I notice that when people talk to me about their charts they say ‘I AM’ a Scorpio, or ‘I HAVE’ a Scorpio Moon, or something like that. Those are statements which, too often, become badges or labels which people fixate on themselves. I am X, therefore I will act as X does, therefore I will have X , Y, Z, challenges and weaknesses. It’s that kind of self-fulfilling prophecy that can be incredibly limiting.

You’re not a Scorpio, or Virgo, or Pisces or whatever. You were simply born at a time when the Sun transited through a particular part of the sky. The way that interacts with and is expressed through You, Your Essence, your Boundless Soul – depends upon so many factors: other planets nearby, aspects made, where your Ascendant is and so on.

So not all Pisces/Aries/Taurus/pick-your-sign-people are the same. It is a quite damaging thing to claim that you are one thing, your essence is one definable energy, because of one element in your chart. As an intuitive astrologer, I can tell you it does not work that way.

For instance – For some people, the role of the Sun isn’t particularly major in their lives – they’ve got other things going on in their chart. I’ll use myself as an example – I was born whilst the Sun was in Capricorn. As per the astrological cliche I’m supposed to be emotionally reserved, calculating, domineering and fixated on success and ambition (to the point that nothing else matters). Those of you who have interacted with me are probably like – eh?

Whilst I know there are learned astrologers in my group of friends and subscribers – this is a message for everyone who isn’t. The power of such damaging stereotypes is one that is not fully acknowledged in the field of astrology.

Equally, I would consider the very rigid definition of houses and planets in ‘exalted’/’detrimental’ states to be equally damaging (Venus in Aries, for example – tell me, are you really surprised that the energy of the feminine in the sign of the path-breaker is seen as a threat?).

I find that the definitions, of what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in astrology, tend to be steeped in the shadow of patriarchy and a very narrow understanding of Spirit.

Let’s take Virgo as another example of an independent, archetypal feminine energy re-written in a patriarchal time. She held her own, she was dependent on no man – and so she was labeled as frigid and difficult. She liked to make sure the details were taken care of – and so she became nitpicky and neurotic.

Does that sound like the energy of the Vestal Virgin that Virgo originally referred to? The sexually liberated, wholly independent energy of the priestess or female spiritual facilitator? …

Feel it… go with your gut. And come to your own conclusions.

(One of many examples I could give you. )

So, for those who are interested in continuing their journey of self-understanding through astrology – I would only ask you to be more cautious with the material you deal with. If something is telling you think a certain way and your gut says something else, follow your gut. As with so many things, there is a whole lot of unnecessary and outdated dogma and tradition surrounding the field of astrology that we really need to shed off and move away from.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be the world’s greatest astrologer or claiming to have a monopoly on the knowledge of how astrology should be interpreted.

There are gifted, astrological geniuses out there in the world – and when you have a reading with one of these people – you’re not going to be filled with fear and dread each time you look at your chart. Only today did I hear someone who was told that many planets in the 12th house meant she’d have many hidden enemies.

No one is born with the destiny or karma to fail in love, to be loveless, to never see success, etc. If someone is telling you ‘this is who you are’, ‘this is the way your life will be’ – my advice would be to find a different astrologer.

You are Boundless. Spirit cannot be fully explained through any one method of interpretation. No matter what anyone tells you, ultimately, it is YOUR Chart, and YOUR Life will only manifest through the Choices that YOU make.

Nothing is written in stone.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD




Image Information: “Antoine Caron Astronomers Studying an Eclipse” by Antoine Caron – [1]. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –


Coping with Mars

Look to Scorpio in your natal chart (Google can help you with free sites to do that is a good place) and see which house it is in. Whilst it is our deepest place of transformation, it, along with Vesta (also in Scorpio right now) also shows us our path to regeneration. Here’s a few ideas – but bear in mind each chart is unique, and each house works differently when influenced by other planets within it:

Scorpio in the 1st house: Release through exercise, meditative practices that involve a recognition of the flow of chi and prana in the body, remember to ground regularly. Martial Artists, Dancers, Athletes, you know what I mean.

