We´re headed towards the Gemini Full Moon at 0 degrees. This goes exact in under 14 hours from now. That´s 5:39 am UTC, 23rd November 2018.

This is an exceptionally powerful day for manifestation because the Full Moon is woven into a Grand Sextile (Star of David/Metatron´s Cube) alignment.

Full Moon at 0 Gemini
Chiron Rx at 28 Pisces
South Node at 29 Capricorn
Sun at 0 Sagittarius
Super-Galactic Center at 1 Libra
North Node at 29 Cancer

Grand Sextiles hold an incredible energy of manifestation, but truly, that works both ways.

You can see this as a very positive alignment, or a very negative one, depending on the way you navigate what comes.

(There are no short-cuts in life, or astrology for that matter)

Let´s look at the components themselves:

The Gemini Full Moon encourages us to find new ways of stringing together our ideas and perceptions (i.e. narratives). We are encouraged to detach from entrenched ways of seeing the world that no longer align with who we are.

The words we say have greater impact at this time and everyone receives them differently. Avoid monolithic understandings of truth.

Chiron Rx asks us to look at patterns of collective wounding and avenues for healing that are coming up, be they passed through the ancestral line – or through the soul´s individual inheritance over life-cycles.

Soul retrieval work may be especially useful now, especially if you feel strangely detached from your reality (and your gut is telling you that something´s off).

You are a multidimensional being. Sometimes the roots of dis-ease are not to be found on this plane. Find facilitators with the necessary grounding and experience to help bring these aspects of you into greater awareness (if applicable).

North Node in Cancer asks us to go deeper into our emotions, familial dynamics, connections with land and explorations of the nurturer archetype. This encourages us to focus on finding that sense of belonging in the world.

South Node in Capricorn asks us to be detached in our relationship with power, authority and the institutions that seek to govern us. Refuse to allow them to trigger you or bait you into karmic patterns of oppression.

Engagement and reform is best done when you have your tribe behind you and can come from a place of emotional fullness, rather than reactivity.

Otherwise you play straight into the control drama. And precious energy is lost.

Sun in Sagittarius points the arrow of movement, growth and direction towards the path we will be taking.

More can be said on this, and I´ll save that for a later piece.

Super-Galactic Center asks us to remember that we are all playing out complex karmic dynamics with one another, with the biosphere, and with the Universe itself.

Treat everyone who comes into your space with respect and authenticity – starting with yourself. Be mindful that we are all in this together, even the people we disagree with.

The Gemini Full Moon also conjuncts Jupiter at 3 Sagittarius and squares Mars at 4 Pisces. You can see a lot of the Grand Sextile´s energy channeled into our relationship with Truth, the Path, Knowledge, and matters of Spirit and Healing.

Of course there are further alignments … but this is enough for a general overview.

When you take all that together, truly, this is a massive alignment. The dynamics that are playing out go well beyond our personal story (which is of course a reflection of the macrocosm).

Remember that there is a much larger picture woven behind the scenes and allow yourself to find that space of inner centeredness and detachment in facing whatever comes up.

A few reminders:

Detachment is not the same as disengagement.

One does not necessarily imply the other.

You can walk away from a situation and still remain very attached to it.

You can be immersed in a situation and still be unaffected by it.

What you do with this energy comes down to what you are facing, who you are, and what your walk with Spirit looks like.

It´s not something I can or should try to generalize.

But I hope you have a sense of the vastness of what´s happening. And that it gives you some perspective.

Best of luck!

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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