THE BURNING MOON’S LESSONS – 14.8.14 – by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

The Moons Lessons

Vanakkam, Namaste and Blessings to All.

It’s the 14th of August here (GMT +8) and I’d like to tell you a little bit about what the Moon’s doing in the skies right now.

She is in the Sign of Aries, having brought us through a very intense end of a Pisces-cycles, related to issues with manifestation and cycles of intergenerational abuse. We saw many ending points in ourselves, and in the wider world around us, including the death of a beloved childhood friend to many.

The Moon encourages us to Assert ourselves in this sign, to find ways of doing things that no longer mirror or anchor onto the past. She tells us to Stand Up and Be Counted.

But she’s not doing so Alone.

She’s part of a T-Square involving Pallas Athena in Libra (opposition) and Juno in Cancer (square to both). Those with planets/objects near 2 Capricorn will feel this as Grand Cardinal Cross.

So the individualistic, breakaway impulses of the Moon in Pioneering Aries oppose the more strategic, focused, analytical and assertive energies of Pallas Athena in Libra. She is searching for Paths to Peace and Co-existence through the Mind, whilst the Sub-Conscious toys with the idea of Self at All Costs.

Both form squares to Juno (the Soulmate, the Essence of the Divine Femine as I see her) calling us to seek completion in the sign of the Crab. Home and security Conscious Juno may seek comfort in her place of origin, in her ancestral or familial home, or with spiritual kin she considers family.What She finds however, may a tense, or crisis oriented situation forcing her to make critical choices of who/what/how she values people, the world, her family and herself.

The Moon is also part of a Wedge formation involving Venus in Leo and Pallas Athena in Libra (same opposition as before). This time around, Venus trines the Moon and sextiles Pallas Athena, stating: Find the answers you seek, and a harmonious way to seek them through the expression of your authentic creativity and inner joy. Bring out the Child and let Him/Her dance.

Jupiter and Venus are already in a loose conjunction, to the blessings of the Benevolent Guru, the Granter of Abundance at available to you here, through this configuration.

Those with planets at 1 Aquarius will perceieve this as a Mystic Rectangle in Air/Fire Signs. Turn your talents outward, into the world! But always remember… Balance, Balance, Balance.

But at the same time the Moon forms an inconjunct to Ceres and Vesta, the Goddess Asteroids of Nurture and Priestessing/Tending to the Sacred Hearth-Flame in Scorpio. Here the fires of Aries and that quality of rugged individualism, striking it out on one’s own meets the energy of Scorpio through an inconjunct (disquieting aspect). Scorpio seeks to merge but as it does so, it seeks power and control. The question is whether it is over the self, or the other – and how it sets the boundaries between the two. Aries has little interest in those concerns – for, at the egoic level, it is all about ‘Me, Me’, Me’.Threats to losing dominance or power can be met by displays of stubbornness, selfishness (not the nice self-centered-loving place I usually talk about), and rash, impulsive decisions.

Those with planets/objects at 1 Virgo will feel this as a yod pointing to The Aries Moon. Sudden departures and partings may occur due to impulsiveness. This may or may not be a good thing, so exercise judgment in your dealings with others at this time, particularly those you do energy-work of any kind with.

The Moon’s inconjunct will pass through the Scorpio Stellium, beginning now with Ceres, then to Vesta, Mars and (which is loosely conjunct) Saturn.

She Teaches Us Much, this Aries Moon. The Mother of Fire tells us to … ultimately…. Burn Bright, Burn True, and Burn-only-as-Love.

Blessings and Burning Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

SHE WHO CHOOSES – A Poem by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

She Who Chooses

No sir, I shall not grace you with a smile because you expect me to,
Don’t you dare invite yourself to my table, this space isn’t for you,
Why do you fret when I am unwilling to entertain you?
Why do you look pained when I refuse to speak to you with my golden tongue?
And no – I’m not bitter, broken, divorced, widowed – or as you might think – a crone, harridan, hag, witch, bitch, or shrew.
Words that strike fear straight to you.

