A Quick Note on Current Alignments and what they imply (20 February 2018)

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces right now – I´m just chilling. Spirit says rest, nurture your essence and go home to Source. You can´t add much to that.

Dance in the flow of the deep waters – which of course – is the theme for my upcoming workshop in Illinois. It´ll be my final event before I leave the US.

So yeah … keep delving. Music, art, meditation, walking in nature – do what allows you to connect back inwards. It´s not a mental or intellectual exercise.

Just go inwards. Don´t force anything. Not much more to be said.

The Sky Priestess

Message for the Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius


Go home to the self that goes beyond the mind. Sometimes you need to define what you are not to discover that which you are (which is One-ness). It is all part of the process of awakening and Be-ing. There are no shortcuts.

This will also be the theme, and the energy inspiring my final workshop in the US: Finding Your Flow: Dancing in Deep Waters (Illinois Workshop)

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dancing-in-deep-waters-finding…

For those who want a more detailed astrological overview of this Eclipse, refer to my previous article on the subject:  Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: Bridging Heart and Mind


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Spirit, Memory, Race & Place: On what it means to honor the land and work with it respectfully


When you truly respect a particular culture, you would not wish to distort or dilute it. It is really that simple.

Where you were born, or what race you are is immaterial there. What counts is the depth of your engagement and whether you are willing to experience something that may be alien to your upbringing on its terms, rather than your own.

Especially when dealing with indigenous cultures that strongly connect with a land-based tradition, one cannot use the mind and intellectual analysis alone to make that bridge. It is a somatic and deeply emotive experience.

But it takes patience, surrender and a willingness for the land or culture you wish to engage with to recognize who are its custodians. That´s one of those places where what we want, impose or construe about ourselves has very little to do with it but rather how we wait for the invitation or recognition or permission to participate.

When everyone understands that point alone … we will no longer really need to have the cultural appropriation debate. Culture is not something that you own or claim to have the right to single-handedly change or alter for your own purposes.

You can read all the books you can find on a particular place or culture, but that does not mean it is yours. Finding a personal relationship and being recognized to practice, teach and/or build upon what is there is an exercise in energetic sensitivity.

My heart goes out to descendants of indigenous cultures (and there is actually a very specific understanding of what that term means – www.indigenouspeople.net ) – who have been dislocated from their cultures by virtue of the global diaspora. And here a different type of work is needed. The connection is not immediately activated by virtue of genetics, but it takes work to activate it if it has been suppressed or kept dormant for a long, long, time.

And in some cases, that diasporic descendant may actually feel more connected to where they were raised – and the life-histories of their families who migrated to that new land. Which is fine. But it really goes a long way in differentiating the two.

In short – when you create a grounded relationship with a different culture – in body, heart, mind, soul – you tread very differently. Developing this awareness and skill-set is going to be one of the most vital steps in learning to engage with the cultures that hold ancient planetary wisdom, in ways that connect to the acceleration of collective consciousness underway.

We explore a lot of these questions in the video ( https://youtu.be/K0s8n1uW77E ) .

In this installation of the SpiritBuddy Interview series, I sit with Medea B Hardy – a PhD candidate studying Women´s Spirituality, truth-teller, god-body, land-worker and sister of many colours.

We explore how and why Medea considers Virginia as ´her home´ (as opposed to West Africa), how she engages the land energetically, and how she was invited to and given permission to do the same in New Orleans. She makes a stunning, and deeply important observation on the significance of the Mississippi River.

This is a very powerful discussion and a must-view for anyone exploring this word and the sensitivity and recognition of intersectionality that needs to come along with it. You can find more of her work at Activating Your Spirit and her conservational efforts with her husband at CORE USA

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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I would prefer leaving my writings freely accessible without introducing a subscription service – but for that to happen there needs to be an energetic exchange that honors all.

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Blessings. The Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Aquarius asks us to set the seeds for innovation, collective engagement, ideational breakthrough and networking. It is when we develop upon or dissolve older frequencies of thought and experience and step into newer modalities of being. We are asked to let go of more egoic notions of selfhood before accessing some of the higher-frequency stuff. This requires us to deconstruct and decolonize our minds of concepts, paradigms, and ways of seeing the world that make us invested in a particular ego-personality. It asks us to come back to the roots of our being and not the false self we have been conditioned to believe we are.

The way we do this is by engaging the energy of the heart and allowing the leadership of the Inner Child to light the way to the Heavens. Go back to what made your heart sing and do it. Repeatedly. Whether it´s watching a childhood movie, dancing, playing, singing, speaking on stage – let your emotional body engage with the mental body. One cannot exist in isolation of another. For those of you whose mother tongue is not English – go back to your mother tongue. You will access genetic codes unique to your culture and its connection with the Earth. Never underestimate the power of that connection.

Aquarian energy is generally misrepresented in the way it is commonly understood. Many equate the energy signature with the time-period in which the song ´Age of Aquarius´ and Woodstock festival came about.: 1969. Frankly, there was a lot more Piscean energy afoot then with Chiron preparing to exit Pisces and Neptune preparing to exit Scorpio, both trining one another ….. Probably an article to write at some point.

Whilst Aquarian energy can be compassionate, that compassion stems from ideology – rather than emotional connection. Aquarian energy can be very headstrong in its understanding of the ideals by which humanity ought to live. It´s not very fluffy-cuddly, but is a lot more abstract.

Be clear in that differentiation and set your seeds of innovation and change – be it amongst friends, at work, in prayer or facilitation, friendship networks, or in your personal connection with Mind, Higher Mind and Universal Mind. Just be sure you know what you´re connecting with as the Universe (at the energy level) is not always what it appears to be.

Astral travel at this time can be very powerful, but only engage in it with an experienced practitioner who truly walks their talk. You would ideally look for someone whose groundedness matches their degree of (frequency) elevation. Otherwise … you risk creating some truly cosmic baggage to deal with.

