Sun-Chiron opposition

Blessings everyone. I know we’ve already been preparing for this Supermoon for a week now – but there’s another peak of intensity that comes one day before it is due – the Sun-Chiron opposition at 15 Vir/Pis ’23. 

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, or the Soul Healer – Its energy represents the deepest wounding within you. When opposed by the Sun, your conscious awareness of the wound is amplified. You may ‘feel it more’ at this time. Chiron Retrograde is in Pisces, signifying that the the issue most likely has something to do with your spiritual path and connection with Spirit. The Sun is in Virgo and is finding practical ways of getting things done and working with matter to keep the rhythm of life in balance.

Many will be feeling the sense of wounding even more so with the energy of the Full Moon, as the Moon will be so close to it. Consider this opposition a prelude, or taster of what is to come. Don’t be worried if you suddenly start crying or remembering past things that hurt you – they’re coming out now so you can become aware of them, and find ways to heal them. Stay centered, grounded – and if you feel overwhelmed – find some sacred/quiet space and simply breathe. That’s a perfectly valid response to the overwhelming energy that this configuration can bring.

It’s a good idea not to wound others, or to place yourself in circumstances where you are likely to get wounded. Being by yourself (only if you can handle it) or in the company of a reliable support group is a good idea at this time.

Now this opposition and upcoming Full Moon aren’t the only exact aspects in the sky – as you can see in the graphic – there’s quite a few of them.

The Sun-Chiron opposition forms the backbone of a Kite formation involving the Juno-Vesta/Saturn-Chiron Retrograde Grand Water Trine (link provided). In this formation, the energy of the Trine gets channeled and bounced back and forth in the opposition. The focal point would tend to be Chiron Retrograde in Pisces, however.

We’ve also got the Final Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014, involving Pallas Athena, Pluto Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde and Juno. At present, Pallas and Pluto – and – Uranus and Juno are squaring one another at an orb of +/- 1 degree. That’s pretty intense. Through Juno, the Grand Cross feeds into the Grand Trine, and therefore into the Sun-Chiron opposition.

We also have a very powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) formed by a sextile between the Sun (focus, awareness) and Vesta (priest/essing, spiritual service, tending the sacred flame, regeneration), both inconjunct/quincunx Uranus Retrograde (awakening, breakthrough, surprise, suddenness, the unexpected). Again Uranus is already engaged in the square with Juno (see above) – so all these configurations are connected and energetically amplifying the pivotal Sun-Chiron opposition.

There’s other things happening in the sky right now, but these are the most important aspects of the lot. I’ve skipped an explanation of what each bring as I’ve covered all the aspects in the links listed below. The one thing I haven’t explained is the Yod – so here goes:

Sun/Virgo sextiles Vesta/Saturn/Scorpio both quincunx Uranus Retrograde in Aries. I see this as a sudden, fairly abrupt issue that may arise from something that seems ‘mundane’, perfectly ‘day to day’. The roots of the issue or event may be more obscure, rooted back in your soul’s biography. The issue will unfold in an almost explosive way – and powerfully challenge your understanding of yourself – and the sacred authority you bear within you – at this time. You have the choice between hubris and humility, so make it wisely. Some may even manifest this as some kind of unexpected physical event or encounter are Aries often relates to the physical body itself. With a Yod, you can never say if it’s ‘bad’ or ‘good’ – only that it’s sudden and will lead you to make decisions that will set you upon some new (or to revisit an old) curriculum of spiritual growth and evolution.

Take care, everyone

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Blessings and I hope this is of use. The Coping Strategy offers practical advice to cope with Piscean energies (where Chiron Retrograde is at present).

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Coping with the Supermoon in Pisces (9:38 am 9 Sep, GMT + 8) at 16 Pis ’19: A 12-House Guide [COMPLETE]

Pisces with Logo

Blessings all,

As I explained before ( ), we’re already feeling the dissolving, formless, culminating energies of the Pisces SuperMoon, coming on the 9th of September (at 9:38 am, GMT + 8). This is a ‘rough guide’ to coping with the energies. Each chart is unique, so take only what resonates. Go to get a free natal chart to see which house 16 Pisces falls into for you before proceeding.

Read the house that applies to you (in fact read all 12 if you like) – and also the sign that occupies your 12th house (associated with Pisces). So, if you have your 10th house in Pisces and your 12th house in Taurus, then read the entries for the 10th house and the 2nd house (as Taurus is linked with the second house). You can also read the 4th house (representing the Moon), or even whatever sign your natal Chiron is in. That’s getting pretty complex (for beginners to astrology – I intend on making a video soon to explain the basics of reading one’s chart) – but at the very least, have a read of the House your natal Pisces is in.

The general theme that will run through this guide is a calling for grounding, healing, nurturing and seeking out support from the Earth and Her facilitators. If you feel particularly vulnerable (read the linked article for more info), make sure that you’re with a reliable support group at this time and avoid being on your own. I emphasize this aspect owing to the conjunction of Chiron (Soul Wound, Soul Healer) with the SuperMoon, opposed to the Sun in Virgo.

Reminder: Piscean energy is one that seeks resolutions – transcendence through the evolution of detachment, and the simultaneous recognition that we are All One. Or… in its less evolved forms, resolution through escapism or denial or some kind. Bear in mind the need to respect the sensitivity and vulnerability linked with Pisces and the need to treat the self, and others as gently as possible. Again, if you’re feeling vulnerable and have tendencies towards self-harm, substance abuse, any kind of obsessive behavior – seek out your support groups. The possibility of wounding, suffering or pain of some kind is amplified by the SuperMoon’s conjunction with Chiron. Do not ignore sound professional medical or psychological advice – this report is not a substitute for that in any way.