I AM She Who Chooses…

I am woman, I am Goddess, I am born of She,
And that space of warmth, of love and desire,
The Mother in my Heart the Child in my Womb,
Maiden, Mother, Crone, Sister, Wife, Daughter,
All I Am. All I Be.

Why oh why do men presume that women must welcome them so?
You’re not my teacher, my lover, my friend, or my beau,
They certainly don’t ask other men to do the same…..
Perhaps they should…
But if we don’t – unto womanhood that projected shame.

I find you strange, a strange creature of expectation,
You see my neutrality, my level headed tone as aggression,
My discernment as threat, my judgment as rudeness,
Shaken to the bone like a rag doll in the wind you reel from my lack of engagement.

This is my middle ground, my threshold,
I stand here with trident, with scythe, with tigress, with wisdom of Old,
Indeed yes, the warm fire turns ice cold,
When the predator seeks to claim what is not his own.

Believe me son for when I rage,
And my anger boils and foams and curdles and rises,
You’ll know.

For now, Just Go.

If you cross that line of mine,
Seeking what is not yours to find,
Out Come the Ice-Cold, Red-Hot Goddess-Whore-Witch-Shrews of Old,
Run, son, run… lest I begin to Dance.

For you shall see the one you seek,
The one you want, and yet Dread to Meet.

The She who Rises,
The She who Chooses.
The I AM hidden beneath

(What’s that? I thought you wanted me to smile?
What’s that? Not the one with the fangs?
Whooops! )

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

THE LESSONS OF MISUNDERSTANDING by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


A test of spiritual maturity and self-understanding occurs each time you are misread, misrepresented, misunderstood. Whether it be by strangers, friends, family members, kindred spirits and/or members of your Soul Tribe.

As you go through the world, spreading your messages, embodying your Essence, you are heard. But what is understood may be something wholly different. For we respond to who we think we speak to, not so much the person sitting right next to us.

Especially as human interactions are increasingly interfaced and facilitated by technology, it is wise to remember that very often – we are speaking to _our_ representation, or mental construct of a person – in our own heads, as opposed to who they are as an energetic being in embodied form.

That representation is layered by our assumptions, pre-conceptions, mis-conceptions and experiences of reality, it is filtered through our perspectives and tastes. So very often, that image you have of someone as you speak to them – says a lot more about you, than who they may actually be.

Cue Projection!

When this happens, smile. Try to clarify your position. Try to make your stance clear.

Getting into a fight, taking it personally – it helps no one, it achieves no thing. Accusing the other person of ‘How could You?’ doesn’t really do much either.

The best you can do is speak with clarity, and hope for the best. If one is intent upon misunderstanding you, there is little you can do about it.

Their battle is with the ‘you’ in their head and what that means to them – an internal process of mirroring, and not being pleased with one’s reflection.

Try to avoid judging them or labeling their responses to you as ‘good’, ‘bad’ – or even feeling the need to take it personally. For they’re not actually ‘attacking’ you, just parts of themselves they have not yet fallen in love with.

And for the love of all things Divine, stay as You Are
To Thyself Stay True!
For in the end, it wasn’t really about you anyway

Blessings To All, Keep Smiling Amidst The Storm,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD













Image Information: By Stefan Krause, Germany (Own work) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons


Blessings to all,

A few notes on this Supermoon in Aquarius. This will occur at 2:08 am August 11 2014 (GMT + 8 – Malaysia), 4:08 am Aug 11 (Sydney), 2:08 pm August 10 (New York) a 18 degrees Aquarius-Leo.

Aquarius is an Air sign, contrary to its description as ‘The Water Bearer’. It has a fluid quality – in the sense that we are in fact surrounded by an ‘ocean’ of minute particles that make up the air we breathe. It is what the ancients called Ether, it is what we spiritualists understand as permeating the vacuum of space pervading the Universe.