The seeds you set now will unfold over the year ahead, with some indications appearing during the Aquarius Full Moon later this year (July 27, 2018). You will also see connections between this New Moon/ Eclipse to other members of the Saros cycle this eclipse is a part of: Jan 1964, Jan 1983, Feb 2000. The next time this energy signature presents itself is Feb 2036.

FYI – According to www.eclipsewise.com The instant of greatest eclipse takes place on 2018 Feb 15 20:51:25 UTC. The exact time of the astrological conjunction between The Sun at The Moon at 27 Aquarius´7 is 21:05 UTC on February 15, 2018.

With Mercury (25 Aquarius) and Juno (26 Aquarius) so close to the actual Eclipse (27 Aquarius) – expect a high degree of communication amongst members of (what looks like) your soul tribe. This may include romantic, spiritual and/or platonic soul-mates. This aspect of the energy is a little double-edged as Juno does not always indicate a positive marriage partner or soul-mate experience, rather she comes to show us the type of energy who can help us awaken the soul to other possibilities. In other words, soul-mates can help us grow through pleasure, nurture and healthy support – or they can push us to growth through pain, abuse and/or neglect.

Through my study of Juno in clients´ charts, I have found her to be a mixed aspect at best. Either way – whoever shows up now holds the key for your re-connection to the Feminine aspect of being. Just wait before you declare s/he´s ´The One´. Collect a little more data.

In terms of Mercury´s influence, say what you have to say with respect to your truth, be it through written or spoken form – and then let it go. There´s going to be a lot of energy present through social media channels, and not all of it is good. Do not expect others to share your opinion of the world – as one works with their own truths at the pace that they can handle it.

Remember that we are prone to choose truths that make us feel comfortable – and whilst that makes for a more consistent perception of the world, it´s not necessarily great for growth.

This is expressed by Mars (12 Sagittarius), Vesta (14 Sagittarius) and The Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) squaring Neptune (13 Pisces). Be very mindful as to the paths, lessons, teachers, teachings, spiritual paradigms you accept or reject at this time. Know that what challenges you may actually be healthier than what makes you feel comfortable. Such is the … particular dynamic of the Great Attractor. It ´pushes´ and ´pulls´ you towards truths and untruths in varying degrees and it is up to you to look at the lesson behind the ego´s reaction to something.

Neptune´s role asks us to stay discerning to whatever spiritual information we get at this time, or whatever spiritual interpretations we seek to use and lay upon our dealing with the Masculine. Make sure you are not romanticizing or idealizing something to be something (or someone) that it is not.

Go with the flow of things, but avoid creating mental constructs around your experiences at this time. In other words – do not judge, or label – but experience. And navigate accordingly as per your deeper intuitive flow (which is not something you can quite explain in words without distorting its essence). The moment you justify your intuition one way or another, you´re coming back to the Mind (which is a powerful tool, but NOT the source of your spiritual Connection).

Some of you may be hooked into old cycles of sacrificial service where you may give up your autonomy in favour of another – I would strongly advise against this. Some of you may choose to commit to paths of service, travel or teaching from a more empowered place that honors the essence of the self. As with Juno, Vesta too is a mixed aspect. (So too is each and every single body in astrology – there is never a one-size-fits-all definition).

Venus and Nessus conjunct one another at 6 Pisces. Essentially this energy asks us to surrender ourselves to the deepest flow of Spirit that connects us to our ancestry and previous karmic timelines (which – according to some – exist in parallel domains). Whilst this is laudable, remember that merging of timelines muddles the perspective of the present. Experience and release. Learn, integrate, release and keep centering yourself back in the present moment.

In the same way you cannot function by collapsing all of your inner organs to a single point of existence, allow each time-line to play out in its own space. Allow yourself the freedom to live fully in the (perceived) present. However you define it.

Nessus´ energy refers to the abuser´s asteroid, whereas Venus refers to the Feminine and Pisces that eternal flow of the collective unconscious as it connects to Spirit. Put all of this together around Valentine´s Day and what you get is the invitation to open your heart, and your core wounds – to someone who has the competence and desire to help you heal, or at least witness that pain without creating a pattern of re-traumatization. So treat yourself and your loved ones gently during this period. Be especially mindful of people from your past presenting themselves on gold or silver platters with a present and a fancy bow on top.

You might just find that it houses a turd … And upon further reflection you may see that it was the same one you tried flushing down the toilet (or ancient equivalent thereof) several life-cycles ago.

So again, be mindful of romanticization of people, experiences – and the past.

Allow yourself to feel into the truth of your emotions, and let this then lead you to a deconstruction of mental concepts that block you from a fuller, richer experience of reality – and its complexities. Avoid trying to water-down or streamline your spiritual experience by citing platitudes or one-liners.

The ancient seers were (by our standards) gifted scholars – and much of what we quote is a very, very watered down version of their teachings. They saw nuance, structure, form and information in the subtlest changes in their environment. Some of them spoke out when things were not in alignment, and others preferred silence. They were not a homogenous group, and by no means did they lack agency in the world.

Last but not least, those of your with placements near/at 27 Cancer will experience this alignment as a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) with the Eclipse Point (27 Aquarius) and the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). Let the message unfold, and do not try to control its content.

So – here´s to deep diving.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

FINAL WORKSHOP IN US: DANCING IN THE DEEP – FINDING YOUR FLOW. HINCKLEY, ILLINOIS – 26TH FEBRUARY 2018. LINK FOR TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dancing-in-deep-waters-finding…(Two time-slots available)
FB event page: Finding Your Flow: Dancing in Deep Waters (Illinois Workshop)

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triplicate electric heart

When we use the rhetoric of spiritual enlightenment to avoid complicated discussions about race, history, memory, trauma and culture – we re-create the damage that was done.

I empathize with wanting to move past all this. But dealing with cellular memory does not work that way.

We can go throughout our lives without talking about any of this, but our bodies, our (mother´s) wombs, and our descendants will still remember.

It is my sincere appeal to those who seek the spiritual to avoid engaging in yet another form of spiritual bypassing. Trauma does not heal itself if you pretend that the circumstances which created it never existed.