1st – With Pisces in your Ascendant, you need to look at the physical body and whatever sense of wounding you have associated with it. Take extra care. Grounding/Earthing with the feet will be of particular benefit to you at this time. For some, meditation in Natural Spaces (woodlands, fields, lakes, etc.) would be of immense benefit. Take the time to enjoy the solitude and allow a deep regeneration of your Body, Mind and Spirit to happen. For those who are too sensitive to Piscean energy, grounding is great – but stay close to those who can and are willing to support you through rough phases. You do not _have_ to endure this by yourself, there are many who will be able to help you face your vulnerabilities or wounds, if you reach out and ask them to. And there is no shame in asking for help during this period – make sure the people whom you ask for help are reliable, competent and are skilled in the kind of help you require. (As my dad would say – there’s no point going to an eye specialist if you have a toothache…) This may also be a good time to seek help in diagnosing whatever ‘mystery ailments’ may have been bothering you – no matter which healing paradigm you use. – Also applicable for those with Aries in the 12th house.

2nd – With Pisces in your 2nd house, look to the flow of abundance in your life – it may be a source of income, wealth or (internally speaking) a mental construct that makes you believe you are well, cared for, strong, secure, (i.e. the self-esteem dynamic) etc. Chiron with the Moon in this house leads to the culmination of a particular issue which blocks, or hurts this flow of abundance. On the flipside, it can equally mean that you will ‘see’ or find a path ‘illuminated’ to answering your questions of how and why the flow of abundance has been blocked thus far – and how you can change that. Remember that Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and the Teacher – you learn so much and can teach and give so much once you have healed from its wounds. So prepare to learn to manifest what you want, in your life – and to share that knowledge with others. Perhaps therein lies one aspect of the abundance ‘puzzle’ you’re going to be working through now. It won’t be an ‘easy’ lesson for most, though. Grounding/Earth would be a good practice, just as making it a point to get out there and ‘In-Joy’ (enjoy) the pleasures of life. Not a bad time to enjoy the sensual side of life either, provided you’re not using it to ‘escape’ from the task of spiritual development and evolution – Also applicable for those with Taurus in the 12th house.

3rd – With Pisces in your 3rd house, the source of wounding-healing-teaching appears to be in your early childhood, ‘inner child construct’, your relationships with siblings and/or a source in your immediate day-to-day environment. It can manifest as an old childhood wound re-triggered. The 3rd house is also associated with the formation of perception, your ability to analyze, communicate and present yourself int the world. Those who have felt painfully shy or simply socially awkward, those who mistrust their own voice in the world, or their cognitive abilities may also see those insecurities amplified at this time. It is vital for you to take care of the wounded inner child at this time. Art therapy, counseling, having a heart to heart with your parents/siblings/people who trigger the wound, may be things for you to consider. Write down, speak out, express your feelings in some way. You can’t afford to keep them bottled up. Reading on ways to heal those wounds and coming to terms with them is also highlighted at this time – Also applicable for those with Gemini in the 12th house.


Pisces in the 4th House – In this position, you are likely to feel the source of Wounding as emanating from your family/home, mother-figure, domestic context – or even your deeper connections with your ‘tribal or collective identity’, connection with the Mother-Goddess-Gaia archetype and so on. The 4th house relates to that which makes you feel anchored, grounded, and gives you a sense of place in the world. It is what you fall back onto, your place of retreat at the end of the day (one hopes). If you can, solitude whilst communing with different facets of the Mother archetype in your spiritual practice would be greatly beneficial. If family-of-origin poses a problem, or triggers a painful karmic dynamic you feel you can’t overcome – then seek your ‘family of choice’ – your ‘tribe’ (be they on the Internet, or in person). Avoid major disputes on this day unless you are prepared to transform and teach those persons involved in your family unit (including yourself) – and they need to be willing participants as well. Know that communications are likely to be wrapped and warped in veils of mis-perception and games of projection on all sides, so try to resist the temptation to jump the gun. Keep an eye on the health of the mother, or nurturer-figure in your household. If you can handle the intensity of the Moon’s energies, you may well find pathways that illuminate a new way out of some long-standing, deeply entrenched yet till-now elusive karmic dynamic in your household. This also applies to those with Cancer in the 12th house. Owing to the Moon’s association with the 4th house, everyone is likely to see some aspect of this dynamic played out in their lives – in some form or another.

Pisces in the 5th house – The wounding/lesson/transcendence opportunity here arises in your relationship with children, or even your own ‘Inner Child’. Self-expression, playfulness, the sacred-simple-joy of innocence and reconnecting with the Creator/Creatrix within. Joining a play, drama, dance, singing, art-jam, music-making session – whatever makes you come alive allows your creativity to ‘flow’ – are good things to do at this time. This isn’t a time to surround yourself with people who are determined to criticize you on the basis of their life’s perceptions. Surround yourself with people who are accepting of who you are, or who simply allow you to ‘just be yourself’. Resist the tempation to ‘wear a brave mask’ and put on a facade today. You will find great creative resources in your willingness to authentically embody your vulnerability – without for the need of recognition, approval, etc. Those with kids may want to stay away from unnecessarily risky activities through this phase – no need to get neurotic or paranoid about it – it’s just not the day to go bungee jumping or cycling off a cliff…. (Note: The 12th house/Pisces energy is linked with suffering, and confinement – even in hospitals, etc.). Similarly, keep an eye open with your romantic partner – this may be a day for ‘wounding in love’, but I sincerely hope it is the kind of wound-lesson that leads to a dissolving of karmic ties and a deepening of soul-based love. This is applicable to those with Leo in the 12th house as well.