Of all the air signs, only Aquarius has a ‘Fixed’ quality. This means that the movement of its energy seeks some kind of fixed form or definition. Whilst some of you might go – aha! but isn’t Aquarius all about unconventionality, rebellion and freedom? – others might remember that ‘breaking out’ or ‘defying the system’ depends upon some reference to what is ‘convention’/’order’/’structure’ in the first place.

It is the energy of innovation and breakthrough, associated with those flashes of genius and insight that have the capacity to change the course of the planet’s future. Aquarius also rules the energy of friendship groups, networks or associations aimed at spiritual, charitable or other altruistic causes. It has an orientation that is revolutionary, idealistic and humanitarian.

Aquarius, the 11th house and the planet Uranus are all associated with one other – their energies are often linked to the concept of the ‘Higher Mind’. What this essentially means, for those of us who channel or do other forms of spiritual work, is that the Gates of Aquarius open portals of knowledge to other realms, often from other parts of the Universe. It can equally manifest as that ability to connect with and download information directly from Source, Beyond the Self.

I disagree with the idea that it is a Higher pursuit of the Mind, in the sense of Higher being somehow Elevated in the normative sense of the term. I see Uranian energy as simply referring to Wisdom from Beyond, rather than Wisdom from Within. It is a terminological issue, which does not alter the essence of this article.

With the Moon in Aquarius, we are awakened to the ability to tap into Spirit/Source-Within-The-Self – through the Body/the Womb/through revelations by way of Gnosis as the Sub-Conscious mind opens portals to ancient Knowledge we often forget even exist.

Ultimately Gnosis and the Uranian function work well together – except that our _perception_ of the Sources of Origin of Insight Differ. One is ‘out there’, the other is Knowledge from ‘Within’. From a holographic perspective of the Universe, it’s all one and the same at the end of the day. But for students of astrology, it is an energetic difference well worth bearing in mind.

We have this powerful opportunity to open the Gateways of Information at both ends as it were – in the Heavens and in the Earth, through the Vessel or Vehicle of Self, engaging all levels of our Consciousness. The Revelations we understand now, from within or without, will link together profound wisdom that can alter your life, and the lives of all those around you as you create your own ripple of energy, moving through the Universal Aether. These energies are syncretic and synergistic – differences of ‘In/Out’, ‘Us/Them’ simply dissolve in the the Direct Experience of Knowing that will be available to all at this time.

As a Supermoon, this Full Moon occurs at a time where the Moon is closest to the Earth – it’s energy will be felt more intensely as compared to other Full Moons. However, the energetic dynamics and symbolic significance of the Full Moon remains the same – only more intense.

Full Moons – and SuperMoons – are times of culminations. They may literally or metaphysically represent a time of harvest.

You set the seeds of what you reap now during the New Moon of 30/31 st January 2014. This was a Black Moon Rising, i.e. a second New Moon in a single calendar month and marked the start of the Year of the Horse, as per the Chinese Calendar.

We are now at the midpoint of its energy. Look back to the end of January to realize what you now reap, how and why.

Other influences strongly intersecting with the energies of the SuperMoon are: its opposition to the Sun/Mercury/Lilith conjunction in Leo, the square that these objects make with Saturn and their trine to Uranus Retrograde in Aries. The Sum of these energies are channeled powerfully through the central opposition between the Full Moon and the Sun/Mercury/Lilith conjunction in Leo. I also discuss the energetic opportunities and challenges that arise with these other aspects at this time.

I would like to single out and emphasize the energy of Lilith in Leo and the implications of its opposition to the Full Moon in Aquarius. Lilith, the archetype of the Dark/Suppressed Goddess – the Woman that has been Slighted – is Rising with Her Lion.

She is Kali-Ma, She is Hekate, She is Pele, She is every man and woman who has been disallowed from expressing the wholeness and complexity of their feminine selves. All of us, have felt repression along those lines: The little girl who wasn’t allowed to run and play and express her creativity because … she was just a girl. The little boy who was told to ‘man up’ because he wanted to cry at something that hurt him.

Lilith is supported by Mercury (communicator, analyst) and the Sun (focus of consciousness, the Blessings of the Father) as She Rises. She reaches out to the Mother in the Moon and asks Her for a Vision.

This Vision will reveal a Path for us to integrate, in a way that Honors All, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in all Beings. For more information on this aspect and its significance, you might like to also read my article on: Kali-Ma Dances Her Tandava on the World’s Stage: The Rise of the Dark Goddess at .

A final note: We will meet so many beings as part of our ‘Soul Tribe’ aligned with this, and related causes, at this time. Celebrate those unions, and take the time to embrace one another as we Forge a New World. We may also find the need to set appropriate energetic boundaries with those that may outwardly pretend to play that role, but are in fact seeking to harness or harvest energy inappropriately. Saturn in Scorpio is your ally here, squared by the Dark Goddess. Be fair with the boundaries you set, but honor your needs and path as you do.

I found this article a lovely complement to this piece, also on the SuperMoon: – They suggest looking back to August 1999, when we had a Full Moon at the same degree (18 Leo- 18 Aquarius)

May We Collectively find the Solutions that We Seek.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD ~ ~ ~

The Energies of Now: 9 August 2014 by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

The Energies of Now

Hullo everyone – there’s been a lot of intense energies in the sky.

Sun conjuncts Mercury conjuncts Lilith in Leo (ROAR) – You have the Light of Consciousness/Awareness focused on the way you intellectualize, communicate and perceive your ability to create, to express your authentic selves, to rise to a position of leadership and/or to relate with your children/children in general. Lilith in Leo strongly brings in the energy of Goddess Kali, as she Rises against injustices meted against women and men who embody the feminine principle – obstacles to women or non-hetero men rising in leadership will be strongly highlighted at this time – pathways to breaking through ‘the glass ceiling’ will be revealed by the Full Moon, coming soon.

She says: Tread where you will with grace and power, my Sons and Daughters for I AM by your side.

This powerful conjunction squares Saturn (form, structure, order, manifesting the desires of the super-ego) in intimate, penetrative Scorpio. Boundaries and discipline set in pursuits of shadow-work, inner work, intimate relationships, our understanding of power (over self or other) will be set at this time. These limits are there to help you learn, and are not obstacles to your growth unless you choose to see them that way.

The Sun-Mercury-Lilith conjunction also trines Uranus Retrograde (inner awakening, awakening through ‘error’, explosions in consciousness and the flow of intuition) in Aries. Expect radical changes to one’s perception of Self as Self makes its way through the world at this time.

The kinds of shifts happening with these powerful energies, a few years ago, would have seemed overwhelming to most of us. But with the changes brought by the Grand Cardinal Cross, the Grand Water Trine in late May 2014, the recent ‘season of shifts’ and Grand Sextile – I feel as though many are handling these cosmic forces with grace than they would have imagined possible.

There’s a lot more happening as well – a Grand Water Trine between Juno, Neptune Retrograde and Mars/Ceres/Vesta in Scorpio has just formed. Ceres recently entered Scorpio, and just now Juno entered Cancer. We see new chapters unfolding in our relationship with the Divine aspect of the Feminine Principle.

There’s a lot more coming, and it will be phenomenal.

Blessings and Love to All,
And May we Awaken into our own Power, Grace, Beauty and Authenticity with every Breath we Take….

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

THE MANY FACES OF LOVE by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Earlier today, I was wondering about The Face of Love – does it, like we humans, wear a mask? does it have no form? Is it… essentially amorphous, like constantly-shifting fumes of smoke wafting through the air?

If we do not know its form, or face, or facade, how do we then recognize it when we see it? (The understanding of Love-as-a-vibration-that-permeates-All is something I will explore in another post)

Now the ‘Love’ that so many of us associate with the Spiritual often takes the form of babies giggling, joyful eyes, smiles and tender hugs.

Sometimes it’s a deep seated state of contentment, or peace accompanied by a powerful sense of knowing – almost a neutral, peaceful expression.

Sometimes its the fierce kind of joy that loved ones express in a tight hug when reunited after a long time.

Already, in this little list, we see so many different ‘faces’ or forms of joy in human expression and emotion.

Sometimes we recognize love in an act of kindness, of sitting down with the homeless, of helping to save kittens from a flood, or offering food and good company to the destitute. In these cases, the action, rather then expression (possibly both) becomes our way of viewing What-Is-Love.

And now we get to the tricky bit – What does Love Look Like when preserving or defending that quality and ability to give Love in yourself or in another person?

Emotions such as fear, anger, shame, resentment, or the perception of being threatened subconsciously block the flow of Love in ourselves. Our egoes (and rightly so) move into ‘flight or fight mode’.

Embracing a person seeking to attack or violate you (or as suggested to Indian women, to ‘call him Bhaiyya/Brother!’) isn’t going to do a single thing.

In moments like these we attack, or simply defend enough to get away. And hopefully, we prevent others from being attacked by lodging a police report or complaint.

Now that doesn’t look like cuddles, hugs, or acts of kindness, does it?

So sometimes Love is Fierce. And, to the outsider, it can look like Anger, Wrath or Rage.

The difference is truly in the internal perception of what is going on with you at that time. I recall one incident that really brought the point home for me:

My housemates and I (two women younger than myself) went to this birthday party at a house. We didn’t really drink, but the crowd got progressively wilder and wilder, and more and more people getting drunk to the point where it actually got quite scary. People were flinging and swinging the birthday man up and down with reckless abandon (in retrospect I wondered why he didn’t break anything/himself) and some guy had the bright idea to cover himself with chocolate cake and rub himself over the equally drunk female guests.

By this point we were just looking for the right opportunity to leave, and I was already on edge, scanning the room to see potential threats coming. (I was studying Wing Chun, a Chinese martial arts form invented by a woman at the time). I wanted to get out of there, but hated the idea of leaving my housemates with that lot.

The chocolate-rubber-guy came over and tried to rub himself over my friends. He took one look at me and just slid back… silently… looking as though something had frightened him.

I had no knowledge anything was going on except that I was very very focused.

Later on, my housemates told me that my eyes were focused upon him and my hands went up in mon sau wu sau position (the fighting stance that I was trained to adopt in my classes). There was no Anger, no Fear, nothing – I had no knowledge of what I did, how I did it.

I just did what I had to do.

So, apparently, My Face of Love in that scenario … to that guy at least …

Looked Absolutely Terrifying.

Cue Kali-Ma and the iconography of Dark Goddesses – The Terrifying Mother in Her Act of Love. Subject for another post, another time  ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Blessings to all,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Woman protecting a unicorn from a hunter – Flore de virtu e de costumi (Flowers of Virtue and of Custom) (mid 15th C), f. 36v detail – BL Harley MS 3448.jpg , unknown [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Lessons of the Asteroid Goddesses (and the Challenge of Mars Trine Neptune Retrograde) by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Tonight, the Goddesses teach us balance. They call to us – Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta and Ceres – bidding us to find Wholeness and the Feminine Spirit through experiences of our choices that nurture and honor our most intimate, deepest selves. Each Goddess Asteroid is linked by way of The Moon, The Archetypal Mother in Sagittarius, inspiring us to adventure as she moves towards her Fullest Self. They teach us these powerful lessons and remind us to nurture ourselves as we seek the Divine Other – in ourselves, in others, and at the world at large.

These lessons come just in time for the trining of Mars with Neptune Retrograde. The force, or assertive drive of Masculine energy meets a gritty, earthy, understanding of the transcendental and spiritual. We are inspired to act upon our visions – will they illuminate, or force realization through disillusionment?

Those are our choices to make as the Gods and Goddesses light up our skies tonight. The Moon makes a septile to Mars during its potent trine – telling us – that we have come, once again, to karmic crossroads. What we choose now will end one cycle and begin another.

Blessings to all,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
7th August 2014

For a more technical analysis, please see:

Image: “Fremont Solstice Parade 2009 – 019” by Joe Mabel – Photo by Joe Mabel. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

THE LESSONS OF THE ASTEROID GODDESSES AS MARS TRINES NEPTUNE RETROGRADE – Astrology Self-Study Article # 2 by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Karmas Fork in the Road How do you Become Whole

Blessings to all,

All Asteroid Goddesses are connected in two powerful alignments in the sky right now: Juno, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athena – linked together by the Mother-Archetype of the Moon. They make a Wedge and T-Square aspect (described below). These Goddesses collectively teach us the value of self-nurture as we seek wholeness through the Divine Feminine in the Self and the Outside World. These lessons comes just as Mars (Masculine, Yang energy) is about to trine Neptune Retrograde (vision, inspiration, spirituality).

As this is an Astrology-Self Study article, I go into these aspects to some depth. Here is a shorter piece with the gist of what’s happening ❤ ~

In this article I also introduce my understanding and experience of Juno, the Goddess Asteroid traditionally associated with Marriage and the Soul Mate. Juno will be working her magic all throughout August and till late September 2014


We’re having an intense Wedge and T-Square in the skies – Peak Phase: 6:59 pm till 11:28 pm (GMT + 8), 7th August 2014

Both aspects share the same opposition (Moon-Juno).

The Wedge (opportunity to bring harmony to a situation) involves
Moon sextile Ceres
Ceres trine Juno
Moon opposed Juno

The T-Square (crisis that can precipitate creative breakthrough) involves
Moon square Pallas
Pallas square Juno
Moon opposed Juno

To summarize, what we’re going to see is two different energies – the Moon in Sagittarius and Juno in Gemini seeking to find a common meeting ground, or place for coexistence.

The Moon in Sagittarius seeks freedom through adventure, and has the ability to connect emotional, sub-conscious and intuitive energies through the exploration of Self-through-the-World. It can also symbolize escapism from the true work of exploring the Self by becoming overly hedonistic, seeking experiences solely for the pursuit of pleasure, and not deeper growth.

Juno – is a complex character to analyze – Whilst astrology calls her the Goddess Asteroid of Marriage and The Soulmate – I see her as a lot more than that. I shall be doing a post on her separately. I see her as representing the very essence of That Cosmic Other Half – The Divine Feminine in balance with the Masculine. Call her Asherah, Shakthi, Sophia – whatever your tradition guides you to do. But She essentially calls us to find and reconnect ourselves with that Primordial Feminine Energy that permeates all of Creation. Neither stronger, nor weaker, than the Masculine – without Her (or rather, the principle she Represents), spiritual experience is essentially incomplete. I would re-frame her as the principle of Feminine energy seeking completion, which is a more nuanced exposition on the way she is commonly understood – Intuitively, it feels more accurate to analyze and interpret her in this way. She is far too complex a goddess to pin down in a single category of ‘marriage and the soulmate’.

In the sign of Cancer, she calls to us – in our physical, environmental and metaphysical-primordial relationships to the Womb. She asks us to reach out and find, in ourselves, or in others (whichever appropriate), the ‘missing half’. Where is the Divine Feminine principle within yourself, and in the people you share your ‘truest nature’ with?

The Moon in Sagittarius can give us the courage to go forth (externally) to seek-in-the-World those connections and energies – with the understanding that all is but a Reflection of the Self. Alternatively, it can facilitate an escapist adventure that takes us away from our truest Selves in search of Union. That the Union we seek must first be found in ourselves, than in other people is an oft-forgotten idea – thanks to the plethora of cultural productions in the media that romanticize codependency and the idea that we cannot be whole in ourselves. (For instance: I love Disney, but man, did it take a while to de-program from that idea that a woman cannot be whole/happy without a man to protect her and rescue her!)

So we are called to Seek out the Union we desire. How and where and with whom we do is our choice entirely. This is where Ceres (The Nurturer) and Pallas Athena (The Strategist-Healer-Warrior) enter the picture. Ceres creates a beautiful flow of nurturing energy from its position in Scorpio (having just entered Scorpio). She beckons us to find our answers in ways that nurture and honor the deepest parts of our Spirit, our sexual/intimate selves and the parts of us which have been hidden under the label of ‘taboo’, ‘shame’ or the proverbial ‘blind spot’. She asks us to look past superficialities and into the deeper Mystery of the Sacred Self, often Veiled in Shadow.

— Remember that Vesta is close by (2 degrees from Ceres) encouraging us to nurture, honor and tend to our inner flames, burning in the Sacred Temple of the Body — Her influence (The Priestess, The Guardian of the Sacred Flame) is also felt in this alignment.

I am thankful for the T-Square, as an abundance of Trine and sextile energy in combination can create powerful flows of energies towards things in ways which may seem ‘fated’, but in actuality, are not. Not all that we are drawn to at this time will be right for us – and having that pressure to choose, that reminder of the need for discernment in our spiritual choices and the experiences that result from them is a blessing.

At this time, Pallas Athena in Virgo calls us to stand up for ourselves, assert our space, our worth and and integrity in the space/ground we stand on. She challenges us to find strategic ways to heal ourselves and discover greater self-sufficiency. Whilst Virgo is associated with the notion of service, we often forget that self-care, and self-nurture is equally — a gift that we can give to the Universe. For the love and wholeness we can create in ourselves, first of all, radiates into the Universe and (to paraphrase Marianne Wiliamson) subconsciously gives others the permission to do the same.

In search of our ‘missing half’, within or without, we may get carried away by the flowing energy of the Trine. Pallas reminds us with its sharp square to Juno and the Moon that we need to put our pursuit of spiritual growth and wholeness as a priority. Seeking wholeness in other pursuits or with others can be as important (ideally), but it is important not to neglect the qualities of self-assertion and self-care. This is further validated by the semi-sextile between Pallas Athena and Ceres – this creates an opportunity to harmonize both energies, whilst remaining cognizant of the fact that both work differently. Pallas charges forth in Virgo (Earth) whilst Ceres nurtures in Scorpio (Deep Water)

And what a time for the asteroid Goddesses to be collectively teaching us such a powerful lesson in finding Balanced Love – for – at 8:20 pm later today (GMT + 8) Mars trines Neptune Retrograde. Masculine energy (Yang, Shiva, God Energy) flows beautifully with the planet of Transcendentalism, Ego-Dissolution and Universal Merger. In Retrograde, the illusory aspects that can accompany Neptune are reversed – We see what lies beyond the Veil, as the Bubble of Illusion bursts. This can manifest as a man, or someone manifesting powerful masculine energy coming suddenly into your life to facilitate powerful spiritual realization — through disillusionment (if you’re holding onto ideas not in alignment with Spirit), or, deep, internal awakening of a gentler fashion.

There will be the strong desire to romanticize or idealize this Masculine energy as it comes to you, but view it through balanced eyes as best you can. Know what it teaches you, and what it does not. Know what it represents, and what it can not.

This is how I interpret the metaphysical aspect of this Trine.

In the material sense – and I thank Maria DeSimone’s article for reminding me of this lovely aspect of the Mars-Neptune trine (paraphrased) – That you may have a powerful, assertive drive to manifest spiritual principles, visions or inspirational ideas at this time.

I would add: Harness this energy well, but remember the lessons of the Goddesses as you do. For there must be Balance.

