Blessings to All. This post considers the role of the Mind in the creation and navigation of thought-forms, conceptual systems and paradigms that make us ´see´ the world the way we do. And what to do to avoid the pitfalls that can come with such constructs.

The Mind is a great tool, but even the best of tools used incorrectly, can become a liability.

It is the source of the lens of perception, the rose/gray tinted glasses, the mirror of reflection through which recognize ourselves, either as part of an internal process or one that involves other people.

The Mind in other words, helps us – See.

But ultimately, without a process of conscious engagement, purification or simply a focus of awareness, we end up being run by the Mind and its organizing impulses, without understanding why we think the way we do. We interpret what our Mind sees and perceives as Unquestioned Truth.

And that is where psychologists, therapists and spiritual facilitators tend to step in. They, ideally speaking, hold up mirrors that allow you to see how your mind is organized, what it chooses to see (or not) and why. It´s certainly the focus of some of the deeper work I do in my sessions (especially the Bubble Burster).

The Mind is not purely a creation of what we consciously identify with or process at an intellectual level. It is created as a composite of layers, beginning with the deepest parts of the self / psyche. Some might attribute this to sub-concious impressions, impulses and memories from infancy – and others would take it a level farther – to the Soul as the origin point and include past life-impressions, and so on.

The point is, the way we see the world arises from factors that go beyond our conscious thoughts. Different paradigms will locate the origins of our mental architecture in different ways.

Now with the advent of the Self-Help and New-Age movement, more and more conceptual tools that arise from spiritual and psychological domains have begun to enter the mainstream. Words like : trauma, emotional baggage, wounding, abandonment, trust issues, betrayal, projection, transference, passive-aggression, co-dependency, narcissistic personality disorder – and related terms are words and concepts that more and more are being encouraged to use as part of their journey of self-understanding.

And very often, these words are taken in ways by well-meaning individuals and turned into hollow echoes of themselves, sometimes causing further damage and trauma to individuals who are already vulnerable. Sometimes, irrespective of what the facilitator says, the listener responds to what he/she believes is being said, often feeding into fears and scripts deeply entrenched in the sub-conscious. There´s not much you can do about the latter scenario except to be wary of the former.

This is going to be a longer piece, even by my standards as I´m copy pasting and integrating some other posts I´ve been working on for the past week, since the Aries Full Moon. You can think of it as 3-4 posts in one or the kernel of one of the many books I will eventually get round to writing.

They all dance around the same question, in different ways. So – grab a cup of whatever you like drinking and dig in!😀😀😀

Mirroring and Discernment

True. We are all mirroring one another.

True. Not all mirrors cast honest reflections.

Some mirrors come from funhouses.

And others are flat out broken.

Or covered with layers and layers of debris.

And other mirrors glamour you with swirls of colour

Pretty things that take you away from any sense of reality

Fun to look at, a beautiful entrapment at best

Distortion, either way.

The lesson is …

Don´t internalize what you see in the reflection.

Unless it´s in a mirror worth looking into.

Whilst mirroring is a useful concept, it needs to come with the understanding that what we see in ourselves and other people is not necessarily what we/they are. It puts way too much focus on the mind as the dominant means through which we experience and participate in ´reality´. As, at the end of the day, perceptions can be shifted – they aren´t absolutes.

One way in which mirroring is expressed as an energetic principle comes through the premise of the Law of Attraction. Simply put, it is the idea that you attract all your life´s experiences to yourself by way of what you energetically transmit to the Universe.

Whilst this is a valid and useful truth, when wielded without compassion, sensitivity and nuance it becomes an instrument of furthering the blame-shame-game and narratives of victimization.

When the Law of Attraction becomes a Instrument of Blunt Force Trauma

There are many spiritual sayings that hold merit, but are not particularly helpful in getting someone through a difficult time.

´You manifested it. It´s your fault.´

´It´s just your negativity coming back at you. You are to blame´

´The suffering was necessary / sacred´

´It´s just your karma. You sinned in a past life´

Being on top of the list.

In my experience with the Universe …

I would call this a very human response to a very … vast, vast experience of Spirit.

Whilst I believe that we do live in a Holographic Universe, I don´t think all of it operates in a way human beings necessarily Understand. Yes, we might be a part of the Universe looking at itself, but that doesn´t mean that the wider Universe operates through a human form / construct / paradigm.

And whilst I believe in a co-creative partnership with the Universe, there´s just a lot more going on than most of us are led to believe.

The Law of Attraction is a good starting point, but take it too far and it becomes a blunt tool where a sharper, more precise one may be needed.

We do our best though and sometimes it leads to belief systems that do not honor that complexity or the sensitivity needed in navigating a difficult situation.

It doesn´t mean it´s wrong, however. But it might not be helpful.

Telling a person who is drowning that

– hey – it´s just water, you´re made of water! or

– hey – you shouldn´t have stepped in! … or

– hey – try swimming!

Isn´t really going to cut it.

Sometimes you will find people who have ingrained these beliefs so deeply into their psyche – that no matter what you say, that´s all they´ll hear back. You can´t do much about that either.

In astrology, when working with clients – I find individuals who have taken on too much of their fair share because of the prevalence of such sayings. And freedom comes when they realize that some things that happen to them are really – not in their control.

Internalizing shame, blame and more guilt is not the goal of the spiritual path, at least I hope not.

There is of course the question of a person in denial, but that´s a different kettle of fish.

But as always,

Context Matters.

When we limit our experiences to the principles contained in the Law of Attraction, we close certain doors of perception and explanation.

We limits our exposure to other, weirder, non-human / non-anthropomorphized experiences of Reality-Spirit in the wider cosmos. We end up internalizing the illusion of total control or the belief that the Universe somehow thinks and feels the way we do. Or that God/Goddess is somehow human.

