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A quick guide to the sessions that I offer and what they entail. Custom-tailored sessions are also available. I look at Natal, Progressed, Transit and Synastry Charts as well. Please note that relationship-oriented readings require the consent of all parties involved.

Prices are stated in USD, payments via paypal. T&Cs apply as stated in the invoice you receive.

Please use the booking links listed below each offering. The time zones are automatically converted to your computer´s time zone.

If you cannot find a time slot that works for you, use the form at the bottom of the page to contact me directly. 


Types of Readings Offered (General List):

  • The Eris Sessions: A Multidimensional Awakening into Self – 30 minutes – 77 USD (30 minutes)  – A look into the process of awakening, radical embodiment and ways to discover and own your sense of Self. The power of this session is in its specificity – it helps you chart the process of Be-ing, using astrology as a guide. The energy of the Eris Session is much like having a lightning rod hooked up to your consciousness. Not for the ungrounded, or the faint of heart.  (More info)
  • The Vesta Sessions: Discovering One´s Path of Service & Facilitation – 77 USD (30 minutes) – This session is ideal for the Priest/ess or Spiritual Facilitator seeking clarity on the gifts, the wounds, the baggage and the joys of the path they have chosen to manifest. It is a more nurturing session that provides specific tools and insight to allow an individual to walk away from a limiting idea of service-karma-fate, and into one that celebrates their gifts in a more holistic, healthy manner.  (More info)
  • 111 Bubble Burster Session – 111.00 USD (45 minutes) This is the session you get when you want the veil to part, the bubble to burst, the ball to drop. It is an intense examination of inner dimensions that remain in a state of stagnation, idealization and/or arrested development. The Bubble Burster session seeks to dissolve or cast away a false, or simply outmoded, image of Self. (More info)
  • 1.5 hours  – The Middle Session – 234.00 USD (for beginner/intermediate level astrologers and spiritualists who want to get to know themselves better) – Here is where we begin to look at the early stages of self-knowing, and discovering the paths that would be most fruitful for you to explore.
  • 1 hr – Astrology for Kids and Teens- 155.00 USD A very specific session for parents with newborns or very young children who would like some perspective on the best ways to nurture their child, based on specific astrological placements at the time of his/her birth. ( More Info )

I only offer this session if I truly feel it will be a benefit to the child and his/her relationship with the family. We will have to discuss the case before arranging for a booking, if appropriate

  • 1hr – The Discovery Session: For Astro-Beginners – 155.00 USDA place to learn the basics of your astrological charts, planetary and nodal placements, houses, angles and so on. ( More Info )



    This is the big one! It has certain prerequisites (in terms of your awareness/self-understanding). Not recommended for the total newbie to astrology/the spiritual path. Ideally for someone who has already done a little Shadow-working first. This is really where you look at yourself in the Mirror, spiritually and metaphysically speaking. Many people have had life-changing activations and transformations occur to them after the process, and ideally, it is the kind of reading most people will only need once in a lifetime.

The Masterclass has the capacity to alter one´s heading in life and is a powerful energetic catalyst. It takes a certain amount of self-awareness and prerequisite work to be able to safely handle that energy in a meaningful way. Get in touch if this session appeals to you and let´s have a chat before proceeding.

I also do transits, synastry and progressed readings and can customize a particular reading to suit your needs, e.g. Business Development Readings; Creative Expression Readings, Relationship Readings, etc. Just get in touch with your query and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Check out some of the reviews on my FB Page The Sky Priestess for testimonials on past sessions conducted.

My readings are very in-depth and energy-rich, continuing to yield insights and facilitate awakenings, long after the session itself. To get a sense of what I do, and what that might feel like for you, you might want to read Why What I Do Isn’t For Everyone (a.k.a something to read before booking a session with me). There’s many ways of spiritual facilitation and astrological consultation – this is the way I understand my craft.

All sessions are subject to the Terms & Conditions (see below).



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

FB Page: The Sky Priestess ; Twitter: @theskypriestess

** Please note that none of the information presented within sessions is meant to replace advice from a medical, healthcare, legal and/or other professional. How you choose to act upon the advice given is entirely based on your own free will. Receipt and/or Payment of the sessions implies full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions as set out in the Invoice you receive when you book. All sessions are confidential, non-refundable, non-transferable and non-liable without exception.  You will receive a electronic link to an mp3 recording of your session.  With respect to this webpage, the author shall not be held liable from any intentional, accidental or other consequences of acting upon, sharing, or engaging with this information in any form. Use of this information or booking, purchasing and/or having a session implies tacit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

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