Hello everyone. Apologies for not posting recently. Been down with a tummy bug and fighting a 107 degree fever over the past few days. I am fine now but am heartbroken to hear about the devastation in Nepal and plan to resume my radio shows – first with a special episode dedicated to my pilgrimage in Nepal last year. In addition to the tragic loss of life experienced, Nepal has also suffered in terms of destruction of ancient monuments, key sites of heritage that keep alive the customs, beliefs and energies of the Himalayan nation.

Stay tuned for more information as to when that episode will air.

In terms of astrology, I’d like to point out that we are currently experiencing a Neptune (9 Pisces) – Juno (9 Leo) inconjunct aspect. Many of us will be pushed towards the dissolution of boundaries and/or illusory perceptions through the actions of one we consider a soul-mate, or one who has made an agreement prior to incarnation with you in order to help you complete and experience certain lessons in this life-cycle. It can be a fairly discordant spiritual experience for some as the veils of comfortable illusion are parted to reveal a more transcendent understanding of reality that challenges your world-views, and perceptions of Self (and Other).

Those with bodies near 9 Libra and/or 9 Capricorn will experience this as an extremely powerful Yod or Finger of Fate/Karma/Destiny. Remember that you can look up your natal chart at http://www.astro.com or through various other sites on Google.

Much Love and Many Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam​ PhD
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Recently, someone asked me what I meant by ‘Formlessness’ – It’s come up a lot in my ongoing pilgrimage.

I understand the Path of Formlessness as something that detaches from a particular fixation upon form. It does not negate the fact that spirit can move and work through matter, but that it can and does constantly shift its form of expression. Spiritual energy, Divinity, our connection with some sense of Cosmic Consciousness does not have to be held down and exclusively confined to material objects, ideas and practices – be it a statue, temple, ritual, religion, ideology or spiritual world-view.

Formlessness in other words, honors the various material expressions of Divinity but does not see the need to confine itself to one in particular. One can find the sacred in a blade of grass, a lone puppy wandering without food on the street, the smile of a friend, the glorious statue of a Goddess, an ancient temple, your reflection in the mirror – and more (or nothing at All).

I would however draw the line at claiming that material forms are somehow … lesser or impure. They are channels of expression, the canvas through which we see the movement of spirit. – in the same way that you can see the movement of the wind across the lake by observing changes at the water’s surface, or the presence of force by the changes it can exert on objects.

And that is where – for me – The Dark Goddess comes in. She teaches me to honor Her, and all Things in All Forms, and to detach from my preconceptions of what an expression or experience of Divinity must look and feel like. And at the end of the day, I know that that construct too will one day give rise to a perspective that transcends even that.

As She takes me through the different levels of consciousness, she ensures that I arrive at – time and again – in the space of Compassionate Detachment. Where I find Her, so too do I find the Compassionate Masculine.

When someone asks me what my spiritual path is — this is the answer I give them – I am a Daughter, Priestess and Embodiment of the Dark Goddess, on the Path of Formlessness. (And at some point, even that answer will dissolve).

Now, some people find the idea that they-you-we-me-everyone ’embodies divinity’ as problematic. Part of that comes from the elevated status that we ritually ascribe to The Sacred. But by going on the Path that allows you to realize your inner Divinity, you often lose any interest in any kind of pomp, ceremony, title, validation or any kind of special treatment for realizing it. You might still need some ritual forms and understandings to express your sacred energy, but there is … a detachment to that expression.

In other words – We are all expressions of Divine Energy. And when one begins to realize that at a deeper level, any idea of ‘grandeur’, or superiority on account of that Divinity flies out the window.

This reminds me of a line from one of my favourite films (Baba, 2002) where a disillusioned seeker meets Mahavatar Babaji – a great spiritual presence who is said to remain eternally young in the Himalayas – and asks him –

Are you God?

Mahaavatar replies. I am God. You are God. All things are God. The only difference between you and I is that I have realized that, whilst you haven’t.

This is the lesson that my pilgrimage has been.. teaching me at a cellular level. I’ve been visiting my favourite temples, and finding myself disillusioned with the physical trappings.. It’s a good kind of disillusionment. I’m still going to keep going with the pilgrimage, but it feels that the purpose has shifted.

