Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to Everyone. This is Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD: The Sky Priestess.

If you are new to me and what I do – consider this page your official welcome.

My work is a combination of embodied presence, spiritual alignment, critical social justice work, political insight and astrology.  You do not need any previous experience with any of these subjects to benefit from my teachings as there will be something in here for anyone who is willing to learn.

First and foremost, this is a sacred calling for me that asks me to live and embody all that I share. My work is not catered towards garnering approval, a following or likeability. It shares the resonance of Truth that comes from a place, heart, and soul of a being who has walked this path with sincerity for lifetimes.

And some will find what I say deeply challenging, terrifying or simply unpleasant. Not because I use harsh language or monger fear, but because it strikes into the heart of so many discordant and disassociated teachings and practices in mainstream spirituality.

What you find here is an invitation into deep truth without your hand being held. Whilst there is Love, there is little placation for the Ego. Be it mine, yours, or anyone else’s.

If my work should have any wider meaning or legacy to impart, it is this:

That the work of spirit must bring us back to the body.

That the body we inhabit must honor the Earth.

And all her children.

In truth, in action, in word and in deed.

It can only begin when are honest with ourselves.

When we strip away the need for comfort and illusion.

Then, and only then … can we begin to truly discover the spiritual path.

* * *

Who Am I ?

My name is Bairavee. I´m a Priestess with a PhD in Political Science. I have years of experience in social work and public speaking (prior to my tertiary education). I traveled across multiple continents, conducted life-changing workshops and spent nearly seven years building an online platform viewed by tens of thousands of people across the planet (which I recently chose to dissolve). Astrology entered my life one night as a download from Source – and my life has never been the same since. 

Between 2013-2020, I developed a network of 27,000 fans and followers across the globe primarily through my Facebook platform. Owing to increased censorship as I began to speak on more political issues, I felt the call to dissolve that space and the networks made therein and to build anew. My work is now focused on this site, youtube, twitter and instagram. In that time, I’ve made rich networks, connections and meaningful friendships across the globe for which I am absolutely grateful. 



Before all that began, I spent years working with my local community in social empowerment programs and became the youngest trainer in my country – working with thousands of children in transformational motivational programs.

I have a strong political commitment towards creating equality in ways that honor Spirit. That was why I swapped majors when I went to university and studied political institutions. My PhD was on the dramaturgy of ritual within the Indian Parliament – a 111,000 word thesis that took 5 years of work.

My politics is wedded to my search for clarity and attunement within and I cannot separate what is happening in the world around me from the worlds within and beyond me. They are all reflections of one another.

To that effect, I also have an E-Magazine called Aanmavin Kural: The Voice of the Soul. You can check out its first edition here: Issue #0 – New Beginnings.


I tend to visit sacred sites all over the world (especially the hidden ones) and go on pilgrimages, do workshops and help people connect with their bodies, the skies, the land, ancestral energies, the energies of the Cosmic Void and the Planet´s Heart-Beat.  My workshops have been held in Australia, UK, USA, Malaysia, Moldova – with a lot of pilgrimages elsewhere.

I also do a live series called ‘ Hello Neighbour’, which is a way of just connecting with people and letting them ask questions pertaining to what’s generally going on in the world, spiritual work and so on. 


My travels have allowed me to meet some truly wonderful people who have become dear friends, collaborators and sincere well-wishers. I am truly grateful and humbled from all that I have learnt from so, so many.

Some of these individuals are featured in my ´Spiritbuddy Interview Series´ as a means of introducing and encouraging others to link with amazing facilitators they may have not otherwise engaged with.

These are two of my favourite interviews:

And there´s a lot more ! 🙂

You can find out a lot more about me, how I came to be in this world, and the many diverse paths that Spirit has led me on to be the person I am today (and am still becoming) on the About Me page.

It´s been … a very interesting ride. And it continues to unfold.

* * *

What do I do?

Now this is a good question. Truthfully there isn´t a label for what I do, so I´ll make do with what´s available.

I am an intermediary to Spirit, a Priestess whose work it is to help you understand the needs of your Higher Self, in alignment with your guides and other forces (as appropriate).

Any spiritual facilitator who works with spirit with devotion and dedication is a Priestess. A Priest´s energy is similar but works in a different way – and no – these are not confined to biological definitions of male and female. 

To live and exist in a state of devotion, surrender and/or communion with Spirit for prolonged periods of time is essentially the role of any spiritual facilitator. 

Much of the work comes straight from Spirit, and my role is a much like a postal worker 🙂 or sometimes, a plumber. I help you reconnect with the energy and information you require to live a life that is more attuned with your Soul, rather than your Ego-Mind. Sometimes that´s a case of helping you connect the dots, and sometimes it requires some energetic cleansing or the dissolution of karmic contracts.

14108541772_cb31b72cb1_bAstrology is both the language and the conceptual framework which I use to explain what needs to be done. My relationship with astrology came from Spirit, not a human teacher. It was an instant download that allowed me to see where the system was open, broken, rigged – and where it can be overcome.

But truly, it is my voice and energetic signature that acts as the catalyst for change. People have uncovered key blocks that have kept them bound for decades within the span of even a 15 minute session. I do not claim this gift as mine, but again, a tool for my service granted by Spirit. What is mine is the will, heart and mind to bring it to the here and now.

I do not believe in a destiny that is pre-determined, or one in which karma cannot be overcome. There is so much we can do as individuals before falling into fatalistic understandings of what it means to be here – human – alive – and embodied – and at such a special time in our collective evolution.

We cannot afford to continue studying astrology or divination in ways that pigeonhole the spirit into neat little compartments, or to present life as a zero-sum game.

We are called to step up. To allow ourselves the permission to transform these disciplines and paradigms in the ways that are needed. To depart from traditions that no longer resonate, whilst honoring what they did teach us.

And so, what I do is not easily situated into a neat category or label.

As it should be … in these times of incredible change.

If you would like to learn more, visit the Book A Session With The Sky Priestess page.

* * *

Why do I do what I do?


There were many other paths I could have taken. This was the only one that felt right to me and resonated with my Soul.

My goal in working with a client is not to make them dependent upon me for counsel, but to help them help themselves.

As we step up and into our innate energetic autonomy, we wake up to the fact that we are all Co-Creators of our Experience : Walking Hand-in-hand with the Universe itself.

Realizing and embodying this Truth is a tall order, but that´s exactly what the planets are preparing us for.



There is no need to play it small or deny that which you are.

This is the time to expand into the full Presence of your Being.

And as you walk with Creation, you align to that vibration of Abundance.

That is a Blessing – Not just for you  – but all that you interact with.

There is no Ego here. No Pedestal.

Only Authentic, Human Embodiment.

Directed by the Heart.

So let´s get to it.

* * *

Key Articles & Videos  :

2019-2020: Humanity, Vulnerability & Dissolving the Capricornian Super-Structure

Article: Walking Away From The Drama Cycle

Article: The Limits of Astrology

Publication: 2018 12-Sign Astrological Predictions as part of We´Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Women (Annual Almanac)

There´s a lot more to explore on this website. But these are some of the highlights.

Blessings and Abundance To Us All,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

* * *

Sessions are ongoing and can be booked directly at www.theskypriestess.as.me

Contributions can be made at www.paypal.me/theskypriestess

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