Arise, Awaken and Be: Saying Goodbye to a Seed set in 2013


In ancient times, the world’s civilizations worshipped the Great Mother. They honored the elemental and natural metaphysics of existence, living in peace with Nature. Women lived and served as Priestesses in hallowed temples, celebrating their sacred connection with the Divine through their bodies, and often, their liberated sexuality. And everywhere the Mother was to be found, so too was the Serpent, and the Sea.

Many of these civilizations we have forgotten entirely, remaining in our collective memories through ‘flood myths’, folklore and a vague sense of recognition. The temples of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu still call out to those who are willing to listen.

With the rise of the written word and the enforcement of patriarchal social norms, humanity lost its sacred connection with the Divine, with Nature, with its priestesses. And the world changed.

In an age where women are still abused and seen as unequal, despite monumental breakthroughs in science, technology, education and articulations of political equality – women are still are kept out of sacred spaces, their intuitive wisdom ridiculed and ignored, their sacred blood seen as wretched. There is no more cause to wait: It is time to Arise, Awaken and Be.

With Love, with Memory, with Connection, let us find our strength once again and re-build this broken connection, let us celebrate the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to find ourselves whole once more.

Let us bring our Priestesses back into the temples, back into the heart of spiritual life, alongside priests. Let us honor Nature and her fierce, wise and loyal Serpent and allow these energies to light the way for our future. Let us bridge the diverse religious and spiritual traditions of the world through the Gateway of Love in the Heart, the Gateway of Home in the Earth and the Ocean and the Gateway to the Cosmos in the Crown.

Let us commune with the consciousness of forgotten civilizations submerged by time and the oceans, supported by intelligence and compassion whose origins we are yet to comprehend. Advanced in their spiritual knowledge, they call out to us to bring back this path once again: Of Goddess, Serpent and Sea.

Arise, Awaken and Be

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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** Author´s Note: This was the first article I ever published on my Facebook Page founded on 5 September 2013 on The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light (GSS). So in other words, all this began for me three years ago, at least a public capacity. I wasn´t using my own name and profile back then, but I´ve certainly come a long way since. Due to various reasons, I´m deactivating the GSS page on Facebook and WordPress – and I think it´s time to let go of that seed, so that I can keep growing further. I met so many friends and forged such powerful collaborations as part of (multiple) virtual communities and I am grateful to all who entered that space.

Looking at this founding date, I see that Jupiter-in-Cancer (2013) is now aspected by Vesta and opposed by Pluto-in-Capricorn. That tallies with a point of transformation and release in my own spiritual process (and strongly aspects my own chart). Mercury in Virgo (2016) is close to where it was in 2013. The Sun and North Node (2016) are close to the Virgo Sun from 5 September 2013 – and Pluto currently trines this position.

Basically I feel like the seed I set in 2013 has sprouted, and grown in many different directions – that exceeded its origin. Much like a parent plant whose offsprings go off into wind to discover the new. That´s the Pluto-in-Capricorn influence. So, I´m sending this page back to the Underworld, back beneath the soil. It´s work is done, just as Jupiter in Virgo prepares to exit the sign of the Earth-Facilitator and enter the Realm of Justice.

Or rather … back to the Sea.

Who knows, She might be back later 🙂



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