Pisces in the 6th House – Lessons of wounding/vulnerability/opportunities of transcendence/teaching come from your relationship with Service. There may be some confusion as to how you manifest a certain task (spiritual or otherwise) into being. It’s vital to stay ‘on the ball’ with the details. Ideally, you could bring in some of that amorphous, transcendental energy to help you shift rigid structures, procedures or routines in life. A little bit of a shake-up is not such a bad thing. Try to use this energy as one which can help you structure your life in a way that aligns with your Spiritual Values, and honors your Vessel of Service (the Body). Be on the lookout for attempts at berating or trying to shame you from those that feel they are your superior. They’re not – hold your ground in these cases Whilst everyone is a Servant of the Divine in some form or another, we are not bound to be anyone’s inferior or superior. This can also be a time where you are tested by ‘fake gurus’, ’emotional/psychic vampires’, narcissists, exes that haven’t let go of you yet, and others seeking to erode healthy boundaries in the name of Spirit or Love, whilst playing the ‘inferiority’ card (your, theirs, or both). You may also find extreme caretaking/nurturing/control dynamics in the guise of ‘being helpful’ at play with others pretending to be subservient or meek. Eyes open, as always – Keep those boundaries up, let in only that which resonates with you. This also applies to those with Virgo in the 12th house. You might also find this article of use –


Pisces in the 7th house – In this placement, the potential for wounding/transcendence/karmic resolution arises through your partnerships with others, and in your shadow self (i.e. those parts of you which you do not recognize in you, and so you draw to you via the mirroring effect of partnerships). Be delicate with dealings with your spouse, live-in partner or even someone you collaborate with at work. Remember that you are quite likely feeling just as vulnerable as they are, so remember to be kind on yourself as well. Know that whatever dynamics the other person is bringing up is helping you resolve something within you that has thus far been un-addressed. A good practice is to thank them for the lesson and reflect upon how it applies to you. Games of projection – as your suppressed shadow side is reflected in the faces of others – are bound to be rife at this time. Take nothing personally. On the flipside, if your partnership is strong enough to withstand – and even thrive through that particular sensitivity-vulnerability that Chiron-Moon in Pisces brings, you may just find a way to bring down a barrier that’s kept you apart. Make sure it’s not a healthy boundary that you’re eroding. Those with codependent or narcissist tendencies may want to begin journaling their thoughts to see if such patterns are coming to the surface during this SuperMoon. Remember that sacrifice in the name of love can be a powerful, beautiful and sacred thing – but it can also become a powerful karmic hook if done by an ego in desperate search of emotional security. This also applies for those with Libra in the 12th house.

Pisces in the 8th house – In this placement, your Pisces dynamics are likely to come through a variety of sources – but very often, it tends to be someone with whom you have committed and merged a significant portion of your energies. Perhaps in business, in sex, in other forms of intimate connection, and so on. Those working with Scorpio energies as a solo practitioner may find their challenge arising from within their subconscious itself (it always is the case, but you’re more aware that the Source is Your own inner dynamic). Experienced shamanic practitioners might find this an excellent time to do some interdimensional work, though empaths may find this a very challenging time to draw up their boundaries against the powerful ‘Ocean of Collective Emotion’ that Pisces represents. If you do go off to some far-off realm, make sure to have two feet planted on the ground. Not something to try unless you are absolutely sure of what you’re doing – seek out the guidance of an expert if unsure (in which case you’re better off not going that route just now). You may be called – no matter how you engage with Scorpio energy – to give up something, to truly make a Sacrifice of Spirit. (No, I’m not talking about some Hollywood style offering to a sadly vilified and misconstrued Goddess – see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) – but you may be truly asked to give up something which you feel entitled to control or have power over. And sometimes, that … my friends … is an invitation to Absolute Spiritual Surrender. This is extremely difficult for the Ego that seeks to control and be aware of what’s what, but is a necessary component for all those who Journey into the Dark, the Light, the Grey, the Rainbow – every aspect of the Spiritual Path. As with Libra, this is a wonderful time to dissolve boundaries in intimate partnerships – but make sure they’re dissolutions that you are okay with. Scorpio’s energies take this a step further – it is no longer the erosion of walls, but the merger and mixing of energies. If it’s against your will (and against your inner knowing) – then don’t allow it. You have that choice – I’m talking about Surrendering to the Divine, not to another person or material construct. This also applies for those with Scorpio in the 12th house.

Pisces in the 9th house – Your opportunity for wounding/transcendence/learning comes through the way you explore, expand your perceptions and understand your place in this wider world. Linked with a sense of adventure, optimism, dynamism and an intellectual-philosophical view of the world, Pisces in Sagittarius asks you to STOP. Sagittarian energy has a certain perspective of the way the world works. When it feels threatened it can move into a place of uber-judgment, rejecting all that potentially invalidates one’s view, and constantly moves – restlessly – from one experience to the next, for fear that it will be shown to be wrong. (That’s the not so great side of it).This is the time for the adventurer-philosopher (I think of Indiana Jones, Sr. and Jr.) to hang up his or her hat and realize that there is not need to go ‘out there’ to find what is already within. Divinity and the secrets of the Universe, the whole scope of consciousness and cognitive perceptions are all around you, and within you, at the same time. Whilst I’m not saying – don’t travel (though exercise proper safety precautions if you do), you don’t need to travel to confirm your spiritual path or paradigm. You don’t need to read another deep philosophical text or turn to a tradition to validate your connection with Source. You can, if you want to – but it’s not necessary as The Divine has been within you all the entire time. Try to avoid getting into disputes about which path is Right/Wrong as those debates are essentially fruitless. Even if someone sees things differently from you, that’s fine – neither of you are wrong, nor are you ‘right’ – you’re both equally valid shards of the Universe perceiving itself. Just do what you know works for you, and don’t force it unto others – deny them the opportunity to do the same to you. Remember – Many Paths, One Mountaintop (Destination). Teachers and preachers, take a rest if you can. The work you do is valuable, but it’s equally important for you to have a time out and simply receive. This also applies to those with Sagittarius on their 12th house cusp.