And it becomes a lot more complex when you seek to hold space for, or engage with persons of colour. The article analyses the ways in which their spaces are taken even in that process, and how respectful engagement can be held instead.

We are all hurting, and the ways we hurt are not always the same.

Let us respect our differences – including the ways we need to heal.

Please read this with your hearts open.

Whilst every race on this planet has experienced some kind of trauma or another, the impact of modern colonial rule on persons of colour is a very specific phenomenon. It transformed the energetic, cultural, political, economic and social framework of this planet – and continues to shape the developmental trajectory of the world we currently live in. Hence its relevance. It is not ´white-bashing´- to point out that this happened.

And it is not universally a colour-coded thing. There were white races that were considered inferior or ´lesser´ and they were also dislocated from their culture. But please take numbers, geography and the extent continuing impact of such in account as well. Entire continents were carved up and its peoples forcibly ripped away from the roots of their culture, their connection with the Earth, their identity – and life-force. Their descendants make up the vast majority of the population of this planet.

Let them speak, and be heard.

Colonial rule was one that destroyed and disconnected millions from their heritage and created a karmic imprint that generations later – so many are still trying to unshackle themselves from. It is a very specific kind of pain that is so hard to translate. But people of colour everywhere know the same scars instantly.

We wear it on our bodies, burnt into the colour of our skin. ( Which is funny because some brown people are extraordinarily fair-skinned, it´s still burnt on though. I wish there was a better word than people of colour, but it´s better than framing it as white vs. non-white).

I find the greatest resistance to this work coming from the descendants of those who (in that incarnation) played the role of the colonial oppressor.

They are the first to say that race does not matter, that talking about this history makes a person racist, or that they are too transcendental to engage with it all because they are cosmic star beings.

(A concept – I might add that got popularized by adopted and watering-down Eastern and First Nation spiritual traditions as part of the ´New Age´movement).

They are also the first to seek to tone-police and project on (especially) educated women of colour who present the facts. And you can be damn sure we will be loud, we will quote our facts and we will not re-package our truth to make it more comfortable or palatable.

(Not speaking for anyone beyond myself and the other scholar-practitioners I work with).

Another tactic is to quote mixed racial heritage when they themselves may have lived as a ´white person´ and experienced the full benefits of doing so.

Please do not cite DNA tests that say you are 1% percent Native American / Asian / whatever and make the claim that you have the right to speak for their trauma if you have not actually connected with that culture – or recognized its pain.

And felt what it means to recognize and live with the remnants of that trauma day after day – and to re-live it within societal structures that perpetuate institutionalized racism.

You have no idea how much that hurts a person who does live it day in and day out.

Cultural heritage is not something to be worn and discarded to make a rhetorical point.

It lives through you, you live through it. It creates the framework of your existence.

But what about white people?

There is a great amount of healing and reconnection for Western-European descendants to do in really looking back at their own culture and understanding why they were disconnected from their own spiritual roots to begin with. But that should not come at the cost of denying what an already-traumatized people did to the rest of the planet. Or in equating one trauma with another.

Or legitimizing it with platitudes that say this is the nature of the human condition. That REALLY does not help and creates a narrative that legitimizes re-traumatizing others because one is already hurting.

Please try to understand feeling uncomfortable with the recognition of history is not the same as flat out trying to abuse someone. There is a line there and one that we need to talk about more.

To phrase it differently, you need to be able to stomach the discomfort and cellular memory that arises when confront with this history. 

That´s not easy,  and many try to avoid feeling that pain – often at the cost of minimizing another´s voice.

For those of Western-European origin with the sensitivity and decency to seek to reconnect with their culture – I ask you to do so in a way that does not capture the center of attention in a space that is focused upon the experience of marginalization of other races. And to not seek to define the terms of engagement with which they have that conversation.

Colonialism may be a painful truth of your past you may want to forget, but its consequences still form a part of the lived reality for millions on this planet. For your own comfort, do not try to minimize the damage it created by seeking to delegitimize that term.

If you can, do not try to deflect the debate on how you or your ancestors also suffered. Whilst everyone´s pain is real, taking away the space of focus on this discussion repeats the essence of the colonial enterprise. Let people speak for themselves in the terms that they want to.

When listening to the pain of those who have been hurt by this legacy, please check your privilege before you ask them to make things feel good for you, or to make it more comfortable for you, or to allow you to be the center of their attention and focus. That´s a different form of tone policing and really defeats the purpose of the whole exercise.

If you cannot handle that conversation – hearing those voices of pain – please do not engage in it till you can. Because that does not benefit anyone.

It would be a graceful gift for all parties if you could do so. And would not repeat that fundamental injustice. I see where your hearts are, but privilege is an insidious thing – it is accessed and used without even realizing it.

If you can bear witness and let them speak, you do so much more.

You will probably learn more about what others are feeling without trying to label, dissect and understand it through the intellectual mind.

People of colour can see the attempt at taking their narratives of trauma and trying to equate them with others. Colonialism took away languages, cultures – and sacred connection with land. It is a loss and a violation that no amount of words can ever fully express. It is not to say their pain is greater or less, it is to say that it is different.

So open your heart, if you will – and listen to what they have to say. Let them then invite you to share your pain.

And that is a far, far, more meaningful experience.

Ultimately …

We are all genetic cocktails with a common origin, but some of our journeys have very very different chapters. Parallels will be there, but they´re not the same experience.

Yes, we are all members of the human family – but if something happened to your family member – you could feel sad for them. But you cannot take away their personal pain and experience.

If we are to be true to that argument, honor the other members of your family and let them be true to their experiences.

We are all souls on a journey and have lived all across this planet (and others in all likelihood), but there is a reason why we choose to incarnate into a particular culture.

Erasing your race is trying to erase a part of your own spiritual path and the journey your soul has chosen to take.