That, and it ends up blaming someone for things that they cannot humanly control. The name of the game is Surrender. Trying to take on board things that are simply put – larger than you can imagine – is a different form of spiritual hubris.

It´s an extension of the ethos of control that humanity has progressively sought over nature, other members of the species, and the planet as a whole. This is very much a textbook case of projection and/or transference (depending on context).

Projection and Transference: When What You See May Or May Not Truly Be

Projection happens when you see aspects of yourself that you wish to deny in another person (who may not actually be doing anything of the sort).

Transference occurs when you apply a particular set of assumptions, experiences, or expectations you have about one person to another. It´s a form of projection, in some ways.

Knowing what´s going on can help you detach from the drama that may be headed your way. You don´t need to internalize or take on the projections / transferences of others.

However – be sure to check in and see if you´re not using these terms to run away from unappealing insights about one´s self.

Consider both sides of the story.

I see these terms used quite liberally in spiritual communities and forms, and very often they are used as shorthand to say: What that person is seeing in you isn´t true about you, it´s about them. And sometimes that is a very, very valid argument. But the same argument can be used to re-inforce a pattern of denial and a non-willingness to see what´s actually going on. Being able to tell the two apart is tricky work.

And on a more controversial note – We essentially use these methods to imbue objects, symbols and rituals with energetic significance. That does not invalidate them, it simply means that so much of the power of what we conceptualize as the Sacred gains power from the fact we conceptualize them as such. It is our Beliefs that give the Belief Systems we invest in with any kind of Power.

As you move farther to an understanding of the Sacred that has neither Form nor Concept – should you choose to – recognizing these dynamics in your ritual or spiritual practice will be the next step forwards.

A Word To The Wise

The use of words, objects, symbols, concepts and icons to depict the Sacred and/or the inner processes that facilitate its discovery is – to a great extent – inevitable. Whilst external descriptions and markers are useful, they pose their own challenges. Often, these signifiers become substitutes for direct experience as one invests more and more of their mental and emotional energy into them. More often than not as a means of finding one´s own identity or conceptual framework in the vastness of All-that-Is.

And at other times, these constructs / representations truly provide a bridge between the seeker and the experience of spirit that is sought. The construct reveals its limitations and you begin to see a glimpse of what lies beyond it.

And sometimes the difference between the two is impossible to tell.

Coming back to the question of the Mind and some of the less helpful ways in which it shapes our perceptions of life, ourselves and The Sacred  … What can we then do? What are our options?

What Do You Do About The Games Of The Mind? And the ways they Distort the Spiritual Experience?

I know distort is a strong word and there are those who believe that every path is as valid as the other. And this is true. But there are many roads up the mountain. One is gentle and will leave a few aches here and there, and there other is harsh, dangerous climb and will result in the breaking or removal of a limb.

Equally valid choices, both of them, but it´s about what you´re comfortable working with.

In the same way, multiple Truths have equal validity. Even in the ones that condone things which others will find inhuman and unethical. At a detached level, without projecting our human needs onto a concept – every Truth is Valid. Even the most horrifying ones, at least to the person who believes in them.

So yes – what do you do to make sure your version of Mind-Truth isn´t taking you, or others up a path that is necessarily destructive? And how would you know if it was?

The Answer Is Discernment

In my own journey, I started with the upper chakras, and then moved to the lower ones. I see academics and intellectuals often following the same pattern, so too with those who identify with the New-Age movement. I speak from years of experience in understanding myself and in the work I do with others, though I do not make the claim that this is A Truth For All. Though I have to say that I find the 7-chakra model an outdated one – it´s a lot more sophisticated than we are led to believe, though useful for heuristic purposes.

The Mind´s Center is associated with the Third Eye. Though it will have linkages with other energy centers in the body.

The Mind can create the illusion that ´IT KNOWS´ at the conscious and the subconscious level. So how do you know you´re not being trapped in what it has to say?

By looking to the other Voices or Knowing-s from the rest of your Being.

The Body

The Spirit

The Heart

and so on.

It´s sounds a very obvious solution and it is, but it´s not that easy to achieve in practice, especially when one has focused the bulk of their interpretive and experiential processing at the mental level.

You would need to learn to listen to your body. Women have an edge here as we have the menstrual cycle. Whether we want to hear it or not, our body speaks in powerful ways through that experience. I am unsure what men or those born in different ways feel so I cannot speak to their processes. There are women who choose not to engage with their cycles as well.

Either way, listening to your body is paramount. Notice how it feels when you read about a concept, meet a person, enter a room. Note which muscles are tightened or relaxed. Note the sensations that arise when you look at certain things, eat certain foods, do certain energetic practices. Notice which signals are responses that indicate danger or fear, safety or peace, and so on.

Things like dance, yoga, meditation, rolling around in the mud, sitting under a tree, deep breathing, pottery – will also help🙂

Listening to the heart often happens through the emotional channels. Again, notice what moves you to tears, anger, joy, happiness, gratitude and rage. Do not identify with the mental thought-processes that tell you the why behind them, but let the emotion in itself do the movement for you. This was a part of myself that I was unconscious of till I found a homeopath skilled in parapsychological work. And that transformed me completely.

What I find in spiritualists who over-identify with the mind-center is that they simply do not let themselves feel, judging the twists and turns in their internal process, often to detrimental effects. Or they simply ignore it entirely. Or to become aggressive, hostile or overly defensive to those who do manage to see the other sides of them.

There are times where you simply have to tell the Mind to Shut The Hell Up. Sometimes in a gentle way, sometimes in a – right – uhm – now – you – LISTEN, kind of way.

