At this time, we are participating in energetic dynamics that seek to locate us on the abuser-victim spectrum. This is unlikely to be a conscious choice, operating instead from a far deeper level of being.

Whilst the intellectual repackaging of some of these terms can bring comfort – and in some cases, a much-needed light at the end of the tunnel – the underlying energetic signature of words such as ´victim´ and ´abuser´ remains unless addressed.

The vibration of abuse and trauma remains in the memory of the body and its cells unless shifted. Whilst the mind can seek to evade it, at times like this the truth hits home … hard.

In astrological terms, all of this comes up for processing as Sun squares Thereus, whilst Jupiter trines Nessus and The Moon.

Thereus is the hunter-stalker of bears and essentially hides out and conducts surveillance on his prey until he wants to claim them. In mythology, he essentially rapes his wife´s sister and cuts out her tongue so she cannot tell anyone what happened.

Nessus is often called as the ´abuser´s asteroid´. In mythology, he seeks to kidnap the wife of Hercules – who then shoots him dead. Nessus tricks Dejanira into using his spilt blood as a means to keep her husband faithful to her – it eventually leads to Hercules´ death.

Neither Thereus, nor Nessus are particularly joyful fellows and both of them seek to predate upon unwilling feminine sexual energy. But it also goes beyond gender (without seeking to minimize the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment that gets increasingly normalized day by day).

Depending on where Thereus and Nessus occur in a chart, these predatory forces may not directly come through a person you know or meet, but can equally arise from other spiritual forces, ancestral channels, or even our own subconscious fears. Not everything you fear is automatically a product of your own imagination – sometimes you need a decent facilitator to suss out whether there are external factors at play.

Some of you will be feeling totally fine through this – but .. if you´re psychically sensitive and in tune with the general currents of the Universe, I find that unlikely.

Whilst the need for psychic protection is higher than usual with Jupiter in Scorpio, is it especially high today with the Sun (7 Scorpio) squared Thereus (7 Leo) and Jupiter (4 Scorpio) trined Nessus (4 Pisces – now conjunct the Moon).

You may see these dynamics arising through or with sexual partners, love interests, creative collaborators, friends, family members (including those deceased), children, investors, artists, spiritualists, and so on. It´s hard one to narrow down, especially with Nessus in the blurry waters of Pisces and Thereus´ penchant for staying hidden till he wants to be seen.

Use gemstones like selenite, black obsidian, brandenburg amethyst, amber, tiger´s eye, black tourmaline, labradorite, elite noble shungite and so on to make crystal grids in your space or around your person.

For practitioners – work with guides and deities you have previously worked with before and know to be safe. If in doubt, Archangel Michael is a powerful go-to-being for matters such as these.

Diffuse protective oils and/or smudge herbs or resins with similar properties: benzoin, frankincense, tea tree, camphor, eucalyptus, lime, black pepper, neem, and so on.

This is a very powerful mantra to play when feeling unsafe, or when wanting to clear space (leave it on and go and do your stuff – not something for personal, continuous use): . You can read a little bit more info Prathyangira Devi (The Lion Goddess) in the description.

Last but not least, this is the time to stay clear of those who seek to invade your energetic space or push your buttons. It is entirely possible for you to be also projecting these fears on those who mean you no harm or ill will. Not the best days for deep energetic work or processing unless you can trust your facilitator / space-holder.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess
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Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: Screenshot from Disney´s Hercules. Fair use policy. Image originally on

The Sun prepares to conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio: The Next turn of the Wheel after 2006


The Sun prepares to conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. A turn in the wheel, a new chapter begins after 2006.

This is a moment of recognition. Of old cycles that have come to completion and new journeys of power about to begin.

This is an invitation to radical honesty.

What is your relationship with power?
Do you act in integrity?
Does it matter if others cannot or will not see you for you who are on account of their own fears and insecurities?

Be bold. Be true. Be fearless.

This is the time to act with the power that comes from Love and Truth, and to remember that the only power we truly have is over ourselves.



