As you can imagine, the work I do takes … most of my time, energy and focus. A lot of that is put into writing that I share through this blog and Facebook and in engaging with the thousands of you who follow my work.

Once in a while, when Spirit guides me to, I open a window for my session work. This brings me the income I use for my work, living expenses, college, debt, pilgrimages, savings, helping my family in their later years and so on.

I have not oriented my sessions or website fully towards a business model of things as … really that´s not the purpose of why I am here. Given how intense the sessions are – and how long they last – you can imagine how careful I need to be to avoid depletion.  Moreover, I am a firm believer in the power of the Universe. Spirit guides me to times in which facilitation will be of the greatest use, honoring the forces of the skies and Spirit, the agency of the person before me – and my own energy levels and state of being.

Most of the time, the work focuses upon the process of observation, introspection and expression. And very focused energetic work upon key spots on the planet.

And as important as that is, I still have bills to pay.

For those of you who feel that the work that I do regularly benefits their life, please consider making a contribution to ease my material navigation of this reality.

To do so, just go to this link:   PayPal.Me/TheSkyPriestess


Blessings to All,

And thank you for your consideration.









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