Pisces in the 10th house – In this house placement, the potential for wounding/transcendence-through-suffering/lessons learnt comes from your relationship with the Super-Ego, i.e. society’s understandings of ‘success, achievement, legacy, prestige, status, power and authority’. The 10th house represents our position in the public eye – how we are seen by society and the impression of our selves and efforts that we ultimately leave behind. On your tombstone, there will be a summary of what you did and who you were. This is the most direct representation of the 10th house – the legacy you leave. Those in the public eye, particularly as they represent spiritual matters or teachings which run against the grain of the structures and authorities we have been conditioned to believe will be ‘under attack’, i.e. facing intense criticism and scrutiny. Questions of – who are you to do what you do? who are you to represent yourself? will arise from those who particularly feel threatened by what and whom you embody. Answer from a place of integrity, but don’t let the words of the insecure get under your skin. As long as you are aligned with Spirit, do not allow your public acclaim, status or success become a reason for you to doubt yourself. The Universe knows what its doing, my friends. The worst thing you can do is become defensive – simply respond from a centered place. Such attacks or challenges can also trigger deep wounds which can then become ‘the grist’ of other teachings which you can then spread to the public. For others, whose lives and material achievements are out of alignment with Spirit, this may be a time where you experience a loss of some kind, or even a ‘fall from grace’ – and even this will be the start of a whole new journey in your spiritual understanding. Perhaps the ‘failure’ or ‘loss’ you might find now (if you operate from a very materialistic paradigm out of touch with Spirit) may be just the wake up call, or reality check you need to get back on track. I suspect this Moon will shift so many, and in such profound ways. – Otherwise, if you’ve always merged your public identity/career with Spirit, then you’re likely to find this Moon as one which highlights your service to humanity and awakens it to the attention of others. You might find yourself at the center of publicity, or the recipient of some public acknowledgement which you had not anticipated – treat this space with respect and caution. You know you’re not in it to ‘get famous’, you’re in it for your own contract with Spirit. This also applies to those with Capricorn on the 12th house cusp.

Pisces in the 11th house – Here, the wounding/teaching arises through your interactions with kindred spirits, friends, and networks of altruistic or other common associations (groups) – particularly ones which exist and communicate through social media or other technological means. If you are in a leadership capacity of some kind, or, if your presence in the group marks you as ‘different’, ‘unique’, or ‘revolutionary’ some how, you may be critiqued or targeted for it. This has strong resonance with Pisces in Capricorn (see above) as social media increasingly puts so many of us into the ‘public eye’. Watch your words, conflicts and expressions in any publicly viewable forums and channels. If you must speak your truth, be very clear with what you say – and do a little fact-checking (if possible) before you say it. Your words will have greater effects and make ripples to shores you weren’t aware of. Know that your friends may be projecting their own insecurities on you at this time, and that – at the end of the day – the only Being or Energy you ultimately have to answer to is Spirit-Within-You. You might have a great new idea at this time, or even a breakthrough in innovating something – keep your ideas to yourself unless you are absolutely certain they will not be twisted or misappropriated by those claiming to be ‘on the same team/vibe’ as you. The fact your inspirational channel or connection with Spirit is as strong as it is will make others uncomfortable – and their negativity (often disguised as concern or care-taking behavior) may come out in response to that. Just be you, and seek the company of those you can trust. Write those down groundbreaking, convention-defying ideas and wait for a good time to share them with the world. Never, ever, question your right to link with Spirit and learn as you do. If you’re with a good group of friends, kindred spirits who can handle the Pisces vibration, then this is the time for groups to come together and anchor the vibrations of peace upon this planet. Allow the boundaries that need to be dissolved, to dissolved, leaving only healthy balance in its wake. This also applies to those with Aquarius on the 12th house cusp.

Pisces in the 12th House – The Pisces Supermoon is at its strongest here as it will be in its home sign and house placement. Neptune Retrograde is already there… and so the energy will only be amplified in this case. For individuals with this placement, you are likely to be extremely sensitive to energies, to have some form of psychic ability, intuitive gift or empathetic nature (or all of the above). You are essentially the energetic sponge that absorbs all, that sees all, and the knows all – often to the point where you no longer know what you are feeling as an individual, as yourself. If you’re in a vulnerable place – seek out the support of a reliable friend/friends who can see you through a painful time. Losing yourself in anything – substances, sex, people, work, chocolate – isn’t the best way you can work with this energy (if that was what you were interested in). Those able to handle the lessons through sensitivity, vulnerability and wounding that Pisces offers will quite likely want to keep to themselves. You don’t need to interact with people in the same room to know what’s going on with them, and the world, in general. My take on this would be to seek solitude (if you’re up to it), and do grounding, centering and protective rituals or exercises. Sitting under a tree and visualizing a protective bubble of Light (invoking the Archangel Michael or other deity/being) – or sitting in a church/temple in quiet prayer or contemplation – or similar exercises where you can have a free, clear and uncluttered time and space to simply ‘Sit with Spirit’ would be of great use to many. (As always, if you’re not comfy with something spiritual/magickal – then don’t do it – read up before you try anything new and ask a trusted practitioner for clarification). You are being given the powerful front-row-seat opportunity to connect with Spirit at this time. Portals of information and revelations of truth can be opened to you, so use this energy wisely and do not fall pray to the emotional dramas of other beings. There is a reason why so many great spiritual teachers, have at some point in their lives, sought solitude and become hermits, or recluses. This isn’t the time for you to deal with the burdens of the world – because you feel that every day, already – but a time for you to connect with What is -Out There – and Within for answers to the questions you seek. You may be privy to extraordinary secrets or lessons of revelation from Source if you are willing to do the internal work of remaining receptive, grounded and Heart-Centered at this time. Again, not for the beginner on the spiritual journey. Take extra care of your physical bodies at this time as well – and make sure you get adequate nutritional support. This applies for those with Pisces on the 12th house Cusp.