Not the Message you Wanted, but the Message you Deserved: Astrology, Free Will, and the question of WHHYYYY???

Felt like an appropriate day to re-share this piece. Astrology, Free Will – and how does it all relate to one another?

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Skeleton revealed

The moment we admit that planetary placements have an influence on our lives, the question of Free Will enters murkier philosophical waters. I see free will as a expression of the right to choose, or the choice to make a decision in the first place. We choose how we engage with a certain planet’s energy and whether we even engage with it at all. The farther you get spiritually, the more choices you appear to have – but at that point, you’re looking at Beings like The Buddha, Christ, Kwan Yin, and so on.

Personally, I hope that we all move towards that point of absolute freedom – and collectively enter an age in which astrology will be wholly obsolete.

If anything, my work with astrology is designed to help people understand the challenges and strengths of the Natal and Progressed Charts. And then to transcend them entirely… But back…

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A Brief Note on The Search for Truth

Whilst it is important to know what is our individual understanding of Truth and Reality – it is as important to remember that the Cosmos has its own intrinsic logic.

It´s like that old saying: If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

One of the hardest lessons for one who has spent their time developing, honoring, and projecting their Truth into the wider world – is to realize that there is always a bigger paradigm, or process at play.

This requires a shift from the (at essence) Western understanding of the Self / Individual and the Seat of Consciousness as the primary reference point through which we understand Spirit.

Most tools, techniques, approaches to mysticism and alchemy available right now are written with this fundamental premise.

And for this collective consciousness to evolve further, this idea too needs dissolution. It was why the Eastern traditions stressed the need to surrender to a Higher Power, often mediated through the Guru.

As the Guru had the sight and understanding of the student´s Path and the Evolutionary impulse of that Soul-in-search-of-Spirit.

As with all things, that idea changed over time and acquired a more self-serving meaning. And so the opposite principle began to take root. Where the idea of the teacher is rebelled against and the Individual believes they must know what is best for their incarnation.

I resonate
I feel
I know

All this works – up to a point.

And given the current planetary influences, it becomes even harder for the Individual to know the true Self vis-a-vis larger forces that claim the same.

The Sky Priestess

Why What I Do Isn’t For Everyone (a.k.a something to read before booking a session with me)

It is useful for those of you who are new to my work to read this before considering a booking with me – especially if you´re booking anything apart from a Vesta Session. As so many new subscribers have recently joined this page … I felt it was the right time to re-share this post.

The energetic component of the work is getting far more intense and so a strong level of grounding is required before beginning.

I do not take on board those who are extremely easily triggered, fresh from the wounds of trauma or abuse, or those who require emergency healings. I can direct you to facilitators who may be more appropriate in those cases.

I work best with those who have already journeyed for some time and are at the conscious state of readiness and wanting to know the Deeper Self. Through the interface of the Conscious Mind, I help a person experience their own Spirit, or Essence.

This is a lot more terrifying than you think especially if the grounding required is not present. Most people have no idea how … … huge! they are!! 😀

Also – I cannot – and will not tell you what you think you want to hear. Only what arises through the astrological chart and/or spiritual guidance.

Most of you who have been following me know this anyway – but some of you are new to the experience.


The Sky Priestess​

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Red rose (Kardinal) with black background.

Whilst I know this isn’t the type of self-promotional material you’d expect, I don’t believe in beating around the bush. I notice the interest in my work is rising, and with it the need to be specific about the energetic impact of my services and why it’s very different from what a lot of people would expect from an astrological reading.

I find that the people who are drawn to work with me are those who are friends with their shadow and want to get out of the ‘wounded healer’ loop – and again, that has no bearing on whether a person identifies themselves as ‘spiritual’ or not. It does require a commitment to truly get deep within the self, without paying lip service to the concept.

