Blessings everyone. We head into the New Year with the Sun nearing its conjunction with Saturn. This is the time to build things, commit to the long-term creation of energetic structures of power and to discover our sense of inner sovereignty.

It is also the time to be mindful of not using others to attain our goals and to ensure that we stand tall and walk with purpose.

Ultimately all that we create now is to build a better tomorrow for our children, and their descendants. (Alongside the children of all other species on this planet).

This is the sole moral justification for the kind of power that Capricorn is able to wield.

Greater inner discernment is required – now more so than ever with Jupiter in Sagittarius preparing to square Neptune in Pisces.

It´s easier to convince yourself of what you want to hear, in other words – so double check your own processes.

Is your ´gut instinct´ coming from a place of alignment?
Or is it ego wearing a pretty dress?

Is your heart open and your emotional body happy with your choices?

Or have you shut it down?

(My Libran brother inspired me to add this:)

Have I shared my power and rewards fairly to those who have worked for it?

(It´s a very important point. Capricorn can get pretty addicted to its ´rightness´ in the world, without thinking about anyone else)

Finally …

Does your vision for the future include a commitment to compassion?

This is a powerful checklist. And one you can keep referring back to over the year.

All this comes in the wider build-up to the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn between Jan 5-6, 2019.

Take the time to tune in before committing to major decisions.

If engaging with very powerful people or institutions, ensure that they/you come from a place of integrity, rather than self-serving ego. This will be very relevant for the next few days.

Especially if they don the mantle of authority, or claim seniority or dominion over others.

So keep your eye on the ball.

In short:

Choose what you want to build wisely. How. Why. When. With Whom.

And hopefully your answers will lead to the building of a better, sustainably supported future.

One that all of us can find joy, peace, happiness and compassion in.


Blessings for 2019.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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