Just so you can process with the other parts of your energy-body and being.

This is very much in tune with the experience of a spiritual path that involves the feminine, in her nurturing and her fiercer forms. An experience for all beings on the planet, not only those born with a womb.

I would recommend the following gemstones: aqua aura quartz and blue lace agate (in tandem), worn around the neck/heart at all times. Remember to cleanse the stones under running water if they feel heavy and to recharge them under the Moon.

Listening to your Soul´s wisdom is probably the hardest thing to put into words. It arises as an inner knowing that doesn´t quite have a location in your physical or emotional body. Knowing what your Soul has to say is, at least, in the spiritual world, the name of the Game.

And to know it, you have to give space for it to speak. What we do not wish to hear, or have not been able to engage with overlaps greatly with the category of ´descent´ or  ´shadow´ work.

Stones to recommend: labradorite, nuummite and angel aura quartz.

So, in response to the original question –

What Do You Do When The Mind Dictates Your Experience?

Focus and allow the different parts of you to answer in turn. Start doing things that shift your conscious focus and awareness to different parts of you. Not as a means of denial or avoidance, but to see if what your mind´s eye is seeing, in fact, aligned with the rest of you.

The fact that so much of our collective focus is placed on opening the 3rd eye chakra and the activation of the upper chakras in spiritual discourse – we have seen a converse downplaying, or downright disassociation from the other energetic centers / sources of knowing with the Self. Which is why you see so many facilitators who have excellent, well-developed upper-chakras but find it very difficult to draw boundaries, live in the material world or even acknowledge their own emotions and material needs. Or those who over-identify with the wisdom their Mind-Centers have taken a very long time to learn and understand.

(I would also critique the construct of ´I´m an Empath. I feel so much and hurt so much and that´s a good thing´ as part of the larger phenomenon)

And then comes the next question:

When Will It Stop? My Mind Needs a Tool, NOW! How Do I Fix This?

Sometimes the worst thing you can do in your journey is to try and figure it out too soon. The head gets in the way and starts throwing around the weight of its conceptual baggage and it interferes with the direct experience of … whatever you´re experiencing.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just to take it a day at a time, step by step. In faith. You don´t need to know exactly where you´re going in advance, as – very often –

getting lost

taking a leap of faith

into uncharted territory

is part and parcel of what makes your path.

Uncertainty and not knowing are gifts to be embraced.

Astrologers and guides can be useful wayshowers – they can point you in the right direction, tell you where to look or how to see – but the process of exploration and discovery is a gift in itself.

When you´ve worked with the mind for so long, listening to the other parts of you is going to involve a process of un-learning and re-learning. It´s going to take humility, baby steps, and simply not knowing how it´ll look for some time. Travelling without a map or a definitive timeline.

It´s challenging, but a rewarding path to take. And my life has been all the better for it.


In Conclusion …

It´s Your Journey, Dear Friends. Bring All of You into It.


Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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Blessings to All. I have been thinking about offering this session for some time. Most of you who engage with my work tend to have some experience with astrology and/or spiritual facilitation.

But there´s also a lot of interest from beginners in either field wanting to understand their natal charts – who may not necessarily have a problem they need fixing, a bubble they need bursting, a specific question they need in-depth assistance with, energetic shifting, etc.

I am going to try out a new type of session to see if I can address this need. So, for those of you who are starting out in astrological journey and would like some insight with it, consider booking ´The Discovery Session´.

This discussion will not include transits, progressions, Goddess Asteroids, Trans-Neptunian Objects and so on – which tends to be quite fun, though 😀

Instead, it´ll stick to the basics:

Topics covered:

Major House Cusps
The 9 Planets
The North and South Node
Major Aspects / Alignments

There are two versions you can get:

Session Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 55 US Dollars

Session Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 111 US Dollars

It all depends on how much of an introduction you want.

To book, please use these links – times available are shown in your computer´s time zone. – 30 minutes – 1 hour

This is more an information-only session and does not involve a strong facilitative component. For more in-depth offerings & deeper transformations, please see:

All sessions come to a close on the 24th night (for those of you in the US) and will not resume as a continuous block till late Dec/ early Jan. Sessions may still be booked ad hoc, subject to availability.

Blessings and Love,

Priestess B. Bairavee

The Sky Priestess


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It´s been quite an interesting day so far. And apparently, an interesting year in review. This is one of those – just need to let it out for a moment – biographical pieces.

Spent some time catching up with a friend over lunch earlier today. It amazes me how some of the most solid friendships in my life are with atheists and agnostics with an open-mind  – people who know me from other spheres of my life and have a deep sense of trust and familiarity. These are the friendships have lasted me for years and stood the test of time. And without surprise, the ones that need the least management.

I was planning to sleep afterwards as I had a Soul Portrait Masterclass in the morning (and that takes its own recovery time) – but there´s some major pre-Deepavali cleaning going on at home.

So I ended up making some coffee for and spending some time with my grandmother showing her pictures from my various travels and works done over the past year. And taking it all in for myself in review – yai chihuahua.

A lot got done, and a lot more will come to to pass, especially in November & December as I head for the 2nd Dark Goddess Workshop (Nov 12, Uki, Australia) –  and – the Goddess Conference (Nov 18-20, Sydney)), and a research / pilgrimage trip to the Navagraha Temples, the Himalayan foothils, etc.

They don´t call it a Saturn Return for nothing …

It´s not quite time to admire the view yet, but more of a nod to self as I keep going forwards….


The year started off quite … intensely as I found myself in a situation that could have become a tragedy. My brother and I had just been been paragliding, and I got covered in cuts and thought it a good idea to swim back to where my parents were. I prefer water and am a decent swimmer.