2nd house: Have your feet on the physical ground-Earth. Sit in nature, be joyful, try laughter therapy if you haven’t already. Find a reason to really get down and dirty (in the wholesome sense on the term) – quite literally, roll in the mud. (I have a happy memory of doing that with a friend when I was 16, and walking back to my college dorm past a hall full of tuxedoed and gowned guests)

3rd house – Open that voice. Shout. Sing. Write. Post. Express. All that muck, just vent it to the waters run clear once again. Find a friend willing to listen and just talk (but respect their boundaries as well)

4th house – Snuggle up at home, visit your spiritual place of birth. Spend time with your biological or spiritual tribe. Be comfortable in a shared space of connection. And relax.

5th house – Be creative! Be joyful 🙂 Be expressive. And don’t be afraid to ROAR. Play with kids, nurture, teach them. Pick up a paintbrush, go wild with it. Just be you, and allow yourself to ‘let it all out’ on canvas, in dance, whatever touches that artist-creator within . Find love, Be Love, Make Love 😉

6th house – Reach out to those around you and see who needs what. Before you do that, make an inventory of what you need first. And fulfill that before anything else. Take the time to enjoy the familiar, the little rituals that make up your life and your connection with Spirit. Priest/esses and spiritual facilitators are going to be called to serve no matter what, at this time.

7th house – Collaborate. Co-Create. Reach out and share your energy with a partner to create something new. Let your demons look at his/hers, only to realize there’s nothing to fear. Do some shadow-working. Black Obsidian is a great stone for this, Apache Tears , a little less daunting to work with.

8th house – Whoo! Sacred Sex .. Doing your Taxes *I hear a groan*, looking into the occult and esoteric (what feels comfortable for you), honoring past commitments, ensuring that power dynamics flow with integrity and balance in all that you do. Whatever pulls you into that Core of Intensity .. and Uncompromising Truth.

9th house – Get your Indiana Jones hat on and saddle up for a new adventure! Can be travel to a Scorpionic place (a cave, a shrine to a Dark Goddess), find a new way to bring out and express that 8th house energy. Equally, you can start to read a new approach, way of thought or expression that takes you to deeper levels of insight and expression. Remember, the focus is not so much on what you learn specifically, it is on what you experience – and whether it resonates with you. (Truth is so so subjective, isnt it?)

10th house – Put it all out there. The public eye is looking at you, and you have the choice to be intimated, or to rise to the occasion. Embody your Truth and your Deepest Authenticity. Without Fear, Without Ego. Let the Phoenix Re-emerge through this transit. And all will See. Some may choose to manifest this through an intense emphasis on their careers and through financial and other mergers.

11th house – Reach out to like minded souls and raise the vibration. Share, care and learn from one another. Support networks and groups feeling the same energy only get stronger when they choose to release and embrace what they need to. The Soul Tribe calls 🙂

12th house – Rest. Stay indoors. Take the time to ‘be alone’ and process. Simply meditate upon the Divine. Calm the mind and let whatever will be, be. A trip to a retreat in the mountains could also work. Or whatever equivalent you have at home. It’s a place where the formless reigns, so holding onto things just does not work.

Again – take what works, leave what doesn’t. Each chart, each house, each experience is unique. And the houses one another in subtle and powerful ways. Ultimately, find what makes you feel renewed in spirit, with hope revitalized.

I hope this rough guide will be of benefit.

Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: “Scorpio2”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –


23 8 14 astrology heads up

Been a while since I did one of these. Well, there’s a massive buildup of energies in the sky. We’re heading towards a powerful New Moon in Virgo on the 25th, along with the Mars-Saturn conjunction just a short while later. I’ll give you the degrees and times in another post – for now let’s just talk energy.

