An overview of the astrology and its various ´energy bombs´ in the skies since September. This was created by the Grand Cross alignment involving Venus, Mars, Uranus, North and South Nodes. This particular source of intensity will continue to unfurl till December 2018 – alongside other profound astrological alignments which have a long-term influence on collective evolution.

We will be revisiting these exact alignments due to Venus´ retrograde in Scorpio. More revelations of truths and opportunities for transmutation will arise – especially in out nameless, formless, wordless experience of the Feminine. This occurs especially around Samhain (in the Northern hemisphere), i.e. Halloween 2018.

We will also be seeing the Nodal Shift (from Leo-Aquarius to Cancer-Capricorn), Uranus´ reversal from Taurus to Aries and Jupiter´s exit from Scorpio as it enters Sagittarius between November 6-November 8.

All this as Venus heads towards the end of its retrograde.

Get your journals out and connect these points across time.
Learn from what they have to teach you.

Be mindful of the way you honor the Feminine in your life, in all beings.

Be mindful of the energy you carry into and take away from relationships or intimate connections of any kind.

Be willing to be absolutely honest with yourself.

And prepare to discover more than you thought, or imagined, that you could.

The video goes into a lot more depth. Please take your time with it.

You may also want to revisit older articles available on this website. Just use the search function.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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You look beautiful:)) happy, healthy and glowing. Whatever you’re doing it’s working :)) Big hugs and much love Kimberly



Oh my dear,
You look lovely, lovely, lovely and well rested.
As usual your information is perfect and I thank you so very much.


U a beat B. Many blessings and all this 🖤…


If you come through Montana or wish to do a workshop, the guest house is available to you. You are wanted and welcome here by all of us: myself and partner, the animals, the land, and all the amazing loving energies.


Wow, I want to say exactly what the two previous comments say. You look beautiful, radiant and very at ease, despite all that’s occurred for you in this last year. Big hug and love. xx


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