Before we knew it, dusk fell upon us – we´d been out longer than we realized and what was supposed to be a leisurely swim turned out to be something far more intense. Turns out we headed for some shallow waters (but not shallow enough to walk through at night, you can´t see where your foot´s going) and a small cliff! … Nothing was signposted in advance.

I swam through the waters carefully, my brother keeping pace alongside me, climbing over the rocks. It was safer to be afloat and I had to keep a pin-point focus at all times. My feet and belly touching over sharp stony edges and feeling through weeds and other detritus, unable to see anything in the dark waters. With waves coming in.

And I just kept telling myself : Stay Focused.

That was what got me through.

Haven´t quite shared that as it was on mum´s birthday, at the start of the year. Took us a few hours to get to safety. We told our parents that we got lost somewhere and downplayed the whole thing. Dad would have freaked …

And then of course, a month later, my trip to Europe, getting my passport pickpocketed on my first proper day in Barcelona – seeing the Black Madonna in Monserrat. Various trips and pilgrimages to the UK. Doing the Dark Goddess Workshop in Glastonbury. Energy working in Scotland, Cornwall, Cambodia. Interacting with Goddess energy and mythology in India. Sitting beneath the boughs of Buddha´s bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. Jumping in the Ganges (and freaking out a friend) in Dhakineshwar, Calcutta. Passing through Cuddalore, the land where many saints and Ascended Beings have walked. And many things of that ilk.

Oh and let´s not forget the surgery over my chest, getting my own e-stalker (and as an update, providing a facilitation for her that … seems to have addressed the issue). Friendships made and broken. Heartache. Heart-healing. Revisiting the past for release.

So much has happened. It sounds glamorous and action-packed (to some) from the outside, but … my gods it took courage, determination, and … single-minded focus. Some of those situations were … literally life-threatening and … being anything but brave would have led to a very different outcome.

And of course, hours and hours of intense session time to finance all this work (I gotta go where I´m called) and keep up with large sums of cash for monthly university debt payments. And pro bono work for many on the side. And articles. And … And … And…

Mother of Gods …

Let´s just say it has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and productive times of my life thus far. And massively transformative at the energetic level.

Just time to take a deep breath.

To recognize the celestial support I have had and the personal support I have had (especially through my brother) – but more than that the sheer amount of will, grit and effort that only I – as an individual – acting on my own Free Will could choose to bring to the challenge.

Without that, no amount of support is of use.

You have to choose to do it. And so I did.

The sheer of weight of transits and activations to my chart this year is staggering.

And I´m very proud of myself, which is something my Capricorn Sun needs to acknowledge a little more. Which is why I picked the image that I did. It came as a beautiful, unexpected gift by a young artist I spent a little time with. Contact info at the bottom of the post

To me, this is Spirit´s way of saying – BAIRAVEE.

THIS is what YOU are DOING.


Thank you as well, dear community – for reminding me that it´s ok to do so 🙂

And for the space to do in a public way. It´s that Vesta in Aries on my Midheaven ….



*big exhale*

3. 2. 1.

Back to work … Here we go!


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Info on Sessions Offered / Pilgrimage Fundraising:

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THE GODDESSES AND THE STALKER-HUNTER AT 29 DEGREES: Ceres, Vesta, Venus, Diana, Salacia and Thereus


Blessings to all. We see in the skies a powerful, intricate, celestial dance played out between different channels of Feminine energy (Ceres, Vesta, Venus, Diana, Salacia) and the Stalker-Hunter, Thereus. For some it will be a graceful Victorian affair and for others it will be the primal, tribal ritualistic war-dance that says: HERE I AM. DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE.

Before we go further, I want to say that this piece may trigger those who are sensitive to images / allusions towards violent, invasive acts. If you do not want the details, head straight for the conclusion.

Also, whilst I use the words Masculine/Feminine or He/She – please bear in mind that these are archetypes. They can occur and present themselves in anyone irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, and so on. Thereus will not always manifest through a man, the Goddess/Feminine channels will not always manifest through a woman.

Let´s start with Thereus.

Thereus is the hunter-stalker who seeks his prey and watches them till he is ready to pounce. He is the voyeur, that distinct sense of being watched by an unseen watcher. Consent does not exist in his vocabulary. As per mythology, Thereus would stalk the cave of bears and, when he chose to, would suddenly rush in with his club, bash them on the heads and drag them out kicking and screaming.

I used to find this the single most difficult energy to shift but have found ways to help myself and my clients face the threat and the nameless terror that is Thereus.

Often I come across this as the place where one either feels a profound sense of victimization or (having internalized the opposite) may instead wear the badge of the victim, browbeating their state of victimhood into you (all bully-like) without even realizing they are doing it.

Dealing with this energy takes incredible mental resilience and the willingness to see a self in the mirror that one does not wish to acknowledge.

Depending on house position and sign, Thereus can also signify ancestral attachments and/or forms spiritual predation or entrapment. Sometimes the individual is aware of the trap / dynamic – and other times – it is masked from their consciousness by strong mechanism of denial. The latter is usually where the covert bully expresses itself through the mask of the victim.

I have also noted this asteroid highlighted in the astrological charts of cities under terrorist attack. The Paris bombings being one of them. A hidden threat, a nameless terror, victimization. The pattern fits.

Thereus entered 29 Cancer on 12/13 October, 2016. He goes through a retrograde phase and only leaves Cancer in July 2017. There will be an intense focus on identifying the hidden processes of internalizing, externalizing the archetypes of victim, bully and so on – as passed through the ancestral line. We process this more so at the intuitive and emotional level, evoking the many faces of the Feminine. It is a time to turn out the skeletons in the family closet – and then give it a good dusting.