The energy of Pisces is pure and transcendental – and very often the extreme nature of sensitivity it brings can be simply ‘too much’ for people and they turn to (sometimes dangerous) forms of escapism and denial instead. If you can’t handle it – you don’t have to – seek out friends, or support/therapy groups that will help. If you can, there’s a lot to be learnt spiritually through this energy, but make sure you are prepared to handle it.

This is a complex energy, and it will manifest differently for everyone. There’s a lot of Beauty in Piscean energy, but you don’t need a coping guide for that part of it 😀

Remember, just as there is no ‘One Path’ that will fit everyone, there is no ‘one recipe’ for healing the body, mind and spirit.


As always, the information in this report is not meant to substitute advice from medical, psychological or other professional therapist that you may be seeing. Take all that resonates, and only that.

Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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When I was a child, I’d clutch an astronomy picture book along with my pillow to fall asleep every night. I didn’t understand the equations behind cosmic order, or the physical laws that governed forces beyond my comprehension – I just knew I liked the cosmos – and one aspect of it in particular: The Black Hole. I understood that it was a very large rip in what we considered to be space-time and that it whirled at extremely high speeds, ripping all forms of light and matter that went nearby it into shreds. Somehow, I never saw it as the destructive abyss of total annihilation it is often portrayed as, I always viewed it as a gateway of sorts.

In my teenage years, sufficient sci fci flicks and popular science opened my mind to the possibilities of the connecting the singularities of two different black holes in different parts of the Universal fabric, creating such a gateway as I had envisioned. Intuitively, this made logical sense to my adolescent self, but I felt that something quite mysterious, transformative – even alchemical – about black holes was still missing from our scientific understanding of them. I had a knack for predicting astronomical finds based on thought experiment around this time. Logic told me that there would be ice on the Moon, for instance – and science confirmed it to be so within a year or two of that thought.

With Black Holes on the other hand, my attraction to them as a child was far from logical – I just ‘knew’ there was something about them that exemplified some core principle about the way I view and experience life. Recently, I found an article wherein science filled in that missing piece of the puzzle for me – I now know just why my attraction to this astrophysical phenomenon has been so intense, enduring and so difficult to put into words. Synchronistically, the parable of the black hole illuminates certain spiritual paradigms in the technical language of science – making one of the least palatable spiritual truths somewhat more intelligible and acceptable.

The Black Hole is a whirling void, a compression of matter, energy, time and space folded backwards to a terminating point known as the singularity at which all known physical laws of time and space break down. It is the astronomical equivalent of the atmospheric tornado, or the aquatic maelstrom. We tend to see these whirling bodies of matter and energy as destructive or terminating points, the abyss from which we do not return and whose event horizon we fear to approach. The notion of the bottomless pit, the dark abyss features prominently in certain spiritual teachings – from an internal perspective going through transformative pits in which we are destroyed, and yet arise anew, termed as the  ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ –  a period of introspection, intense self examination, the destruction of the ego and psyche and eventual re-integration into a energetic signature of a higher vibrational frequency. We associate this powerful theme of death, transformation and rebirth with symbols such as the Rising Phoenix that leaves its ashes behind in flight. Spiritualists would describe it as ‘traveling through the Valley of the Shadow of Death to emerge as a Being of Light’. It is this process of transformation and creation through destruction associated with astrological elements such as Pluto, Hades, Scorpio and the 8th house and themes connected to the psychological and spiritual Underworld. Diverse religious traditions point to ‘Dark’ Archetypes, particularly in the figures of fierce warrior goddesses such as Kali, Lilith and Hecate that lead to spiritual transcendence through paradigmatic shifts incurred in extreme circumstances such as perceived death, loss and suffering.

The notion of Darkness in the esoteric religious, spiritual and astrological traditions of the world empowers the Void, or returning to that formless, unknowable Mystery at the Heart of Creation. In Jungian psychology, this Primal Ocean of the Collective Unconscious is strongly identified with the Anima Mundi – or aspects of the World Mother/Great Goddess archetype. Sadly, this aspect of spiritual experience is often cast as heretical, taboo, undesirable when badly misinterpreted through the lens of a very superficial, yet pervasive mis-reading of mmonotheisticbelief systems that sadly appear to espouse a rigid binary between Light/Dark = Good/Evil, despite the fact that their greatest champions, prophets, seers, etc. had each experienced their own version of ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ – frequently in Deserts, as per the Abrahamic religions.

The more enlightened perspective of experiencing Darkness is to view it as passages through aspects of the shadow self, the suppressed or hidden psyche which we feel ashamed, afraid or in denial of. The equation of the wild archetypal female destroyer/nurturer across cultures captures the eviscerating pain of traversing this aspect of the psyche, and the illumination within that emerges through transcending this pain. Hindus may call this the Path of Sakthi (or Saktha traditons) via the Tantric Goddesses, Buddhists have their equivalent in the practice of Chod –  the ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Sumerians and other cultures with a strong tradition of fierce female goddesses and priestesshoods understood this principle to a profound degree. It is with the comparatively recent binary drawn across gendered, ethical and spiritual lines which have confabulated this notion of traversing inner Darkness to succumbing to evil temptation, often in the form of a woman.

But what does all this have to do with the astronomical parable of the black hole? As with the transformative potential of traversing the suppressed psyche, the material reality of black holes speaks of the same story in different terms. What was once viewed as an incredibly powerful, complex, mysterious yet dangerous aspect from which there is no return, now appears as a transmutative generator of Light. Scientists at John Hopkins University have conclusively demonstrated, with the backing of 40 years of research, that the inevitable outcome of gas entering this black hole is the emission of (even) higher frequencies of light (up to 100x) from its Core, back into the Universe. As matter is superheated (up to 10 million Celsius) and transformed into photons at the heart of the abyss, it sheds its old form and emerges anew, burning brighter than its previous form would ever deem possible. Irrespective of whether science’s understanding of ‘vibration’ corresponds with the spiritual notion of it, I take some comfort in knowing that one of the most exotic, mysterious and powerful aspects of the cosmos, which has always been close to my heart, mirrors a time-honoured facet of spiritual practice and experience that crosses the boundaries of time, religion, and space. Or is that the other way around?

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

First Published: April 5th 2014, on an older blog of mine

Image Information: “Black Hole Milkyway” by Ute Kraus, Physics education group Kraus, Universität Hildesheim, Space Time Travel, (background image of the milky way: Axel Mellinger) – Gallery of Space Time Travel. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –

SEPTEMBER: THE ENERGY OF COMPLETION (and Build-Up to a Powerful Grand Trine, 5th-8th September 2014)


Blessings to all,

September’s energy is one of completion. The skies in October look very different from the energies we’ve been facing over the past few months. We are experiencing our Final SuperMoon of the year in Pisces (on the 9th), a powerful near-Perfect Grand Sextile (on the 13th) and Final Grand Cross of 2014 (barring any brief configurations formed due to the Moon’s transits, notably on December 4/5). Both the Grand Sextile and the Grand Cross configurations cease on September 20-21st. Shortly after that we the beautiful trine between Jupiter and Uranus Retrograde (September 26), something thing we’ve all been waiting for – which I feel will inject us all with much needed hope, drive, optimism, dynamism and the spirit of innovation. We’ve all bore so much for so long, died countless emotional deaths, let go of such and transformed so spectacularly over the past few months. I suppose this is the Universe’s way of saying ‘Job Well Done’.

So, we’re going the last few rounds, finishing the law few chapters of a particular circuit of karmic fulfillment and spiritual growth. It’s been a long series of lessons, starting with the hints of the Major Grand Cardinal Cross (April/May with Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Pluto involved) as early as December 2013. I’m sure all of us will be looking back at 2014 with a sense of wonder. Somehow… it turned out to be more intense, transformative and life-changing than 2012 (at the human level of experience).

But hey, let’s get back to the present. Having set the goalpost, let’s talk about where we are now. We’ve got a Near-perfect Grand sextile already in place. The only ‘missing’ planet is in Taurus – but if you consider asteroids in the equation, then it becomes complete with asteroid Diana. Diana (16 Taurus) challenges us to fend for ourselves and fulfill our own needs. She protects the qualities of innocence and childhood and punishes those who transgress the sexual boundaries of others without hesitation.

The other components of the Grand Sextile are:

Juno in Cancer, Chiron Retrograde in Pisces, Mars/Saturn/Vesta/Ceres in Scorpio, Sun in Virgo, Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn.

Pluto Retrograde and Juno are also involved in the Grand Cardinal Cross, which sees them squaring Uranus Retrograde in Aries and Pallas Athena in Libra respectively.

And so you see, the sky is lit up with these configurations and alignments. But that all changes once we get past September 20/21st.

Right now, the aspect of the near Grand Sextile which I wish to focus on is the Grand Water Trine. This will form at a +/- 1 degree orb between 9:30 pm 5th September 2014 – 7:17 pm 8th September 2014 (GMT + 8), involving Juno in Cancer, Chiron Retrograde in Pisces and Vesta/Saturn in Scorpio.

What this means, is that we will have these three days to focus our intention to manifest, express, feel and intuit with Water-Based energies. Juno seeks completion of the Soul, whilst Chiron seeks the lessons of healing through the transcendence of the Wound. Vesta seeks to Serve an ancient karmic debt, through which she will ultimately resurrect herself (owing to her proximity with Saturn).

This is a time to look inwards to see ‘what is missing’. This is a time to search yourself for the answers as to how/why you have cease to be inspired or are out of tune with ‘the flow’ so to speak.

Be aware that this energy takes place at a time where other aspects are going going exact, e.g. (not a complete list) Pluto squaring Pallas Athena, Juno squaring Uranus, Sun quincunx Pluto, Chiron opposing the Sun, Jupiter squaring Ceres – all as part of the build-up to the Final (Culminating) Supermoon in Pisces (September 9). We then have Neptune Retrograde opposing Venus and Mercury conjuncting Pallas Athena.

We also have three Yods (Fingers of Fate) going exact on September 7th…

‘Intense’ doesn’t quite cut it……….

So let’s take it a day at a time…

Blessings and Love to all,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD





Pallas Athena is the warrior goddess of wisdom, courage, conviction, causes, strategy, healing and other fine qualities. She is a virgin goddess who never marries, takes a male partner, or gives birth to a child through her womb (though she raises one as a surrogate mother).

There is controversy surrounding her feminine identity and the way she treats those of her same sex. For instance, she accidentally kills her childhood friend Pallas, turns the proud and skilled weaver Arachne into a spider for her hubris, transforms the beautiful Medusa into the snake-headed Gorgon as she was raped, thereby defiling Athena’s temple. Feminists have debated the figure of Athena for years owing to her specific treatment of women, and the mythological cooptation of a deity from matriarchal society into a patriarchal one. This claim seems to have some weight when you consider her multiple origin narratives – a goddess of a lake in Libya, then as the daughter born of Titaness Metis … and then as the direct offspring of Zeus who sprang fully formed from his forehead, and in some stories as the daughter of Poseidon. 

A further myth tells us of how Goddess Athena’s victories have bestowed mixed blessings upon women. She and Lord Poseidon were competing to see who would become the patron deity of Athens. Athena won by gifting the Athenians the olive tree, but not without incurring the displeasure of Poseidon. The men of Athens then agreed to give up the citizenship rights of the women there to appease him. If I recall my first undergrad research paper on the subject correctly, they were supposedly too emotional and passionate to have any head for politics.

Goddess Athena is further differentiated from other female Greco-Roman goddesses by the fact that she refuses to engage in any form of sex (per most myths, others hint at same-sex interests), and does not bear children, though she has a foster child. As there is still so much of stigma surrounding women who cannot bear children, or who choose not to (and as I read recently, women who do not endure ‘normal, natural’ childbirth) – Moreover, she is severed from any Mother archetype or connection to the Womb as she is born of the head of Zeus (who actually devours his wife Metis so she may not bear an heir that would be more powerful than himself but Athena’s rising cannot be stopped – in one account). The Mother is devoured by the Father to avoid the birth of an heir who can surpass him. Because she is not male, Athena is automatically accepted by the Father as his ally as she bears no threat his supremacy.

Now I’m not saying that these myths are true, or that they are not. Personally, I have always loved the Goddess Athena and I find her courage to be one that speaks to every minority man/woman/LGBT person who has ever needed to step up and play in the big leagues, in ‘a man’s world’. But the myths are narratives that reflect a particular social and cultural context. And sadly, they still echo with the kinds of concerns that others still feel (and sometimes voice) when seeing a woman stepping into her own power – even today. (But it’s not her place! Her place is in the kitchen! Women must be soft spoken, it’s a man’s job to earn the money, if she’s out for work at night she must be a prostitute! etc. etc.) These fears are more visible in some cultures, but still present across the globe in one form or another.

But what do we do with this information?

I feel that collectively, we need to reclaim the figure of Goddess Athena from the mythological associations that somehow associate her assertive force with a betrayal of / alienation from her own biological sex (women) – and re-cast them in the modern day. This is my still-evolving take on this mighty Goddess:

Here we see the first ‘career woman’ who chose to divert her energies into her work, and not into raising children or pleasing a male partner in bed. In liberal societies today, many would recognize those choices in their own lives and feel the same weight of burden or stigma associated with them. In traditional societies, more women are beginning to rise up and exercise their right to live their lives beyond a biological/reproductive/heterosexual prescription.

Honestly, the choice needn’t be so stark, Women can be assertive and have careers and success and power without giving up their familial roles as mothers. They can be as nurturing and caring as they want to be. And they do not need to step on or curtail the expressions of power of their fellow sisters and brothers. And if women don’t like having a female form – depending on which part of the world they’re in – they can even change that too.

I would go out on a limb and say that if Athena was a human woman living today, she would likely be a (1) ‘career woman’ (in her cultural milieu) rejecting the prescriptions of patriarchy and/or (2) LGBT (think about it, same-sex partnerships, a female body that rejects any identification with biological processes unique to women and performs ‘as a man’).

So you could say – at least within the Greco-Roman pantheon, Goddess Athena was the first female form to break out of the stereotypical mold, exploring alternate meanings and expressions of female identity, power and role. So she is not just a Goddess for ‘women’ but for anyone daring to take a leap forward in uncharted territory: A Path-Maker.

Taking that in, all I can say is …


Hail Athena!


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Part 1 of this series is available at:

 *I first published this article in another blog of mine on July 12, 2014. 

 Image Information: “Bust Athena Velletri Glyptothek Munich 213” by Unknown (Greek original by Kresilas) – User:Bibi Saint-Pol, own work, 2007-02-08. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –

Kali Ma, The Dark Creator and Destroyer by Nancy Vedder-Shults

An exquisite article on Mother Kali ❤ One of the best I have ever read ❤

nancymug_3In contrast to our dualistic thinking here in the West — thinking that separates light from dark, life from death, and chaos from order –there are a number of Eastern philosophies and religions that have retained a more holistic approach to reality. One religion that has done a good job of preserving the awesomeness of its deities by representing them through the full spectrum of life, death and rebirth is the Hindu culture in India. Remarkably, most of the major Hindu gods and goddesses represent divinity as forms of “coincidence of opposites.” In other words, the great deities like Shiva, Vishnu and Devi (the Goddess), simultaneously encompass life and death, good and evil, darkness and light, creation and destruction. For Westerners who live in a society which easily polarizes such distinctions, looking at the living mythology of one of these divine figures might offer us some ideas of how we…

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Day by day, I look into your eyes,
They freeze, they melt, my ego they terrorize,
I smile at their softness,
I swoon at their depth,
When will I see them?

Face to face,
Breath to Breath?

Do I seek you in the Mountains?
Do I seek you in the Seas?
In the Caves, in the Cities?
In the Ocean that is Me?

Where are you my love?
My ancient and future destiny…

With you I feel death is another form of love,
For only then I feel as though I can merge,
In between spaces,
Through realms unseen.

My love swirls into your Being,
Like Smoke from a Dream.

But no – you’ve different plans for me,
In the game of Formless Hide and Seek,
The only death of mine you’ll bear is an Ego tumbling down to its feet,
Will it be then – that we finally meet?

That my fingers can feel the warmth of your cheek?
Or the sound of your living beat?

Will it be a day when, I unawares,
Turn a corner and Find You –
There you Stand,
In Flesh in Blood,

The Dream as Form?

My Man.

Will you pull me close,
in the space between breath,
Between Love, Life, Purpose and Death?

Will you whisper through my Body,
The Sweet words of my Longing…

I’m here.
At last, my love.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Sun in Virgo Trines Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, 3rd September 2014, 11:51 pm, GMT + 8


Blessings all,

The Sun is the Light of Consciousness or Awareness. In Virgo, the Sun places your focus upon the routines, habits, rituals and other activities that allow you to preserve or maintain your life as you know it. This quality of preservation can be extended to other people, the Environment, and so on – bringing Virgo the quality of ‘service-provider’ that is commonly associated with her energy. I’ve spoken of the Virgo-as-Priestess and the many stereotypes surrounding this energy here for those who want a re-cap:

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn is transforming our relationship with the super-conscious, and society’s definition of ‘success, achievement, authority, power and legacy’. It is the Transformational Agent that moves us deep to our Core, often through the modality of Crisis. The Crises that tend to occur are located within the Psyche, as we react to others, based on our projections of their behavior. Through Pluto’s transit in Capricorn, we will all have powerfully re-defined our understanding of Why We Are Here (Purpose), and what we leave behind for future generations (Legacy).

When both the Sun and Pluto Retrograde trine, what we get is a powerful bolt of energy between our conscious awareness and our deepest, ‘darkest’ (in the sense of being being hidden) secret selves and its relationship with power, success and the superego.

A lot that was hidden is going to come to light now. Many Shadow Sides thrown into the Light of Day. With Virgo, we are now called to judge Capricorn. Is this what we want to leave behind? Is this how we choose to Build our collective Future? What to we draw our Boundaries and keep out of our Space, and what do we integrate within It?

We’re going to reject what no longer serves our idea of Purpose. And we’re going to find ways to manifest even the grandest, most powerful, most taboo (in some cases) visions and goals with the methodical, detail-oriented energy of Virgo – as long as they align with your sense of Purpose. You may find unexpected resources and support from VIPs in your sector (Capricorn), provided you’ve been doing your homework and crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s (Virgo).

Remember that Virgo and Capricorn are both expressions of Earth energy, but in different modalities. Virgo is Mutable – it can shift, it can mould and adapt, it can pay attention to the detail. Capricorn is Cardinal – it seeks to make something pivotal, and transformative – something that points to a new direction (in contrast to a Fixed sign that seeks to preserve).

Ideas or plans that seeks to engage the Earth, and restructure our relationship to it (as we have been in a deeply unbalanced relationship with Her since the Industrial Revolution) will be well placed at this time.

The Spiritual Facilitators among us will see the Strength and Power of the Earth-Crone and find ways to express her energy in some form of facilitation or connection. Career opportunities linking different paths of service will open up for many at this time, particularly through those already in an established position of authority or power.

Drop the ego, and accept a hand from a higher-up. For those who are already ‘established’ you may want to reach out to those who are still ‘on their way’.

Enjoy this powerful, transformative, pulse of energy. Resist the temptation to waste it on the unfruitful act of being judgmental, or seeking to control another.

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: “Tamme-Lauri tamm suvepäeval” by Abrget47j – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –äeval.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Tamme-Lauri_tamm_suvepäeval.jpg [The oldest tree in Estonia]


Blessings to all

I’ve started to feel the energies of the Pisces Full Moon coming up on September 9th – this is not unusual as it is a SuperMoon (intensity is felt +/- 7 days). Its energies will of course set the backdrop for our co-ordinated prayers, so it is a useful energy to also take into account.

Pisces’ energies are linked with the astrological 12th house. They speak of endings, termination, culmination, and represent the completion of a cycle – before we start again with Aries.

The 12th house, linked with Pisces and the planet Neptune, is also connected with suffering, sacrifice, martyrdom, issues with psychic boundaries (that can manifest in attitudes of narcissism, codependency), the dissolution of form (which when interpreted ‘negatively’ can be read as an invitation to ‘losing the self’ often through substance abuse of some kind). Pisces in excess has also be linked with attempts at self-harm, or even self-termination.

(Don’t be scared, these are just some of the more …. harsher forms of its manifestation – not everyone will want to manifest the energy in this way, but if you do have tendencies – make sure your support group is close at hand – focus on self-nurture as much as possible).

In its more ‘positive’ manifestations, Pisces is linked with the energy of Christ Consciousness. It is that ability to truly sacrifice the self (not from Ego, but from Love). Too many perpetuate ego-serving behaviors in the same of loving sacrifice, so it’s really important to make the difference clear. It is that ability to ‘turn the other cheek’, to forgive, to heal, and ultimately to transcend.

The 12th house is also associated with secrets, and energetic portals or vibrations which ‘you just can’t put your finger on’. It is linked with the otherworldly. Shaman/kas and those that take Spiritual Journeys will be feeling the pull to traverse the worlds at this time.

It is also a deeply karmic house, associated with linkages from the past that are not immediately obvious – if there was a guiding principle to Pisces – it would be obscurity, or that which is not obvious…. If karmic connections re-enter your life at this time, it is very likely that they do so because you are being given the opportunity to heal, transcend and release yourself from certain karmic patterns.

Note that this Full Moon will also feature the Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the Soul Healer, or the Soul’s Wound. There is going to be an intense emphasis on the notion of ‘transcendence through suffering’, or ‘learning from the pain/wounding’.

I’ll write more about this Full Moon in the Days to come. But I wanted to give you a heads up as this vibration has been making itself very very known to me at this time. We’re going to be collectively re-membering ‘the past’ and being called to make our peace with it.

Perfect for the energy-grounding/anchoring work we plan to do on the 13th.

Event Link:

Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: “Fra Angelico 053” by Fra Angelico (circa 1395–1455) – The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –



The Face of Justice: A Poem on Loving Detachment and Living as Pure Spirit in a Material World


‘The Face of Justice’

The Face of Justice is neither kind,
Nor warm nor compassionate.
She has no rage, no passion,
Only the cool air of detachment.

Some call her harsh,
An alien being that knows no attachment,
In the final moment her blade severs through the cord,
There is a deafening silence.

No Joy, No Victory, No Grief, No Trauma,
An abstraction slicing through the messy world,
As metal meets the flesh, as mind meets the cord,
The deed is done, the scales rebalanced,
The world begins to stir awake.

Neither numb nor dead to her emotions,
She finally reveals her face,
Her one true form,
Her reason for being…

She is Love.

~ Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Image: ‘Goddess of Democracy’ on Wikipedia. The original sculpture (this is a reproduction) was used as a symbol during the Tienanmen Square protests in 1989. The original statue stood for only 5 days until it was felled by the Army. On another note … I intend to write an academic piece on this fascinating symbol and its powerful role in energizing a political movement. “Goddess of Democracy at UBC” by Original uploader was Dr.kwan at en.wikipedia – Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is/was here.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –