Prepare to TrailBlaze or be TrailBlazed! A New Chapter in your Life begins Either Way! GRAND FIRE TRINE WITH URANUS RETROGRADE, JUPITER AND MARS


At 12:53 am, shortly past midnight on 26th September 2014, a Grand Fire trine between Uranus Retrograde in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius began to form. This occurred shortly before the exact Trine between Uranus Retrograde and Jupiter (at 15 Ari/Leo ’00) at 1:21 am, coinciding with the first of the nine nights of Navarathri – one of the largest Goddess festivals in the world.

The Grand Fire Trine between Uranus Rx, Jupiter and Mars will last until October 14 2014. Fire Trines are times of intense energy, inspiration and that assertive drive to ‘go forth and do something’. In the Tarot, the element of Fire corresponds to the suit of Wands.

This is excellent start to a whole new beginning after 10 months of intense testing, shifting, dying-rebirthing. Between now and October 14 – the Universe is giving you an extra impetus and blessing to be bold, be confident, be daring and go forth and do what your deepest passions and truth yearn to do!

When the three expressions of Fire merge through the Grand Trine, you effectively have an amplification of three different forms, or levels of Consciousness that relate to your perception of Self as represented by Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – there’s an in depth discussion on that here:

Please bear this in mind – Just as easily as Fire can create, preserve and make life comfortable (think of a warm fire in your living room on a cool night) – it can destroy and scar if allowed to rage out of control. You may be able to work with the energy of Fire through the focus of Will – some may be forced to do so through sudden breakdowns or messages of departure!

In other words, Prepare to TrailBlaze, or be TrailBlazed! You’re going to have to make these steps for yourselves, and it will be gentler on you if you do so consciously, than being forced into that position. With Mercury Retrograde coming soon in the signs of Scorpio and Libra, my reading (and others’) is that this changes with either originate from or be channeled through our partnerships and mergers in the professional and interpersonal context. You could say that this Grand Fire Trine will also teach us to find balanced expression in as we seek Partnership or Balance Within Ourselves – and a deeper recognition of our roles as Co-Creators with the Divine.

So let’s see what this particular Grand Fire Trine teaches us:

Uranus Retrograde in Aries – A profound internal awakening of the Nature of the Self, the Physical Body, the way we describe, experience and conceptualize the ‘I’. Uranus’ energy deals with the awakening of consciousness, altruistic causes and networks, the ideals of humanitarianism, the celebration of individuality and the rebellion of Self from all that it sees as potentially constraining. It is also the energy of Surprise! Prepare for the unexpected 🙂 Because Uranus is in Retrograde, it’s hard to say whether the nature of the surprise will be pleasant, or not.

Jupiter in Leo – The Blessings of the Teacher/Guru, the bridge between Ascended Beings and yourself is light up as you learn how to Express, Represent and Present yourself to the World. You are being guided in ways that allow you to dig into your deepest vulnerability and creativity to help you find your Authentic Self. Leo energy is also associated with Marriage and Children / The Inner Child construct – and – like Creativity – is all linked with the Sacral Chakra.

Mars in Sagittarius – The planet of Assertion and Action is in the Sign of the Philosopher-King (associated with Jupiter). We are called forth to explore more established forms of knowledge, philosophy, religion and spirituality in search of Expansion. We are called to experience, explore and expand our Perception of Self through a Greater Knowing and Perception of the World, the Cosmos and the Infinite. Some may choose to manifest this yearning to know as a desire for physical movement or travel across international waters.

Be warned – this energy can become extremely judgmental and opinionated once it is ‘sure of something’ – know that your Path is your Own. Let no one tell you how to live it, and do not seek to do the same upon others.

Taken together, this is an excellent time to deepen, broaden and become more expressive about our Self-Constructs. We do so by learning about the Uniqueness and Individuality of the Conscious Self, the Gifts and Blessings that Teachers/The Guru within bestows upon our Creativity and Authenticity and that desire to Expand, Explore and ultimately understand the Role of Self-in-the-Cosmos.

Exact Trines:

1:12 am Jupiter trines Uranus Retrograde, September 26 2014 (1st night of Navarathri)

(The two will trine one another again in March and June 2015 – this is the first of three as other astrologers have also pointed out)

11:49 am Mars trines Uranus Retrograde, October 5 2014

5:21 am Mars trines Jupiter, October 9 2014

There are going to be other Grand Fire Trines coming up – this is the first in this series. Prepare to Trailblaze a new chapter in your Life!

Also – Remember that we’re approaching the Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde will take place in the signs of Scorpio and Libra, both of which deal with partnerships, mergers, contracts and collaborations. The Universe’s message is clear here:

Be extremely cautious with whom you collaborate, sign, or enter into some legal or energetic partnership with. Make sure that roles and responsibilities are clearly delegated and that all legal issues are in order. Don’t worry about it if you’ve already agreed to continue something which you’d already discussed previously – but still exercise some caution and discernment – here’s some key dates:

September 14 2014 – Shadow phase begins (16 Libra ’48)

October 4 2014 – Mercury Retrograde begins (2 Sco ’18)

October 25 2014 – Mercury Stations Direct (16 Libra ’48)

November 10 2014 – Mercury exits Shadow Phase (2 Sco ’18)

Blessings and Love to All! Enjoy this energy and get lots done! ❤ 🙂

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

SN 1006 Supernova Remnant.jpg – By NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons














Happy Navarathri! The Nine Nights of The Goddess!


Navarathri meaning (nine nights) is a nine night-ten day festival dedicated to the various forms of Goddess Durga. Celebrated on a grand scale in parts of India and Nepal, Navarathri is one of the ritual highlights on the Hindu calendar. Devotees of the Mother typically fast, pray and house dolls of the Goddess in their homes. Large parades and festivals featuring beautiful larger-than-life sculptures of Her are paraded through the streets, flanked by throngs of devotees. It’s a beautiful, colourful and festive time!

There are several different Navarathri phases throughout the year, however, the (current) cycle held in the month of September/October is usually the biggest, grandest one of them all. Generally speaking, using the Vedic Calendar, the major Navaratri period begins the day after the New Moon in Virgo (Kanya ‘Virgin’ Raasi/Sign). (The Western calculation would view that as the New Moon in Libra just past). We call this the start of the month of Ashwin (in some Hindu calendars- there are various, and they don’t all align). The Tamils for instance, consider this the 9th day of the month of Protasi (Purataasi Maasam)

We’ve just begun celebrating Navarathri today (September 25th 2014), which will continue for nine nights and culminate on the 10th day (October 4th 2014)

On each day, a different aspect of the Goddess is venerated, each with Her own sacred symbolism, form and purpose. On the 10th day we celebrate Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra (or Dasara) – on this day, all forms of the Goddess Unite as one. Twenty days from Vijayadashami, Hindus will celebrate Deepavali/Diwali. This corresponds with the night before the New Moon in Libra (Vedic Calendar) and falls on October 23rd, this year.