I noticed this saw this earlier today (wondering that was about at first, but no surprise after seeing the sky-charts today) as I saw a flash of Red (Tribal, Root Chakra) energy move from one of the women in my family to another. Let´s just say it wasn´t a very happy energy and carried with it great resentment. We also ended up talking about some very old familial dynamics, slowly bringing out the roots of the energy and how it passed through the generations, albeit not in those terms. Hopefully working towards a shift 🙂

I can also see why my thoughts have turned to Dhumavati Ma, the Crone-Goddess of Formlessness, Smoke and Detachment, The Rider of the Crow. See this article for further information:…/dhum-dhum-dhumavati-the-formless-…. Some of you may find her deeply resonant at this time.

Thereus makes the following key aspects – all at that intensely karmic 29th degree with various Feminine bodies in the skies:

(1) conjuncts Vesta (The Priestess, The Sacred Flame of the Hearth) at 29 Cancer

This brings out the question of service, care-taking, nurturing, domesticity – and who sacrifices what (and how much) for the home and hearth.

(2) squares Ceres (The Mother-Nurturer, The Bringer of Abundance) at 29 Aries

This is the question of how we best nurture the self or offer that nurturance to others – or even where we may not be giving/receiving that energy in balance. Questions of parent-child boundaries arise.

Remember: Mother and (S)mother are just a letter apart!


(3) trines Venus (Feminine/ Material / Embodiment) and Diana (The Protectoress-Huntress, Goddess of the Moon) at 29 Scorpio

This is the opportunity to break out of relationship dynamics that seek to subjugate the Feminine (in men, women, those of a different gender). Call upon Diana to give you the strength to say No, if required – or to protect another from the same should they desire it.

In so doing, we reassert our boundaries and regenerate our own power from within.

(4) trines Salacia (The Sexual – and – Slandered Feminine in Search of her Sovereignty) at 29 Pisces

This energy surrounds the theme of sexual abuse and the scandals created in its wake, often with the finger of judgement pointed at the unwilling participant in the whole thing. It may or may not refer to experiences in this life, but to prior ones as well. It often (but not always) involves a public scandal / spectacle.

So you may ask – why is this so prominent Now?

All of this is activated very very powerfully by Venus´ impending shift into Sagittarius and Vesta´s shift into Leo. Venus will leave Scorpio within the next day (October 17/18) and Vesta will follow suit, leaving Cancer, within the next three days (October 19/20). So we will be seeing this theme come up in POWERFUL ways.

As I said at the beginning, for some you this will be a gentle dance. Where the Goddesses encircle the Hunter and bring Him to Awareness – at the very least – of the fact that Thereus´ actions will not go unnoticed.

We cannot hold ourselves responsible for the actions of others, only for how we choose to respond to them. And there will be a response.

For others – it will be an all out psychic battle. Or somewhere in between.

I have been working with several stones today, some of which may be of use to you. I´m summarizing the stones´properties and using key phrases from The Book of Stones by R. Simmons and N. Ahsian has an excellent entry on this, and many many other gemstones – highly recommend it! :

Charoite – Psychic protection and purification (even in dream-states), the revelation of one´s own issues that are in need of healing, understanding the path of one´s service (and what isn´t), energetic mirroring, recognizing sychronicities

(I find that my pieces of Charoite need to go back to the waters / earth when I have completed a key journey with each. Just the way it happens for me. )

Larimar – Connection with Goddess energies, deep release of old emotional patterns, clarity and gentleness in the communication of boundaries, throat chakra release

Angel Aura Quartz – creating a bridge and integrating the various energetic and subtle bodies of the self in a way, energetic protection and purification of inner space

You may find other stones useful – as what works for the individual comes down to the individual. But this is a pretty high frequency cocktail. Check into see what your energy-body can and wants to handle.

There are many ways this can play out – but it´s clear that the Feminine in her various forms (Maiden, Mother, Crone, Child, Formless States) engages powerfully with Thereus and his games of stalking, bullying, victimization and so on.

I don´t cuss much unless I feel it´s totally justified. But when I see Thereus and the games he plays with people and their family lines… the word ´bastard´ comes to mind. I´m sure that response will shift with time. It was certainly a lot more intense in the recent past.

A word to the wise, just before I finish this piece. I´m leaving interpretations fairly open ended as it can come in so many different ways.

Sometimes the bullies don´t use violence to get you to do what they want. Sometimes it´s emotional coercion that plays off your own empathic reserves. That says – you have to love me, save me, heal me … or you´re a bad person.

It´s a different take on the energy, but one I found myself thinking about earlier today.

What is love .. and healing … may be the choice to disengage, walk away, or simply say NO – to that energy and its coercive demands.

Sometimes it´s about realizing that Salvation, of any kind, lies within. Others can help along the way, but if you want to know who your saviour is – look in the mirror!

Expecting another to do the work for you and guilt-tripping them into it … isn´t exactly cool.

(Thereus, I hope you´re taking notes! )

I suspect this will play out heavily through romantic/business or other significant relationships owing to Venus´shift. Remember that Vesta is also present, conjunct Thereus, preparing to let go of that dynamic – should you allow her to – this time situated in the domestic, familial, maternal sphere.

The Charoite-Larimar-Angel Aura Quartz Combination helps beautifully with that.

It´s been quite an intense day of meditations, shifts and realizations in deep emotional waters. Now the head catches up and says : Aha … so that was what happened….

Summing it up …

Pay attention to your thoughts, instincts, emotions and dreams. And process them in the way you see fit. If you feel old fears, feelings of being trapped, etc. coming out – find the tools or facilitators or space that you need to wave them goodbye. You may find this synonymous with the transmuting of old ancestral dynamics – or simply saying – right …

I don´t feel afraid anymore.

