Please note that a previous version of this article stated Sun conjunct Mars and Mercury for the eclipse, when that is not the case. It was supposed to state ´Pallas Athena´, and I have no idea how Pallas became Mars … My apologies for any confusion, it has of course been rectified.

I simply take this as the reminder that Mercury Retrograde is at play and continues to teach us lessons in humility, trickster style !

Blessings – and enjoy the Eclipse


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Moon and Mercury Rx at 14 Leo square Jupiter at 14 Scorpio. Pay attention to the messages that come now: they set the tone of your experience during this eclipse.

The messages themselves may be dreams, literal writing on the wall, a conversation, a dialogue from a TV show, etc.

You are being asked to look at the subconscious emotions and beliefs that allow or deny your access to an innate sense of sovereignty. Look at where you may be holding intense emotions – be it regrets, grief, anger, resentments, envy, false pride, and so on.

This is exactly what you may want to set the intention to release as we get closer to the Solar Eclipse in Leo. It may happen at the click of one’s fingers, or it may take longer to manifest. Either way, your desire to release that which weighs you down, or acknowledge and transmute…

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