In the session, no matter how short or long it is, we connect at a powerfully deep, energetic level. The chart has a…

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Mercury, the Messenger brings us the word from the Down Below, i.e. the Underworld. Areas of our lives which – generally speaking – we may be less than eager to address. It´s about ancestral or inherited magic, the night, the darkness, the shadow, our deepest fears and desires. It´s about where we put our energies, with whom and why. At the material level, it involves sex, death, taxes, surgeries / healing, and the management of resources. At the biological level, it refers to the reproductive organs. In terms of the 7-chakra model (and yes, there are more), you´re looking at the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base – but really .. the whole human organism is intricately interwoven.

Mercury in Scorpio by itself is already a pretty intense customer – but conjunct Jupiter? You´ve got a recipe for power, intensity, alchemy, transmutation, regeneration, rebirth . . . or pain, drama, angst, trauma, suffering and more pain. It really depends on where you are in terms of your journey within and what tools you use to find a stable center from which to address these challenges.

Phrased differently – you can be dragged against your will into the personal, ancestral and collective Underworld – or have a much better time if you choose to do it yourself and/or with the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

Shamans and energy workers are advised to use greater psychic safeguards at this time. The veils are unusually thin.

Jupiter amplifies all that it touches.
Mercury brings you the message you need to give and receive.

But they´re also modified by Apollon (a Uranian body) which also – like Jupiter – amplifies what it touches.

And Typhon – the monster in mythology that drove the Greek Gods to Egypt. He is described as a chthonic (underworld) giant from the Earth with serpent or dragon like features.

Jupiter-Mercury-Apollon-Typhon are all at 1 Scorpio right now. Together, they ask us to look at so much that has been stored in our personal, ancestral and collective shadow-psyche.

Remember that not all that is in the shadow is meant to be rescued, regenerated and/or rebirthed. Some things are just meant to be released. Some are simply meant to be accepted for what they are. Lots of possibilities.

* * *

There´s a lot more going on in the skies, such as Chiron opposed Atlantis, Lilith squared the Sun, Saturn trined Eris, Neptune trined Kassandra, Venus opposed Osiris and so on …

I´m just going to summarize it briefly. Think of this as … practitioner notes.

Those who are working on themselves or with clients in need of energetic recalibration are advised to factor in the intensity of the messages and energies presented to them at this time.

Many of these messages will echo or resonate with the Serpentine energy signature. Which is at best, ambiguous. Use discernment, as always – but even more so now.

Feel into what arises, but remember to pull back from the Abyss. There will be the tendency to want to get to the Heart of the Matter, the Depth and Truth of All Things.

Practice compassion and forgiveness.

Experience what arises but remember as well to remain detached.
Greater forces are at play and not everything is what we interpret it to be.

We are humans seeking to understand a much larger Universe.

* * *
It is tempting to put the experience of the soul into a human narrative, replete with a protagonist and an antagonist. Good vs Bad. Neat boxes that tell you why certain things happen the way they do.

But very often the boxes we use to define our experiences confine us to a particular vibration on the spectrum of experience.

Sometimes these narratives can help to liberate us and reveal the contours of our Being. And sometimes they don’t.

More often than not, we emotionally over-identify with these stories and legitimate their validity. So they become the dominant construct of experience and perception. And the Soul itself is experienced through an all-too-human filter.

Whilst it is important – at one stage of the journey – to experience the vibration of the narrative, it is equally important to release it.

Many have just awoken to the need to feel through their experiences. And that is a good thing.

We came into being to understand this process, not to deny its existence.

But at a certain point of emotional saturation and experience, the construct needs to give way. So the learning and experience of the Soul can continue.

That way… You go beyond being a victim, rescuer, abuser, survivor, and so on.

And meet an Essence of Being that can never be defiled, forgotten or disconnected from. That’s bigger than anything you can imagine.

Perhaps that is where the alchemical process seeks to finally arrive.

* * *

Many energy-forms that have been remembered on this planet are due for their own upgrades. It is wise not to romanticize the past or to seek to bring it back as it once was. If we trust in the evolutionary teleology of the Universe …. there´s a reason why it´s in the past.