Going to get on with my life now.

Bye Bye Bogeyman.

And watch the waves of release unfold.


Blessings and Love to All (even Thereus)

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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At 4:23 am, October 16 2016 (UTC time) The Moon opposed The Sun at 23 Aries-Libra.

What I found useful was to focus on the part of myself that does not speak through the language of emotion, intellect, intuition – and so on.

It´s that primal spark of consciousness that simply IS.

The more you tune into, or simply .. be-come that … spark, the more you will (almost paradoxically) find your place with all Else.

The energy of this Full Moon, especially with Eris (23 Aries) and Uranus (22) Aries) conjunct the Moon is volatile. So much of the Self is bring broken down and, in that process, re-constructed and re-signified through new structures of consciousness.

For an overview of Eris/Uranus and a guided egg meditation to assist with coping in its more extreme forms, go to:



Much of this process challenges us to move past our ideals of how the Rising Feminine ought to be expressed or embodied. I can see now why the post on Avalokiteśvara / Kwan Yin as a man emerged when it did ( Link: ) and why it evoked the responses that it did.

Ultimately, the path that Goddess takes us on is a transmutative one. One that dissolves the body, the form, the mind´s idea of who we are, i.e. the separations that create a limitation we use to define selfhood. At the end of the day, we see that these are but props in shadow-theatre – dissolving back into the Mist as we part the veils of Maya.

The Sun´s conjunction with Hephaistos (21 Libra) and Haumea (23 Libra) paint a different version of that picture. We are asked the use the primal fires that are stoked at this time in the creation of bridges, of partnerships that honor the Self-and-The Other.

Forgiveness, release and alchemy accompany this powerful process of description, creation and change. As does the potential for healing.

Deep, deep, healing.

In human terms, it relates strongly to the wounded-healing-distorted-neglected-overemphasized relationship we may have with aspects of the Masculine/Feminine binary – in the relationships that structure our external worlds, and our internal ones.

Those with placements near 21-23 Cancer/Capricorn will experience this alignment intensely as a Cardinal T-Square / Grand Cardinal Cross.

You will also see a connection with the Aries New Moon (7 April 2016, Article: ), whose seeds of intent and energy are culminating now, with the Aries Full Moon.

Now … I could wax on about every other astrological alignment that happened at the same time, but I would rather not over-intellectualize this piece. It goes against the very grain of what is Aries.

And… Aries simply IS.

To sum up this Full Moon:

As we find the Self, we dissolve it.
As we dissolve the Self, we find it.

Blessings and Love to All.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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The God/dess Kwan Yin is a powerful symbol of the unity between Masculine and Feminine. She was originally born a man 🙂, one who understood the Transcendental Feminine within – at least according to the Indian tradition. This came up in discussion on my page The Dark Mother’s Children, so I thought it was time to share an article on Her/Him. Many of you may know this, and it might be news to others. It´s certainly something I´ve been thinking about in the past few years.

Here´s some background information that supports these claims and demonstrates the emergence of 3 different traditions surrounding the Kwan Yin / Avalokiteśvara figure, listed by chronological development (as I understand it):

(1) Born as a man in India with traditional links to the Sage Agastya and the Tamil language in the South. Said to reside in the Pothigai Hills where Xuangzhang (of China) recorded a temple dedicated to him in said hill (circa 5th century). Whilst not definitive of a time-line, sage Agastya is mentioned in the Ramayana and other Hindu texts – placing him to an earlier timeline.

What is tantalizing is the translation of Avalokiteśvara: The Lord Who Looks Down Below. Who has a temple at Pothigai Hill – which some traditions understand as Potala 🙂 The Underworld.

“The Japanese scholar Shu Hikosaka on the basis of his study of Buddhist scriptures, ancient Tamil literary sources, as well as field survey, proposes the hypothesis that, the ancient mount Potalaka, the residence of Avalokiteśvara described in the Gaṇḍavyūha Sūtra and Xuanzang’s Records, is the real mountain Potikai or Potiyil situated at Ambasamudram in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu. Shu also says that mount Potiyil/Potalaka has been a sacred place for the people of South India from time immemorial. With the spread of Buddhism in the region beginning at the time of the great king Aśoka in the third century B.C.E., it became a holy place also for Buddhists who gradually became dominant as a number of their hermits settled there. The local people, though, mainly remained followers of the Hindu religion. The mixed Hindu-Buddhist cult culminated in the formation of the figure of Avalokiteśvara.

In Tibet, the name of the Tibetan Dalai Lama’s Potola Palace (winter palace since the 7th c.) stems from the same Indian-origined tradition pointing also, to an origin in southern India, and thus bears the above interpretation and theory out:

“From as early as the eleventh century the palace was called Potala. This name probably derives from Mt. Potala, the mythological mountain abode of the Bodhisattva Chenresi (Avilokiteshvara / Kuan Yin) in southern India.” —The Potola Palace” –

My experience of this energy has always veered in that direction. It´s nice to have words and concept to frame what one has sensed for a long time.

Similarly, the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, the mantra OM MANE PADME HUM was first associated with him in the Kāraṇḍavyūhasūtra, 4-5th century CE.

(2) Born as a bodhisattva capable of taking any form – Buddhist tradition (the Lotus Sutra dates back .. roughly to 1st century CE)

(3) Born as a woman – Chinese folklore – one prominent legend is dated to the 11th century. However, there´s a case to make for the feminization of Avaloketiswara in China after the 12th century.

Some Links: – from a male perspectiveśvara – history, mythology, lore, sculptures – for a really good take on why the gender-swap happened .. and when.

Book to check out: Kuan-yin : the Chinese transformation of Avalokitesìvara by Chün-fang Yü.