Mars and Saturn in Scorpio are the biggest players in the sky right now. So many of us, particularly empaths, psychics, priest/esses and other types of sensitives are feeling the building intensity. Sometimes it’s being blindsided by emotions from the past, another’s desire for power over you (often through indirect forms of control), an intense, almost obsessive emphasis on sexuality, occult knowledge, or the deepest form of intense self-knowing and transformation. (or combinations of the above) Those who act without integrity are likely to use the energy to acquire energy, property, currency, anything that is not morally theirs to have. The 8th house, Scorpio, is also associated with the formal distribution of wealth among partners, which can equally apply to a divorce proceeding or reading of the familial will.

So Mars is giving you that drive to act (however you choose to) and Saturn is making you face a test of integrity, karma and whether you have the necessary self-discipline to harness this energy and act in a way that helps you break out of old cycles, and into new heights of understanding.

The two can be a very destructive force, but also a very empowering on (albeit through an intense feeling of stress). Remember that the 8th house is also associated with regeneration, healing and renewal.

With this going on, we’ve got Jupiter in Leo squaring Vesta, and are building up to the exact moment of that aspect. Here the Teacher, the Guru who understands the legitimate, accepted and socially sanctioned Path meets the Priestess who Guards the Underworld. She holds her staff, and strikes it down in the face of Un-Truth, Fallacy and False Interpretations. I expect clashes between understandings and approaches to the spiritual, particularly between partners of some kind (Scorpio). This is also a time where Vesta is unlikely to remain quiet if she feels her faith has been wronged (knowingly or unknowingly) by Jupiter (the guru, the public speaker, the teacher) in a public stage/format/arena (Leo). Parents, watch out for this dynamic when you interact with your kids as Leo also rules over your offspring.

Venus squared Mars is also building up. That classic clash of dominance between one archetype of feminine energy (in Fiery Leo) and another archetype of masculine energy (in Deep Watery Scorpio). This can be powerfully channeled as passion in the bedroom, but more destructively, as interpersonal conflict that takes an all-or-nothing approach to the ‘battle’ of wills.

Mercury trined Pluto not too long ago as the Communicator met the Transformer in energetic synergy. Our vision of how we Serve, our understanding of Sub[ordinance and Authority met our understanding of ‘Success’ and ‘Legacy’ (as seen through society’s eyes. We would have articulated in some form or another, ways to see through the lofty ambitions of Capricorn. But with Pluto retrograde involved, this communicative or analytical act of expression may have simply erupted or emerged, almost beckoned, from the depths of the psyche.

Mercury, Pluto, Juno and Neptune are part of a Mystic Rectangle. All these elements combine to create a great creative flow, if harnessed. Should you repress your emotions and thoughts and feelings at this time, you are likely to feel deeply blocked. Remember to keep yourself flowing and grounded.

The Near Grand Sextile is still in the skies and continues to be till September 21st. Powerful energies of manifestation that continue to anchor the vibration of our collective consciousness, imbued with the imprint of Divine Feminine Energy.

As part of the NGS, we have a powerful Grand Water Trine between Juno, Ceres, Vesta and Neptune Retrograde. The Spirit of the Feminine Half, The Nurturer, The Priestess energetically synergize with the Maya-Maker/Maya-Breaker Neptune.

If it hasn’t been already, your spiritual world is about to be Rocked! Goddess Style!

There’s lots of other aspects in the sky right now. But these should provide you with a solid guide to the most intense of them.

Blessings and Love,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD



She is the eldest of the Mahavidyas. Clad in smoke, she rides through the world a solitary figure, accompanied only by her trusty Crow. She is the Hindu Crone Deity, the devourer of Lord Shiva and the Mistress of the Reality Beyond the Veil.

In mainstream Shaktism, She is clad in poverty, despair, disappointment, anger and all those things we instinctively label as ‘negative’ and ‘bad’, she is the Mistress of Maya. Her gifts, her blessings, her golden teachings come through the form of mis-fortune (in the conventional sense of the term), but hidden in each trial, each experience is the kind of wisdom or knowledge you require to transcend your own limitations.

