We are at an interesting time-space where new chapters unfold and old ones are revisited. At the same time. Our key players are Mercury and Venus.
Mercury Retrograde has just re-entered Scorpio and sits at 29 degrees.
Venus is just about to re-enter Scorpio and sits at 29 degrees Libra.
There are other bodies in the skies making alignments at 29 degrees, creating powerful astrological currents – but I´m sticking with these two. The lessons they bring affect all else as the skies are so densely woven together.
Mercury was last at 29 Scorpio on October 30th.
Venus was last at 29 Libra between September 7th-9th, October 31st-November 2nd and (now) November 30th-December 2nd.
What´s interesting is that Mercury and Venus have been in a strange sort of dance this year, by coming and going into the signs of Libra/Scorpio and Scorpio/Sagittarius at the same time.
Look back to these dates and see what came up for you then, and what comes up for you now. You may see old patterns that want to take form in your lives again – especially when it comes to your sense of justice, equilibrium and relationship boundaries.
Look back to the old scripts and narratives that you have inherited or internalized which aspects of those you have dissolved or re-inforced your attachment to.
This will help you tease out different aspects or dimensions of the situation you are working through.
We can say that this story will continue to be teased out for most of December, as Mercury and Venus head past the shadow periods and then fully re-engage direct motion. In other words, they move past the points their retrogrades began at.
Venus reaches 10´50 Scorpio on December 17 whereas Mercury reaches 13´29 Sagittarius on December 24.
However. . .
It won´t take that long for the nature of the energy shift as Venus re-enters Scorpio later today.  We´ll just see the dominoes continue to roll out for the rest of December.
We´re shifting from the question of what choices we wish to make and into committing to them.
This can be a choose to unite with certain energies, hold space for transmutation or move away entirely from them, or some other path – whatever it is, it´s going to take commitment to realize and maintenance of healthy boundaries. 
These patterns come into greater cosmic focus as Venus, yet again, is part of a Grand Cross (which we saw twice previously in 2018, tied into its movement over the Libra-Scorpio cusp).
In summary: 
Consider who you share your energies with and the balance of give and take in those relationships. It can be both personal and professional, or even with different aspects of your own being.
Remember that giving too much is just as bad as giving too little in some ways. Do not enable in the name of generosity, unless you enjoy being in chains of dependency. At the same time, do not take another´s energy freely and for granted.
Remember that many are guilt-tripped into giving too much of themselves in the name of compassion, and many become stingy with energy in the name of self-preservation.
What you´re looking for is a healthy balance within and without.
Keep focused on the work of navigation.
Avoid karmic cycles that you have already learnt from, unless you´re in a hurry to re-experience them yet again.
Protect the delicate balance of giving and receiving, especially through the Heart Chakra.
And listen to what it has to say.
Essential oil recommendations (and please check for contraindications): Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Rose,
Gemstone recommendations: Chrysocolla, Green Aventurine, Green Obsidian, Rhodonite

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Dead Tree in Southwest by Ken Kistler. Public Domain Image.


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