I interpret the energy of Virgo as the Rising Woman, the Self-Sufficient Priestess Nurturing Herself and Others. The celebration of Goddess during the Virgo New Moon is a powerful and logical association to make. As we (all) align ourselves to Her vibrations, through fasting, prayer and ritual we set powerful intentions for the next astrological cycle ahead – with the Full Moon in Pisces, six months from now (as per the Vedic calendar). Virgo is to Shakti as Pisces is to Shiva – in my understanding of the Two.

The celebration of Navarathri at this time paves the way to Deepavali/Diwali, the Festival of Lights (October 23rd 2014) – which I will write on, closer to the date.

Each day of Navaratri corresponds to a different aspect of The Goddess. There are multiple ways of conceptualizing these Nine Aspects, so there isn’t ‘One’ Narrative that defines the process. Also, the festival is celebrated differently across the various regions of India 🙂

My preferred interpretation of it is to break it down into three segments:

Days 1-3 are dedicated to the energies of Goddess Durga in her form of Mother/Warrior – Nurturer/Protector. (September 25-27 2014)

Days 4-6 are dedicated to the energies of Goddess Laxmi. She brings Grace, Abundance, Comfort, Harmony and Peace to the world in Material Form and in that sense shares many attributes with Goddess Venus. (September 28-30 2014)

Days 7-9 are dedicated to the energies of Goddess Saraswati. She brings Knowledge and Wisdom and is more associated with the Intellect and the Mind. (October 1-3 2014)

Day 10 is conceptualized in different ways (more details shared on October 4th!). It is said, that through the entire Navarathri period, the Goddess is engaged in battle with a fierce demon known as Mahishasura (the ‘Buffalo Demon’). On Vijayadachami  – literally meaning victory (vijaya) on the tenth day of the lunar month (dachami), she combines her 9 forms, and energies, into One and gains the strength to defeat him. This is why Goddess Durga is also known as Mahishasuramardini. You can hear a wonderful rendition of the Mahishasura mardini Strotam here:


In this conceptualization, I interpret the duration of the 9 days to correspond to the natural progression of the human chakra system. We begin with issues of tribal connection and survival in the first three days (defending the self from enemies and nurturing one’s family/tribe). We move on towards a wider understanding of material concerns, and a desire for comfort, attachment and pleasure in its many forms. We finally learn the wisdom of detachment and explore the higher faculties of Mind.

—  till we finally transcend that too — on the 10th day – Vijayadashami – The gifts of each chakra are combined, and the lessons of each integrated. We are finally able to overcome our perceived obstacles. This ‘victory’ is normally depicted as The Mother slaying the Buffalo Demon Mashisura, her eight arms poised at the climax of battle. Another narrative suggests that it was on this day that the gifts of the male gods combined to form the powerful goddess Durga – whom some accounts suggest as the Virgin.

(For those interested you might want to read my take on ‘Reclaiming the Virgin’ to get the fullest implications of using that term – and the astrological energy of Virgo associated with this 9 night, 10 day festival. )

Personally, I resonate more with this interpretation of how the Mother ‘defeats’ Mahishasura:  that it is not through battle/death, but through her sheer Loving, Powerful Presence for nothing untoward can exist in such Purity. I listened to this interpretation some time ago and will share the link with you when I chance upon it again. It took a while for it to sink it, but when it did – I couldn’t look at the narrative in quite the same way.

Putting it all together, I view these 9 days of prayer as a Pathway to Transcendence, within Material Form. The Rise of Virgo (Goddess / Priest/ess / Divine Feminine) as She Comes into Her Own Power – which includes of course, the same aspect of energy in men.

As we embody the Mother’s Love in Material Form, connecting all parts of our Being …. We learn that her Lessons of Strength and Power come .. at the end of the Day, through the Highest, Deepest, vibration of Cosmic Love.


Blessings to All. And Happy Navarathri.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


You can find out a lot more about this festival online. Astrological and spiritual interpretations are my own. unless otherwise stated.

Image Information: “Durga Puja celebration” by Dipankan001 – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –



Blessings to all,

The importance of this Libra New Moon (1 Libra ’08) cannot be understated. It is conjunct the Supermassive Back Hole at the SuperGalactic Center and the dwarf planet Makemake. This essentially bridges the microcosm and the macrocosm. The changes we make at the individual level have a far-reaching ripple effect, beyond our wildest imagination. As we align ourselves with the Ideals of Justice, Balance, Fairness and Equity that Libra Represents, we also align ourselves with the teachings that resonate at the heart of the galactic cluster that we are in. The energy of Makemake invites the birth of a new consciousness, a new paradigm of creation.

So… a very significant New Moon indeed.

The New Moon makes several key aspects of note:

a Novile to Lilith in Leo – this indicates that the ‘fruits’ or eventual outcomes of the seeds we set right now will have great relevance to the Rise of the Dark Feminine, the Suppressed energies of the Goddess – in the bodies of her Sons and Daughters – particularly in the realms of leadership, creativity, authentic self-expression, ideas of parenting and the Inner Child Construct.

a Septile to Vesta in Scorpio – this is the energy of the ‘fork in the road’, a direct inspirational channel from Source that asks you to make a pivotal Choice as it pertains to the unfolding of your Destiny. Vesta questions what you would sacrifice all to attain, and what you would sacrifice to attain all that you desire. Spiritual Facilitators in particular will have to reevaluate that which they are willing to give up in Service, and that which they are willing to give anything up to attain. In Scopio this is related to a mastery of Self, a sense of Power, Control, Dominion, Sensuality, Intimacy, Vulnerability, Integrity, Honor, Death-Rebirth, Transformation and Mastery of the Psychic Underworld. At a collective level, we will all be called to reevaluate our understanding of Service, Sacrifice and Power.

My personal feeling is that we can move past the construct of the spiritual facilitator or seeker having to renounce all and give up all in order to pursue their Path. We can stop associating pain/sacrifice/ego-death as the _only_ means of transformation. We can move past the memories of death and being victimized by the abuse of power that so many (especially female) spiritual facilitators have. This is not to say that none of this is important – it is – but it’s only half of the story.

For a more Balanced Path is now available for creation.

Can we imagine a Priest/ess as a famous CEO? Head of Government? UN Secretary General? Or anyone situated in the Corridors of Power who openly acknowledges and supports the Rise of the Divine Feminine?