Allow whatever arises to be released, if appropriate – and sent back to Source / Cosmos / The Origin Point.

Use black tourmaline when journeying. For a more powerful experience, try nuummite. Remember to gauge your own level of sensitivity and resilience.

The vibration of gold is highly protective and it is wise to work this colour / Ray at this time.

* * *

And … don´t forget we have the Libra New Moon coming up. Which will be opposed Uranus in Aries tomorrow. This will be a massive release of energy, codes and the potential to cut through karmic contracts that no longer resonate.

Hypersensitives may wish to ground and stay away from high-intensity work at this time. Minimizing your exposure to electronic items (smartphones, computers, etc.) and spending time in nature is advised.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

Image: Zeus aiming his thunderbolt at a winged and snake-footed Typhon. (c. 540–530 BC). Public Domain.



Watch out for flare-ups of emotion, passion, intensity or burning need to ´feel´ your own presence today. Remember that you have a right to occupy the space that you do, as long you do not invade another´s. Give yourself permission to Be.
Partnerships and collaborations can be deeply rewarding when they do not impinge upon each other´s right of presence.
Your emotions may also be responding to triggers, messages or experiences that strike a deeper, metaphysical chord. Remember to use grounded discernment in assessing what you encounter.
From a 3-D perspective, a spade is a spade. Don´t be afraid to recognize things for what they are, especially when seeking to make sense of the metaphysical-as-it-manifests.
Whilst we are multidimensional beings, embodiment allows for some commonality of experience and articulation – especially when we speak to others on the same plane.
Don´t be afraid to seek healing at this time. Seeking healing does not make you a victim of circumstance. (In fact, we carry too much shame around the word victim to begin with).
As you acquire more tools and perspective to understand how to heal, you make it that much more likely to help yourself out of your own situation (unlike Eurydice who sought rescue from the Underworld through her partner – who was ultimately unsuccessful).
Or – you might need a hand – which is … absolutely fine too. Do what you can to your utmost capacity first.
Many of you will find this to be particularly useful energy in examining the wounds, traumatic cellular memories and experiences that surround the Dysfunctional Masculine.
I say useful as I am firm believer in the phrase: When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.
Working with gemstones such as rose quartz and unakite would be particularly useful when needing to take a more tender approach.
As Mars aspects the Galactic Center, pay attention to the healing modalities, tools, facilitators and paradigms that you are guided to at this time. They will be of use and relevance when Saturn reaches the Galactic Center on November 24-25th, 2017.
Relevant Aspects: The Sun (23 Libra) opposes Eris (23 Aries) whilst The Moon (13 Virgo) opposes Neptune (11 Pisces). Mars (26 Virgo) conjuncts Eurydice (25 Virgo) and aspects the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).
Image: Enrico Scuri – Euridice recedes into the Underworld. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

* * * * * * * *

Terms of Use and Sharing: Feel free to use the Share button on FB or Reblog on WordPress for personal, noncommercial or educational use with all links intact. If you are an organization, institution or individual seeking to use this material for promotional purposes, please ask first. If wanting to include this information into your workshop materials or written work, please cite accordingly as this is original research material. All information provided, be it through sessions conducted or this post is non-liable and is not intended to replace professional legal, medical, psychological, psychiatric and/or financial counsel.

Post  © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.


Greetings everyone! Today I am overjoyed to bring you a potent conversation, introduction, seed and ancient continuation between two beings who walk the same path, but in different ways. (It all reaches the same space in the end anyways).

I am joined, as part of the SpiritBuddy Interview Series, a man whose work I have followed for a long time. I first encountered Bernhard Guenther´s writings when he tagged something I had written on the Limits of Astrology a few years ago.

Of the many spiritual writers and mystics I have had the good fortune to meet, I was most moved by his articulation of energy. I am deeply appreciate his clarity of mind in expressing some of the deeper pitfalls and different types of interference that a spiritual seeker encounters. I address the same theme, in a different language.

You can find out more about his teachings at his website , or by following him on Facebook.