So .. what happened here?

Is it the case of a male figure that so perfectly embodied the feminine that he was simply not allowed to .. be male and be compassionate? (Buddhist legends have some interesting ways to describe the change-over)

Or is it the (appropriate) en-meshing of two different deities – one from China – and the other from India? They both share the same mantra in any case 🙂

I also have to note …

That there´s a real resistance to seeing Kwan Yin as male because there is part of the Rising Feminine / Goddess / Priestess Movement that is as reactive as the distorted masculine it challenges. And I can understand why that´s there … look at what it did to Pallas Athena!

But that does not mean we should be perpetuating the same kind of erasure that we endured.


The moment we say … Goddess can only be X, Y, Z, or expressed in this-or-that-body – we´re creating the same type of exclusionary gender hierarchy that we claim to challenge.

In other words, Goddess Movement, please don´t do a reverse Patriarch …

Yes, things are being rewritten – and yes, it is time to move past these binaries. But also – remember to look at source and origin material – and how it evolved over time. 🙂 In the push to imagine a new religion or spiritual template for women, it would be a shame to lose one of the greatest symbols of the union of the two. And a truly special narrative of a soul´s spiritual journey into transcendence.

For a man, in the era that Avalokiteśvara (Sanskrit name) to do what he did is nothing short of revolutionary. The fact that patriarchy could not handle a man that so clearly embodied Her speaks volumes in itself 😉 Some much so that they had to give him a sex change – he deeply unsettled the status quo.

*gasp* A Compassionate Man who embodies the Feminine? In the Darkness / Netherworlds???

*silence, and a few rumbles and murmurs*

Listen closely…

For that is the sound of false hierarchies crumbling, of both the patri-and-matri-archal variety.

( For clarity am a staunch LGBT ally- what you choose to do with your body is your choice 🙂 When a distorted patri/matri/human-archy forces it on you or your legacy, that´s a whole other kettle of fish)

Further information:

” Originally worshipped in India as the male bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara, the personification of compassion and kindness was represented in China by masculine-appearing bodhisattva figures prior to the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279). Images that later displayed attributes of both genders are believed to be in accordance with the Lotus Sutra, where Avalokiteśvara has the supernatural power of assuming any form required to relieve suffering and also has the power to grant children. Because this bodhisattva is considered the personification of compassion and kindness, a mother-goddess and patron of mothers, the representations in China were further interpreted in an all-female form around the twelfth century. In the modern period, Guan Yin is most often represented as a beautiful, white-robed woman. Guan Yin’s veneration was introduced to Japan by way of Korea by the mid-seventh century.

A strong impetus in the transformation of Guan Yin from man to woman in Chinese thought began with the writing of the Biography of the Goddess of Mercy, written during the Yuan Dynasty (1279 – 1368). This work, a pious rendering of the life of Guan Yin by a wealthy lay devotee, was written with the express purpose of defining Guan Yin as female. The prevailing ideology of the time suggested that certain tasks, such as granting children, were suitable only for women deities. Thus, Guan Yin was transformed to serve this purpose. ”

Though, if anyone has source material from the pre-Yuan period that makes the case for Guan Yin as a woman, please do come forwards. I´d be happy to include that in this article. So far, what I find is research that cites the gender-swap taking place and why…

Rather than viewing this as another patriarchal re-claiming of the Goddess, it is patriarchy´s rejection of Her (yet again). Then again, the question of – which Kwan Yin / Avalokiteśvara you are working with arises.

If using this as a symbol in meditation – it shouldn´t make too much of a difference – but if directly invoking this energy – IT DOES.

So who do you work with?

The Indian male?
The androgynous bodhisattva?
The woman of Chinese folklore?

All three? Less? More? Are they the same, or are there slight differences?

If you feel into the iconography and literary words that describe each, they give a slightly different vibration. For me, the ideal that captures it best is the Indian-Avalokiteśvara. In sculpture, in mantra, in visualization. (I found out about the link to my own ethnic roots when I kept digging for more info to write this)

You might have different needs. And you might feel differently.

It´s up to you to choose, but be conscious in your choices. And (if you want) question why some choices are more comfortable to you than others.

Sometimes it is a case of what you were taught to feel, and to interpret. And one of the greatest gifts is in de-conditioning the self from those influences to feel and interpret spiritual energy in a direct manner. That changes the whole game, the whole spiritual journey.

If anything, I would say Kwan Yin / Avalokiteśvara is a powerful symbol of the times and potentially one of the greatest teachers/aspirant forms of the Rising Feminine and the Compassionate Masculine.

In the bid to bring back the Goddess, let us not erase the story of one of Her greatest Champions.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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MERCURY CONJUNCTS JUPITER (6 LIBRA) … BUILDING A BRIDGE TO HEALING OR STAYING IN THE SAME KARMIC CYCLE, YOU CHOOSE (+ Mars opposes Persephone and sextiles Neptune, Venus-Juno-Nemesis trine Chiron)


Silence. That´s the vibration of what I feel now. Nothingness. The Void. Just Silence. It´s been building for days and appears to be at its climax. Perfectly timed for Mercury´s conjunction with Jupiter at 6 Libra (9:45 am UTC, 11 October 2016). It is the energy of what might be, of nascent potential waiting for a choice, a decision made one way or another – so that it may take form.

As you know, I interpret Libra as the choice or ability to make a decision through the use of detached logic. It may be graceful, it may be harmonious or beautiful – or its absolute opposite. It can be a powerful bridge that spans across differing views and perceptions of reality. It can also be the sword that breaks the bridge in two. Libra´s energy strongly relates with the value systems and choices we make when we enter partnerships and collaborations, be they personal and/or professional. It is also linked with legal matters, contracts and the arts.