Believe me when I say I’ve felt this overwhelming urge to simply give up all of that (the title, the path, the constructions, the explanations, the words) and sit somewhere and just be. I still have certain responsibilities and duties that I chose to fulfill, though I await the time where that complete surrender can happen.

It’s one thing to read about how we are all Divine and understand the philosophy behind it – and I assure you, it’s a very different thing when you begin to feel that in every fiber of your being. In some sense you crave disembodiment, what the ancients called ‘Jeeva Samadhi’, where the Soul returns back to the Elements and is at One. It remains alive in some form, but without the physical body to house that consciousness.

It’s a very different idea than dying, suicide, or anything of that sort. Attaining that state requires great discipline, unconditional love and absolute surrender – Of Everything. Even the Ego that would like to believe that you’re doing that already.

Being in the land of my ancestors, Tamil Nadu, I find myself less and less fixated upon defining myself in terms of any identity. Be it a national, ethnic, religious, spiritual, gendered, or in fact – any identity.

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t feel like I’m having an identity crisis, but am stripping away the various attachments I had to certain ideas, and a more … eternal sense of Self is beginning to show itself.

As the Soul begins to remember its origins, such definitions generally dissolve. For we have all cycled through various lifetimes of being men, women, different genders, of living in various cultures, of learning so much that it seems pointless to have a definition of the Self confined to the present lifetime.

At least that is where my journey is taking me. I expected to learn and feel something completely different on this trip, but I’m glad I’m being guided in the way that I am.

At some point, the external search simply comes to a halt.

Gattam Gattam; Mudinjithu Mudinjipotchi (What is done, is done – In Sanskrit and Tamil)

And one finds, that at the end of the day, you and your Beloved, you and your sense of Divinity have always been One and the Same.

And the next chapter begins.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

I will be speaking more about my experiences on this pilgrimage at 4 pm Tuesday (Central US/Chicago Time) on The Dark Mother’s Children. Tune in if you’d like to find out more – www.wgtrlive.com

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Blessings to All,

Mercury is about to conjunct Uranus (and The Sun) – within the next 20 minutes!. This is going to energize the remnants of the Uranus-Pluto dynamic, and bring with it an unexpected bolt of information, answers, messages, or even much needed questions. Trust the truth of the Self ❤ The role of communication is highlighted here, so choose your words wisely today , and try not to take others’ expressions personally. Everyone has .. quite a bit on their plate.

This Sun-Mercury-Uranus conjunction squares Pluto and inconjuncts Black Moon Lilith. Those with placements close to 14 Aquarius or 14 Scorpio will experience this as a Yod! Pivotal, punctuated karmic point at which you make significant choices as to the way you integrate the aspect of the Dark/Shadow Feminine into your Path of Service.

Find out more about the general energies of the skies at this time here –http://wp.me/p4OUNS-sV : Revisiting the Lessons of 2012-2015

Hours away from beginning my pilgrimage to India. Whoo!


Priestess B. Bairavee

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD



Mystic Sailors with logo

Blessings to All! The Sun, representing the Light of Awareness and our Conscious point of Focus meets Uranus, The Great Revealer/Awakener in the Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries. This occurs at 16 Aries’ 27 at 10:07 pm GMT + 8.

In other words, we’re at the brink of receiving a Jolt of Awakening, a Lighting Strike of Surprise that can result in transformed perceptions of The Self and ‘I AM’ Consciousness.This conjunction is squared Pluto (The Great Transformer-through-Crisis, The Lord of the Underworld, Shadow-Working at 15 Capricorn). Quite literally, this alignment is going to be making you revisit the lessons of the 7 Exact Uranus-Pluto Squares (2012-2015) in a very conscious way.

The Sun squared Pluto exactly at 15 Aries-Capricorn ’30 at 11:10 pm yesterday (5th April 2015, GMT + 8). I’d say we’d have been feeling the buildup to this alignment even earlier- and that it’ll linger for a few more days, as well.