A final note – the Moon will be septiled to Mars (1/7th of a circle, the 7 vibrational frequency) as its trine with Neptune occurs. What you choose at this time – the ways you choose to connect with your Divine Selves will mark the beginning of a new cycle, and the end of an old one. It is a powerful, karmic indicator of the magnitude of this event. To borrow the a phrase from Robert Wilkinson, the septile represents the ‘Karmic Fork in the Road’.

So ultimately – which Path do you choose to find Spiritual Wholeness at this time?

Blessings to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Learn On Your Own: How To Be An Autodidact

via The Mid-Atlantic Lounge.

I like it. I live by it ❤

Kali-Ma Dances her Tandava on the World’s Stage: The Rise of the Dark Goddess by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Kali Tandava

Blessings to all,Today, we’re collectively experiencing a Grand Fire Trine linking together Uranus Rx, Sun, Mercury, Lilith and the Moon in a potent configuration. I have written on the astrology of this here for those interested:
Lilith will also feature prominently during the Aquarius Full Moon, a few days from now. Those performing rituals to Her, or for the rise of the Feminine in general, may want to time their spiritual activities to align with the Full Moon.
This configuration energizes, charges and launches the energy of Lilith (the Suppressed/Dark Feminine) onto the World’s Stage, allowing her to emerge as a Leader, Teacher and Being in her Own Right.
The energy of Lilith in astrology corresponds to other ‘Dark Goddesses’ such as Kali-Ma, Goddess Lilith, Goddess Ereshkigal, Goddess Pele, Goddess Vajrayogini, Goddess Mariamman, Goddess Pechaiamman, Goddess Ishtar/Innana, The Morrigan, The Cailleach, Goddess Dhumavati, Goddess Hekate and other aspects of the Dark Crone / Protectoress / Mother / Destroyer (of Negativity). There are many others, including Goddesses for whom Darkness is but one aspect of their Being. I would include Lady Brighid and Lady Isis to that list.
To be a ‘Dark’ Goddess has nothing to do with being ‘Evil’. It simply means that this aspect of Divinity operates in the Blackness of the Earth, That Womb, or Eternal Night. It is She who watches over your Shadow as it moves between realms, or through different stages of birth-death-rebirth. It is She who burns so you can be Reborn; She who Destroys so Creation can continue.
To be a ‘Suppressed’ Goddess (and the two are often conflated) is to have your worship outlawed, banned, criminalized or demonized – made out to be something that it is not. It is a distortion of the protective and nurturing qualities associated with the Ancient Mother.
To be a ‘Goddess’, you only need look in the mirror and Re-member.
For there is Divinity in All.
As Lilith conjuncts the Sun (illumination, awareness), Mercury (communication, perception) and trines Uranus (revelation, insight) and the Moon (the nurturing Goddess, the Womb of the Earth) – She Awakens, Arises, and Becomes.

At this time, honor those parts of yourself cast into Shadow. Too often we believe that all that is Dark is Evil, and forget that our Shadow can simply be parts of ourselves we have no yet accepted – in this case – the (Feminine) Divinity in All Beings, and the Power She Wields.This is a time for Her to Rise, and I hope many of you will heed the call to Dance, Dream, and Embody this aspect of Sacred Energy as her influence only intensifies in the skies.Rising Woman, Rising Man, You cannot be stopped unless you choose to be at this Time. My Fire spreads through you and around you, Giving Life, Death and Birth to this World. I can no longer be Hidden.


That is Her Message, through me, to you.




For those of you would like to hear more of my perspective on The Dark Mother, here is a link to a 1-hour radio interview aired on Get on the Grid With Chessie Roberts Radio Show. Link:


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This page,  The Dark Mother’s Children will be celebrating its 6 month mark (in terms of moon cycles during the Aquarius Full Moon). I am its admin, as is my brother Ashoka Mohannan


A Virtual Shrine to Honor The Dark Mother:


Blessings and Love to All Beings,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
A Daughter of Kali



Image Information: “Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – Hindu goddesses” by Matthias Rosenkranz – originally posted to Flickr as Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

— with Ashoka Mohannan and Tara Fire-Tiger.