Ceres conjuncts the Galactic Center

Ceres, the Nurturer allows you to find ways in which you best give and receive nurture. Conjunct the Galactic Center she brings you powerful messages from Source that facilitate a deep sense of nurturing and connection with the Cosmos.

I’d originally wanted to do an End-of-Year Special, but this seemed a better fit.

Instead, I am offering a 25% discount on astrological readings conducted during the window of time where Ceres makes this powerful Galactic Conjunction. For those of you in the US, this roughly correlates to the evening of Dec 31st, 2014 РJan 3rd, 2015.

So far, 4 sessions have been conducted, another 6 have been booked.

Here’s what I’ve observed whilst conducting the readings: There’s a very, very beautiful energy of nurture (Ceres) coming through from Source (the Galactic Center). The resulting vibration is one that Nurtures you towards finding and accessing a new layer of Self-Awareness and a greater awareness of your own Path

There’s only 1.5 days left till the conjunction ends and 6 sessions available! ūüôā

Please get in touch if you would like to book a reading during this powerful energetic window.

The cost of the readings (after discount) are 87.75 USD for the 1 hour session.

Priestess Bairavee ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: ‘Ceres’ by Alice Pike Barney [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



At 3:05 pm (GMT +8, Dec 29 2014), Pallas Athena conjuncted Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a powerful blending of the mind / intellect / strategic / analytical gifts that Pallas Athena (the Goddess Asteroid) brings, along with the authority, structure, and discipline represented by Saturn. It is an excellent time to look at the kinds of structures which govern your relationship to systems, activities and teachings through which you broaden your knowledge and experience of Self. Pallas Athena may help you find a key strategy, or simply give you the strength of conviction that you need to address this challenge. You may, for instance, find a way to speak to or address an older, authority figure who may teach or guide you in some form. You may realize you ARE that authority. You may figure out the steps you need to reach a certain level of achievement which you deem as successful. In the sign of Sagittarius, this relates to fields of life and experience such as foreign travel, higher education, academia, spiritual paradigms, belief systems, religious institutions, Gurus & Structured Guidance, and so on. Also an excellent time for those of you seeking to learn more about astrology (as it is ruled by Sagittarius) and its secrets. Whilst this process may play out as an internal process for some, for others it may be projected onto others you see as authority figures in these fields. Rather than a time for judgment and division, allow the Blessings of Pallas Athena to safely convey you to where you need to be.

As I told a friend today, “You Be Your Own Guide”. Listen to others when you require advice, get feedback from experts or those you consider an authority, but at the end of the day, remember that it is your Voice and Truth that whatever advice you receive needs to resonate with. Those of you who are working towards the archetype of the Spiritual Teacher/Guru/Philosopher may also realize your need to and capacity for greater self-assertion, conviction and faith in what you do. Remember that Sagittarius fans the flames of ‘I AM Consciousness’ in a more expanded sense than Aries or Leo – it seeks to understand the Self in relation to the wider Cosmos.

Saturn conjunct Pallas Athena in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. This indicates a classic clash between those who accept/reject the Guru/Guide system, and the relationship that one has with the concept of Formlessness as the central feature of a Spiritual Path. For more info on that you might want to read this:

At 9:29 pm (GMT + 8), a Grand Fire trine formed between Ceres in Sagittarius, the Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries and Juno Retrograde/Jupiter Retrograde in Leo. This only enhances the emphasis on Self Assertion, Expression and Definition that all three Fire Signs encourage us to find. Just bear in mind that the Self we’re talking about here is not the Ego-Self, but the one you find when you move past it. Call it the Flame of Spirit, if you like.

The Grand Fire Trine ends at 6:41 pm on the following day (Dec 30th, 2014).

All of this is taking place in the backdrop of two immensely powerful, intersecting Yods (Fingers of Fate), apexing at Juno Retrograde in Leo and Chiron in Pisces. The other components of this yod are Jupiter Retrograde, North Node and the entire Capricorn Stellium (Mercury, Venus, Sun, Pluto, Vesta). An intensely karmic backdrop to work through such key questions for spiritual facilitators and seekers!

Stay centered, and (as my dance teacher keeps telling me) – Remember to Breathe through it. If nothing else, take Baby Steps!

Last but not least, Ceres (The Goddess Asteroid of Nurture) is about to conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. I will be offering discounted readings in honor of that conjunction. So stay tuned x

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: By Giovanni Dall’Orto. (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

VESTA CONJUNCTS PLUTO (13 CAP ’02, 10:54 AM, GMT + 8, 28-12-14)


Blessings. Vesta is the Goddess Asteroid which represents the archetype of Priestess-ing and Spiritual Facilitation It shows us what we are fixated upon (initially) as a path of service, which we must later throw into the (metaphorical) fires to be purified and reborn. It combines the energies of Virgo and Scorpio, bringing together the themes of service, sacrifice, regeneration and transformation – with a special focus on the home and hearth.

Pluto is the planet which represents key transformations-through-crisis, issues surrounding boundaries, sexuality, intimacy and power – as well as what transpires in / through our ancestral karma and deep Sub-Conscious. Part of its transformative dynamics are echoed in Vesta. [The Pluto-Uranus square and its dynamic is more or less generally understood, won’t be discussing Uranus in-depth here for that reason]

Capricorn, the sign which both bodies make their conjunction, relates to the energies of the Deep Earth Crone / Tomb as well as the pinnacle of material manifestation in this realm. It asks us to seek the Deep Wisdom of the Earth as we go forth in our deeds and words, leaving a material legacy behind us. What that legacy is, depends on the choices you make.

When Vesta and Pluto are in conjunction, what I see is an explosive energy, breaking through outmoded structures in the way you carry yourself as a vessel of service and facilitation. If there is something in your Path of Service which is not in alignment with your Deepest/Truest Self, now is the time that it leaves … even if you really want to hold on to it. It might be a fear of success/recognition, or a refusal to look at the Earth/Crone’s wisdom (Capricorn) — or anything else in this vein. But whatever it is needs to be thrown into the Cauldron that is Pluto-Scorpio for it to be burnt, and transformed into something New: Rising from the Ashes.

Some of you will feel this as an intense crisis of sorts, especially if there are things that you’ve been holding onto which you need to let go of. Sometimes it can come through an inner crisis, and at other times precipitated by an individual in your environment who may be attempting to manipulate you or overpower you through the improper use of power (an abuse of Pluto’s gift). Others, who have worked their way through these challenges, will simply feel this as a time of great intensity, potentially of great power, healing, regeneration and transformation. Remember that the kind of ‘death’ that Pluto brings, is ultimately the precursor to New Life.

For those of you in the position to respond consciously to this energy, it might be a great time for you to use meditative or introspective tools to identify to places where you could get even deeper / go further inward in your spiritual journey – if that is appropriate for you. Those seeking to offer their services as a facilitator as part of a business may also find insights coming to you at this time. Some of you may also find key insights as to where you need to stand your ground and/or surrender in interpersonal dynamics, particularly with intimate partners in life and/or business (i.e. with whom you may merge a company, etc.).

But please also be aware that this is a particularly intense time, and that some of you may have to deal with waves and waves of ancestral karmic dynamics coming to the surface for purification and transmutation at this time. The square that Vesta/Pluto makes to Uranus intensifies the ‘surprise’ element to the revelation you are about to receive. It may be an unexpected conversation, a message delivered by a friend, something you read on-line – but whatever the source is, Uranus will ask you to transform your Facilitator-Consciousness and align it – even more so – with Source.

Facilitators, this energy can really move in any direction. My only advice to you – should you wish to take it – is to center yourselves with the values, ideology, vibration, Path, Deity, etc. that makes you feel closest to who you truly are, and your identity as a Facilitator. Even if you’re in a situation where you have to stand your ground in the face of manipulation tactics and/or an oppressor — stand tall, but always remember the principle of inward surrender to the Divine (however you conceptualize it). Those of us on the Path of the Feminine in particular are called to stand our ground with a state of inner grace in the face of established institutions of power that have not yet accepted what we do, and why. The way you conduct yourselves now has the potential to break through some of these structures, be they in the form of a person, or an institution. You choose whether this breakthrough comes through the modality of destruction or healing, or both – whichever is appropriate to your context. Remember there is no one answer that suits everyone.

Blessings to all of you at this intense energetic conjunction. Be as gentle as you can to Self and Others without compromising your Truth. And just Breathe.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


General Energetic Climate – Pluto-led Stellium in Capricorn + Saturn’s Shift into Sagittarius –
Awakening the Goddess through Astrology [Radio Interview] – those wanting to know more about the Goddess Asteroids & Black Moon Lilith)

Image Information: Cornelia, the Vestal Virgin, entombed alive surrounded by bones in the dungeon. Line engraving by G. Machetti after B. Pinelli – See page for author [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


ps dec 27 14

Blessings to all,

It’s been quite an intense time since Saturn shifted from Scorpio into Sagittarius on December 23rd. There are two reasons for this: (1) We all experienced the culmination of Saturn’s parting lessons in the sign of Scorpio. Whilst we will revisit these lessons as part of the Saturn Retrograde between June – September 2015, we were asked to set clear boundaries and no longer participate in power dynamics or relationships out of resonance with our sense of Truth. (2) Secondly, we are currently experiencing a POWERFUL STELLIUM (combination of planets acting as a group) in Scorpio, with The Sun, Vesta, Pluto, Mercury and Venus acting together in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules over Capricorn, just as Pluto rules over Scorpio. Whilst Saturn is no longer in Scorpio, the Stellium keeps some aspect of its intensity and energy alive.

At this time, this stellium is powerfully activated as the apex of T-Square with the North and South Nodes. In other words, it is the point of release for ancient karmic dynamics working through you, and the collective at this time. Owing to the large size of the stellium, anyone with astrological placements in any degree of Cancer is going to feel this as an immensely powerful Grand Cardinal Cross.

Moreover, this stellium is also part of a Double Intersecting Yod (Two Fingers of Fate that share mutual points), involving Juno Retrograde & Jupiter Retrograde in Leo, Chiron & The Moon in Pisces and the North Node in Libra. I cannot emphasize how powerful the effects of this energy will be for us all.

Please note that Pluto will conjunct Vesta – the Archetype of the Priestess or Spiritual Facilitator – at 10:54 am, December 28th 2014 (in about 21 hours’ time). Facilitators, hang onto your hats!

This is a time where great intensity can either lead to the breakdown of something established, and often through that breakdown, a breakthrough to some deeper level of Truth, the¬†Sacred Source of your own Power. As Pluto’s energy (which dominates the Stellium) deals with a powerfully intimate aspect of our inner worlds, and Capricorn’s energy deals with a powerfully external manifestation of our material endeavors – we’re really experiencing this great push on both fronts. Pluto rules over health, regeneration, death, crisis, transformation – and a bunch of other stuff – so take extra care of your health, exercise reasonable caution.

So what do we do?

Breathe. Take it a day at a time. Let karma unfold around you see what structures in your life are collapsing/have collapsed. If there is no more you can do about it, allow the fallout to occur and the dust to settle before you begin to think of rebuilding.

On the other hand – some of you will be riding this energy like pro-surfers – Kudos to you – and allow that intensity to take you deeper and farther than you ever thought possible.

All of this is happening alongside Saturn’s shift into Sagittarius. This is a big move and signals a new chapter in our collective development. Remember that some of the themes of Saturn-in-Scorpio are still being played out thanks to the Pluto-dominated stellium in Capricorn.

Saturn is the great karmic taskmaster whose lessons operate in the dynamic of restriction. Like the farmer who realizes that too much water can flood his/her crops and cause famine, we are called to tighten down and exercise discipline over the area of Saturn’s teaching. I feel that the lessons we will learn over the next 9 months will somehow be linked to the energy of the past three years – owing to the re-entry of Saturn in Scorpio as part of its retrograde. We’re preparing for the next stage, and there remains some work to be done in Scorpio.

Also bear in mind that the Uranus-Pluto (who rules Scorpio) square is still in effect as we head towards the final, seventh exact square in March 2015.

Between now and mid-June, the lessons of Sagittarius will show us the way to transcend past perceptions and understandings of our Selves on our respective Paths. We will be called to use the mind in a focused way to make sense of all that Saturn-in-Scorpio has taught us in the past 3 years. What will learn will be of use to us when Saturn re-enters Scorpio – I’ll celebrate Saturn in Sagittarius proper when it has finally completed its retrograde through Scorpio on September 18. 2015.

In Sagittarius, Saturn’s lessons focus upon the parts of us that seek to expand and seek information beyond ourselves to make sense of our places in this vast Cosmos. It is linked to higher education, religious paradigms, spiritual paths, philosophy, theology, astrology, a sense of adventure and ‘moving forward’, a constant push towards a new direction that keeps you excited, aligned, motivated and with a sense of Self aligned with your sense of Purpose & foreign travel / immigration / visa concerns. It is also associated with your Guidance and connection with Gurus/Guides in different realms.

Here is where our lessons will come and through it all (even with the Pluto-led stellium), a sense of optimism somehow shines through, radiating the words: You will get through this, and it’ll be a blast!

On the flip-side, this is also a time where in institutions or persons of authority and power (e.g. governments) can also become increasingly punitive and restrictive on freedoms and laws surrounding one’s chosen religious or spiritual paradigm. These seeds are already beginning to reveal themselves in full clarity in different parts of Asia, and as I read earlier today, in the US as well. It is a time where institutions of authority will challenge our right to define ourselves in terms of a larger construct (be it religion, spirituality, a form of knowledge, etc.). This restriction or limitation can also be felt in institutions of higher learning and through individual persons associated with a sense of authority (be it professors, guides, gurus, etc.).

Bear this in mind as you learn the lessons of Saturn. Whatever restrictions come through this planet are ones which will you either have to learn to transcend, or go around as you move towards your Goal. As you pass these challenges and tests, you will create something that is truly resilient and will last you for decades (30 years or so, to be precise – till Saturn makes its next transit).

Those born between mid November 1985 – 1988 will be experiencing their first Saturn Return. It will be a powerful energetic test and opportunity for consolidation for these beings as they emerge into their own right as Teachers, Gurus, Guides, Astrologers, Paradigm-Makers, Adventurers, Travelers, Philosophers and so on.

Blessings to all.

Be Kind and Honor all Paths, even the ones you’re not on.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


GGSMLSSCNM 22 12 2014

Blessings everyone. This is a particularly potent window of time for us all. There’s just so much going on in the skies, more so that usual. I’ll focus on what I am guided to identify as being of greatest use for you to know at this time

THE CAPRICORN NEW MOON – At 9:35 am, December 22nd 2014, the Sun conjuncted the Moon at 0 degrees Cap ’06. New Moons are times of potent beginnings. This is where you set the seeds of intention which you will reap during the Capricorn Full Moon circa July 1st – 2nd, 2015 (depending on where you are in the planet).

Capricorn deals with our relationship with ideas of success, achievement, recognition, power, authority and manifests in our relationships with institutions such as banks and governments. It’s been getting a lot of flack, especially in recent years with the Uranus-Pluto square, one side of which focuses on Capricorn. Remember that power, authority and recognition in themselves are not bad things – they can, in fact, be very useful tools on manifesting the material aspects of your spiritual task, path or paradigm. As long as they are seen as tools, rather than the goal , substance or desired outcome of your path. More on this here –

Capricorn’s energy is a paradoxical one. On the one hand, it embodies the pinnacle of Material Achievement, the Mountain Goat that has faced all challenges, and reached the Summit that no one else can even come close to. On the other hand, it represents the energy of the Earth Crone. Remember that the most intense form of Earth (Feminine, in astrological tradition) need not only be at the summit (externally), but equally in the Belly or Womb of our planet (internally). A Balanced expression of Capricornian energy achieves material manifestation in harmony, or balance with the deeper aspects of self, connection with Primordial Feminine energy, and particularly the guidance of the Crone of the Grandmother Archetype. You will find this energy in figures such as Goddess Pachamama, Goddess Petchai Amman (Petchai Patti), Goddess Iusaaset (“the grandmother of all deities) Dhumavati-Ma, Goddess Hekate, The Cailleach, Ajima-Ma and other Grandmother / Crone Figures. They will teach you a more balanced form of manifestation, success and achievement that resonates with your needs, and that of the Planet. Remember that the work you do in Capricorn is not just for yourself, but for the Legacy that you ultimately bequeath to future generations (of all species).

The Sun and the Moon were both conjunct asteroid SIVA (2 Capricorn) at this time. Communing with forms of this deity, worship of the Shiva Linga will be extremely beneficial to those on a Path that involves Him. Others may access the same kind of Compassionate, Powerful, Vulnerable (by Choice) Male Energy through other archetypes from different traditions. This is a powerfully Masculine energy that balances the energy of the Feminine Earth brought in by Capricorn. Hooray!

Both the Sun and Moon were squared the Super Galactic Center at 1 Libra, during the New Moon. An interesting challenge in deepening our relationship with the idea of Balance, and the relationship between Self and Other, particularly through the context of partnerships. Both Logos (1 Libra) and Lachesis (29 Virgo) were in the vicinity adding their vibrations to this potent alignment. Logos encourages the use of the detached, rational, logical mind and Lachesis represents the energy of one of the Three Fates. Her role is to measure the length of the thread of any life born into this world, and she has a great deal to do with the destiny you choose and come to manifest at this time.

This becomes a T-Square when we also consider Astraea (translation Star-Maiden) at 1 Aries. The Virgin Goddess Astraea represents the energies of Innocence, Purity and also the ability to bring Justice back into the world (Wikipedia). Personally, I feel that’s just the very start of her energy, and I’ll certainly do a post on her at a later date. In this COSMIC ALIGNMENT (no other word for it), the Star-Maiden asks you to remember your own (Self) origins in the Depths of the Cosmos, as a child of both ‘Earth and Starry Sky’, to borrow a phrase from my mentor.

In other words, there is a very fated choice that you’re making at this time, and it has to do with one of the deepest connections to Source that you could experience and imagine at this stage of your evolution. Not to be taken lightly. Watch the Capricorn Full Moon in July 2015 to see what you’ve set into motion by virtue of your choices.

The New Moon was also involved with a powerful GRAND EARTH TRINE involving 1992 QB 1 at 0 Taurus and Isis-Transpluto at 1 Virgo. 1992 QB 1 relates to the choices we made in the ideology we choose to adhere to, which shapes the way we perceive, interact with and manifest a certain ‘reality’. This meaning-and-reality-making exercise focuses upon your relationship with Resources (internal, such as self worth and external such as finances or an alternative form of economy) – that which you need to exist as a spiritual being in material form. Remember there is no one ideal that appeals to us all, so have the courage to stand to what you truly believe in. Isis-Transpluto’s influence is still being understood by astrologers. From what I understand from Lynn Koiner’s work, it is an energy which relates to the way we seek Balance in our relationships with others, and also where we realize that we can stand on our own too feet. I see it as synthesis of the energies of Libra, Virgo and Scorpio (yikes!), which only emphasizes the themes we’ve been discussing in any case.

So, to make a long story short – the energy of this New Moon is one of Balanced Manifestation of Reality (by your own Choice). It makes me think of something my dad says, that ‘God is the Creator and Man is the Co-Creator’. Let me paraphrase that to say: ‘ The Divine Creates and we Co-Create’.

Other energetic alignments, etc:

(1) SOLSTICE – A biannual event, celebrated on June 21st and Dec 21st each year, when the sun enters Cancer (Water Cardinal sign) and Capricorn (Earth Cardinal sign) respectively. It is the shortest day in the Year in the Northern Hemisphere, a time where the Yule festival is celebrated. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the longest day – honored by the festival of Litha. No matter where you are on the planet, the Solstice (which I like writing as the Soul-Stice is a pivotal energetic portal in the yearly cycle. We are called to seek a deeper, truer form of Balance. Bear in mind that Balance is not ‘defeating’ or ‘transcending’ one polarity in favour of another. It is acceptance of the Whole, in a pure vibration of Detachment.

(3) URANUS STATIONS DIRECT – A few hours before the Capricorn New Moon, Uranus stationed direct, ending its retrograde. The way in which we receive Guidance, Insights, Downloads from Guides beyond us, e.g. the bridge between the Higher Mind and Cosmos is now Re-activated. The energy moves from the internal to the external. Our source of Awakening is not so rooted now in our psyches, and can come directly do us from external sources, including friend groups and those on a similar spiritual cause.

(3) SATURN SHIFTS INTO SAGITTARIUS – Saturn will move into a new sign on December 23rd (tomorrow, my birthday, yay!). Which means that we’re experiencing the most intense phase of Saturn’s Scorpio energy now as it moves through the Anaretic degree (29 degrees). Karmic tests, trials and breakthroughs which you’ve been putting off will present themselves now as you prepare to move into a whole new 3 year cycle. These tests are likely to be focused upon your relationship with your intimate/sexual/financial partner with whom can merge energies or resources. It also refers to key moments of phases of transition through life-cycle rites (birth, death, rebirth, and so on). Some of you may find this energy expressed through challenges in acquiring resources from others, others through an intense focus upon the trials of Deep Subconscious and Ancestral Karma. Saturn will revisit Scorpio for about 3 months in 2015 as part of its retrograde.

Blessings to all! It’s a lot of information, but then again, it’s a very EPIC time to be alive.

Love you All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Images: Iusaaset – 83d40m – 4wki.JPG – By User:83d40m [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons ; Wolfsonian-FIU Museum – IMG 8229.JPG – Wolfsonian-FIU Museum – IMG 8229.JPG; Kailasanathar Temple – Kanchipuram – shiva lingam in side path.JPG – Kailasanathar Temple – Kanchipuram – shiva lingam in side path.JPG



I’ve been doing a lot of work and getting a lot of recognition for the work I do lately, and it has made me reflect upon the way I see success, especially for the spiritual servant or facilitator.

There are many ways to define and measure success – its more common association is with recognition, authority, achievement and power (a theme connected with Capricorn, the sign that the New Moon will be in at 0 degrees).

As far as I am concerned, titles, positions, achievements and/or recognition – these are sometimes necessary manifestations and tools to do the work one came to do, but they are its externalized forms. Just as an apple must have a solid form to be crunchy to taste – simply a means to an end.

I came to this conclusion after looking at the continued evolution of a member of my household, one of the greatest people I know and love, and who has had a profound influence on my path: My Father, Mr. Thannambikai Balasubramaniam. A bit of back-story will put my views in context:

A man who began with humble origins as the son of a cook and a rubber tapper – who rose to power and carved out his own niche in the world. He inspired thousands of people to become multi-millionaires and to understand that Success was in their own Hands. As a motivational speaker and trainer he is the pioneer of many concepts, approaches, formats and programs, within the Tamil-language motivational circuit.

Over the years, I saw my father transform and with it his understanding of what Success meant. As his vibration continued to evolve, so too did the content and level of awareness in his programs. He now speaks on the bridge between Spirituality and Prosperity, anchoring the awareness that both are required for us to do the work we came to do in this 3-D Manifestation of Reality.

The funny thing is that my father, brother, mother and I tend to evolve in parallel, even if we’re thousands of miles apart. Just one of those deeply connected family ties, in which are all the other’s Teacher. My ideas impact my father’s path, and his impact mine – it’s quite an interesting household. I’ve also been working with my father in a professional capacity for about 17 years.

What I’ve (and certainly my father has) noticed was that people got caught up in the success and power they manifested in their lives. Egotism, a false sense of authority, over-confidence, a disregard for empathy and morality are some of the things that can result when you consider ‘money as the measuring gauge of the soul’ (to quote my Mother) .

That’s not a great thing in itself, but it gets even worse when you see how spiritual work becomes over-commercialized and a means for individuals to solely gratify their own egoic desires. Within the Tamil community (and certainly in other communities and diasporas across the globe), there is this horrible muddling of spiritual work and material success that sometimes ensues.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a spiritualist getting money or recognition for the work as a natural consequence of their spiritual service – the problem is when that desire for power or recognition trumps the work itself!

*** And – to add a perspective from my Mother – sometimes we do need tools like a position or finances to actually do what we need to do. Whether it’s funding for research or building a spiritual retreat, or having a roof over your head so you can meditate in peace and make sure you or your kids don’t go hungry, or being able to to contribute to a charity to your cause. Money and Power are important Tools on the contemporary Spiritual Path. ***

The level of that importance, differs by the individual Soul’s purpose of incarnation. When Money, Power, and Recognition become the Goal in itself, rather than your Tools, I see it as an ‘Inversion of Energy’.

Moreover, I have found that the necessary tools – be it money, power or a platform to speak on – generally do present themselves with ease to one who is aligned with their purpose. These are things that you do not have to go and seek – do your part and the right tools will come. Have the skills and preparation you need to work with them when the time comes. And it will.

Unfortunately, the inversion of energy (Tools that become Goals) that I spoke of is becoming so widespread that any indicator of worldly success is seen with increasing skepticism and sometimes resentment in spiritual circles.

This need not be the case – as long as you know what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. Stay true to your own Path and Soul Purpose, and you’ll be fine.

I see the Ego as the Root of this skepticism/resentment/defamation of ‘Success’ in Spiritual Service.

The fear of falling into the trap of the Ego has resulted in a fear of anything that the Ego might enjoy – be it success, wealth, pleasure, achievement or recognition. However, I find that running away from something because you’re afraid of it is simply another form of spiritual evasion. A point of reflection which I would encourage exploration of and reflection on. (Hence why I chose to write this post)

In the shadow of the Solstice, the New Moon in Capricorn, Uranus now having stationed direct and the still-potent energy of Venus conjunct Pluto (in Capricorn) squared Uranus … here’s a small exercise of reflection I invite all of you to participate in.

(1) Define what Success is to you. What does a Successful Life Look Like? You can answer in terms of imagination, energy, abstraction – whatever you like.

(2) How do you measure that Success?

(3) What will and won’t you do to achieve that Success?

(4) Who were your mentors, role models and Influencers who taught you how to think about and access the Vibration of Success?

Answer these questions and that’s half the battle won.

For example: Success for me lies in the Spiritual Service that I Perform. I measure my success by the way I feel about what I do and how I accomplish it.

Questions that I ask myself:

Am I happy with my work? Am I happy with myself?
Do I remember that I am but a Vessel, or Channel for the energy of Source that comes through?
Do I remember to connect with each person as a being worthy of respect and love, with a Shared Cosmic Origin?
Do I stay connected to the Divine through my Heart, Womb, Soul and every aspect of my Being?
Do I manage to Balance all aspects of my life (my inner world and outer world) with the work that I do?
Do I perform my task in a way that resonates with my sense of ethics?

These questions also represent my inner barometer. Astrologers amongst you would probably giggle at the fact I have Vesta (Priestess / Spiritual Servant) in Aries (Sense of Self) at my Midheaven (10th house Career or Legacy Point). My Sun is in Capricorn, in the 6th house of Service, bordering 7th house.

So yes – whilst these answers make perfect sense to my Soul, they don’t need to be the same for You!

Find your own answers my friends and that is half the battle won x

This is a powerful time to be performing this introspective exercise on account of current astrological alignments. Set your intentions with integrity for that which you seek to accomplish – and you’ll see some form of a culmination/answer/fruit to during the Capricorn Full Moon, 6 months from now.

Infinite Blessings to you All From the Very Source of Creation itself x

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
Founder & Editor of Aanmavin Kural: The Voice of The Soul E-Magazine

Image: Kamatchi Villaku, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2014


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In this interview, I talk about the Awakening/Reclaiming/Re-Membering of the Divine Feminine as expressed through astrological tools and constructs. I discuss the mythology and history behind the Goddess Asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena and Vesta) and Black Moon Lilith. Together, all these astrological energies allow us to paint a more complex portrait of how the Goddess, The Sacred Feminine is rising through All Beings at this time. We also explore the different ways in which men and women access the archetype of the Divine Feminine differently as I perform live readings for two people calling into the show. Each of these energies (the Goddess Asteroids, Black Moon Lilith) is truly multidimensional and casts so much light onto our pasts, present and potential futures Рfor astrology can lead to a sense of spiritual liberation by giving us the tools to rewrite the influence of the patriarchal (and any other limiting) narrative upon the story of our lives. There is so much to be learned from a study of these astrological bodies and we will continue to deepen our knowledge about them in the years to come.

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Many thanks to host¬†Janet Hickox for having me on her show Living Astrology to discuss such a powerful topic, and during the conjunction between the Sun and our Milky Way’s Galactic Center! It was a wonderful, blessed interview. For further reading on the Significance of this conjunction, seee:¬†


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Blessings and Love to All

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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The Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center at 27 Sag ‘3 between¬†9:21 – 9:44 am, GMT + 8 (Dec 19th)¬†– prepare for major Source Downloads, to do with the Guidance you receive, your Spiritual Path/Philosophy and Paradigm, Astrology, Higher Education, Foreign Travels, Academia, etc. This is a fantastic annual moment in which the connection between you and your Guides / Guidance is strongly highlighted. Your sense of Conscious Awareness (the Sun) is focused upon the Pathways and Adventures/Expansive Activities through which you experience a particular understanding of Self-Hood. Yes, Sagittarius is adventurous, optimistic, etc. but also remember that it is the sign of the Philosopher-King. There is a strong mental-intellectual component to it as well. Sagittarius can be a jolly go-getter, but can equally become the harsh rejector, casting all that does not echo its own philosophical idea of truth and reality as somehow flawed or incorrect. Watch those Egos as Source (and Great/Grand Central Sun, and Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way) shows us the way forward.

Chariklo (at 26 Sag 59’) will also be a part of this conjunction, as well Quaoar (26 Sag ’26). Chariklo¬†shows us the opportunity to find ways in which imbalanced relationships can be re-balanced in more harmonious ways. It requires us to¬†pause, find a center or position of balance, and take stock of the situation before rushing into aggressive or submissive posturing. This is an opportunity for us to find our where our boundaries with others are overly lacking or present – an especially important concern for healers, spiritualists and empaths as well.

Quaoar asks us to find a way that is both balanced and harmonious as we seek to redress the issues that the Sun, Galactic Center and Chariklo¬†highlight at this time. It shows us a way to connect back with the Root, or Flow of Source that runs through all of Creation – to understand that we judge as ‘Light/Dark’, ‘Good/Evil’ are but different facets of the same energy signature, each occupying its own place in the Balance of all Things.¬†As we learn that all are equally Sacred (including ourselves), we come to a realization that we are Co-Creators of the Reality we individually and collectively inhabit. There is a need to recognize the Sacred Interconnectedness of all things, even in seeing how situations of ‘Death/Loss/Pain’ etc. are the precursors to ‘Life/Regeneration/Joy’, echoing deeply Scorpionic themes of Life-Death and Rebirth. Sacred Rituals involving song, dance, vocal invocations – particularly in the Native American / First Nations tradition – are linked with this energy of Creation-through-Transmutation.

In fact, the Sun/Galactic Center/Chariklo/Quaoar are part of a Grand Mutable Cross involving Terpsichore and Dionysus (26 Gemini), Elatus (26 Virgo), Salacia (26 Pisces). Very briefly, this indicates that Dance (Terpsichore) may be a pathway to access the energy of the Sagittarian cluster Рremember to exercise some Balance, and not get too carried away with the merriment of Dance, warns Dionysus (next to Terpsichore) РEcstatic Rapture is one thing and Escapism is Another! The Elatus-Salacia opposition (both squaring the other two sides) ask us to exercise our caution as we express our views on matters to do with sexuality, scandal, and so on. There is also an energy of purification/regeneration/reinstatement hat can come through better use of our healing energies. It is a time where the subject of abuse (particularly of a sexual nature) can reclaim his/her Sacred, Sovereign Authority, and no longer need to don the heavy mantle of Victimhood.

Taking it all together, the Galactic Center conjunct Sun make us aware of Source Teaching. Chariklo points to very intimate issues surrounding energetic boundaries and relationships with others. Quaoar challenges us to find ways in which what needs to be healed or balanced can be done so with an understanding of the alchemy behind the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Phoenix energy, in Short. The other asteroids help us understand how to best access and work with these energies as part of a powerful Grand Mutable Cross!

At the same time of the exact conjunction between the Sun and the Galactic Center – I will be on air discussing the topic of ‘Awakening the Goddess Through Astrology’ on the Living Astrology Show, beginning at 16:00 Pacific Time (18th Dec), so in about 7 hours from Now. Here’s the link for those interested

Here’s a little writeup about what I’ll be speaking about:

On today’s show we will be discussing Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Ceres, collectively known as ‘The Goddess Asteroids’ along with Black Moon Lilith. Together, all these astrological energies allow us to paint a more complex portrait of how the Goddess, The Sacred Feminine is rising through all Beings at this time. Each of these energies is truly multidimensional and casts so much light onto our pasts, present and potential futures. There is so much to be learned from a study of these astrological bodies and we will continue to deepen our knowledge about them in the years to come.

I will also be reading a few charts whilst I am on-air. Call in number to the show: 1-347-205-9869 Рthough be aware there will be a caller queue!

I hope many of you Tune in to what Source has to tell you today ‚̧ ūüôā Download one of the Meditations if you like and/or Tune into the my interview- whatever works for you, which you are called to do. It’s a day to celebrate and really, really, use to get deep within yourself and then Soar, Soar, Soar (inwards, outwards or both, that’s up to you)!

Blessings, Love, and Joy to All!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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Chariklo Р ;

Quaoar –¬† ;¬†

Elatus –¬†

VENUS CONJUNCTS VESTA IN CAPRICORN (3:55 am, Dec 16th 2014, GMT + 8)


Blessings All. Venus, representing the energies of Abundance and certain aspects of the Sacred Feminine conjuncted Vesta – the energies of the Sacred Facilitator or Priestess Archetype at 6 Capricorn ’27 (in an Earth/Feminine sign). The energy of the Feminine on all three counts! (But remember that it is found in all beings, irrespective of sexual and gender identity).

I feel that these energies point to a recognition of and opportunity for further material advancement offered to the Feminine at this time. And yes – material manifestation and recognition is important in so far that it is just another slice of the Pie of Life, no less, and no more important than the other parts.

Let’s start with the sign first: Capricorn. Often linked with issues of career, status, ambition and achievement. That’s certainly a part of it – but so too is the idea of the legacy that we leave behind after departure from this realm and the way our deeds are ultimately remembered. There is a powerful energy of Service that can also feed into this sign, contrary to its association with a Machiavellian sense of power-acquisition and manipulativeness (you can be any sign and still do that). Capricorn also represents the energies of the Earth-Crone, the wizened, ancient Grandmother archetype who teaches us the ways of Old, hidden deep beneath the earth or in the darkness of caves hidden up high in the mountains. There is something deeply maternal and ancient about this energy, when accessed.

As Alan Oken puts it, it also refers to an energy of Initiation – considering that the Winter Solstice (with the theme of Resurrection from the Tomb) is celebrated when the Sun enters Capricorn. There’s a lot else that can be said about this sign – and much work that needs to be done in its astrological and energetic re-interpretation.

Let’s now move to Venus and Vesta!

Venus, representing Femininity, Desires, Judgment/Value Systems is placed into the spotlight now and she is given the chance to shine and be recognized! She may seek to conform in some ways, but is best served by staying true to her desires and authentic self. In a more direct way, it is a time where Beauty, Harmony and Fairness is showcased in the public eye. How this manifests for you depends on your natal chart and other factors. Be careful of becoming attached to status and recognition for its own sake and remember to deal with institutions/persons in authority in a Balanced Manner. That will be key to your success in dealing with whatever situation or opportunity arises at this time.

Vesta, representing a particular type or path of Service is similarly highlighted. The Service that the Priestess must perform now moves from the personal, to the familial, to the immediate, and now to the societal level. Recognition from authority figures or opportunities to work with them are especially present. Whilst an emphasis on achievement is present, it needs to be sublimated to a deeper cause of really doing what you need to, as opposed to how it is received/interpreted/responded to by the collective.

In fact, asteroid Hidalgo (6 Capricorn) was also conjunct Venus and Vesta at this time. Hidalgo (in real life) was a revolutionary priest who led a crusade against the Spanish Colonial Government and whose death precipitated the struggle (and acquisition) of Mexican independence (Source: This energy points to a spiritual person in a position of power whose actions are able to spark and give life to collective actions. There is an element of sacrifice here (as there is with Vesta in any case), but it is highly unlikely to manifest as loss of life in this conjunction.

This is an excellent opportunity to align your core values of Service (those of you who facilitate) and the overriding ethos of this generation: To Bring Back the Feminine into Balance with the Masculine. Dealings with authority figures may be possible at this time – and also career advancement/recognition in some form. Remember to leave the Ego at the door and receive it through your Heart as best you can!

Blessings, Love, and Joy to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

PS – I’m going to be speaking about the Goddess Asteroids & Black Moon Lilith on The Living Astrology Radio Show with host Janet Hickox. My topic is ‘Awakening The Goddess Through Astrology’ – tune in if you’re interested! Here’s the link:

Image Information: The Hindu Goddess Parvati LACMA M.77.82 (5 of 12).jpg – Los Angeles County Museum of Art [Public Domain Image] via Wikimedia Commons

First Full-Length Academic Publication (Whooooooo!)

Oh my god I am published

OH MY GOD. I am published! Well, at least an article of mine is. A follow-up piece from my thesis. I am a contributor to an academic book called Democracy in Practice. Mine’s Chapter 7, entitled ‘The Indian Parliament: Performing Decline since the 1960s’. And oh my goodness – I’m so chuffed they got my name right! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

I’m in shock, talking to my brother on skype, but still in shock to actually see it printed, at least in the table of contents. Still haven’t seen the printed volume yet.

A good kind of shock to which my response is deep gratitude to the Divine and all things which made this first academic publication possible.

Blessings to All,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

For more info on the book itself – see:

For those wanting a summary of this article:¬†The Indian Parliament: Performing Decline since the 1960s (Chapter 7) – ¬†This is my first full-length academic publication, as part of ‘Democracy in Practice’, edited by Professor Shirin M. Rai and Dr. Rachel Johnson. In this chapter, I speak about the historical changes that have marked an evolution in the form, function and significance of parliamentary performances in the Indian context. Ultimately I question the applicability of the ‘decline hypothesis’ to the Indian legislature, using a multi-disciplinary analytical framework centered around the construct of ‘performance’.