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We tend to create masks when we seek to hide ourselves from ourselves. These masks may be so comforting, or so horrifying – that questioning them may seem impossible. And yet, the act of de-constructing or (if needed) dismantling that mask is so critical to the process of self-knowing. If you keep telling yourself that everything is okay when it isn´t, or that you´re weaker than you actually are – the journey towards Self becomes a lot harder than it needs to be.

The Bubble-Burster Session does exactly what it aims to do: It bursts the metaphorical bubble of illusion – and allows you to begin seeing yourself – possibly for the first time in decades.

It takes courage to do it. And so many sit in their bubbles (we all do, to a certain extent). And when it comes time to wake up, it´s not always a smooth or pretty awakening. There tends to be a lot of work that needs to be done afterwards. Whilst I might be able to suggest some healing resources or to refer you to other facilitators where required, in most cases the session will be the start of a longer healing journey.

I do this quite a bit in my sessions anyway, but with the current (June 2016) Neptune Retrograde square Saturn Retrograde alignment, it felt necessary to make this a separate session. That way, you know what you´re getting.

For some of you, the Bubble Burster (BB) session will come as a relief, and for others BB will strip away the walls that prevent you from seeing what work you need to be getting on with to live a life that is full, meaningful and — authentically yours.

For others, the Bubble Burster may ask you to confront what you think you know about yourself and to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Not an easy process if you have a certain image of yourself in mind, or a preferred reflection that you want to meet.

The conversation we have isn´t generic. The nature of the flow of the exchange varies from person to person – as each person has their bubble up for a different reason. Some need a gentler awakening, and others a metaphorical … OY! You!

That comes down to the guidance I get, and the way I interpret your chart. If you´re not familiar with my work, you can also read : Why What I Do Isn’t For Everyone (a.k.a something to read before booking a session with me)




Or, check out the reviews on www.fb.com/theskypriestess


As with any of my sessions, if you are easily triggered and/or in a deeply vulnerable place – please find a gentler form of spiritual facilitation and work. There is a place for all modalities.

Sometimes it´s a case of also just being in the right place (within and without) and the right time to receive the information.

Please note that I am on pilgrimage in Australia and India until late December 2016. I will not be able to provide you a pre-defined booking slot, but can put you on the waiting list and contact you when I am free. Please send me a message using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Required Info: Date, Time and Place of Birth (as specific as you can get it)

Duration: 45 minutes via Skype.  A recording of the session is provided.

Cost: 111 US Dollars (via Paypal)

T&Cs apply as stipulated below.


If interested, drop me a line using the form below. Make sure your email address is correctly spelt.


Phone sessions are available for a slight additional surcharge, depending on where you are in the world. Skype is preferred.

Session T&Cs – Please note that the sessions are non-liable, not intended to replace professional medical, legal, financial or other forms of therapeutic advice, confidential and non-refundable. This is explained in the invoice and your consent is explicitly asked for at the start of the session. We each will have a copy of your session in mp3 format which you can use to re-visit the session as many times as you need to.



Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved.

Image: Bublinar.jpg. Self-published public domain image via Wikimedia commons. By http://www.bubbleshow.cz (www.bubbleshow.cz)


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