However, in some Tantric variants of her iconography, she is shown as a woman who enjoys meat, wine, sex – all those things which chaste women should simply not do or want (in the Hindu view of the world). Thus, I would say – She is not the Goddess of Poverty or Disappointment, nor is She Prosperity or Virtue.


She simply exists Beyond all those Classifications and Categories of ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. She is Exactly Whom She Wants to Be.

And perhaps, … that is why She is seen as Terrifying.

Typically, she is worshiped by those who have rejected a worldly life as the kind of knowledge she provides stands in stark relief to social niceties and expectations. A modern-day Dhumavati may appear as the single mother, the divorcee, the widow, the crone – a woman who has simply rejected her reliance upon a male energy as her salvation and is ‘doing it herself’.

She is the only Mahavidya (Wisdom Goddess) who appears without a male consort in some form. She is the Hermit, She is the Wandering-Sage, She is the Woman Unafraid to be Alone and Unprotected as She moves through the World.


Her greatest lesson is one of Absolute Detachment. Categories of pleasure, sorrow, joy, rage, disappointment, no longer exist for Her as she sees the lessons or seeds of new paths that lie within each waking moment. She exists beyond our understanding of Space and Time and represents the Void Itself. The Eternal. The Transcendental Form of Shakti that contains All Within Herself.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information: “Dhumavati Nepal” by Molaram – Kinsley, David R. (1997). Tantric visions of the divine feminine: the ten mahāvidyās. University of California Press p.189. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –; “Dhumavati” by Unknown – Hindu goddesses: visions of the divine feminine in the Hindu religious tradition by David R. Kinsley, cover page. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons –; “Dhumavati silver panel” by Silver_door_in_Amber_Fort,_Rajasthan.jpg: Adaminaderivative work: Redtigerxyz (talk) – Silver_door_in_Amber_Fort,_Rajasthan.jpg. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –



No matter how strong, or invincible we are or act,
No matter how much faith or certainty we have in our path,
All counts for nothing if we lose…
Our ability to Love. Our ability to Feel.
Our ability to take some time out just to Heal…
One Another.

When titles and numbers become more important than joy,
When rituals and spells become the Ego’s toy,
When the tears of another simply become a distraction,
When silence takes over our inner Conscience-Heart’s communication…

For if Strength is all we Seek we lose Grace,
If Certainty is all we want, we lose the need for Faith,
If Power is all we know … we’ll eventually give into Hate,
If Approval is all we crave…. Aii… My Friend, you’ve taken the Bait…

Love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, nor is the Spiritual Path,
Some say it’s all light and roses, but hey – it’s all Heart, (Imagine that!)

At times we’re called to Surrender, to be Vulnerable,
To Take the Road that is the Rockiest,
To be Alone when you do what you Need….
Forgetting Race, Religion, Gender – anything but the Heart’s Creed

Remember the Road Less Taken,
Remember how the Greatest Souls were Shaken,
In those times where Faith, the Gods, and All Was Lost,
And nothing to Guide, Nothing to tell you what your Path will Cost

That’s when you Find Yourself, You see the Real You,
In the Heat of the Flame, in the Eye of the Storm,
In those times where there is no Rule or Norm,

This is where, my Friend, Spirit Meets Form.
Sacrifice and Surrender – or Comfort and Road Well-Worn?

What do you Choose, Love?
Sometimes there ain’t a Middle…
Just two paths forking in different ways…
Where do they Go?

Who Can Say…?

A Poem By:
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Image information: Simon Carey [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons 

1995: The Death of My Grandfather and My First Spiritual Facilitation


Looking back, this was my first experience with the death of a loved one. And the first time I’d held space, and conducted a spiritual ceremony (in my own way). My grandfather had passed. In some way, my grandfather’s death brought out the priestess in me

Why am I telling you this now? As I began to write an article on the New Moon, I realized that the last time we had one at 2 degrees Virgo was August 26, 1995, 19 years ago. It’s a good practice to look back to that time to see which cycles in your life you are repeating, but at a (hopefully) higher level of vibration. I looked back, and suddenly it all began to make sense…

So here we go…

My grandfather wasn’t a man given to displays of cuddly affection, but he adored me. We used to like watching boxing matches (the real kind) on TV and hanging out in each other’s presence.