As we’ve been doing so much work with Uranus-Pluto as of late, I feel as though – for some – this isn’t going to feel like a bolt out of the blue, so much as a much needed spark to rev up things and get the engine going. For others, particuarly those who have been avoiding the Consciousness-Expanding-Transforming process that Uranus has been involved in with Pluto, particularly since 2012 – it might manifest as a heavy-handed spanner thrown in the works. It’s hard to predict which way the ‘surprise!’ element of Uranus goes: or how the ‘burn it till it turns to ash, let it rise again stronger’ Phoenix-dynamic of Pluto will manifest: Is it the lightning stike in the ocean that gives rise to life? Or is the lightning strike that hits a tree and causes a forest fire?

From the spiritual perspective, either option might be seen as equally rewarding, if only to make way for the new in the latter case – but from the human experience, such events can range from being beautiful surprises to devastating ones. Pluto’s influence in this alignment can bring about crises, challenges, sometimes bring a person face-to-face with some kind of death to find the lesson in the Shadow. But what is often forgotten about Pluto is that it is the Alchemical Chamber of Spirit:

“That which is burnt in its fires, rises again; That which seeks refuge in its Shadow, regenerates”

As a collective, we now know what Uranus and Pluto teach us. So let’s speak of The Sun itself, the key trigger or catalyst of this alignment:

The Sun is associated with Leo (5th House), and so that is linked to (as I see it) with the tender, joyous aspects of the Sacral Chakra – that includes sensuality, sexuality, children, romance, joie de vivre (the joy of life), honoring the yoni (womb, vagina) /linga (phallus) and so on. In the same way the Moon is associated with the Mother, the Sun is associated with the Father.

You may find such great awakenings, revelations, or transformations in the way you see yourself arising through your connections with people or energies in this part of your life. The Sun is also associated with powerful Lion-Goddesses such as Goddess Durga, Goddess Sekhmet, and so on 🙂 Ritual practitioners and spiritualists honoring such deities may also want to take note of what’s going on.


Sun/Uranus square Pluto & Memoria (16 Capricorn ’19): Memoria highlights the role of memories in triggering or catalyzing our transformation process. I’ve been seeing this in myself quite strongly as of late. Things from decades ago which I’d forgotten, rising to the surface now to bring me the information I need to heal. Sometimes the process of re-membering can be beautiful and make you feel strong, and other times it can open up old vulnerabilities that need to be addressed (empowering in a different way).

Sun/Uranus opposite Zeus (16 Libra ’42): Zeus is a Uranian Planet, which according to Arlene Kramer represents “Controlled, directed energy…. Zeus is like a loaded gun that is aimed. Even the glyph looks like a rocket. It signifies well planned efforts.” (http://arlenekramer.net/uranian_eightplanets.asp) In Libra, I feel as though this relates to powerful breakthroughs and releases of energy in the aspects of our lives that deal with partnerships (interpersonal, transpersonal, intrapersonal – with others, with the Divine, within ourselves). It’s also a great time to focus upon the ways in which collaborate efforts can support your individual work of awakening, and vice versa. But bear in mind that the intense power of Zeus is very much like a compressed spring then bouncing back with full force. Certain dynamics that arise now, whilst powerful, might actually require the breakdown of certain things before new breakthroughs can be made.

Sun/Uranus trine Sila-Nunam (15 Leo ’59): Sila-Nunam represents the energy of calm acceptance, in which two different vibrations are harmoniously merged and woven into a perfect symphony. It represents a coming together of elements that create something beautiful that exceeds the sum of its parts. http://markandrewholmes.com/sila_nunam.html In Leo, I interpret Sila-Nunam to focus itself upon things such as healing the Inner Child, childhood abuse/trauma, the Sacral Chakra, revitalizing one’s Creative Spirit and desire to express the Song of the Self in the World. This trine provides powerful energies that ask us to meet the shadow within and dance in its fires as part of our inner alchemical process.

Sun/Uranus sextile Siva (16 Aquarius 56): Asteroid Siva represents the energies of The God Siva – the power of both destruction and creation, raw masculinity as the sum of both destructive potential and easygoing acceptance and willful surrender. I view this as a powerful alignment that supports our collective awakening of the Compassionate Masculine Archetype as we re-member and rejoice in the energies of the Fiery, Assertive Feminine.

Remember that Eris, the Dark Goddess is nearby at 22 Aries ’39. Also – Psyche (15 Aries ’23) still conjuncts Sun/Uranus – Her role is to help us re-claim the meaning and form of ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ in both Light and Dark.

Those with bodies near 12-20 Virgo will experience this as a Profound Yod! A Yod is a Finger of Fate/Karma/God/Goddess/Destiny that will bring a person to a pivotal decision point, or crossroads of choice. What they choose strongly influences their next cycle of learning in that particular aspect of their spiritual journey.

(My day makes more sense now – I had a wonderful deepening in my own relationship with my Mother, my first Dark Goddess in a physical form 😀  I have a Virgo Moon )

Pluto sextile Deucalion (15 Scorpio ’17): This sextile reminds us of the power of choice as we navigate through deep waters of Spirit. At some level, we get to choose the way we process deep, transformative emotional events, memories and experiences.Those with placements at 11-19 Gemini will experience this as a powerful Yod alters the way we perceive, articulate and express ourselves as we learn through profoundly deep, intense experiences. It can also, for some, indicate a culmination point of some kind in one’s relationship with their sibling.

To know more about how each alignment will manifest itself for you – You can draw up a free natal chart at www.astro.com and find your house placement. Google can help you with the rest, try searching for: what does the (x, y, z, 1, 2, 3, etc.) house in astrology mean? Other factors in the natal chart can also influence your experience of this energy, as with just about everything else that happens in the skies.

For the overview of the past week’s astrology, tune into the most recent episode of ‘ Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD’ at www.wgtrdemand.com/astrology-priestess-bb.html . Next week’s episode will air at 9 am Thursday, Central US Time. Stay tuned for the live link.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
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Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

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Sacred Womb 2

In Part 1 (http://wp.me/p4OUNS-sx), we discussed the astrology of the Eclipse – now we discuss its symbolism. What does it mean for us all?

For me, this Eclipse strongly speaks to the need to reclaim certain archetypes that have been heavily projected upon as ‘Bad’, ‘Evil’, ‘Negative’, when in fact, they can be deeply Sacred. I’m speaking of course, of the Rise of the Feminine as an equal and necessary aspect of the Spectrum of Energies that makes up ‘Divinity’. There are sound astrological and symbolic reasons for linking this phenomena with the energetic re-claiming that I speak of, so keep reading 🙂

This particular eclipse is a Blood Moon. It appears red due to the refraction of the Sun’s light as it streams, and is refracted by, its interaction with the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere – the resulting red rays are projected onto the Moon – which we then see as the ‘blood-red’ colour. So, at first, a very literal physical distortion and projection of colour onto a neutral object.

The second level or layer or projection is symbolic: It comes with the association of the ‘Redness’ of the Moon with something Apocalyptic, Dangerous, and so on. Now, as a woman and a Priestess on the Path of Formlessness (as taught to me by the Dark Mother) – I see Redness something very, very different.

I see Redness and I think of Life, Sex, Passion, Vitality and the Cycles of Menstruation. I see it as proof of my body’s ability to Bear Life, and its attunement with the cycles of Nature. I see it as a bond I share with all women, from time immemorial to the present, and (hopefully) the future. I see it as a potent Elixir, one that bears within it many secrets of Rejuvenation (as science is beginning to show as well).

And yet, when I consider the ways it has been projected upon —

I see the Sacred Red Streak, the same Scarlet Shade that has been projected upon as being Shameful, Dirty, Toxic and Unfit to be placed in the eyes of the Divine. I see it as the Strength of Woman turned against her into a source of crippling Shame.

I think of the woman who is denied the role of the priestess, or even entry to the Sacred Temple, as Her Blood as she cannot face the Divine with her Impure Blood
I think of the maidens who are kept apart from their families at this time, sometimes told that their blood will soil even the food that they touch.

I think of the crone who regrets for the many years she was told to hide away and pretend that her body did not bleed in preparation of life.

And so, I see this time as a powerful opportunity to Reclaim Redness, to wash away the shame associated with Menstruation and – more broadly – with a woman’s ability to connect with the Divine.