A mutual respect developed over time, and this is – I hope and trust – the start of many fruitful collaborations in the future. This interview is timed just as Venus enters Libra and prepares to conjunct the Super-Galactic Center. (Long story short, a good time to explore collaborative work that speaks to the Balance, or Dance or Light and Shadow at the Source of All Things).

In this discussion, we talk about the roads we have taken, and why. We examine the pitfalls of a hyper-logical, overly-intellectual approach to Spirit and the many ways in which our Minds get in the way our paths.

We share the vibration of Joy-in-the-Body and discuss the importance of reconnecting with the Child-Self – especially as the world appears (on the outside) to be getting far more intense, chaotic and unstable.

We also discuss the limits of astrology (and other tools) and the importance of not relying on external tools and paradigms to the neglect of Inner Knowing.  These help the seeker tremendously, but only up to a point.

Till you reach a very different state of inner perception.

It is a knowing transcends the mind, emotions, narratives of Self or perceptions that arise purely from being incarnated in the 3-D form and experiences you encounter therein.

We also explore how certain understandings of Ascension as become in themselves …. escapism. It does no justice to the wisdom of the Soul who chose to be here for a reason.

And a lot more. So much more.

Sit back, enjoy and … take the good vibes in!


Blessings to the Collective.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess.



There are several powerful alignments in the skies right now, involving the parts of our lives that deal with relationships, passion, past-life karma, teachers, paths, philosophies, health, though-processes, early childhood, siblings, nurture, children, joy and sexuality.

I wasn´t even planning on writing this article, but a wave of emotion and vulnerability hit me. I got really upset and teary at first. And then realized that the source of this energy wasn´t mine. It was something larger that played with into and amplified my own vulnerabilities. The Tarot guided me to more impersonal forces at play and then I checked the sky-charts: Boom! Confirmed.

Not everyone is going to feel this intensely as some of us are experiencing it – it comes down to your sensitivity and planetary alignments (same difference, generally). Take what resonates and leave the rest.

If you are soaring with the waves and able to tap into the wellspring of inspiration these alignments bring, great. Keep doing what you´re doing and help others do the same if so called.

Otherwise, if you´re struggling- this extensive overview and suggestions therein will help.

* * * * * * * *


There is a massive wave of Sagittarian energy brought into play with the activation of Saturn (22 Sagittarius), Black Moon Lilith (26 Sagittarius) and The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius).

We´re being asked to remember that whatever we experience now is ultimately making us commit to – or – decisively walk away from a particular path, paradigm, ideology, teacher or question surrounding movement / relocation. Powerful individuals are broadcasting their messages your way – consider whom you choose to engage with (or not) … and more importantly – why?

If you are where you need to be, the learning keeps expanding effortlessly. Though challenges do arise, they are met with the knowing that comes when you are in alignment.

This is easily confused with selective perception – where a person blocks out or distorts what they are experiencing to avoid re-evaluating their basic views of life. This article and interview address similar themes:

When the Mind Blocks the Truth of your Path and convinces you Otherwise:

Getting Real with Spirit-Work and recognizing Distortion at Play: Interview with Audrey LightLanguage Di :


Decisions surrounding these matters pave the way for the next three decades of development as Saturn meets the Galactic Center in late November of this year. Pay attention to what is arising at present to see what future outcomes or themes may address.

Some of you may also be strongly drawn to the teachings of the Darker Feminine Archetypes at this time. Whilst inherently rewarding at best, it is a domain of experience and study that is also subject to great projection and distortion.

Seekers are advised to seek teachers (ideally a guru – i.e. someone who is able to metaphysically provide you with a safe container through which you learn, amongst other things) – who can help. Not all who wear the mantle of teacher or guru are necessarily aligned – and not all who seek to learn these teachings are necessarily prepared to. It takes a lot of prerequisite work and emotional development to safely address these energies. You may find this article relevant:

When Not All Darkness is Sacred: Things to Bear in Mind when Embodying or Channelling the Dark Goddess –

* * * * * * * *


In Virgo, a stellium of personal planets and powerful asteroids activate the Sagittarian placements discussed above: Mars (22 Virgo), Atlantis (22 Virgo), Eurydice (24 Virgo) and Venus (26 Virgo).