Right now we do see Strong Women (typically Performers or Artistes – linked with Leo) who are speaking about Balance (of Wo/Man) and/or representing the Dark Feminine in their work. Angelina Jolie (Maleficent), Scarlett Johansson (Lucy), Alicia Keys (We Are Here), Emma Watson (in her wonderful speech at the UN!), and so on — all this as Lilith is in Leo. It’s a fantastic start as cinema and politics are fantastic arenas through which an idea can gain instant legitimacy or recognition. I look forward to seeing more Trailblazers Rise, from other walks of life. It need not be limited to the Arts or only to Women.

Just looking at Ms. Keys nude pose for the ‘We are Here’ campaign in which she poses nude with her pregnant belly painted with a white peace sign is a statement of all that I have said. It honestly sums it up (and it was the exact type of image I had in my mind as I searched for picture for this post – I only saw her image afterwards – an exact match). Brava, Ms. Keys!

Right now more and more men and women are coming forward and trailblazing the way for this to happen. Some are still holding onto the weight of the baggage, expectations, memories and karmic imprints that have conditioned us to believe that being in the public eye is somehow dangerous, un-spiritual and to be avoided. So many have yet to claim their spiritual heritage for fear of ridicule and persecution even in their day to day contexts, let alone a global stage (i.e. Leo, where Lilith currently dances).

Remember that Vesta is conjunct Saturn, squared Lilith and trined Juno at this time. There is a strong flow of Divine Feminine energy available to us, and it feeds into the New Moon through the Sun/Moon – Lilith novile.

— The New Moon also makes a triseptile to Neptune Retrograde (who is squared to Mars in Sagittarius). Neptune Retrograde is seeking its Authentic path in Pisces whilst being pressured by Mars that claims to know what is the right and proper path for all to take. You may find your own masculine energy, or the energy of a male who challenges your path at this time, seeking to judge and label it through their eyes. However you choose to respond, remember to do so from the Heart and not the Defensiveness of the Ego.

Neptune Retrograde’s Authentic Choice triseptiles the Sun/Moon conjunction. A triseptile effectively indicates the creation of a collective destiny through the sum of collective decisions. So – no matter how perfectly balanced your own choices may be – know that you are in a much larger construct in which the decisions of the collective shape the energy, and experience of reality experienced by the collective.

This is why I feel so strongly about this Libra New Moon and how important it is for each and every one of us to consciously align ourselves with the principles of Balance. Remember there are multiple ways to reach the same point of Balance. Some roads will be bumpy, others harmonious, some emotional, others intellectual, some through strife, others through peace … It’s not a matter of whether we’ll get there – it’s a matter of How?

So – when do we see what we manifest? Typically you can already see the results of the intentions you seed during a New Moon 6 months down the line, with the Full Moon in the sign opposite. So you’d be seeing the first signs of whether this Opportunity to/for Balance has been acted upon (or Not) sometimes during the March Equinox of 2015.

However, this full effects or results of this New Moon will not be seen until (approx.) the September Full Moon of 2034, 23 years down the line (and coincidentally close to the Equinox once more, as this Moon has been). Here we will have a Full Moon in at 1 degree Aries, exactly opposite the position of this current Libra New Moon.

What I find particularly delicious, as a confirmation of what I’m telling you is that Lilith will be conjunct that particular Full Moon, 23 years down the Line. I also take comfort in that fact that the 9 Days of the Goddess (Navaratri) starts tomorrow (September 25th) and that Jupiter trines Uranus Retrograde (September 26th). We’re going to see a powerful kick-start to this new cycle we’re all just entering.

So what I can tell you is this – Right now, we have the Chance to Find True Measures of Balance and Pathways of Harmony in our individual, interpersonal and collective lives. We have the opportunity to literally create a New Reality. Bring in, Birth A New Wave of Consciousness.

The outcomes of the choices we make as individuals and as a collective (that includes what our governments do) will continue to unfold over the next 23 years. We will reach a greater Balance in the way we honor Rising and Healing of the Suppressed Feminine. But whether that Path to Harmony is Gentle/Bumpy, Peaceful/Conflict-Driven depends upon us all.

As you Seed your Intentions for this Libra New Moon – ask yourselves – What kind of world would you want to be living in, 23 years from Now? And what is the best way to reach that ideal?

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


A very related radio interview of mine aired earlier today (we had no idea how relevant it would be at the time of recording) – all about breaking stereotypes in spiritual thought and practice and Honoring the Rise of the Dark Feminine – in our understandings of Spirit and the way we treat flesh-and-blood, human, women. (You’d be surprised at the double standards that exist between scriptures that preach feminine quality and social practices that do the absolute opposite in the same context). I also discuss the taboo of menstruation, the practices of female infanticide/foeticide, the need to engage with Spirit at the level of text, context, practice and scripture , and ways to avoid cultural appropriation and the unconscious perpetuation of damaging stereotypes in spiritual discourse. I also discuss the many faces of Kali-Ma and some of her Mahavidya aspects.

Breaking the Spiritual Stereotype: The Dark Goddess and the Lives of Her Daughters with myself and host Chessie Roberts on Get on the Grid With Chessie Roberts Radio Show – –


For audio-visual learners, my Youtube Video on the Libra New Moon:



Image Information: Hubble Ultra Deep Field. jpg – By NASA and the European Space Agency. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Modern neo-pagan art depicting a dark-skinned water goddess.gif – By Berlinhistory (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons [Deep red tint, my own]

The Music Of My Life Carrying Me Through The Great Dark.

EXCERPT: Conventional wisdom would say turn to, or on a light. My wisdom says that light can be blinding. We seem to rush through the dark time of the year, holding our breath until the first signs of spring. Not now. Not this time. Not ever again. In a world that entreats us to squelch the dark as quickly as possible, I say it’s time to seek it, hold on to it and find the real beauty within it. It doesn’t need to be expelled. It beckons and needs to be explored. Today I found a brand new shore within it.

A beautiful piece by a dear soul sister ❤ Her work is truly moving. It comes from the daily struggle and battle she faces with cancer.

wemarriage's Blog | Meanderings Through Life

By Bridget Robertson

I’ve learned to ride the wave of the currents. There is nothing like music to put you on those waves and finally set a course.

Trust either Mary Chapin Carpenter or Stevie Nicks to stop me cold. Just long enough to get out my emotional surfboard and stay until I find new shore, one I have never explored.

“Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?”

Writer(s): Stevie Nicks
Copyright: Welsh Witch Music

On any day, one piece of music, just some or many of lyrics can begin the journey.