My grandfather made me laugh. I remember asking him one day, when I was very little, as to why his hair was white and his skin was black. He explained that one time, he fell into the White Sea and came out completely White. He then fell into the Black Sea, but someone caught him by his hair, which was why it was white – but the rest of him was Black.

I remember sagely considering this explanation and nodding …..

He was the only other astrologer and palmist in my family. And also a lover of Super-Heroes.

In fact, my first word wasn’t amma (Mother) or appa (Father), it was Tata (Grandfather).

I suspect I inherited many of his traits and preferences.

In a time where I was traumatized by acts of hatred, prejudice and bigotry (on a daily basis at the school I went to – there was really no place else to go), he taught me the worth of ‘just being there’, the healing power of presence. I remember that he would cycle over to a ridge overlooking the play-area to check if I was okay during the recess hour.

Seeing that tall, dark figure made me feel safe – I remember him standing there with his cap, by his green bicycle. It was one of the few things that eased the worst of my pain, as did my mum’s courage in fighting for justice from the school board – but that’s a different story for another time.

A few days prior to his death, he’d called me to his room and read out his will. I didn’t really get what was going on. But I remember it happening. I remember his room and him reading out sums and people it was supposed to go to. It felt like a big secret he’d let me in on, but I wasn’t even sure what it was.

On the day that he died, I remember bursting to go to the loo and being dismayed at finding it locked. Little did I know that my grandfather was lying dead on the floor, separated by a single wooden door. A few hours later, the rest of my family got suspicious and mum broke down the door, to find him dead.

I wasn’t surprised. And oddly excited. I felt relief. In retrospect, it was probably the knowledge that he was finally released from a life that had carried so much struggle for him. But I didn’t understand my emotions then. I wondered why I didn’t cry, or scream, or miss him.

During his funeral, held a few days later (so that my aunt and uncle who lived abroad could attend), I was absolutely calm and strangely elated. Like a big weight had been lifted. I didn’t cry, I just felt happy and played with my cousins. I remember sitting on the silver swing we had, where my grandfather would sit and smoke his pipe (he could blow smoke bubbles). And I was laughing, smiling, like a princess entertaining her guests. It didn’t seem disrespectful. I know I was ‘holding court’ for some reason. And the energy was uplifting.

Not knowing why, I fasted (abstained from meat) for a week as a token of respect. I remember longingly looking at a can of stewed pork belly that everyone else was dishing out – It used to be one of my favorite meals (I don’t eat pork anymore- perhaps that’s why it’s been the dish that has been the hardest to let go of). I still remember sighing inwardly at that fruit salad I opted to have instead… ha!

It just felt important to do that. And for a few months afterwards, I’d periodically send a balloon and a note tied to it with a piece of string upwards. Till I didn’t feel the need to anymore. I visited a sacred site known as Batu Caves (limestone hills which house an old temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, here in Malaysia) for years afterwards as he was born nearby. He was named after the mountains, as Batu Malai (Stone Mountain) which he later changed.

In retrospect, his birth name fit him perfectly. He was stoic, but the kind of stoic that lets you know the world is fine. And all is well.

Thinking about it – I honored his death in a way that felt true to me and I know I facilitated the passage as best I could. Holding space, bringing in the vibration of joy and release. And it just happened. Spontaneously. You could call it my first public act of Priestessing. It would be a fair description.

It is somewhat ironic that my second spiritual officiation of any kind at a funeral was for the death of his son, my uncle. This was a lot more recent, in 2010. I officiated over the proceedings, ensured that the proper rituals were done, prayers were said and delivered the eulogy. Again, it just happened.

Something tells me one of my reasons for being here is to facilitate those transitions, at the very least, for my birth family. As a kindred soul pointed out, the path of the Psychopomp, amongst many others.