We are very likely to be encountering individuals whom we have met in previous lifetimes, particularly those connected with Atlantis, Lemuria, Kumari Kandam, and other sunken continents. This is a powerful time to perform rituals and ceremonies of karmic release and unconditional forgiveness so that these older energies can be put to rest.

Whilst it is easy to romanticize the past and the ancient spiritual technologies our ancestors had access to, remember that these civilizations fell – Atlantis being the most famous in this regard.

It is also useful to remember that time and space as we (humans) perceive it is not exactly what it looks like to the rest of the Universe. Quantum mechanics continues to give us a glimpse into what how what we take for granted – isn´t really what we thought it was. (Spirituality tends to get there a lot earlier though).

Whilst there is a lot of talk about uniting and merging the timelines, personally I would not say that´s a good idea. Let things play out in their own space. Much in the same way we would not want to merge our internal organs into a single point, letting things play out in the appropriate time-space makes more sense to me.

It plays out as a workable strategy when dealing with these issues in as part of spiritual facilitation. I´ve had the privilege of meeting teachers who do this work in …extremely sophisticated ways and cutting away from a lot of the distortion that surrounds this work.

The same reminder – to not fall into the romanticism of the past – applies to relationships and the strong spiritual and emotional responses that meeting individuals we knew way back evokes.

No matter how strong these responses are, remember to come back to the present moment, the 3-D based reality you chose to be in. Your spirit doesn´t need to remember to ´go higher´ … it exists in many other dimensions to begin with. In this incarnation, this challenge is to be here – else we would not have chosen it.

Use your discernment. Think about whatever relationship, business venture or other connection comes your way.

Is this necessary?
Is this going to further my part of service?
Is there an old karmic contract at play?
If so, what do I do about it?

In cases like this, it is best to work with facilitators who operate at the 5D level, or higher. It is, whilst not impossible, a lot harder to address a karmic contract at the 3D level. Takes a lot longer too.

Many may also be playing into the karmic version of the drama triangle – as participants cycle between being saviours, victims, perpetrators – and so on. Those struggling in that loop may find this article of benefit:

Walking Away from the Drama Cycle –

Pay special attention at this time to your digestive health and generally what your body communicates as its needs and perceptions to you at this time. Keep your inner and outer spaces clean.

As Saturn squares Mars and Atlantis, it is wise to pay extra attention as you go about your daily chores, your activity at the workplace and/or when travelling. Being mindful will go a long way here.

* * * * * * * *


The most salient point in Pisces at this time is Chiron at 25 degrees. It continues to square the Galactic Center and Black Moon Lilith, but at this time also opposes Venus at 26 Virgo.

Chiron invites you to discover a different relationship with the perception of the wound. Whilst healing and teaching others is a powerful act, it often requires us to experience (and empathize) what we then share with others. But at a certain point, the wound no longer needs to have as much power over our learning and development process as it once did.

I enjoy Caroline Myss´ articulations on this concept and the term which she coined to describe the over-attachment to the wound, i.e. ´woundology´ . You can read more about it in her book: Why People Don´t Heal and How they Can.

A lot of my own thoughts on the topic (and they have come a long way) originate from my first experience of that book. Here is my take on the woundology concept – and an update is due. But the essence remains the same.

When does the Wounded Healer, Heal? –

Video: Wound-working and Conscious Spirituality –


Using crystals as chlorite, shungite and selenite to purify your space would be useful at this time. I´d refer you to Judy Hall´s work on gemstones for further research on this topic.

Diffusing essential oils (after checking contraindications, etc.) such as tea tree, basil, frankincense and eucalyptus and assist in keeping your space clean and/or purifying what energy presents itself to you at this time.