The lyrics ask great questions. I have officially celebrated the turning of the wheel for the last thirty-five years, since I was twenty. I have watched and participated in the ever changing, many faces of the Goddess. This Samhain is different. The veil opened immediately after the Autumnal…

View original post 442 more words


Dust tornado

Blessings all,

The die has been cast. The founding brick placed. Steps have been taken which locate you on whatever path or road you will take for the part of your life’s journey. Time will make the implications of your choices unfold, and Time will teach you what you need to know to make the best of them. I suspect the remainder of 2014 and much of 2015 will essentially be about deepening the foundations you have set for yourselves on the paths of your choosing – throughout the trials of the past 10 months.

The Final Grand Cross and Near-Grand Sextile of 2014 have officially ended. I suspect the Cross in particular had one last spanner to throw in the works so to speak before dissipating. The general feeling is one where ‘the dust has to settle’ before taking the next step.

But don’t worry. You’ve already done the best you can do, and what you needed to do through an incredibly intense time. The cosmos has also been sending us much intensity through powerful solar storms, which so many are sensitive to.

Even if it doesn’t look it for some, everyone will have something for which they can take pride in. Even if that measure is purely survival – know that you’ve made it through what has been an excruciating phase of release, shedding and re-alignment through absolute intensity, an astrological crucible of fire.

So by all means, dear Phoenixes and Butterflies, Celebrate!

With the Equinox tomorrow (23rd September) take the time to take stock of what you have chosen, and what you have opted not to choose. This isn’t a time for regrets, but of measurement and evaluation. Many will feel the need to rest or sleep to facilitate integration of lessons learnt and energetic choices made – Think of it as the Caterpillar’s last kip in the Cocoon before the Butterfly comes out to play.

We’ve also got several powerful planetary aspects operating in the skies at this time – these are just brief summaries of their energies as one could write an article on each!:

Mars in Sagittarius squared Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – Assertive energy triggers a wounding, particularly in the realms of the spiritual. The wound-triggerer is likely to represent a male or ‘masculine’ approach to spirituality/philosophy which more closely mirrors ‘the way things have always been done’. If said wound occurs, know that it too has its lessons to teach. Release the need to blame and judge, especially at this time.

Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn – the energy of transformation through crisis changes flow or direction. Outer (external) events are more likely to trigger crisis which lead to transformation and growth rather than inner ones, emanating from the psyche. A situation of crisis is likely to emerge through the seeming ‘pushiness’ of another person who represents the status quo or a figure/insitution of authority.

Juno in Cancer trined Vesta in Scorpio – The flow of Divine Feminine energy combines powerfully and amplifies the energies of the Priest/ess who tends the Sacred Flame. Powerful memories from lifetimes of service will be activated for many at this time, irrespective of Gender. We will be drawn to situations, people and events that connect us – at a more profound level – with the energy of the Feminine. These may not always be positive, uplifting events, particularly with Vesta involved – but potentially deeply karmic ones that pose powerful challenges. Remember the importance of sacred, sexual, intimate, and energetic boundaries at this time, and your Right To Say No if one seeks to erode them.

Vesta in Scorpio squared Lilith in Leo – Powerful men and women representing the Rise of the Feminine will be challenged to reconcile the call for Service and Sacrifice on their Paths, alongside the desire for recognition and appreciation for what they do. Here, a balance of Ego and Heart is Called For. Power can give rise to a false sense of superiority or authority, and the feelings of powerlessness to a false sense of inferiority. The idea of ‘sacrifice’ or ‘spiritual service’ can be distorted if either, both of these are present. Know that you cannot be bullied or coerced into either without the idea of ‘sacrifice/service’ losing its original meaning…. It has to come from the Heart. And don’t be put off by the word ‘sacrifice’ – nothing morbid – it can refer to time, energy, etc.

Jupiter inconjunct Chiron Retrograde – The Teacher (Guru) triggers the Soul’s Wound. Potentials of wounding through a judgmental figure that considers itself an authority of some kind, possibly on matters of philosophy or faith. The lessons of the wound make you question the role, scope and necessity of the Guru in one’s life. Some people work better with structured guidance, and others do not. There’s no ‘One Path’ that works for everyone. Bear that in mind if you feel the need to tell someone how they should approach their path – or before allowing – someone else to do the same to you. By all means speak your views about your understanding of Self-Spirit, but know that there is a difference between expressing yourself and seeking to ‘convert’ or influence another to adopt the same road as you.

Uranus Retrograde inconjunct Ceres – Radical, abrupt transformations in inner consciousness trigger perceptions of care-giving and entitlement to care. These changes in thoughts can be triggered through sudden or unusual communications, particularly through electronic media, from friends or members of your Soul Group. Roles surrounding ideas of motherhood, the mother-daughter bond, appropriate boundaries between parent and child are also given special emphasis. (Equally applies to fathers who play the traditional mothering role)

and of course — Jupiter trine Uranus Retrograde (September 26)

The Guru/Teacher harmonizes with and amplifies the Inner Awakening Process. Opportunities out of the blue are likely, ones which can expand your sense of awareness and facilitate experiences that help you Re-Member your Soul’s Essence, Purpose and Make-up in Material Incarnation. This is likely to come through an unexpected communication (often through electronic means), potentially a friend or a member of your Soul Group.

This is a Big Event. And a powerful kick-start to the new energies that have already begun to build, just as we have – and are continuing to release – older energetic alignments.

Remember – all this is happening around/as part of the build up to – the Equinox (Sept 23rd) and the Libra New Moon (Sept 24) whose effects last + / – 3 days.

The remaining shake-ups and wake-ups in this period are helping you make your understanding of Balance more concrete. You’re going to be able to better articulate your intentions – particularly as they relate to notions of equality, justice, fairness, partnerships, collaborations and bridges built between yourself and others. And just in time! For the Libra New Moon.

For those of you who work with the Hindu pantheon and/or the energies of Goddess Durga – Navaratri – the largest Hindu festival dedicated to Her will begin on the 25th. The ‘Nine Nights’ of celebration are ones which involve fasting, prayers, colourful dolls and parades (in parts of India) celebrating different aspects of Her.

Who better to start off a new phase of growth than the Mother-Protector Herself?

Lots of Love to All

Smile! Big things are coming

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Image Information: By NASA/JPL-Caltech/J. Bally (Univ. of Colo. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

WE DID IT! SAATHICHITHOM! – A 21-Year Journey and Its Final Release


Yesterday, I was privileged to graduate as a PhD (again), at a special first-of-its kind ceremony organized by the British High Commission and British Council for local graduates. It was a powerful moment of closure for me, and whilst I was so incredibly happy to have both my parents in attendance and a glorious day — deep emotions were working through me.

