BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & 3-Month Sabbatical

So , I have a big announcement. I’m off for three months. Personal reasons. All explained in the video here.

Tier 23 will continue in that time – so for those looking for astrological guidance –

Sessions will remain open with limited time slots – you can still seek my personal guidance if needed –

Ciao ciao for now!


8 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & 3-Month Sabbatical

  1. Take care of yourself, you need a break , your energy needs to heal. Listen to yourself, nourishing your soul and brain is hart work, be self.

  2. Thank you for bravely sharing this with us. I’m not Capricorn, but, as a Sag, i keep many things to myself. I too have a public persona and a private one. You inspire me to always speak my truth, wether in private or public. Your tremendous contributions will be missed. I am excited to hear what you will bring back to us after your break!
    Kindly yours, Mary Magnolia Morrgwyn.

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