Given that Chiron is on Pisces, much of what will come up is likely to originate from past-lifetimes and lessons which come through one´s generational line.

Seek the guidance of facilitators with expertise in these domains if you feel overwhelmed at this time.

If all else fails, the blanket fort will do, along with comfort food and lots of rest and sleep.

Here´s a calming mantra that may help. It is the Hebrew invocation of the Heavenly Host.


* * * * * * * *


Asteroids Chaos (23 Gemini), Dionysus (23 Gemini) and asteroid Lilith (24 Gemini) complete a Grand Mutable Cross with Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Chaos refers to the gaping void through which all is birthed. Dionysus refers to the need to balance the extremes and Lilith … well..

Lilith encourages us to explore the story of the Dark Feminine.

But it´s important to get the whole story – and not just what we remember. Patriarchy as we understand it is a comparatively recent human phenomenon. Those who channel and remember past times also understand humanity´s experience with the Feminine that was .. indeed … out of control.

This doesn´t justify the way in which women tend to be treated on this planet at this time, but it does encourage those who seek spirit, to really dig in and look at the whole picture before casting judgement. As we recognize the fullness of the past and what has been hidden (or purposefully forgotten), we also make it that much more likely to discover new paths forward.

You may also find this article relevant:

Ending the Cycle, Healing the Collective – The Abuse of Power and the Feminine Principle –

With the other asteroids at play, try to stay away from highly polarized judgements (which inevitably play straight into the drama cycle – again). If you feel your buttons are pushed in ways that make your rich, complex view of the world a caricature of itself – walk away. That engagement is not worth it.

Channel your energy into your writing, journalling, speaking (to teach constructively), singing or chanting. If that takes too much, you may want to punch a pillow. (Apologize to it later)

Please remember that if you choose to work with mantras of a particular spiritual tradition – for the best results – please follow the original intonation and cadence of the mantra. If you´re just going with your creative explorations, cool – but bear this principle in mind when doing focused spiritual work, especially when working with others.

* * * * * * * *


Ceres, the Mother-Nurturer .. and .. Mother-Smotherer is at 5 Leo whereas Thereus (The Hunter-Stalker) is at 6 Leo.

To put a very long story short – this is a good time for us to be mindful of the stories or narratives of victimization and predation we inherit from (especially) our mothers. At the energetic level, it is important to focus upon the sacral chakra and the inner child archetype.

Take a golden pair of scissors and cut away from stories that tell this child that he or she is unlovable, dangerous, ugly and undesirable.

The story that may have been true for your family, ancestors and perhaps you in a previous life does not need to be true for the present.

As you give yourself permission to drop, cut or dissolve that energetic tradition, you give yourself permission to be.

That does not dishonor the past, it only prevents you from crippling your own future.

Here is a powerful mantra which can instantly dissolve certain kinds of blocks forms of energetic parasitism. Click on the description of the link in your browser to read a prepatory meditation to make the best use of this experience.

Please do not use this more than use a week. It will raise the element of fire in the body too quickly if used more frequently, unless advised otherwise by an experienced facilitator.

Prathyangira Devi (Lion Goddess Mantra):


* * * * * * * *


All of this is happening against the backdrop of alignments such the North Node (21-22 Leo) trining Saturn (22 Sagittarius) and Eris (23 Aries), Sun conjunct Mercury (16 – 18 Libra) squaring Pluto (16 Capricorn) – and so on. And of course Jupiter´s recent entry into Scorpio, which is just going to make everything go in search of even more intensity, depth and rigour.

These are intense times. And tiring ones too.

Remember to take care of yourselves, especially when you care for others. And remember to keep giving, whenever you can.