My educational journey has been an unusual one to say the least. I was intellectually advanced as a young toddler – reading materials that were 6, sometimes 9 years ahead of my reading group. My older brother was the same. Amma (Mum) knew how to stimulate our brains and whet our appetites for knowledge. If the natural aptitude that I or my brother had was a seed, Amma’s nurturing was the fertile soil in which it could sprout, and Appa’s (Dad’s) confidence the sunshine it needed.

When I eventually began kindergarten and primary school, a lot of the glowing self-confidence and the natural aptitude for self-study I had was dimmed, but not entirely snuffed out. Issues of race plagued my early years, with teachers going out of their way to humiliate me for my aptitude ‘despite’ my dark skin and Tamil identity. The administration saw fit to deny me the yearly prizes children would receive (for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) despite my having top marks. All on the grounds that other parents complained that ‘a Tamil girl could have never beaten my son/daughter [gradeswise]’.

My mother of course, challenged the ruling by fighting like a tigress on my behalf. She never used coarse language, or raised her voice – but challenged the treatment I received with eloquent words, with facts and undeniable, documented, evidence.

I recall one formative experience, where I was late from my tae-kwon-do class (organized as part of school curricula) and had no time to change back into my school uniform. The teacher decided she would lock me out, stop what the class was doing and get the entire class to laugh and jeer at me, staring through the window. One of the kids was a boy whom the teacher regularly allowed to bully and utterly traumatize me each day – with some kind of plastic blade. She knew about it, and let it happen. All this when I was in Grade 1, so I was 6-7 years old.

Each year was a battle, my mother had to fight like a tigress, with my dad’s support just so I would get fair treatment. My brother had been through a similar experience, but his was a state-run school, and so my parents (at that time) had little recourse to methods of protest.

It was a very challenging childhood. Intense bullying. Psychological scars, a complete devastation of my self-esteem and I could not even imagine myself as beautiful.

My grades eventually slipped, and the bullying was less. I wasn’t the best in classes anymore, and a part of my identity just went into hiding from all of that pressure. There were literally – no other choices that my family could have made at the time.

When I was 11, I finished primary school (Grade 6) and announced to my parents that I would no longer be attending. They knew what I could do, and supported my decision. I then started a very dedicated, purely focused phase in my life completely committed to my education. That journey took me across several different continents.

I never really took in it, or saw it as a special achievement – till yesterday.

For me, it was just an act of survival and self-preservation. I had to find a way to be myself. It wasn’t an ideological statement or the ego’s desire for grand gestures – it was literally the only way I could survive without being crushed entirely.

Summarizing a few years, I essentially completed 6 years of secondary school education with self-tutelage in less than a year. Attempting to study at other institutions brought back the race issue (it’s there if you’re at the top and are outspoken), and, caused severe conflicts with the university administration. My political consciousness was awakening, my voice was emerging and I was no longer going to be silent.

During this time, I had my IQ tested and it was found to be at the genius-level (top 2%) when I was 12 and, later, at 15. I independently sat for and completed my O Levels at 13, did my American SATs (1 & 2), TOEFL and ACT.

We didn’t have help. All I had was my family and the Blessings of the Divine. We had no special connections, no favours, no hand-ups. Nothing. Everything was a battle, everything was a struggle. But we did it.

At 16 (in 2003), after a few years of social work with my father and emerging in my own right as the youngest trainer in the country, I finally went overseas. My political awareness needed an environment where speech was truly free. I went to the USA on my first scholarship, unaccompanied. There, I began with Physics (which was my first love as a child) and switched to Political Science. This was through the gifted teachings of Professor Benson Onyeji at Manchester College (now Manchester University). He introduced me to the histories of colonialism, the language of repression, the political economy of dependency. And the Model UN

I then left for International University Bremen (now Jacobs University Bremen) in Germany. I finished 3 years of an already accelerated program in 2 years by taking double the courseload and having a very full, active, student life. It was this time, I actually began to notice that – I was actually beautiful. I had my first experiences of organizing campus-wide petitions and more structured approaches to engaging with campus administration. I discovered I could paint and dance and play. And that was wonderful.

At 19, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in International Politics and History (a President’s List Scholar) and received a merit-based scholarship and Research Assistantship with Prof. Markus Jachtenfuchs at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin. I had to leave the program two months after it began primarily due to illness in the family. I spent some time in India and Malaysia, and when all had settled down enough – out of the blue – I got accepted to begin my PhD, despite not having a Master’s. It was very unusual at that time.

Professor Shirin M. Rai at the University of Warwick (UK) had a visionary idea – to study aspects of ceremony and ritual in Parliaments, through a gendered lens. Having spent time in India, I sent a letter of interest and she wanted to have me on board. I got that confirmation on September 14th, 2007. And so another leg of the journey began, this time funded by the Leverhulme Trust – the one of the largest providers of grants for research in the UK.

I was 20 and I remember seeing a magpie on the way from Manchester Airport. And a whole new chapter in my life began. Through that journey, I would be standing at the House of Lords, the Indian Parliament, the Romanian Parliament, speaking at various universities/conferences and evolving through to the next phase of my life.

I was seriously ill for a great part of my PhD, and I fought through it. I faced some of the hardest challenges in my life to-date, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. And looking back at it all now – I wonder how I did it.

My PhD was passed with minor corrections – I remember the examiners being overjoyed – one them said, during the viva ‘thank you for writing this’. I did ask her about it later, and she said she meant it, she really felt I did good work. (I am my harshest critic … so hearing that meant a lot). In its final version, my thesis was 111,000 words and I could barely lift it. I remember submitting it, and it was about as heavy as a newborn. I had just turned 25.

Through the 5 years I spent in the UK, I learnt so much. I began to expand and blossom in so many ways through utterly debilitating circumstances. I made deep friendships and set sail for a new trajectory in my life.

When I had my actual graduation at the University of Warwick in 2013, race was an issue again. And that graduation felt as though I was in a battlefield, once more. Because the PhD gown was so markedly different from the other undergraduates’, I got started at sharply in a very unpleasant way – it wasn’t just one person, quite a few people did and those with me noticed it. I didn’t understand why … till one of the parents went out of her way to make it clear.

In the most condescending way possible, she wanted to know whether ‘I had problems with English’ and whether ‘I had borrowed the gown’ – she was unhappy her son didn’t have it. I didn’t get why she was asking me such strange questions at the time, but I managed to deflect it politely.

Friends I have mentioned this to were utterly scandalized by it, as was someone working within the University. I don’t think it’s a representative experience, but it did happen. And I am so grateful I did not have to go through that alone, but I cannot say that it was a pleasant experience.