It´s an uncomfortable conversation to have, and feel in your body – but allowing that conversation to happen will actually begin to take the first steps towards healing this pain. And then genuinely moving away from the legacy of this horrid chapter in human history, together – hand in hand.

It is also wise stop telling people whose descendants bear the imprint of colonial rule that they have to ´transcend it and awaken´ – whilst appropriating their culture even more.

Let me give you an example. After reading my previous post on this many, several men and women of colour reached out to me and began sharing their experiences of the same. They were glad that someone was saying it. And I´ve already made some fruitful connections through that one post. But one story really jumps up at me.

An Indian teacher of traditional bhajans expressed her dismay at being publicly put down for her ´incorrect´ pronounciation of Sanskrit by a white person who assumed they had greater knowledge of her culture and religion than she did. I read the exchange …

He was absolutely obnoxious and kept insisting he had a right to speak on her tradition and ignored her knowledge completely – putting her down over and over and over again.

Yeah …

I have no words for that kind of behavior. It feels like even more of a betrayal when it comes from someone who claims to respect that culture.

Whilst it is wonderful to study a different cultural practice or tradition, please do not assume that you have the right to re-shape it or lay claim to it, or to market it and sell it as your own without honoring its origins and the land it came from.

I discuss this in far greater depth in this video and article (on spirituality and the politics of cultural appropriation – https://wp.me/p4OUNS-2sv )

And I hope that those reading this will do their best to speak up when they see this colonial pattern played out as it was done so very many years ago.

Same old wine, new rainbow-chakra-coloured bottles.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Californian Astrology & Implications for Spiritual Practice, Geology, Politics and Entertainment: Changes in 2018-2019 with Uranus at 29 Aries

Blessings everyone. As most of you know, I´ve been travelling about the US. I spent a little time in Los Angeles, and then headed for New York. I thought about doing some energetic work in California – be it through a workshop, a prayer group, or something of that ilk. But I kept getting a no – for several reasons.
Californian land is made up of ceded and unceded First Nations territory. This link provides more information on the implications of it for the indigenous: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/history/events/treaties-ceded-lands-and-recognition/ Those who did agree to cede were left out of key aspects of the political decision-making process. And that leaves an energetic legacy.
That makes it critical to actually seek the blessing and permission of the ancestors before working on the land. Or doing any kind of spiritual work or practice there.
I´ve addressed this in a previous video/article: Honoring the indigenous, honoring the land for reference: https://wp.me/p4OUNS-2so
And those interested in the topic may want to read the ´Guide to Acknowledging First Peoples & Traditional Territory´ published by the Canadian Association of University Teachers in September 2017.
Whilst there are … legions of healers across the state able to facilitate, it is important to ask the following:
Is this practice welcomed?
How do I honor the land and history of the space I am in without appropriating that culture?
Is this what the land needs?
It´s not rocket science, and it´ll take you a few minutes to do once you´ve nailed down the routine, but I can tell you that it will make your work richer and more rewarding.
I kept asking these questions and tuning into the land – and for my purposes – I feel that it is important to have the blessing and participation of the indigenous communities. That is something that will take a lot more networking and planning. I´ve sent a few feelers out, but so far no go.
And you know what – that´s okay.
Part of land-working is knowing when to wait, when something is needed (or not) and when the personal ego tries to assert itself.
It´s the case of : just because you can do it, doesn´t always mean you should.
But it got me digging into the astrology of the land. So I checked out the state´s chart: San Jose, September 9 1850, 9:32 am.
That is the date that California was formally admitted into the Union as the 31st state. (Of course it has a very long history prior to this – but we´re taking the date of when it politically took its current form).
What jumped out at me at first (like a bat out of hell) was
Pluto and Uranus conjunct at 29 Aries.
Jupiter at 29 Virgo
North Node – 12 Leo (Mean Calculation), 14 Leo (True Calculation) – both are valid in different ways
(Of course there´s a lot more that can be said, but I´m focusing on the most salient. The Neptune-Chiron square is … very interesting and feeds into the narrative of dreams, addiction, enchantment and the perpetual search for healing)
What we´re going to be seeing in the state is an activation of Pluto and Uranus – especially as Uranus in the skies goes backwards and forwards over that critical 29 degree point in Aries. That can lend itself to a higher incidence of natural disasters (at the physical level).
It also means that we are likely to see ´eruptions´ in the level of consciousness there, in ways that seem jarring, erratic, destructive – but ultimately transformative. At the 3-D human level, this is likely to be uncomfortable.
When I visited Hollywood, I realized that I was (symbolically) in one of the most powerful places in the world. Hollywood has inspired millions of people, instilling cultural ideas, values, stereotypes – and has been a prime agent in the formation of (what one could call) a global identity. Albeit still centered in America. It´s the dream-machine.
And seeing how Pluto and Uranus come together at such a pivotal degree – really does not surprise me. It also tells me what we´re going to see significant breakthroughs and breakdowns in the state as a whole.
But really – that´s what change is about.
Pluto and Uranus at 29 Aries are very close to the state´s Descendant (7th house cusp). We´re going to be seeing changes coming in the way we idealize, represent and embody relationships and partnerships (and the role of the self within them).
Uranus is at 29 Aries between April 27 – May 16, 2018, November 6 – December 6, 2018, February 6 – March 6, 2019. These would be periods of key volatility.
Personally, I would say that Uranus settling into Taurus in 2019 will actually be a huge game-changer for the state – and the dream machine. We´re likely to see a lot of things forced to reconnect back with the land, and ´reality´ as we understand it. I predict an influx of new values in the way we understand the body, abundance, the fulfillment of physical requirements – and so on. Possibly even a great movement for body positivity and inclusion.
Of course those are rosy possibilities, but remember they come through incredible times of change. Which require flexibility and sensitivity to navigate.
And that brings me back to the question of land-working. In this time of coming change, it is vital for us to take a gentler approach to working with the consciousness of Mama-Gaia – especially in California. Sing to the land, dance with land and honor the memory it carries. It will go a far greater way in calming the energy and allowing for a smoother transition. Make your work joyful, even though what we see around us may be as sharp and stark as walking on the razor´s edge. It is important to hold both sides of the picture together when walking this space, without denying the validity of either. What comes to my mind are the dances of the First Nations people. It feels like that is what is needed – or something of a very similar vibration, with permission to access the land at such a deep level.
Jupiter at 29 Virgo will be aspected by the transit of Uranus – and these will be times the energy of the land (and state) will lend itself to examining our attitudes and standards of service, wellness, boundaries and sexual purity (amongst many other things). We´re already feeling the rumblings in the current focus on these subjects, and the intensity with which they are being explored.
Those with placements at or near 29 Scorpio / Aquarius will experience the Pluto-Uranus / Jupiter Yod. Major transformations and opportunities of change for those with those placements living in the state, especially in 2018-2019. What confirms this analysis is that the California earthquake of 1906 took place when the Moon and Vesta were at 29 Aquarius together. (And the Sun was at 27 Aries, not too far from Pluto/Uranus).
We´re going to see the energy coming to a head – even sooner as the state experiences a Nodal Return. Basically, at the time of writing, we see a conjunction of the two (Node in the sky and Node in the chart). The exact conjunction down to the degree and minute takes place on March 17 (14´17 Leo – true Node, 12´52 – Mean Node). Considering that California holds gubernatorial elections this year … I´d say March would be a good time to keep an eye on who emerges (as a candidate) with the right kind of political leadership for the state.
One may also see some powerful creative or dramatic acts, performances, events that may also take place in the state. It´s one of those times to keep an eye on the ball, really – especially if you live there.
Long story short, it´s time to find the heart of the state. And so much of that is buried under layers, and layers of trauma. And those who live there are now are compounding their own personal experiences when that older history of oppression remains unacknowledged. It is not limited to a single moment in time, but acknowledging what has come before you goes a long way in resolving what you are doing and experiencing in the present. It takes the weight off.
My suggestion – for the movers and shakers and thought leaders of the state – is to reconnect with those whose voices have been left out of this process and experience (from the mainstream). To invite and honor the indigenous in a much larger way that has been done before – if they are willing to accept that invitation. Let them lead the way in the healing of the land. It´s about time.
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Image: Geological Map of the State of California 1916. State of California. Department of Conservation.