Blessings to the Collective.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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The games of the mind are manifold and those who seek to master them are most susceptible to their more subtle manifestations.
I´ve been reflecting on my sessions yesterday and today – and really, this is the theme. This is a reflective piece so don´t expect nuggets of wisdom instantly – take the walk around the mountain and enjoy the view when it comes.
I am privileged to attract many exceptional healers and sincere seekers on the Path to my work. They facilitate my growth and learning as the challenges of that work become far more subtle and sophisticated. And as I continue to search for answers and to find more aligned approaches to facilitation and service.
When you regularly work with the energy-bodies of those who spend years at understanding themselves and putting the work into practice, the bar is set pretty high to begin with.
Finding the solution to their queries requires an energetic analysis that goes beyond the domain of astrology. That´s been happening more and more as of late.
Some sessions have not taken place in words, but pure silence. And the energetic effects have been … well, there ain´t no words for it. Some have been typed dialogue, but some have just been pure remote-work.
And those are easier to conduct as compared to the usual face-to-face approach I use. Mostly because my personal energy shakes the living shit out of anything that looks like denial, suppression or the traditional ego at work.
It´s just the way I´m wired. I don´t even have to say anything cutting, the energy will just start to shake and wake up the bits in hiding.
I remember me starting to look at a woman´s chart only for her to just burst into tears. For me the chart (at that time) was the gateway to access a person´s Spiritual signature.
Which would have been cleansing, and needed for her.
It does not make it easy on me though.
I take no joy in the pain that the process sometimes brings out.
But I do enjoy the results ❤
Especially when the shift happens for them.
For most people, it´s instant.
For certain astrological reasons (like having a prominently placed Galactic Center), those shifts come to full fruition in November / December this year.
What makes me want to get better at what I do is the love and respect those whom I offer facilitations to have for me. They come in with trust, and I hope to deliver the best results I can manage.
That being said … I learn through that process of reflection.

What lessons are being mirrored to me?

Have I done the work I preach?
Where is the blind spot in my own awareness?
Who can help me find it if I cannot find it for myself?

Have I substituted knowledge and the authority that comes with it for compassion and connection within?

What I found today and yesterday in my session work was the simple and powerful recognition that the mind finds new tricks all of the time. The only way we become immune to it is to walk a path that is more integrated.

To honor what the earth of the body says in its own language.

To explore the waters of emotion and intuition that arises through it.
To engage the world with the fires of the Mind, blazing through with passion and conviction.

To remember that these experiences are but a tiny sliver of what is Spirit.

And that our awakening process is not something we can bulldoze through – sometimes it´s a matter of time, or going back to an area you may have thought you already mastered.
What I am seeing across the board is this desire to expand, push, break through and growth with intensity and acceleration. To become ´more´, to learn more tools, to see more, to gain more knowledge – to Know.
And that´s very Saturn-in-Sagittarius-headed-for-the-Galactic-Center.
In this intense striving and knowing remember that´s just a very small part of you trying to find its place in the world.
There are other parts of you that have things to say.
There are other paths you can take with the knowledge you have. It doesn´t always have to be on a grand stage for others, but can equally be a quiet focus on yourself and your immediate environment.
Higher dimensions are as valid lower ones. Neither has a moral compass that points in a single direction.
It´s hard for those who have spent so long in the journey to become recognized as teachers (usually seeking that recognition from themselves) to go over these points.
Sometimes they feel as though these ideas invalidate their work.
Which is untrue.
It simply asks you to shift in a new direction if you feel as though you are stuck, blocked, or somehow out of alignment.
The video below covers a deeper discussion on that topic and ways that the mind (and those who master aspects of it) convince themselves that they are honoring all aspects of Being.
I would like you to process this not with your mind, but with your breath, body and deeper consciousness. Try to avoid a label or meaning-making exercise.
Or even the words ´I feel´ or ´I resonate´ – they´ve been overused and employed without discretion. When one´s mental programming is strong enough, they interpret emotional and psychic information almost exclusively through that filter. So what doesn´t fit into that worldview gets chucked away.
That´s how powerful your mind is. Especially when the human ego becomes attached to what it has learnt – be it from a paradigm, teacher, or so on.
So use it wisely 😉
With love as always.
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Image: Video Mapping Projection by Petr Kratochvil, Public Domain Image.