the good vibes in!


Blessings to the Collective.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess.


I am sorry but which link is the one you just sent for the interview?  Your posts have been so accurate recently I I wish to savour all. Thank you..Diane 

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This is wonderful; thank you! I’ll be sharing it with some of my students who’re de-programming from New Age propaganda/disinformation & are returning to balance with discernment…


Amazing. Thank to you both!
In lakéch


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