Spirituality & The Politics of Cultural Appropriation


I find it sad when individuals legitimate stripping spiritual practices away from a particular culture because white people find it useful or interesting. And then try to pass it off as ´spiritual enlightenment´ or wisdom. What is ironic is that spirituality itself – as a concept – got popularized in the West through engagement with Eastern mystics and the traditions that supported them. And then got appropriated.

For those who have studied the history of colonial rule, and the ways in which indigenous cultures were suppressed – or in some cases – entirely re-written by their oppressors – this is basically the same old wine, in a sparkly new, rainbow-chakra coloured bottle.

The debates that inflame people on facebook have truly been read, researched, assessed to an incredible depth by a whole body of international scholarship. The wheel doesn´t need to be re-invented here – it just needs to be acknowledged.

Trying to assume that a lay understanding of history and politics surpasses the need the engage with the work and life-worlds of indigenous scholars is yet another form of colonial appropriation.

Trying to erase away the history of these practices (and the politics of appropriation) using the rhetoric of being ´enlightened´ or ´at Oneness´ has its own costs.

And yes – of course some indigenous practitioners do fleece innocent seekers who go in search of answers – left, right and center. That´s the other side of the equation. But so much of that can be averted by making the effort to be informed.

Ask the tough questions.

Pick up that really heavy book on the origins of your tradition and read it.

If you can, look for the marginalized voices that the tradition itself chose to ignore or suppress (and that creates so much growth).

Make sure the source actually has the credentials to know what they claim to know.

Ask the tough questions.

Remember your roots, and remember the traditions you engage in.

It takes work to do so, but it´s work that is well worth doing.

It shows respect and honors the lifeblood of the civilization that created it. And if that´s not worth doing – one really has to ask what kind of ´spirituality´ is being practiced here.


I see people leaving my page over this – and you know what – I´m glad. I´m not going to, through my efforts (free or otherwise) support the development of spiritual practices that are disconnected from their roots. By now, one would think that it´s pretty clear I don´t do what I do to score brownie points or likeability.

My spiritual path has never been divorced from my politics. It´s easy to claim that politics exists in elections, institutions, officials – and so on. But that´s just the starting point. The surface level.

Politics exists and permeates through every decision we make in our lives. There is a political dimension that operates in the smallest detail that makes up the picture of ´normality´. It creates the framework for what we accept as the status quo, and what we think does not need to be questioned. It sets up the parameters of what is seen as dominant, hegemonic or mainstream – and ´others´ all that exist outside of it.

Spirituality is, like politics, something that permeates and suffuses itself through all dimensions of one´s life. They are both fundamental layers, or perspectives on reality that intimately re-inforce one another.

What we take as the accepted domain of ´the spiritual´ is itself a political choice. Who is allowed to regulate and commodify spiritual practice is – again – a political choice. Be it one that was made thousands of years ago in the midst of cultural and economic change – or one that takes place in the present, shaped by the needs of a market-based economy in a digital world.

As a spiritualist, I have found my academic understanding of politics to enhance my work and help me locate myself with greater authenticity. And to raise my voice in support of spiritual practices that do not repeat historical injustices.

I didn´t realize it at first, but I get people to think about things they normally wouldn´t. That´s worth doing.

As a Tamil (South Indian) woman with a PhD in Political Science, I have found the discernment and analytical tools of academia make me question the wool that others have sought to put over my eyes in the name of ´the spiritual´. Or to know when the name of Spirit is used to perpetuate greater violence and separation.

In my life at least, the two are intimately interconnected. It would be hollow for me to have one and not the other.

Here´s a couple of useful articles that – at least on the topic of yoga and Hinduism – provide a decent general introduction.



https://postyoga.wordpress.com/…/yoga-as-the-colonized-sub…/ – a beautiful piece by Sri Louise. I admire someone willing to stand up to members of her own ethnic grouping because of her love for another. And who backs it up with research.