But there you have it. Nineteen years ago, in the shadow of the the Virgo New Moon – I did my job for the first time and began my spiritual vocation. Remember that Virgo is linked with health, healing, rituals, routines, service. I see her as the Archetype of Self-Sufficiency, that has enough and can still give to Others with Integrity. I see her as.. The Priestess.

This is my story, and to me – it all fits. Feel free to share your recollections or major turning points and new beginnings from August 1995 as you face the Virgo New Moon on August 25th, 2014. It’s a powerful one!

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image information: By Carole Raddato from FRANKFURT, Germany [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

13 Indicators of Awakening: Priest/essing as a Spiritual Vocation by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Blessings all. The specific unfolding of spiritual awakening is unique to every Soul. These indicators are not a ‘checklist’ for you to feel the need to follow, but markers which I hope you will resonate with. We are all different, and beautifully so.

(1) You start doing things, knowing that whatever happens is for the Best. You are no longer attached to the Outcome and have total Faith in the idea that ‘Whatever will be, will be’.

(2) You find yourself compelled to assist others (if you can) who show similar signs of awakening. You want to seek out and relate to others who share a similar path. You feel as though you’re working towards something a whole lot bigger than just one person, and you have your role to play in it.

(3) You need to find some time each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, to commune with the Divine in some form. Over time, your prayers shift from you – to your family – to the wider community – to the Globe – to the Universe – to All-That-Exists.

(4) Prayers no longer feel like a space-time where you ask for something. You give thanks, or more often, simply just Be.

(5) You find yourself at the vanguard of change, watching the skies or sensing shifts in energetic vibrations – and ‘know’ what’s coming. 

(6) You place yourself where needed to facilitate as many as you can through those changes. And this is important: You do so, not out of Ego, or ‘playing the Hero(ine)’, but because … that’s … just what you do, who you are.

(7) You find giving, helping and serving others to be ‘natural’ for you – usually to the point where drawing healthy boundaries tends to be the lesson you seek to learn. (Some might experience the opposite- overly rigid boundaries that need to be loosened or more nuanced)

(8) Very often, you find yourself remarkably stoic or somehow … accepting of life-transitions that seem to hit others like a tonne of bricks. You often play the role of the ‘witness’, ‘holding space’ for others shifting through powerful transformations. People wonder how you do manage to do so much, for so many, in this way.

(9) You are strongly drawn to certain cultures, ceremonies, rituals, artifacts, mantras and have recollections of temples or shrines which you have never visited, or consciously heard of, in this present incarnation. Visiting these places or meeting people who have awakens memories and emotions from a time long past.

(10) You see the World and all of Creation as a Miracle. All of it. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Beautiful. 

(11) You find yourself frequently inhabiting multi-verses, or multiple worlds at once. Hidden or veiled information is shown to you. And as you learn more, you see that your knowledge is given for you to use it in service of a Truer Cause.

(12) You take absolutely nothing for granted, and constantly seek to exist in a state of balance or equilibrium with your inner and outer worlds – and in the grand scheme of the Cosmos.

(13) You _know_ you’re magic. And you’ve got a job to do with all the wonder and miraculous energy that is You. 

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Prayer Offerings at Manakamana Temple (Nepal), 2014. Photo by Bairavee Balasubramaniam. All rights reserved, please do not use without obtaining prior permission.

VESTA, Goddess Asteroid of Priest/essing: A Few Notes by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


In the skies right now, Vesta is part of a Grand Trine and a near-Grand Sextile, as I discussed Earlier. She is helping us to (re) birth a Goddess-friendly intuitive paradigm, along with Juno in Cancer and Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Juno is the element and energy of Divine Feminine energy as a whole – we know her as Asherah, Sophia-Gaia, Shakti – and so on. Vesta is her Priestess, tending the Sacred Flame in the Self and Others. And Neptune Retrograde drives us to dig deeper and to look at the Truth in our own Spiritual Conceptions.

