New Moon: Reflections

Given that the Gemini New Moon , Super-Galactic Center and Saturn make a Grand Air Trine, it is an especially powerful time to pray for the dissolution of old karma and mental scripts in the individual and the collective. Recommended mantras, approaches and takes on the process are in the video as this is more […]


Hallo everyone! In this live video, I talk about the general nature of Gemini Season, the specific astrological opportunities brought about by the upcoming Gemini New Moon and how it all builds-up to the Solstice Eclipse. Here’s a brief summary – though I recommend watching the video for the energetic nuances. Gemini season (May 20-June […]

Follow Up – Current Alignments (12-15 May, 2020)

Hello everyone! Here are the key dates and aspects at play. (As promised) 4th May – Neptune (20 Pisces) square Venus (20 Gemini) 12th May – Neptune (20 Pisces) square Vesta (20 Gemini) 13th May – Mars enters Pisces, Venus stations retrograde at 21 Gemini 14th May – Jupiter stations retrograde at 27 Capricorn, Mars […]

Venus Rx in Gemini, Mars in Pisces : Fluidity & Discernment

The video discusses the kinds of spiritual attitudes, practices and approaches that would be serve us in navigating the weeks ahead: humility, discernment, sustainable service, flexibility, grounding and environment purification, etc. I’m still recovering from that whopper of a piece I did and basically did this one on request. Hopefully will be able to supplement […]

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