Also look at South Asian American Perspectives on Yoga in America – Saapya

Seriously, the idea of India – as a nation – and the dominant narrative of Hinduism came about only with colonial rule. I´d highly recommend looking into the works of the ´subaltern studies´ branch of Indian sociology / historiography. A lot of what is ´sold´ as an idea, practice or concept has strong Brahmanical roots – that came at the cost of excluding other indigenous traditions.

In the video, I also address why these distinctions need to be made, and why it is so telling that indigenous practitioners are shamed for wanting to assert their own cultural boundaries. (Using watered-down spiritual terms that came from their own lineages, no less) .

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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Honoring the land, honoring the indigenous


This video is a brief (and by no means comprehensive) discussion on what it means to facilitate on land that carries the remnants of colonial rule (or other kinds of violent events). It is wise, when doing _Any_ kind of spiritual work in North America to distinguish between ceded vs. unceded lands. Here´s an article that provides some context, especially for the state of California: https://indiancountrymedianetwork.com/history/events/treaties-ceded-lands-and-recognition/


To me, it explains a lot of my hesitation to pop over and commit to a venue in CA – and some of the underlying energetic dynamics I picked up. The land gets retraumatized when one does not acknowledge it when performing any kind of ceremony or spiritual work. (Which is why I did not, except at one place where I received a direct invitation).

Canada has taken to the practice of acknowledging the status of land (and its relationship to the indigenous) before performing public ceremonies – at least in some places. I find this as a good model of practice, and one that carries a far greater import than ´merely saying the words´. It provides the land with the opportunity to be seen, and so reduces the need – or incidence – of re-playing those dynamics of victimization on all those who walk upon it.

It is certainly the practice I have had to adopt and use in my work, especially when facilitating in Australia. You can watch a video of my work there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ2jTHYfmiw&t=132s

When one recognizes the land and/or has a member of indigenous community attending, blessing or working alongside you – the experience is markedly different. You can go so much farther and deeper in healing yourself, those you´re working on/with and the land itself. Much in the same way to end a cycle of trauma one must first acknowledge it.

As you do so, you will become more sensitized towards the natural cycles of the land and to know when it is appropriate to work there (or not). Or how what we experience in the present simply re-plays the spiritual, cultural, geological and historical fault-lines of the past.

It is not a question of how much you have learnt, or how many cultures you have interacted with. There are certain forms of energetic access that are provided through one´s bloodline in this present incarnation. And I feel that needs to be honored. Even when practising spiritual techniques that come from other traditions (such as yoga, chi gong, and so on) – always honor the roots of that segment of the human family that gave rise to that knowledge.

The land recognizes her children and the generations that came before them, walking her lands, co-existing with her. These cultures have been either wiped out or have (for economic reasons) let go of their own roots (or have diluted it in some cases). And that is precisely why finding indigenous facilitators who have stayed true to their culture and honoring their knowledge is so important.

I hope to do a second video that addresses the question of slavery. How does one truly hold space when facilitating those who carry remnants of that experience? Perhaps as I collect more information and speak to more people who have truly lived (through their ancestors and day-to-day experiences) that experience.

These are starters to the conversation. I would welcome practitioners from these backgrounds wanting to contribute to the conversation as – proportionally – their voices are not as prevalent. In fact, I did this video and article at the request of a First Nations woman-activtist who raised the issue. And I hope this creates a bridge of understanding and serves as a reminder to do this work, before all else.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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LEO LUNAR ECLIPSE (Jan 31, 2018): Keep your Heart Open, but Don´t be a Punching Bag


Blessings everyone.
The Super-Blue-Blood Lunar Eclipse is about to begin! I would recommend you use this time in meditation, prayer and/or a space that allows you to release trauma, pain and unresolved emotional blocks. Allow yourself to create (or re-create) joy and love in your life – or perhaps to identify and dissolve the blocks that prevent you from experiencing this. You may see significant decisions made in matters of love, romance, marriage and children. So let things unfold
A second recommendation is to fast for four hours before and after the start/end times – if you have medical issues that prevent you from doing so – try raw veggies and fruits – but avoid processed, cooked food. Whatever works for your body and health.
Astrologically speaking, the Lunar Eclipse is connected by way of the Saros cycle prior eclipses, 18 years apart. In the 20th & 21st centuries, these eclipses are: 27 Nov 1909, 8 Dec 1927, 19 Dec 1945, 30 Dec 1963, 9 Jan 1982 and 21 Jan 2000.
The eclipse beings at 5:51 am on the 31st (NYC time, UTC -5 hours) and ends at 11:08 am. The Sun and Moon specifically oppose one another (making the Full Moon exact) at 8:26 am (NYC time, 31st Jan 2018). 
An earlier point of reference is the recent Leo New Moon (July 23, 2017) to see what seeds of love, joy, creativity and play you may be manifesting at present. Look back to which of these dates you can remember to see strands of continuity across time.
This Eclipse is especially powerful because it is the first Super-Blue-Moon to occur as a Lunar Eclipse in the past 150 years. The Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) trines the actual Full Moon (11 Leo), whilst the North Node (14-15 Leo), Ceres (11 Leo) conjunct it. Thereus (the hunter-stalker) carries a consistent message linking both the Leo New Moon (July 23, 2017) and the present Full Moon. Pluto squares Atlantis, Mars creates a Grand Mutable Cross, Mercury shifting into Aquarius … and so on.
There´s just a lot going on.
You may also want to watch my video https://youtu.be/6WGMAGoQEZE

” Keep Your Heart Open – but Don´t Be a Punching Bag”

This is a long piece – so if you´re planning to reach the end, reach for a warm beverage now. The above description & video represents the gist of it.