Mercury helps us navigate our choices, to perceive, organize, analyse and express information to build a picture that feeds into our system of perception. Jupiter grants us the promise of expansion or amplification in whatever direction we consciously and sub-consciously choose to explore. (That is not always a positive thing)

As the two the come together, we are asked to look at the people, partnerships, and choices which we choose to invest ourselves-and-our-energies into creating or destroying at this time. It´s a very good time for the examination of one´s concept of self, one´s relationship values and ideals, and so on.

From a more spiritual perspective, it is an excellent time to re-think, re-configure and elucidate our ever-constant, ever-evolving co-creative partnership with The Divine, in all of its Forms (Masculine, Feminine, Androgynous, Hemaphroditic, etc.) and Formless States.

The choices we make and the words we utter carry greater energetic weight at this time. So take a moment to pause, breathe and then commit to / away from whatever it is that you must address at this time.

The Masculine-Feminine theme is particularly strong at this time for various reasons:

Mars (9 Capricorn) opposes Persephone (10 Cancer): We are asked to revisit the Persephone-Pluto myth, to question old narratives of just who had agency? For some, it is the straightforward tale of a daughter´s rape and her abduction (from her mother), and for others, it is a narrative of carefully calculated feminine seduction and a daughter escaping an overly controlling mother. Either way, the question comes down to who we believe is truly ´in control´, who has the final, authoritative say on which way the story – i.e. parts of _your_ story – get told. Atropos, the eldest of the Three Sisters of Fate sits at 8 Cancer to tell us that some parts of this story must end as it is their time. (Interestingly, Hades himself weighs in at 6 Cancer, squaring Mercury/Jupiter – it´s the same theme, repeated in a slightly different way)

Mars (9 Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (9 Pisces): An excellent time to set the seeds for the healing of the Masculine and the integration of yang energy within the feminine and masculine / individual / collective psyche. It is wise to avoid games of projection as one simply does not know the full length and breadth of all this species has done to over another, over vast cycles of time. Those with placements near 9 Gemini will experience this as a profound Yod, or finger of fate bringing these energies to an intense, karmic climax. Before the next one begins.

Persephone (10 Cancer) trines Neptune (9 Pisces) and the South Node (10 Pisces): The invitation to look at the cycles of blame-shame-guilt, parent-child bonds, the victim-abuser dynamic and so on. Some of that baggage will be yours, others more so with the collective unconscious. Be willing to see the story in a different way to find new paths of healing, release and transcendence (whatever that means to you). Persephone also sextiles the mean Node (10 Virgo). This is an excellent time to set the seeds for change, for drawing better boundaries and realizing that one does not need to be caught up in the same cycle of drama, to experience the same pain and suffering, repeated ad infinitium (especially with the South Node involved). Those with placements near 10 Aquarius will find this a very interesting Yod to work with.

Venus, Juno and Nemesis are all conjunct one another at 21 Scorpio. Venus refers to the process of material embodiment, the qualities and form of the feminine and to the pleasure we sustain by simply being. It also relates to finances and just about anything tangible that involves the generation of beauty, pleasure and abundance. It is certainly one archetype of the Feminine. Juno, as I understand her, is the Goddess of Thresholds – and She finds ways to keep moving us towards the next one through soul-mates (not necessarily of a pleasant, romantic, marital kind – but potentially the very opposite). Nemesis refers to an ancient winged Greek goddess of Justice who comes to clear and re-balance the scales of karma.

All three sitting in Scorpio, that´s … a whopper!

We are asked to face the Scales of Karma in the psychic Underworld. Do we honor the Dark Feminine? All aspects of Goddess (however defined)? Or do we limit our conception that which is familiar, comfortable and/or idealized? And who – in our lives – brings us the push, the need to get deeper, to recognize what we have neglected, denied, suppressed or ignored?

Scorpio´s role indicates one with whom we merge our energies – be it ´in the boardroom or the bedroom´. It can easily refer to a Shadow-worker or shaman/ka or simply one who makes us meet the Shadow within.

Venus, Juno and Nemesis all trine Chiron at 21 Pisces. Again, this exploration goes into the deep waters of Spirit, emerging from channels whose origins we have (mostly) forgotten. It is a certainly a time to explore these trickier questions of sexuality, femininity, power and and its balanced expression – through the deep waters of Karma. It´s… gonna very be very interesting for those of you with placements near 21 Cancer – as that will then be a powerful Grand Water Trine. Deep waters, indeed. Cyllarus is at 21 Cancer for us all – and let´s just say this is an impulsive energy, one that does not think before it leaps and reaps the consequences of rash judgement. Take the time to breathe before you emotionally react to something, it will help.

Some fear the Feminine´s rise to power and others see it the dis-empowerment of the Masculine as its prerequisite. I wouldn´t consider either a balanced view as God-Goddess, energetic archetypes, The Divine knows no form or gender. They cut through all of the above. And if we are to heal as a species … we´ve got to start with the schisms within, and with one another (as appropriate).

So – taking it all together – it´s a powerful time to make choices. Ones that can reinforce karmic cycles of wounding and rejection – or to walk away from them. Don´t be afraid to draw boundaries, especially when you feel coerced or guilt-tripped into giving more than you should. It doesn´t matter who´s asking.

Our choices – especially now – have the power to build Rainbow-Shadow bridges of healing that will create new pathways for change within and without. With Libra, it starts in the mind as a choice that is made. Your reality will then begin to form surrounding that choice.

So my friends, what do you choose today?

What reality do you choose to inhabit?

Blessings and Love,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: An illustration of a hermaphrodite from the Aurora consurgens, 15th century, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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