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The Moon in Cancer is now completing the Cardinal T-Square that we’ve been experiencing for weeks! The Moon, Pluto, Uranus/South Node and The North Node are now joined once more in the shape of the familiar Grand Cardinal Cross.

Some will sail right through this and feel it as an intensification of dynamic, creative energy! Whereas others, who have yet to let go of people, relationships, ideas about yourselves, or just about anything that no longer serves you – might find this a more emotionally explosive alignment.

Remember that the sky is abuzz with numerous near-exact aspects involving celestial giants ( see yesterday’s post for more info

Those key placements or house cusps at the midpoints (close to 15 degrees) of any of the Cardinal Signs will have front-row seats to all that this alignment opens us to experience and grow from.

Bear in mind that we’re working up to the generation defining Seventh Uranus-Pluto exact Square (March 16/17) and, a few days later, a Total Solar Eclipse on March 20 on the same day as the Equinox!

If you’re feeling overstimulated – more than you can handle, try to distract the conscious focus a little – but know that the processing is going on beneath the surface 😉 Sometimes the best you can do for that is to not over-think it, and to let yourself process.

Find activities that are relaxing and calming.

Comfort foods are good, particularly those rich in serotonin and Vitamin B 🙂

Personally, I’ve needed to zonk out and rest. There are times when mindless TV actually helps- if you can’t get to a serene, calm space in nature or your immediate environment – this is one of those times. Just find whatever makes you relax 🙂

Those of you who are feeling no such over-stimulation – have fun putting all this energy to good use!

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Blessings all! … Yowza !!! We’ve got 10 nearly-exact aspects (within a 1 degree orb) in the sky right now, bringing down different threads of energy, experience and opportunities for learning – in the road up to the Uranus/Pluto (final) square on March 16/17, 2015. I’ve summarized them in 4 paragraphs and linked you to previous posts which address certain configurations where appropriate. Exact degrees, dates and times of configurations are given at the end.

(1) Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Our vital energies easily blend with the pursuit of transcendence, spirituality, detached compassion and lack of fixity or form. It’s easier to ‘swim’ in the Cosmic Ocean that connects us all at this time, but be warned of illusions of your own making (dynamics of projection, etc.). Seek the Truth, or the perspective of Love, that reveals the spiritual nature of lessons emerging now, instead of responding to them with ingrained habits such as defensiveness or holding onto an out-dated point of view.

(2) Black Moon Lilith in Virgo opposes Sun (+Neptune) in Pisces – The Sun-Neptune dynamic plays out one of the quintessential duality in spiritual journeying and facilitation. Piscean energy seeks to transcend, dissolve and unfortunately (at times) to escape the material form, rather than seeing Matter an as equal and necessary expression of the Essence of Spirit. The issue of Boundaries tends to become an issue. Black Moon Lilith will not stand for any of this. She will challenge you to find a practical, analytical, hands-on way to anchoring the spiritual energies that Sun/Neptune bring to us. She asks you to nurture the self, before seeking to nurture another that the cycle of receiving and giving can continue. She rejects the exclusion of the Feminine, particularly of her ‘Shadow’ (unknown, often misunderstood) aspects in our contemporary spiritual discourse. She is a powerful moment for female and male spiritualists who Honor the Call of the Dark Goddess and Love, in Her Name. You might find this video also of interest –

(3) Jupiter in Leo opposite Vesta in Aquarius, trines Uranus in Aries – The energy of the Guru/Guide/Teacher issues his challenge to the Awakening Priest/ess (any kind of Spiritual Facilitator). We are asked to dig into our deepest vulnerabilities that lie at the hearts of our Inner Child. We are asked to move past the pain and back into that warm, rich, generous source of Love and Warmth that we all have the capacity to embody. Vesta asks you to ‘sacrifice’ a particular perspective that may be holding you back from viewing this lesson – and then to share what you have learnt with the collective. It will require a certain degree of detachment from the Egoic sense of ‘I hurt/am hurt/have been hurt’ that is associated with cycles of hurt, wounding, or victimization. This does not mean that pain does not exist, it means that you can view it from a perspective that no longer needs to carry for that particular cycle of experience. Vesta is also sextiled Uranus – so you may find a certain bolt of awakening or insight that can help you transcend an older layer of Self, to discover a more authentic one. The Jupiter-Uranus trine activates the role of Uranus in creating this Bridge of Awakening and Transcendence of/through the Self.

(4) Mercury in Aquarius trines the North Node in Libra, sextiles the South Node in Aries – We are challenged to find ways to seek a more detached, deeper, inclusive, and accepting idea of ‘Balance’. Balance is not the erasure of all that is unpleasant, or the acceptance of abuse – it seeks to find a just way in which all can Co-Exist. Boundaries may need to be drawn, but with words that come from compassion rather than Anger or Defensiveness. Drawn upon past lessons to see where you may learn from your past responses to similar situations.

(5) Saturn Trines Juno Retrograde as part of the Grand Fire Trine with Mars and Venus in Aries –
(6) Jupiter Retrograde inconjuncts Pluto – as part of the Month-Long Yod –
(7) Uranus squares Pluto – we’ve been talking about these two for three years now 😀 a future article will spell out the exact impact of the final, seventh square!

Dates and degrees of aspects, based on GMT/UTC

February 21 – Saturn trines Juno Retrograde (4 Sagittarius – Leo)
February 25 – Vesta sextiles Uranus (14 Aquarius – Aries)
Februrary 26 – Sun conjuncts Neptune (7 Pisces)
February 27 – Jupiter Retrograde opposes Vesta (15 Leo – Aquarius); Mercury trines North Node, sextiles South Node (11 Aquarius – Libra – Aries); Jupiter Rx inconjuncts Pluto (14 Leo – Capricorn)
March 1 – Sun opposes Black Moon Lilith (10 Pisces – Virgo)
March 3 – Jupiter Retrograde trines Uranus (14 Leo – Aries)
March 4 – Mercury conjuncts Vesta (17 Aquarius)
March 16 – Uranus squares Pluto (15 Aries-Capricorn, late in the evening)

** there’ll be a lot of other stuff going on as well – this list is relevant to the preceding discussion. Also, the 10 aspect figure naturally changes if you include more astrological bodies into consideration.

Blessings to all, and I hope this is of use in understanding the complexity and intensity of the energies now.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Panel interview 1

Topics/Questions addressed in this interview (in order of their discussion):

– What is a Priestess?
– Who am I? How did I get started on The Path?
– What is the Nurturing Feminine/Masculine?
– What is the Assertive Masculine/Feminine?
– Astrological Bodies that represent the Feminine/Masculine
– Interpreting Venus & Mars in the Natal Chart
– The Goddess & God in Astrology
– Reinterpreting Juno and Virgo
– The Fiery Venus: Going back to Goddesses Ishtar and Inanna
– The Compassionate Masculine: The Christ Archetype and Lord Shiva
– Eroding Gender Binaries and its Impact on Astrological Interpretation
– The Path of Formlessness / Dissolution
– What is ‘The Shadow’? (Goddess Chinnamasta as Compassion, Saturn as Crone-Love – Reversing the Archetypes and bringing them into balance)
– Nessus & Overcoming the Cycle of Abuse
– Eros & Intimacy
– Re-defining Astrology as a Tool of Healing

+ why everything said in this interview is but one Truth, not fixed, and open to Interpretation and Evolution … breaking through the stereotypes!


Many thanks to Empower You Media and Conscious Consumer Network TV and all panelists. Links: , and Living Astrology


Blessings to all,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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My interview on Living Astrology with Janet Hickox during the New Moon in Aquarius-Pisces a few days ago. You can’t see my picture here, just the voice. We discuss the sheer power and intensity of this New Moon and the seeds that we’ve during this time. Also a deep discussion on asteroid Nessus and what it implies for the collective healing of wounds of abuse.

Many thanks to Janet for having me on the show. Also feel free to check out her page at . Those of you interested in a TV network focused on empowering the self by raising your own consciousness, head to:

GRAND FIRE TRINE: SATURN, VENUS/MARS, JUNO RETROGRADE – The Karmic Taskmaster, The Cosmic Lovers and The Soulmate/Gateway to the Divine Feminine, Beckon.

Grand Fire Trine

Blessings to all. Saturn, Venus + Mars and Juno are now forming a GRAND FIRE TRINE, a part of the Great Goddess Fire Trine that is set to dominate the energies of 2015 ( ) . Fire energy is associated with alchemy, transformation, purification, inspiration and creative drive. It is the energy of the ‘go-getter’, the pioneer, the leader that pushes through a new vision or idea in the world.

The Grand Fire Trine allows you to experience, question, and assert the ways in which you experience your true Essence of Self. Is it through what your body tells you? your ego? the way other people see you or approve of you? or through experiencing the world, one adventure at a time?

Let’s take a look at what each body brings to this intensely charged alignment to flesh out those questions a little more.

(1) Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius deals with our belief systems, ideologies, philosophies, spiritual paths, relationships with gurus, mentors and teachers, as well as religious and academic institutions. Not to mention foreign travel, a sense of adventure, and wanting to find wisdom from one mountaintop to the next. It’s also associated with the discipline of astrology as that tends to give you a bird’s-eye view of things.

With Saturn in this position, we are asked to question the structure, discipline, organization, authority, legitimacy and viability of the teachers/paths/adventures, etc. that we hold dear to ourselves. All that cannot stand the test of time will have to go. All that can, will be strengthened further. This can manifest as an internal sense of pressure, or through an external authority figure that seeks to tell you what is your own Truth, or both.

(2) Venus and Mars in Aries: The Cosmic Lovers essentially ask us to be mindful of what we are attracted towards, and to what lengths we will go to acquire it. It’s a very revealing time in which we will learn what matters most to us, in terms of material desires and needs. This can be a powerful exercise in Knowing the Self, as well as finding ways in which we can unite both the Masculine and the Feminine aspects of our own psyches. Externally speaking, it can represent the powerful influence of your significant other in shaping the way that you see, express and assert the Self. Remember that we’re all going through this aspect, so it’s not just a one-way thing.

(3) Juno Retrograde in Leo: Juno represents the energy of Soul-Completion, and equally of the Divine Feminine in all of her forms. She opens the self, sometimes through pleasant, and at other times, painful activations. At times we engage with the Feminine through the modality of pleasure, acceptance, joy and happiness, and at other times, we are led to her through experiences of loss, grief and sorrow. In Leo, Juno’s focus is upon the Heart and Sacral Chakra. On matters of love, sensuality, creativity, romance, the energy/archetype of the Child, one’s sense of joy in life, and so on. At this time we are profoundly activated by soul-mates (those whom we have made soul contracts with to learn and grow in significant ways) who then ask us to express and transform certain fundamental aspects of the way we Express our Being. Bear in mind that soulmates are not necessarily romantic or sexual partners

I would’t call this alignment a necessarily positive or negative time – as Trine energies are never one thing or another. They represent a coming together of different streams of energy that are then amplified through that interaction. What is amplified can be a wonderful experience, or it can be more of something unpleasant. It really comes down to your individual choice in working with/through this energy.

Some of us may be finding the Saturn challenge to be a pleasant one, aligning our views and philosophies of life with something that is life-affirming and confirming of the love we feel from close partnerships, and from within our own Beings. The absolute reverse can apply if there is a significant challenge expressed by any one of these bodies, though I suspect Saturn’s role will be the hardest to handle for most.

Whichever way you choose to handle this energy, know that you are setting seeds, and beginning your commitment to a long-term process of asserting, expressing, and knowing The Nature of The Self.

This Grand Fire Trine began on Feb 18 and will last until March 5, 2015. It is particularly intense now due to the exact trine formed between Saturn and Venus (Feb 24) and Saturn and Mars (Feb 25).

Blessings to All:

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD ;
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Blessings all. Today’s a fairly intense day with the powerful square between The Sun and Saturn at 4 Pisces-Sagittarius ’37, 1:56 pm GMT [Feb 23rd, 2015]. Let’s talk about what both these energies represent.

SUN IN PISCES – The Sun in Pisces asks us to focus upon our connection with Spirit, Mystery and the wider Cosmic Ocean that connects us all. In itself the Piscean Sun can represent a beautiful, vulnerable, tender and deeply intuitive connection with all Spiritual matters, perpetually seeking to experience and transcend the veil of Maya or Illusion.

But there is a flipside. Pisces is famous for its illusions and its ability to form a haze or veil over our perceptions. It speaks of no boundaries, but in physical life, we do require them. There is a great capacity for this energy to be thwarted or manipulated in some form using the rhetoric of transcendental love.

For instance, Pisces’ energy is capable of great surrender, even self-sacrifice when motivated by Pure, Detached, Love and Compassion. Think of figures like The Christ and Lord Shiva (as he lays down in front of Kali, surrendering to her rage). The same appearance of self-sacrifice can instead – when this energy is imbalanced – become an egoic form of matryrdom. Think of the kind of energy that goes accompanies such statements as ‘Oh, look how much I’ve sacrificed for you, etc.’. It then becomes a form of energetic and emotional manipulation masquerading in the guide of the most Cosmic Form of Love possible.

In short, the Sun in Pisces is a very wide-open energy. It can manifest in many different ways, all of which have to with the degree of authenticity with which we deal with matters of Spirit, Surrender and Sacrifice. It is all too easy to fall into the projected illusions that come from our individual egoes that may want to see us as Saviours, Martyrs, Spiritually Ascended Beings, etc.

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS – Saturn is the great karmic task-master. Its energies often teach us through the modality of restriction and limitation, where you learn that at times, less is more. Especially when what little you have forms the basis of a stable foundation for where you want to go. I disagree with the reading of Saturn as a ‘Malefic’ planet as its transits leave us with a far stronger sense of stability and foundation. I think of it as the Universe’s response to the idea of ‘Tough Love’.

Saturn asks us to think about the ways that we find discipline, order, structure and to understand relationships of power and authority. In Sagittarius, these energies are fixated upon any pursuit of a greater sense or domain of truth that takes us beyond our own horizons. This includes higher education, travel, learning, philosophy, academia, religious institutions and so on.

It’s a powerful energy that tests and pushes us to to find answers, ideas, teachers, and teachings on our Spiritual Paths, Ideologies and Philosophies that can actually stand the test of time. It also tests the foundation of authority as held by anything that claims to hold an ‘established’ or ‘legitimate’ claim to a higher/deeper/special level of knowledge.

Those ideas, institutions, teachers, mentors, gurus and guides that present false claims to knowing the Truth of the Self will fare poorly under this transit. Those who take us deeper and farther on our pursuit of knowledge and Self-Expansion through knowing our place in the Wider World/Cosmos, will grow into positions of (earned) respectability, authority and legitimacy.

Now Sagittarius’ energy, whilst being a Mutable sign, can still be quite dogmatic about its truth. It can, especially with Saturn, throw around the weight of its (real or perceived) authority in claiming that another truth is Wrong, just because it is different. It can also hold onto to false ideas of Truth on the basis of its authority alone. A significant scope for the abuse of power and giving into a sense of hubris is possible, especially where one’s status is used as the basis of validating the accuracy of their statement/idea/path of knowledge. That does not mean that all who have status as ‘teachers’ are going to abuse it … it’s a possibility, not a certainty.


When the Sun meets Saturn, we see a situation where the karmic obstacle placed by Saturn challenges the fullest expression of our vital energies. In Sagittarius, this opposition or resistance is likely to come through an authority figure (if personified in flesh) that appears to dictate what is True for You or where you need to Go.

The knowledge that his figure (or potentially an archetype within your own mind, or both) puts forth may or may not be right – but its impact on your sense of Self can feel tense, harsh and restrictive. This is particularly uncomfortable for the Piscean Sun that seeks to Dissolve into the Cosmic Ocean, without a form, shape, vessel or definition. That doesn’t sit well with Sagittarian Saturn – it seeks to organize and structure the kinds of spiritual experiences the Sun in Pisces is opening itself to experiencing. For Sagittarius, those experiences are already set in stone through established Paths that make claims (very often) of Absolute Knowledge and Certainty.

Within our psyches, we may experience this as a tense conflict between the parts of ourselves that seek to resist labeling and confinement, alongside those bits that want a sense of – where the heck we’re going. One the one hand, we are the purest embodiments of Spirit, whilst, on the other, we’re looking to guides and those we consider authorities on the subject. Similarly, whilst we consider our claims of Truth to be entirely what we require, we also look to the claims of others who may have walked a similar road.

I wouldn’t call this a ‘bad’ aspect at all. Tense, yes. Difficult, certainly for some. I see squares as profoundly creative aspects – they create in the way that tonnes of pressure can transform a piece of coal into a diamond. Those who have placements at or near 4 Gemini and 4 Virgo will either experience this as a Mutable T-Square or a Grand Mutable Cross (if both are present).

The solutions that this particular Sun-Saturn square can bring are a powerful lessons for the collective.

We are, collectively now, being called to the idea that the One Truth, or One Absolute that exists in the Spiritual Journey – is that there is no such thing. There is still a legitimate space for what we call spiritual guidance, mentorship, and the role of authority and experience showing the way forward – but in ways that do not deny the validity or legitimacy of our own personal, sacred and deeply intimate experiences with Spirit. In fact, we’re seeing the need for further standards, greater discipline, and more structure in the way we collectively undertake this journey and recognize those who can lead or guide us, at least for a little part of the way (where appropriate).

On the flip-side, we can also find ways to ‘open up’, become more receptive, and less rigid in our understandings of Truth, Paradigms of Knowledge and Pathways of Spiritual Journeying. Too much restriction and limitation is just as bad as too little 😉 Open up to the idea of multiple authorities, paradigms, and ways to reach Spirit – and you’ll probably relieve yourself of the stress this aspect can bring.

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Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Whilst our Spirits are eternal, the Bodies that house them still undergo key maturation processes. And as our bodies mature, our ability to process, interpret and integrate spiritual (in fact, any) information changes. This is not to make a case for wisdom that comes with age (there are plenty of ‘wise young ones’ and ‘old ones who don’t quite get it’) – but to say that we change so profoundly through our biological life-cycles – and we need to honor those changes.

I find that the Soul Portrait Sessions I offer are best suited for those who have already spent a little time on their own path. Part of that comes down to age, the other part experience. Biologically speaking, the brain significantly re-wires itself when we are in our mid-20s, and for women, it is at this time that our cycles actually begin to stabilize.

The kind of work that I do allows you to see new pathways and possibilities in your lives. And for those who have remained stuck for a long while, can be a tremendous wake-up call to find your Journey once more. The full Soul Session, for most people, is something that you only need ONCE in your lifetime. So time it well and follow your deepest instincts as to when you should book.

Another reason why age comes into a consideration of whether I take up a reading is because – all of our Journeys – are made up of the sum of our decisions, our good calls, and our mistakes. Interfering with that process prematurely has its own consequences.

Astrology has the notorious reputation for being a prescriptive and fixed, telling you that ‘this is your life, and that’s all you are’. It’s especially dangerous when you introduce that idea to one who is still at the very start of that process of discovery – rejecting that truth entirely (as the rebel) is just as bad as robotically following it (as one who conforms). Which is why I often turn down clients who want me to basically tell them how to live, irrespective of age.

Don’t be afraid to leap or explore new territory, it’s part of your own growth process. And sometimes the mixture of anxiety, nervousness and fear of exploring new territory is a powerful motivator that keeps us connected to ourselves and our deepest emotions! It’s something that celebrates the human gift that you are, rather than taking away anything from the experience.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
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