The Lunar Eclipse itself and Key Alignments

This Full Moon in Leo is essentially a time to allow creation to come into being, or to resolve the blocks that make it difficult for you to manifest your truth. Simple as. You are likely to see many impulses or triggers from your friends, peers, social networks, astral connections (which are not always a good thing), and so on. Don´t try to force yourself to create and let things happen on their own accord.
Pay special attention to this Eclipse as Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius at 8:38 am (NYC time, 31st Jan 2018) –  twelve minutes after the Full Moon goes exact. We are about to receive a very powerful message for the collective – one that will make us re-think the power structures that we have allowed to govern our world. Your thoughts, ideas, words count. Choose them wisely and use them well.
This is also a time to revisit and allow yourself to embody the child within. Play, express, discover and explore things that appeal to your sense of joy. (The rule of harm none is to be remembered as always). It aligns well with the message and impetus of the North Node in Leo, pushing us to rediscover the truth and power of the Child Within.
If you carry significant trauma from childhood, this may be the perfect time to seek a qualified professional who has the right skill-set to address it in the way it needs to be. You may also want to channel / catalyse your process through creative forms of expression / experience (art, music, dance, cooking, playing in mud, watching cartoons – whatever makes your inner child come alive).
But just as it goes with children, sometimes we let the impulses of Leo go over our heads and ruin our judgement. The same sign can be incredibly childish (not the same as child-like), solipsistic and extremely dependent upon being seen as the ´leader´ or ´star´ to feel secure in one´s own identity. It tends to over-identify with its emotions, forgetting all else.
This is certainly a trait to bear in mind and be aware of as the eclipse occurs.
The dramas of childhood are more likely to be played out at this time as Mother-Nurturer (or as I also like to say Mother-Smotherer) Ceres (11 Leo) conjuncts the Moon (11 Leo). We are asked to look at how we are best nurtured by others, how we best nurture – and where we may be receiving or giving too much / too little of it.
Think of it like a seed. Too little water and it shrivels, too much and it drowns.
Think about the individuals in your lives that you may be engaged in such dynamics with. It is time to rebalance that which is out of alignment, and to be more accountable on the energy we give out and accept. 
You are very likely to see your romantic relationships change significantly in this Eclipse energy. Things may solidify and become more intimate, or the very reverse. It is somewhat of a wildcard.
Unsurprisingly, asteroid Echeclus (10 Taurus) squares both the Sun and the Moon and reminds us to step away from the murky web of karmic entanglement – and to avoid romanticizing the past you wish you had or projecting it onto a very different present.
Trauma release therapies that focus upon the cellular matrix will be exceptionally powerful at this time. Ensure your facilitator is one who has the right qualifications and temperament to navigate the intensity of this eclipse energy.
If you have planets near 10-11 Scorpio, you will experience this eclipse through the framework of a Grand Fixed Cross. Time to make major adjustments.
Generally speaking – you can also support this process of release and dissolution at the physical, 3-D- level by ensuring that you keep your body and its fluids freely flowing during a particular window of time. Getting enough rest and hydration is important.
And if possible – fast. If not, at least try to stick with raw fruits and veggies. It is advised to fast for four hours before the eclipse begins – and I would say aiming for four hours after it ends would also be beneficial. The actual eclipse begins at 5:51 am on the 31st (NYC time , UTC -5 hours) and ends at 11:08 am. So you´re looking at an ideal fasting /raw foods window between 1.51 am to 15.08 pm on the 31st (NYC time). Google ´online time converter´ if there is a need.
Here´s an excellent article by Sadhguru´ explaining the metaphysics of fasting during the lunar eclipse: http://isha.sadhguru.org/…/food-and-lunar-eclipses-bad-com…/
(And of course, you are free to ignore this recommendation if you wish – work with it if it resonates)
Given Leo´s astrological rulership of the Sun, I would recommend working with the Gayathri mantra. It honors the solar force – and that is certainly something that can counterbalance some of the more potentially destabilizing influences of this Eclipse.
Recommended Chant (Gayathri mantra – pronunciation / intonation is important – and is very, very solid here): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kb0q9J8lPA

The Great Attractor

Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) opposes asteroid Lilith (14 Gemini) and trines the North Node (14-15 Leo). As I have discussed in previous articles (use the search feature on www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com ) the Great Attractor is one that draws you towards different paths of truths, paradigms, teachers and so on. It´s a very love/hate type of energy where your response generally has nothing to with whatever you´re responding to. Some people will hate that which will truly guide them and love that which keeps them stagnant. So – as with much of the cosmos – discernment is called for when it is activated.
The Great Attractor´s opposition to asteroid Lilith brings needed revelation unto the hurt and rage that half the population of the planet is entitled to acknowledge. These are powerful times to articulate experiences of sexual violence, childhood trauma and to hold those who have harmed others accountable for their actions.
Unfortunately, the same alignment easily lends itself to projection. Women (in particular) who feel marginalized throwing stones at other women whom they see as more respected is a common dynamic that results. It´s sad, and hard to speak with sisters who seek to tear you down only because they feel torn. That does not condone their actions or mean that one has to subject themselves to that treatment. But to step away from the vilification of those who act out in this way. Be clear, but do not feel the need to create new monsters in one´s mind.
The Great Attractor´s trine to the North Node intensifies the energy of the Eclipse entirely. We are all forging new pathways to leadership, creativity, low, joy, self-expression, thoughts on childcare, and so on. It´ll be clumsy for some, graceful for others. But this is really where we need to hold our teachers and leaders accountable for their actions in the public domain – ensuring that we are not merely seeing our own projected fears and desires. This is the time where we need to be bold, willing and determined to set sail for new horizons of our own if we are not satisfied with the sky we see.
Remember that the Great Attractor trines the Leo Lunar Eclipse at a 3 degree orb. You´re going to be pulled and pushed to find what is authentic to you. Just don´t let the haters get you down, or the would-be-devotee-zealots push you onto a false pedestal.

The Thereus Connection

When we look back to the most recent Leo New Moon (July 23, 2017) where the Sun, Moon and Thereus were conjuct at 0 degrees. Whilst Leo asks us to step up and be absolutely present, authentic and expressive – Thereus (the asteroid) is all about finding hidden ways to prevent that from happening. It refers to the energy of hidden, or covert surveillance and patterns of predation and intimidation that ensue. When Thereus is activated, these dynamics are revealed, but they often take the intended target by surprise. Looking back at that time, I notice that my posts addressed such tactics of intimidation against me (or unto others).
It is eerie to realize that – six months later – the fruits of the seed we set in July 2017 – once again – involve Thereus (3 Leo) trined by Mars (3 Sagittarius) and asteroid Sphinx (2 Sagittarius). Long story short, we are still seeing these tactics of intimidation and bullying present themselves. The key targets / perpetrators are likely to be public figures, teachers, anyone who wants to be the public eye (or resents those who are recognized in it). You may see the same dynamics play out in institutions of learning, political debates and speeches, citizenship / immigration matters, journeys (especially long-distance) and so on. It is very likely to see such dynamics playing out unresolved themes or contracts from previous incarnations (especially if they involved Ancient Egypt).
So clearly, one of the key themes of this eclipse is to work on these patterns of predation. Remember that they can come overtly … or in breathtaking acts of passive-aggression.
Healers in particular are told that they must accept these blows because it is better for them to graceful about it. I say that´s a load of crock.
What we are called to do is to be centered in our intensity and to stand true to what we are – irrespective of what does come. These assaults seek to divorce a person from their emotional body so that they are not able to function. Make no mistake. Thereus does not act by accident – though he may even mask himself in the garb of love and wisdom.
It´s the kind of time where the person who is yelling at you, making you uncomfortable as fuck may have a greater interest in your well-being. As opposed to the one stroking your ego and wanting you to ride your coat-tails or telling you to calm down and accept the abuse because it makes you a better person.
Use discernment, especially now – use discernment. Not giving into what you want to believe, not taking on the projections of others which have nothing to do with you – is going to be key.
Sometimes there are pearls to be found in the process of deconstructing the action that hurt you, and sometimes there is strength is telling the person doing it to fuck the hell off, or to be prepared to be held accountable. Sometimes the most liberating thing is to walk away.
It´s all context specific.
In addition to the Thereus influence, we see many other alignments at play with this eclipse.

Other Eclipse Alignments

Grand Mutable Cross: Mars at 3 Sagittarius, Sphinx at 2 Sagittarius, Aphidas at 3 Virgo, Tantalus at 3 Pisces, Dionysus at 2 Gemini. Summarizing a very long story short – be aware of predatory energies and methods of disguising them. Observe moderation if drinking or working with substances that alter your mental functioning. Not everything you desire may truly be coming from the heart, but rather old karmic patterns and dynamics that need not be repeated. Sleeping with gemstones such as labradorite, jet and so on are advised so that you have greater protection in the dream state.
Jupiter conjunct Psyche (21 Scorpio): This energy is digging up the stories of ourselves, our trials, our shadow, our tragedy, our treasures – the fundamental script we believe ourselves bound to in this life. Be willing to charge the architecture, or design of karmic contracts (we normalize) so that trial, pain and persecution ceases to be the primary modality through which we learn to thrive. Avoid the roles of the drama triangle (victim, persecutor, rescuer) and be mindful in the way you use your energy. Unless explicitly given permission, it is not your task to heal or rescue others. Others learn from your energy no matter what you do – so choose to act with integrity and authenticity.
Cardinal Square: Pluto (19 Capricorn), Achilles (20 Capricorn), Atlantis (19 Libra), Zeus (19 Libra). This particular alignment brings up a lot of esoteric possibilities. I would not recommend interpreting this as a wholesale need to return to ancient Atlantean technologies in the present time. Rather, think of it as the opportunity to release further cycles, contracts, perceived karmic debts that arise from these timelines. It is very important to consider our use of power at this time – and to know when we are repeating old patterns. Those who us who have distanced ourselves from our true power are asked to step into balance once more – by using it with compassion and in the spirit of justice. Atlantisite and Larimar will be powerful stones for those working with these themes – but do so with caution. You need to be exceptionally grounded to this work safely at this very very potent time. Especially if you have placements near 19-20 Aries/Cancer
And there´s a lot more where that came from. But it repeats the themes we have already discussed – and this is already a very long piece 😀
So I´ll let you go now – enjoy this eclipse as you see fit and remember to harm none, including the Self.
Blessings to the Collective,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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Mars enters Sagittarius (26 January – March 17 2018) + Workshop Announcements



I´m happy to report that Mars has just entered Sagittarius – where it will remain till March 17, 2018.

This is a wonderful time to travel, learn (or teach), and to re-think the fundamental paradigms that shape your worldview. We are inspired to move beyond our initial constructs to discover a vaster and more comprehensive understanding of the cosmos-and our place within it.

There will be some wonderful opportunities to act upon the insights that we all learned through Saturn´s Sagittarian transit (December 2014- December 2017).

Some key dates to note :

February 18-19: Mars conjuncts the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius)

March 12-14: Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius)

Look up my previous writings on www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com if you want a refresher on the Galactic Points.

Long story short – these are days where we are called to be decisive in our navigation of cosmic currents. A wonderful time to make key decisions in one´s line, travel, learn, address citizenship issues, work with teachers, lecture, be politically vocal, explore new philosophies, publish – and go on pilgrimages.

The decisions you will be making with Mars-in-Sagittarius (January 26 – March 17, 2018) will significantly influence the way you will handle Jupiter´s transit through Sagittarius (November 8, 2018 – December 4, 2019).

The next Mars-in-Sagittarius transit will come about in January 2020. Make the best of the opportunities that will arise to you over the course of the following weeks.


Blessings to the Collective.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Upcoming workshops:

Saturday, February 3 – Astoria, Queens (NY)
Friday, February 16 – Monterey, Northern California
Monday, February 26 – Illinois

Am still confirming the logistics (of venue), but these are the days. Announcements to follow.

Stay tuned!


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