With Mars and Jupiter conjunct one another in Scorpio, this is the time to think about your health, finances – and really – the resources that help you regenerate your vitality and passion.
Consider the vitality of your intimate relationships, your reproductive system, your finances – really – your resources as a whole. Are they in a state of destruction, or regeneration?
Scorpio also brings us a great deal of temptation, which is a part of its test. Remember to stay true to your ethics and who you are. Consider the means, rather than the ends – no matter how alluring they may seem. Take the time to dig through the fine print before committing to any financial, medical, sexual or other resource-intensive endeavour.
Remember to honor your ethics, and the alchemy of regeneration within. Zero-sum games will not benefit anyone.
Mars and Jupiter square the North Node and Ceres in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius. Whilst it is important to be bold and take a step in a new direction, remember not to act recklessly or in haste. Take the time to make a solid plan for what you want to do before rushing into the fray.
It´s good to be inspired by the flashes of insight that come but remember that the way you act upon them defines the style of leadership and brand of authenticity you bring to the world.
Knee-jerk responses are not what is required, but rather leadership that keeps its feet on the ground and eyes scanning the horizon. Think through the long-term consequences of whatever actions you take now and how they impact your prospects, reputation and sense of purpose in the word.
Many will be led by the impulses of the South Node in Aquarius (group associations, technology, social media, friendship networks) – and in astrology – this is exactly what you don´t go chasing after lest you find yourself in new iterations of old karmic cycles.
In other words – Don´t jump on the bandwagon everyone else seems to be going on. You are likely to regret it later.
Think, feel – and intuit anything before you take decisive action at this time.
Is this action true to You?
Will it make you a better Leader? Creator? Visionary?
Does it sing the song of your Heart?
And lead you back to your innermost Truth & Power?


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


Topic: Beyond Construct – Transcending our Concept of the Feminine Experience
Date: 12th January 2018
Location: Tempe, Arizona

Click this link for more information on the event.

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