There are of course other connotations of Blood – The Shakta Tradition shows the Sacrifice of Goddess Chinnamasta, The Christian Tradition associates this with the Passion of the Christ (and, well, we’re close to Easter Sunday). The rhetoric of nationalism calls to honor the blood spilt of the soldier in battle. Some of these associations are tender, and others are deeply problematic.

When we think of the way that the blood spilt from the menstrual cycle is something kept outside the categories of ‘the sacred’ or ‘the honorable’ … well … that tells you a lot. Why is blood spilt in Death any less sacred than that which emerges to precede and prepare for Life?

Spiritualists will also note the connection of Blood-Redness with the Base Chakra and all that it represents. Our vitality, our connection with Physical Reality, our link with our ‘Tribe’ (to quite Caroline Myss) – as expressed through the Base Chakra energy center (lower back to coccyx/base of the spine). It’s a time wherein we are called to recognize that our material, physical, ‘basic’ needs are just as valid and as important as loftier spiritual ideas and non-physical energetic work.

Earth rituals will be particularly potent at this time – so it’s a great time to honor that Sacred Connection we all share, life supported by the spinning fires of Mama-Gaia – particularly those that involve sacred blood, as it was so in ancient times.

I find this nexus between Sacred Blood-Women-Spirituality-The Earth-The Womb be the the symbolic and archetypal heart of this Eclipse and the kinds of transformations it brings about in us all.

And the astrology supports that interpretation.

In a direct sense, this Libra Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon is culminating the seeds of intention we placed during the Libra New Moon last year: September 24, 2014. The big highlight of that lunation was the Sun/Moon conjunction with the Super-Galactic Center (a supermassive black hole at the heart of the Laniakea supercluster the Milky Way is a part of), along with a Novile to Black Moon Lilith in Leo.

Anything that touches the SGC point links back to this .. profoundly powerful Source-Connection we have with the Universe. The ripples and waves made of this conjunction spread far and wide, in ways that we (using the rational or intellectual mind) cannot begin to fathom.

The Novile to BM Lilith indicated that it was a time to begin to address our relationship with the Shadow of the Feminine, and the ways in which Her Creativity, Sexuality, Sacred Womb and Playfulness have been heavily projected upon and/or suppressed. We will see the full culmination of those seeds during the September Full Moon of 2023.

And yet, we already begin to see the ways that this .. movement towards Balance and an acknowledgement and Healing of the Shadow-Feminine is taking place. It is little wonder that my 2nd radio show, called ‘The Dark Mother’s Children’ suddenly scheduled to air in the shadow build-up period of this Eclipse. I’d urge you to tune into it if this subject speaks to your Soul. Link Here: www.wgtrdemand.com/the-dark-mothers-children.html

I’ve also been seeing so many others begin to step into the idea that the archetype of Darkness is not all that we have led to believe it to be (i.e. Evil, Negative, and so on). It’s a wonderful, wonderful, thing to witness!

Moreover .. Black Moon Lilith is – right now – making a powerful inconjunct to the Sun! This is a particularly disquieting aspect that demand the Light of Consciousness/Awareness from the Self to be turned to the Dark Mother (Black Moon Lilith) in the Sign of the Priestess (Virgo). In short, our awareness is being pushed to those uncomfortable, denied, neglected and heavily projected upon energies of the Dark Priestess Herself! Those with placements near 14 Scorpio or Aquarius will experience a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) that will lead you to a key decision point in the ways in which you relate to the Dark aspects of the Sacred Feminine.

Lilith herself represents a neat bridge between the astrology and symbolism of the Blood Moon – with the Reclaiming of the Red, Dark, Bloody Feminine.

We’ve seen too often in human history where the woman who would not submit (think Lilith in the Judeo-Christian tradition) was projected upon as a Whore, Witch, Nightly Terror, a Threat to Man after she left Adam, refusing to serve and submit to him.

It’s a powerful strategy of suppression and silencing found all across the globe, leveled against (particularly) women who seek to find their own paths and honor the deep magic within themselves.

This also relates to the rejection of women’s bodies and the spiritual path of Gnosis that arises through a very specific relationship between the moon, the womb, menstrual cycles and other biological-spiritual connections specific to women.

In some sense, the rise of Woman and her link with the Mysteries can be seen as a direct challenge to some of the dogma that organized forms of religion preach. The idea of a Goddess, and a very earthy, bleedy, tender and beautifully messy representation of deity stands in contrast to idea of ‘God’.

Which brings me to the question of the Blood Moon Tetrad and its link with the Apocalypse.

This Lunar Eclipse is the 3rd in a sequence of of 4 Blood Moons (total lunar eclipses), one after the other with a 6 month interval between each. It’s a fairly rare occurrence. Here’s the sequence – April 15, 2014; October 8 2014, April 4 2015 and September 28 2015.

Some followers of Judaism and Christianity believe that this is the sign of the Apocalypse – and others see it simply as indicating a great moment in the history of this planet, especially as some of them coincide with important Jewish holidays. I can’t help but notice how close we are to Easter Sunday as well.

But does it mean the end of the world? Yes, but not in the way one assumes it to be.

In a very real sense, the world has been ‘ending’ since 2012 — and many are already beginning to do the work of rebuilding the new. Some are still sitting in that silent space, awaiting rebirth in that liminal space between death and life. And so much of that process was tied in with the square between Uranus in Aries (Transformation of the Evolution) square Pluto in Capricorn (Crisis-Transformation of Legacy).

Such cycles of birth, death and rebirth take place in all of our lives, without necessarily requiring a physical loss of life. A cycle which women are intimately in tune with, through their blood mysteries – wisdom that is now being remembered, and brought back into the collective consciousness.

What about the Apocalypse? I’m quoting from Wikipedia here – An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning “uncovering”), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden

Given the role of Black Moon Lilith in the Libra New Moon and Full Moon, the projections upon the Blood-Red Moon, and the sheer disruption that the rise of the Feminine and her Mysteries can bring to our mainstream understanding of religion ….  well.. .

I’d say the ‘revelation’, or ‘lifting of the veil’ this Apocalypse brings

will be nothing short of a complete transformation of our belief systems

As She, The Dark Mother, The Dark Feminine, The Dark Priestess

The Sacred Feminine Path, The Holy Black-Red Womb … Returns.

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Link to The Dark Mother’s Children where I speak more on this subject – www.wgtrdemand.com/the-dark-mothers-children.html (The Archetypes of Womb, Mother, Darkness, Feminine Energy, and how they all intersect – and the practices and ideas that seek to cast them as somehow ‘negative’ or ‘taboo’)

Recommended Books:
Anatomy of Spirit, Caroline Myss
Red, Hot and Holy, Sera Beak

Source: Wikipedia – for etymology of ‘Apocalypse’ (originally read in Red, Hot and Holy – the idea of linking the Apocalypse to the Unveiling of the Feminine came from there)
Astrological connections – My own

© Text and Image: Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015

PART 1: THE ASTROLOGY OF THE BLOOD MOON, APRIL 4TH 2015 – The Sun, Moon, Uranus-Pluto, Great Attractor, Psyche, Hopi, Askalaphus, — and more! + Connections with Past Timelines

Part 1 Blood Moon

Blessings to everyone 🙂 We’re hours away from the Lunar Eclipse in Libra that will go exact at 14 Libra ’24, at 12:05 pm GMT. This Total Lunar Eclipse is basically a Full Moon in which the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon – you can draw a perfectly straight line through them. It is the shortest eclipse of the 21st century, lasting a mere 4 minutes and 43 seconds and visible to those on the West Cost of North and South America, and also to those in the Far East – Asia and Australia. (I’ll upload a video, assuming there won’t be much cloud cover). It is also the third Blood Moon Eclipse in a Tetrad (series of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses) – a fact that has used to interpret this Moon as a sign of the ‘End-Times’ or ‘Apocalypse’.

This segment is part of a much longer essay, and I am breaking it up into three segments for easy reading:


I’ve covered quite a bit of the interpretation behind the eclipse in the last two episodes of my astrology radio show on WGTR. Those interested can catch up on them here: www.wgtrdemand.com/astrology-priestess-bb.html – So this will essentially be a written repeat of what was said then.

The Sun and the Moon in opposition challenge us to hold different aspects of ourselves in balance: Masculine/Feminine, Yin/Yang, Dark/Light, Conscious/Unconscious, and so on. This need for Balance and recognition of Duality is re-inforced by the fact the Sun (Light of Consciousness) in the sign of the Self (Aries), whilst the Moon (The Unconscious) is in the sign of the Other/Shadow Self/Partner (Libra). ‘Shadow Self’ doesn’t necessarily mean anything evil or negative, just parts of ourselves that we would rather pretend did not exist. This includes our deepest vulnerabilities, fears, shame, perceived weaknesses – and yes – quite a few gifts and sources of strength otherwise overlooked. We tend to attract partners who will mirror these same qualities back to us until we are ready to see it in ourselves. The partnership then will dissolve, or evolve so that the cycle of learning and energetic exchange continues.

This is also a time where in the Balance of Give-and-Take is highlighted, and one needs to become aware of situations in which they either become complacent in accepting another’s efforts without giving something back, or, where they themselves are giving too much without receiving anything in turn. The role of Asteroids and other bodies/points tell us a little bit about the specific Dynamics of Balance this Eclipse addresses:

Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius), trined the Sun, sextiled the Moon – The GA basically shows us what we are drawn to, or what we want to run a million miles away from. In this case, that focus will be upon spiritual teachings, paths, guides, mentors, professors, lecturers, priests, members of the clergy, astrologers, institutions such as academia and organized religion, etc. – anyone or anything that seeks to provide us with an expanded sense of who we are and our place in the Cosmos. We may be drawn to – or completely repelled by – the idea of long-distance travel or going off on an adventure of discovery!

Hopi (14 Gemini), trined the Moon, sextile the Sun – A wonderful time to honor ancient traditions that teach the path of ‘Walking Between the Worlds’, honoring both Earth and Sky, Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine – and beyond. Remember to be respectful of such guides and teachers and to exercise appropriate degrees of sensitivity.

Psyche (14 Aries), conjunct the Sun, opposed the Moon – A time to re-write the script of yourself. Throw out the old archetypes or narratives you have about who you are and your Soul’s journey. Much of this will involve Shadow-working, or becoming aware of that which has been feared, repressed, or denied in the Self. Some things are to be reclaimed and celebrated, and others to be released. The Hero/ine’s Journey here takes place in the Belly of the Underworld, the Sacred Space beneath the Ground – echoed in the depths of the Subconscious.

Askalaphus (14 Libra), opposed the Sun, conjunct the Moon – Be wary of the way you spread information today, there may be the chance that you’d accidentally reveal a secret that wasn’t yours to tell (same goes for whoever you’re playing out the partnership dynamic with). Think twice before saying anything, in other words!

There’s even more going on when we consider other alignments in the Skies:

Sun/Psyche (14 Aries) conjunct Mercury (8 Aries), South Node (9 Aries), Uranus (16 Aries) and Urania (17 Aries) – The focus of our Conscious, Vital energies is going to be upon the Self. This can be a truly transformative process, and represent a New Beginning as part of your Awakening Process. Past karmic dynamics will come to the fore, and you have the choice as to whether you want to replay the old, or step into a new chapter of your Life. Urania’s role highlights our Cosmic Connection and indicates this to be a day where great transformations can arise through our direct engagement with celestial energies. Astrology can be quite a powerful tool in that regard, when done with integrity and spirit.

Phaethon (8 Aries) is conjunct Mercury and this placement counsels you against rushing headlong into things, in the same way a teenager might ‘act out’ or rebel against a parental figure s/he believes in controlling – even if they’re doing no such thing. Exercise restraint and think about your words before you say them. This can go a long way in helping you manage current energies.

Moon/Askalaphus (14 Libra) conjunct the North Node (9 Libra), sextile Jupiter Retrograde (12 Leo) – Strictly speaking, this is past the usual orb that is taken for the North Node. But it applies to some extent owing to the South Node’s proximity to the Sun. Basically, our emotions and intuitive perceptions will help to lead us – to show us the way – to a finding a New Balance, and a New Beginning in our lives. This might come through a sudden revelation of an old truth meant to be hidden or kept secret.

The Moon’s supportive sextile with Jupiter tells us that what we learn now feeds back into our search for Spiritual Answers, our search for a Path that will lead us to where we ultimately want to go. Some of this path will involve a re-claiming of the Inner Child Archetype, and a profound healing of the Sacral Chakra. Some of us might find that Sacred, Sensual, Play is just what we need to get the wheels of Balance turning smoothly in our lives. Those with placements close to 12-14 Pisces will experience this as a Powerful Yod! (Finger of Fate/Destiny/Karma – a punctuating decision point in your karmic learning/experiential cycle).

Sun & Moon square Pluto (15 Capricorn). Bascially, all of the energies we’ve been speaking about make an intense T-Square aspect to Pluto. We’re going to see a re-triggering of the lessons of Uranus-Pluto (which began in mid-2012, with the final, 7th exact square on March 16/17, 2015). As the apex will be on Pluto, it will be the focal point of this Eclipse.

Pluto (15 Capricorn), conjunct Memoria (15 Capricorn) and close to Kassandra (12 Capricorn) – whilst trining Black Moon Lilith (14 Virgo). Transformations in the Underworld, in the Shadow Self are possible at this time – triggered by, or resulting in the release of repressed memories. Some of this might entail violations of power and intimate boundaries for those who resonate with the Archetype of the Priestess/Oracle/Spiritual Seer.

Black Moon Lilith Lilith(14 Virgo) forms an inconjunct (a disquieting aspect in search of resolution) with the Sun, whilst squaring The Great Attractor. The focus on the Shadow / Dark / Suppressed Feminine is once again emphasized and brought into full focus by this alignment. Those with Bodies near 11-17 Scorpio/Aquarius will experience this as an … absolutely powerful Yod alignment. The Finger of Destiny will take you to a pivotal crossroad at which you define your relationship to this aspect of the Feminine, and the many projections that label it as something to be feared and suppressed.


This Libra Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon is culminating the seeds of intention we placed during the Libra New Moon last year: September 24, 2014. The big highlight of that lunation was the Sun/Moon conjunction with the Super-Galactic Center (a supermassive black hole at the heart of the Lanikaea supercluster the Milky Way is a part of), along with a Novile to Black Moon Lilith in Leo.

Anything that touches the SGC point links back to this .. profoundly powerful Source-Connection we have with the Universe. The ripples and waves made of this conjunction spread far and wide, in ways that we (using the rational or intellectual mind) cannot begin to fathom.

The Novile to BM Lilith indicated that it was a time to begin to address our relationship with the Shadow of the Feminine, and the ways in which Her Creativity, Sexuality, Sacred Womb and Playfulness have been heavily projected upon and/or suppressed. We will see the full culmination of those seeds during the September Full Moon of 2023.

Those of you old enough to remember will notice similarities between the nature of the energy felt now and the Lunar Eclipses of April 3 1977, April 3, 1996 and October 8, 1995 (except in the latter case, the Moon was in Aries, Sun in Libra) – all bodies were at either 14 Aries or Libra..

This eclipse is part of the Saros series (number 132, member 30 of 71), which spreads eclipses over 19-year intervals. This is a different way of understanding the energy dynamics that it taps into, and to link it with specific moments in your personal history. Some relevant dates: Feb 08 1925, Feb 20 1943, March 02 1961, March 13 1979, March 24 1997 – the current eclipse – and coming up, April 14, 2033… and it goes on. The sign placements and specific energies of each eclipse in this series will be different, however, they are all linked – like different chapters of the same book. Thanks to Cosmic Intelligence-Agency for drawing my attention to it in the first place.

Personally, I can correlate this directly in my life as I went on my first pilgrimage to India shortly after the March 1997 eclipse (I was 10) – and let’s just say that was a major game-changer in my life. I’m going to be going to India again on a pilgrimage, that (like the first time – appeared out of the blue), within 5 days of this eclipse. I began to learn about the work that I came to do back then, though many possibilities remained open on account of my age. Let’s see what India teaches me this time around. I suspect, in a good way, I won’t be quite the same person as when I return. Really looking forward to it.


In Part 2, we will discuss the symbolism of the Repressed/Dark/Feminine and the idea of the Apocalypse – as has been raised in connection with this Blood Moon Eclipse – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-sx

Stay Tuned!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Astrology with Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

© Text and Image: Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2015

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