Vesta generally asks us to look into ourselves, our most initimate (often sexual, reproductive) wounds that block our sacred-creative energy and Connection with Life-Source. She tells us that the healing of these wounds will allow us to tap into the wealth of regenerative, spiritually nourishing energy once more. She tells us how to Light the Lamp in ourselves, yet Again… Glowing with the Energy of the Goddess. In Scorpio (where she is now at 7 degrees), these lessons are further emphasized and highlighted. The challenge here is to know how to give, and how much.

Vesta, at present, is conjunct the asteroid Eurydike – Eurydike was a mythological figure associated with death by serpent, and confinement in the Underworld. There are many ways to interpret her mythology, but it resonates strongly with the element of sacrifice in the name of love. Her husband, Orpheus, fails to retrieve her from the Underworld as he is not willing to have faith and disobeys the condition of her release from death – to not turn around as he walks out of the place. He turns to look, and *poof* she’s gone.

With Vesta conjunct Eurydike, priest/esses in service of the Awakening Divine Feminine will be especially challenged all around to globe to sacrifice something or another. The question is what, why, and how? Sometimes it may be a sexual partner, other times, it may be an intimate friendship that is no longer compatible with your path. It can even be an outmoded view, as painful as it is, that you cling on to and limit yourself with.

But something clearly has to go – Give it up, but know why you do so.

Vesta/Eurydike oppose Bienor, another asteroid, at 7 deg Taurus. Bienor has many interpretations, most of which center around strength, and some concept of integrity. In opposition to Scorpio’s sexuality, underworld affiliations, healing/regenerative ability and deep magical connections – Bienor is likely to question how you manifest these Scorpionic energies through your activities of priest/essing.

It is important to note that the inclusion of Bienor completes the Grand Sextile – it would trine Mercury in Virgo (which opposes Neptune Retrograde) and Pluto in Capricorn (which opposes Juno in Cancer). So the act of service-integrity-sacrifice in your spiritual vocation, calling or path leads to a powerful anchoring of Energies for Manifestation.

Bienor represents a position of power that can also house those who perceive themselves to be ‘maintaining the status quo’ (Taurus), and casting judgment, or creating resistance to your Scorpio-based activities. The Priest/ess, facing this judgment, must then choose to respond to it with integrity, rather than revenge, retaliation or a further cycle of judgment or blame.

Perhaps what we’re called now is to Sacrifice the sense of control that Scorpio so enjoys and to realize that this Path is not a comfortable, or an easy one. It is ancient, but is also deeply challenging. At times we are called not to hit back, when we are attacked. At times, we are called to smile, stay still in the line of fire.

Wholly ignoring the Ego, we are called to Burn, Burn with the Flames of Spirit. I would associate this energy with Joan of Arc, with the Witches of Salem, with the energy of the Condemned, and hunted Feminine Spiritual Facilitator – She (or He) that has embraced the Divine Feminine in a spiritual vocation of Priest/essing in Her Name.

Now all this doesn’t mean you’re supposed to throw yourselves into a literal fire or anything. That’s where Eurydike’s lesson comes in: Perhaps it’s letting go of a snide remark or judgmental attitude towards you or your path. Perhaps it’s releasing yourself from a bond where you can’t continue your path without facing daily attack or criticism. Perhaps it’s simply Aligning yourself with Spirit, and realizing that whatever challenges and vulnerability we might feel now is just part of our Collective Learning Curve as part of this Massive Awakening.

In whatever way this challenge arises, and it will – especially Jupiter (at 7 deg Leo, loosely conjunct Venus at 9 deg Leo) is squaring Vesta (7 deg Scorpio), we’re likely to face criticism or the heavy hand of the judgment by others.

Stand Tall as your Tend To Your Sacred Fires, Sisters and Brothers.

For those interested – I speak about these energies here:

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Frederic Leighton [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to all. My video speaks of the energies currently in the sky that issue an energetic challenge to us all, particularly those who take up the spiritual vocation of priest/essing, or facilitating spiritual services that involve the integration of Divine Feminine energy. These challenges are precipitated by key alignments of yods and a Near-Grand-Sextile in the sky, explained in full here:

The way we respond to these challenges of judgment and perceived wounding shall anchor a pathway of manifestation that gives rise to, or suppresses, our Inner Priest/ess from Awakening. The choice is yours as to how you respond to these challenges – remember that they occur with the energetic alignments of the G.Sextile and Double Yod I describe in my article.

I have shared relevant links to articles addressing the themes of Priest/essing-Choosing-Wounding-Transcending on my FB pages for those interested.

Blessings to all,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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ENERGIES OF THE NOW: 19/8/14, 5:33 pm, GMT + 8 by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Energies of the Now

Blessings all,

Quite an epic alignment in the skies right now – especially for Awakening Priestesses (or Priests who serve both aspects of Divinity) and those who recognize the Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine in general.

We have a Near-Grand Sextile, all it needs is anything between 3-7 Taurus to bring it into full form. So ample opportunities for manifestation, once again. It’s pretty unusual to have so many of them involving slower-moving planets. If you wanted any indication of the significance of this time in our collective evolution, that would be a clear sign of it.

The alignment right now is one that can really work in an either/or sense of the term. It leaves little room for middle ground.

At present we have Mercury in Virgo opposed Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Watch out for intellectual, verbal or philosophical disagreements surroundings questions of your/others spirituality. It’s just not worth getting into conflicts over that kind of stuff right now. Let all follow the Path they are guided to, unless it directly interferes with your own. If someone has a different belief, they are entitled to it, and unless they yell in a room each time you wish to pray – let them be with grace.

This conflict feeds into the Grand Sextile in the skies – and into a strong Yod. The Yod is between Neptune Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde, apexing at Jupiter conjunct Venus. A fundamental challenge to your belief and value system, mode of evaluation/perception/judgment will be presented at this time. For some, this will focus upon romance, for others, the expression of their femininity, and for some in their most vulnerable selves – the Inner Child Complex. Some will manifest this as a powerful wounding, whereas others will dance with the wisdom of inspired, transcendental and spiritual healing.

Jupiter conjunct Venus is strongly squared Vesta in Scorpio now, where she sits with Ceres, Mars and Saturn. For those who identify with the archetype of the priestess, this energy will be strongly activated or challenged through some form of ‘crisis’ at this time. Past memories buried in the subconscious, deeply rooted beliefs that block you or scare you into not claiming your power, not performing your duties, not connecting with Source can emerge at this time. Others may manifest this challenge more palpably in the question of setting intimate boundaries with others, or when sharing (energetic or other) resources. Boundaries are important, but know why you set it – it is out of Fear, or Self-Love?

Another yod also adds to the intensity of the energies in the sky: Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus Retrograde in Aries, both apexing at Saturn (closely conjunct Mars) in Scorpio. As this energy is also close to Vesta, I suspect these yods are going to trigger deep karmic dynamics in many. The Moon makes us question what we know, how we know it, and how we express ourselves as we do. Old memories from early childhood and lessons from siblings are likely to feature heavily now. Uranus Retrograde in Aries makes us prone to understand ourselves at a transcendental level through internal mental processes and reflections. Erratic communication from external sources can also trigger these processes in an unexpected manner.

With the apex of the Yod in super-charged Scorpio, this tells – once again – that the Depths of the Psyche, Issues of Boundaries, Karma – and particularly one’s relationship with Masculine energy will be questioned. What do you let into your life, and how? Note that both Venus and Mars are involved in Yods – I expect this to be a time where many are likely to see some extreme change in their lovelifes and in the balance of Masculine/Feminine energies within themselves also. Remember that Saturn is squared Lilith – expect energies of the Dark Feminine (Kali Ma, Hekate, Lilith, Pele, the repressed or suppressed Feminine energy) to present in your lives, making Herself known.

I hope this information is of use to you. Here’s a video describing these energies and the influence of Jupiter-Venus, charging the whole thing:

Blessings to all,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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