My parents were sadly not able to be there, but my mentor was – and my supervisor also arrived just in time for me to emerge from the gowning – a very key rite of passage.

I didn’t have that feeling or sense of achievement. I felt weary. Weary that thousands of miles away, I was still the unwanted Tamil girl who couldn’t be allowed to be her best without someone trying to put her in her place. Not that I let them, but I had hoped I wouldn’t have to face it again, after so many years.

A year later, when I received an invitation for another graduation ceremony, to celebrate the achievements of local graduates who had their PhDs from the UK – I snapped up the opportunity instantly. My parents could of course, attend!

So yesterday, I had those big moments. The ones I yearned for. My dad was waiting for me with his camera as I stepped out of the gowning. My mum and dad were so proud. And it was a relaxed environment. People were celebrating one another, rather trying to put anyone down. I could hold my head up high. And any looks I got were of mutual recognition (of achievement) or happy admiration as part of a festive occasion.

But I wasn’t celebrating. I felt heavy with the weight of release … of a wound I’d held so close to me, deep within for 21 years.

The idea that my skin made me less worthy. That it meant I could never achieve anything. That I was ugly. That I was never going to be celebrated for who I was.

That wound finally healed yesterday.

I was waiting to get gowned again, and I realized the significance of this ceremony in my life, and the complete release that it was giving me, at long last. Taking it all in, I could barely stand. My legs felt weak, but I took a deep breath and kept going on.

My achievements – whilst I’m cognitively aware of them – are never ones that I really celebrated or took deep pride in. I was happy, but I never thought of them as big things.

Standing in a crowd of my peers, as the only dark-skinned woman in a saree, with that much coveted PhD plush hat and shimmering robe … I knew this was a lot more than being ‘just about me’.

It was an act of Representation. For my family, for the Tamil community in which I am a public figure, for every dark skinned child who has ever had their soul crushed through prejudice. I represent the undeniable statement – of YES, WE CAN.

I say we because I could not have done any of this alone. I worked like a machine through all those years – but this is not the achievement of just one person. But of many.

I couldn’t have done this without the upbringing I had, my parents’ emotional support, and also financially when scholarships did not cover it all. Not without the opportunities that people who had faith in me gave me. Opportunities to prove myself. To do something. Not without the Grace of the Divine and its Blessings. Not without friends whom I consider family.

And so, after a day of ceremony and an evening of celebration with my parents, as I lay in my bed, I finally released the emotions I’d been holding so close to my chest for 21 years. And I fell asleep crying, saying these words over and over again…

Thank you. We did It!

And In Tamil:


~ Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD



Blessings All. I was privileged to be at Glastonbury Tor, Somerset during the sunset of the Winter Solstice in 2012. Many of us in the spiritual world celebrated this date as the beginning of New Age, according to more commonly accepted calculations of the Mayan Calendar. There is a general agreement that we are certainly, if not already in,  at the brink of the Age of Aquarius.

Some believe Glastonbury to represent the Heart Chakra of the World, specifically the High Altar of Glastonbury Abbey. Many associate this land with Avalon and the energies of familiar archetypes such as Merlin, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and so on. Other accounts link the energies of the Magdalene and the Knights Templar to this land – and many other ancient spiritual traditions. A land shrouded in mystery, magic … and oh so palpably powerful.


Glastonbury Tor is a hill which overlooks Somerset Levels, Dorset, Wiltshire and Wales. It is topped by a roofless Tower dedicated to St. Michael – a now iconic landmark. It’s not terribly high, it doesn’t have a very sharp slope or inclination (there’s a steeper path you can choose to take if you like) – though it can be daunting the first time you go. The Tor, along with Chalice Well (the Red Spring), the White Spring, Glastonbury Abbey are some of the more well-known landmarks of this profoundly spiritual and mystical land. There are other places of interest and a lot of deep magic in the countryside to be found – as well as a Glastonbury Goddess Temple which holds events of various kinds.


At the time of sunset, on 21.12.12 , I recall looking at the air around the Tor and the scenic views it afforded of the low-laying countryside around it. The air was alive, electric. So electric that you almost see flashes of yellow, pink, green energies dancing together and crackling! A local resident brought a drum and people began dancing rhythmically, powerfully during this intense energetic transition. I shall never forget one dancer: a beautiful middle-aged woman with wild, long, flowing gray hair. Before she began, she looked just like any other person. But as her body began to shake and quake with the rhythms of the drum, she transformed – in my eyes – into a mythical Goddess in a human body. She didn’t look real somehow, but there she was – dancing Divinity. As was that primal beat – I swear I heard that beat the day prior on the bus to Glastonbury, miles away from the Tor itself. But I knew it, it had called to me. And I’d listened.

(To Be Continued …)

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


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Recent weeks have really opened up a whole new chapter in my life and my Understanding of Spirit. I began my journey as a Priestess in the Service of the Dark Mother (which – for new readers – has absolutely nothing to do with Evil). I thought that my role was to speak out for the re-institution of the tradition of the Priestess, and the many discriminatory practices that surround so many faith-based practices and texts. I still see that as my role, but the way I interpret it has changed dramatically.

These changes began in Nepal, when I both died and fell in Love with a sacred site to Lord Shiva I found through pure instinct (with no conscious clues of any description). Something in me could no longer exclusively identify with a Female conception of Divinity as somehow superior to the male. Or to ignore that aspect of Spirit. Lord Shiva has always featured in my life some how, but it was that experience that really cemented the indivisibility between the Masculine, the Feminine and my Path.

Recently, another shift has happened. God and Goddess made sense before – and now they don’t – not in the same way they did before. The balance of dual energies seemed like the pinnacle, and now they just seem like one part of many. Deities, and demigods that seemed to be the end-all, now look as though they are intermediate facilitators – or perhaps partial reflections – of a more Transcendental Energy.

I don’t deny their existence or their value in the spiritual path, only that they occupy a different space in my understanding of the Cosmos than they did before. An in some way, that re-framing makes their Presence even more palpable.

Rather than looking for the Divine ‘out there’, my focus has always been within. Despite my academic background, the direction of my spiritual growth has rarely been through the Mind to the Heart, but from the Womb to the Heart to the Mind – in the spirit of a very feminine process of gnosis. So not so much about the abstract concepts or the words or ideologies, but all of this knowing and re-knowing and learning and un-learning has been prompted by whatever spiritual Curriculum my Soul chose to manifest. And for me the guide or pathway to this understanding has been through the Dark Goddess – particularly in her Crone Aspect.

The more I realize, the less I ‘know’. I hope that makes sense. All of this is felt change, change the body and the womb stir me into re-membering, rather than the rationalizing attempts of a mind. But the more I feel, the more logical it seems. And this whole Rational-Emotional divide seems less and less relevant.

Perhaps I’m at the start of what many are calling 5D evolution? Perhaps my consciousness is beginning to understand what lies beyond dualism? Maybe even a glimpse of Reality behind the Veil?

Who knows. I’m just going with the flow. And not letting me get ahead of myself. There’s too much for me to discover for me to assume that I can authoritatively say ‘This Is It’.

So I’ve been thinking about how to define myself and my path – as it is now, and believe you me – it will evolve — And here are the key components of it so to speak:

(1) Authenticity: If it isn’t you, don’t do it, don’t be it. Just be you.
(2) Vulnerability: If it hides you away from your wounds (healing and transcending is a different process), then something’s up – if it gives you a false sense of superiority, invincibility or security – then something’ s definitely up
(3) Integrity & Honesty (Related to Authenticity, but not quite the same thing – you could be an Authentic Jerk… )
(4) Non-permanence and Formlessness: The Universe is a pretty big place. I doubt Divinity looks Human, if it has a shape at all. With so much going on, and Energy shifting the way it does (call it Spirit) — I would somehow be uncomfortable with an idea of a Stable, Eternal, Absolute Truth for a Universe essentially Dancing in Motion as we speak.
(5) (Seeming) Paradox – To see the Formless through Form. To see Spirit through Matter. To work with Energy within the confines of Matter.
(6) Relentless Questioning – The fact my spiritual path survives my constant questioning is a sign that … I’m probably doing what I need to be doing.

Again, these are ideas to be expanded upon. Not quite my priestess manifesto …
And they will evolve. But they’ve moved on to the point where I can safely say:

That I am a Priestess on the Path of Formlessness, as taught to me by the Dark Mother. I love God as I love Goddess: They are two parts of Many that make up the Whole.

You might ask – why still use the ‘Title’ of Priestess – why make that distinction? Truth be told, someday, we will all realize the Divinity within us – and will need no intermediaries or facilitators. Until that day we will still require a label, title or marker to simply describe what we (facilitators) do.

As we collectively shift, we are unearthing so many divisions and distinctions that have kept so many away from a recognition of their Innate Divinity. (And here’s where Paradox enters…) Like the being who has incarnated to dissolve a karmic seed, and must fully express that desire before it can be released – I feel that we must honor, recognize and allow all Forms of Form to flourish, before we release the need for them in their entirety.

Sadly, the Priestess-hood and the right of Woman to hold any Divine status is still challenged today. And the work that I do serves to bring that Form into full realization once more, before it can all be (ultimately) Dissolved. When that day comes (and if I’m still in the cycle or birth-rebirth) I shall no longer use that title to describe my work as it will no longer be required.

But till then …..

This is Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Some articles of mine which talk about different aspects of this … Path of Formlessness. Others have of course written and spoken about this in different ways. I can, however, only speak for myself.

The Formless Feminine – The Dark Mother Who Led Me To This Path – Dhumavati-Ma:

The Divine Does not Discriminate:
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Detachment and the Illusion of Form:
Dissolution: Maya Un-Masked –

Image Information: Ashes in the Wind 1996.jpg – By Richard Rappaport (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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Venus represents so many different aspects of our psyche within the natal chart: Femininty, material value system, frames of judgment/perception, et cetera. The emphasis that is traditionally placed on Venus, a.k.a. beauty and aesthetic refinement, are great examples of the types of cognitive / perceptual paradigms that Venus helps us to internalize, and therefore make sense of the world. Whilst she isn’t usually associated with the intellect per se (in the way Mercury is), Venus is the very ground that the intellect stands upon. The maxim ‘ I think therefore I am’ simply cannot exist without the categories of thought and coded nature of perception which Venus gives rise to. Venus also has a special relationship with relationships (as ways of expressing this value system – to quote Gargatholil) and with one’s expression of the anima (feminine archetype).

I recall reading Naomi Wolf’s Vagina: A New Autobiography, where she discussed the linkages between the sacral complex and transcendental experiences – she made the case that the female orgasm was linked to the ability to naturally access heightened spiritual states. Quite a good read – this was based on research, as opposed to personal experiences alone – the two made for a compelling argument.

Therefore, hardwired into the female body (sorry gents, but the male body doesn’t seem to have a parallel biologically that we know of yet) is this link between the Sacral and the Spiritual.

But what does all this have to do with Venus? Well…. in terms of medical astrology, it (unsurprisingly) is linked with the ovaries – and – as Ms. Wolf argues – the female reproductive complex and its activated state are linked with certain states of transcendental consciousness. A total death of the ego, a loss/dissolution of perception, and a mystical state of recognizing ‘One-ness’. These states break through the paradigms or perspectives that Venus grants us in its unawakened form.

This information is course, available in other schools of thoughts and spiritual teachings, and has been for a very long time – but I liked the way neuroscience (and its quantifiable, measurable, positivistic) research was neatly juxtaposed with ancient teachings – and the two read as one. I’d say Vagina: A New Autobiography should be recommended reading for just about anyone ….

So to me, putting all this information together – I revisit my understanding of Venus in astrology, and as an energetic signature in her own right. She is the Goddess of Beauty, of Fertility, of Sex, of Aesthetics – but also so much more than there. For hidden within her Sacred Vessel is a powerful, but little-known, bridge linking Venus with the transcendentalism of Neptune through the nervous-electric matrix of Uranus.

With so much of emphasis on Saturn/Vesta in Scorpio (a tremendous challenge to the Sacral at this time), I feel it is as important to look at Venus and what she teaches us at this time.

Release your ideas and preconceptions for a moment – that she means X, Y, Z and you’ll see – there’s just so much more to her that we’ve been led to believe.

At the moment, Venus makes the following aspects in the sky – the date/times given reflect when this aspect is exact – or in the case of the Yod, how long it is in effect for:

Venus trine Pluto Retrograde – 10:29 pm, 14-9-14, GMT + 8
Venus sextile Ceres – 3:40 am, 17-9-14, GMT + 8
Venus opposes Chiron – 2:19 am, 18-9-14, GMT + 8
Venus sextiles Ceres, both inconjunct Uranus (forming a Yod) activated by Pallas Athena: 1:00 am, 16-9-14 – 5:32 pm, 20-9-14, GMT + 8

I will be covering Venus opposing Chiron and the Venus Yod separately. A few words on Venus trine Pluto Retrograde.

Trine aspects facilitate the smooth flow of energy between two bodies. Whether this is a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ energetic flow depends entirely upon how you sub-consciously perceive and engage with the energy of the bodies concerned.

Venus (perception, femininity, attachment, sensual pleasure) meets Pluto Retrograde (power, sexuality, transformation, crisis) in the signs of Virgo (Mutable Earth) and Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) at 11 Vir/Cap ’01.

With so much of energy already focused upon the feminine through Saturn/Vesta in Scorpio, some might not even have noticed Venus in Virgo. Saturn/Vesta appears to be causing the most intense experiences for many.

Venus trining Pluto Retrograde can result in a profound recognition that the Deepest Truths are ones that are also, Beautiful. The Transcendental Wisdom of the Womb (as discussed above) is also an area that is likely to be of interest at this time. Powerful expressions of beauty, femininity, artistry and a full-on engagement with the ‘shadow qualities’ of the feminine (suppressed, repressed, hidden or unacknowledged) are also possible. An intimate partner may facilitate these knowing-s or re-memberings through the sexual act, or a profound sense of spiritual connection/communion. Ultimately the lessons you learn here are focused upon self-preservation and self-nurture – not only to feel ‘in control’ or ‘powerful’ – but to ultimately be able to go on your Path of Service. You can’t give from an empty cup – Venus/Pluto Retrograde can teach you how to fill it, adorn it, and enjoy the process.

Through these delicate, delicious sensual learning experiences, beneath the surface, a Transformation in Consciousness is surely taking place. Do not lose sight of that

In the more painful manifestation of this energy, you may find your sense of delicate femininity to be trampled by another, usually someone in a (perceived) state of power of over – whether this is the case is another matter. You may retreat to the purely material attachments that Venus can indulge in to avoid the spiritual transformation that Pluto Retrograde seeks to bring in through the modality of Crisis. You may fixate yourself upon the purely material as the spiritual transform through shadow-working Pluto Retrograde beckons you to do may simply seem too challenging — too threatening to the thought-forms and structures of perceptions through which you have built your image of the world.

The energy of Venus trine Pluto Retrograde is still fairly strong at this time. Allow yourself to find activities or ways to bridge the knowing of the Womb-Body with Spirit – Artistic expression, dance, music, drama are potential activities. Whatever you do, Create! and Bring your Spiritual Knowings into Life and Manifested Form.


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Information:

The Queen of the Womb, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 9-May-2014. [Digital]


Naomi Wolf. Vagina: A New Autobiography. 2012. Virago: New York.

Gargatholil. Depth Astrology


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THE PHOENIX RISES; MAGIC IS AT WORK … – Saturn/Vesta septiles Pluto Retrograde, biquintiles Uranus Retrograde along with an Inconjunct-formed 5-pointed Star (and other stuff)

Magic is at work

The energy of the dying-resurrecting energies of the Sacral-Sacred Feminine (i.e. the Phoenix cycle) is currently underway in the skies (see also

This energy septiles Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn and biquintiles Uranus Retrograde in Aries. A septile is 1/7th of a circle, i.e. 51 ’26 degrees. When you see a septile aspect, what you’re looking at is a very mystical, transcendental relationship between two astral bodies in the chart. There is a lesson that can be learnt through the act of ‘rising above’ something and seeing things from a detached perspective.

In itself, Pluto represents crisis, transformation and the death-rebirth energy in and of itself. In the sign of Capricorn (which the Sun enters during the Winter Solstice – in the Northern hemisphere), Capricorn esoterically represents the Tomb (Alan Oken). This is the place where the Soul goes to rest, having ‘died’ (it need not be literal), before it awakens once more into the Light of Day.

The idea of ‘resurrection in the tomb’ is also very much linked with the energy of Scorpio – and the deep journey into the Shadow Self/Underworld you take before you emerge out under the open sky once more.

With the septile connecting Pluto Retrograde (the Rx element only intensifies this energy, making it profoundly felt at an internal level) in the Tomb of Capricorn and the energies of Saturn-Vesta (Sacral Wounding, Death and Rebirth) – we get a profound energetic impulse.

It will manifest differently for all, but manifest it will. Some may be feeling the need for rest, others may be ‘out of the tomb’ so to speak – and roaring to go.

This energy feeds both into the Grand Cardinal Cross (with Juno and Pallas) and the remnants of the Grand Sextile. To see how this aspect manifests in your lives, look at which houses Saturn/Vesta at 19 Scorpio and Pluto at 11 Rx are located in your natal chart.

For instance, if Saturn/Vesta is in the 5th, and Pluto in the 7th house, you might find this theme of death-life-rebirth and transcendence activated in matters of romance/children/creativity (5th house) and partnership, balance, your shadow side (7th houses).

The other aspect I mentioned is Saturn/Vesta’s Biquintile in Scorpio to Uranus Retrograde in Aries

The Biquintile is a 144 degree aspect which represents the coming together of two forces to create something new. There is a gift, or talent which comes to light and fruition as two people, entities, or energies interact with one another (Robert Wilkinson). To find out which, again, look to your house placements. For example: If you have Aries in the 10th house and Scorpio in the 5th house, then it’s quite likely you’re looking at the Inner Awakening (Uranus Rx) of the Self (Aries) with respect to its position in Society (10th house). This energy is interacting with a powerful impulse of Resurrecting the Sacral/Sacred Feminine (Saturn/Vesta) in its most Intimate (Scorpio) sense, particularly in matters related to romance/creativity/children (5th house).

Together, the flow of energy created by the Uranus – Saturn/Vesta Biseptile and the Saturn/Vesta – Pluto septile (with Uranus and Pluto connected by a square) creates a powerful flow of inspiration and the potential for deep transformation, resurrection and transcendence. Expect solutions to the impossible to be achieved, if you are willing to allow this flow of inspiration to move through you.

On top of all of this — we’ve got a 5 pointed star formed through the intersections of Inconjunct aspects. This isn’t the perfect star formed as part of a Grand Quintile, but I’ve seen it in enough charts to know that one cannot afford to overlook the alchemy and magic that this Inconjunct-formed-Star can bring to a chart. It’s one of those alignments where … you can only expect the unexpected.

One last note: We also have the Sun septile Ceres today. The energy of inspiration ‘from Source’ allows us to find ways to honor the nurturer within. We may find ways to heal the deepest parts of ourselves as we do so for others at the same time. Ceres is part of a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) involving Pluto and apexing at the Moon in Gemini.

In short my friends, the energies of the Phoenix are powerfully at work – She is Resurrecting the Feminine in the most intimate, powerful and liberating way possible. Trust the Universe, Trust the Source and you will find what you seek, in the most unexpected ways

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image information: Phoenix, Canley Ford – – 246395.jpg – Mike Downey [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons