Astro-Heads up! (13-15 May 2018)

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Mercury is conjunct Uranus at 29 Aries.

Uranus is about to shift into Taurus in 2 days’ time, leaving Aries (temporarily)

The Aries Moon just moved past Eris at 23 degrees.

We´re due to see Mars shift into Aquarius and the New Moon in Taurus as well …

Be mindful of the way you use words and what you use them for.
There are contexts where a softer tone is better and ones where a more direct one is required.
Follow your pursuit of truth, but understand that you do not have the right to stop others on their path.
Whatever you are presented with that makes you uncomfortable has a lesson for you.
Sometimes it is to say that it is time to walk away and sometimes it is to say that it’s time to take a good, hard look at the mirror.
Health concerns surrounding any part of you above the neck and/or the solar plexus need to be monitored a little more closely at this time.
If feeling psychologically fragile or volatile, duck out of the way and focus on you – there’s a lot of debris flying about.
There´s always more to do, but this is a good start.

The Sky Priestess


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Thank you. Yup, very emotional day, and leaving a situation. Waiting for the May 15th shift.

No mood to talk, so words are no issue.
Have a blessed day Dr B


Thank you for the heads-up, Dr. B! I’m an eager Taurus waiting to see what Uranus’ move into Taurus brings.

Mark William Hammond 917.445.9529 ________________________________


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