The Moon conjuncts the Sun and Juno (the Soul-mate) at 7 Sagittarius, whilst squaring the North Node (7 Virgo), the South Node (7 Pisces) and Neptune (9 Pisces). If we include the astrological position of the Earth (7 Gemini), this becomes a Grand Mutable Cross.

The Sun / Moon / Juno (7 Sagittarius) also trine asteroid Atlantis at 8 Leo, Vesta at 5 Leo and sextile asteroids Lilith (5 Aquarius) Siva-and-Aphrodite (10 Libra), whilst squaring Karma (11 Virgo).

(Don´t worry – I´ll translate that .. )

The New Moon (Moon-Sun conjunction) goes exact at 12:18 pm (afternoon), UTC time on the 29th of November 2016. That´s late 28th/early 29th for those in the Americas and the 29th/early 30th for those in Asia and Australasia.

So … what does all that mean?

Practically speaking, it means that we´ve been in the build-up to a powerful New Moon for the past 3 days, and will continue to experience its effects for the next 3 days. It means that we´re at a time where planting the seeds of intention and manifestation will yield profound changes in karmic dynamics (owning to the role of the Nodes), soul-mate karma (thanks to Juno) and re-orient ourselves to a path of Service that honors the essence of the Spiritual (Neptune). It is a powerful opportunity to let go of soul-level contracts (should you choose to do so) so that you can step into a life with an expanded sense of possibilities – or to honor and re-inforce a contract that you do want to be a part of.

Freedom at the existential level (as I am beginning to understand) isn´t about flying off as some etheric vapour, it´s in recognizing that you´re here for a little while and your energy matters – so choose what/whom you invest it into wisely.

For those into the more esoteric side of things, this is a time to conduct rituals and observances that equally honor the masculine (Shiva), the feminine (Aphrodite-Lilith), in all their aspects and forms. This isn´t a time to shy away from the Dark or overly glorify the Light – it´s a time to balance and honor all expressions and forms of Divinity (even the ones that don´t seem pretty or wholesome or family-friendly).

Those with placements near 7-10 Taurus or 5-7 Cancer will experience a Yod (finger of fate) with New Moon/Juno/Sun. Watch out for decisions, crossroads that ask you to face, head-on, some aspect of your karmic relationship with Deity and/or Male-Female Archetypal Energy.

I don´t remember the last time I saw a New Moon making a square to the Nodes – if someone does, let me know. The choices we make now will ultimately place us – individually and collectively – on a Path of our Choosing – with the Soul-Mate who will bring us on that Journey, as we do the same for them.

A word to the wise on Soul-Mates – they´re really not all fun or loving or kind. Some soul-mates nurture you with love and allow you to gently expand into the fuller awareness of yourself. And some rip you to pieces so you can see and feel and the places you never even knew you extended into. Usually both.

My suggestion is to be mindful of the rhetoric of soul-mate relationships as they are often over-romanticized. A soul-mate is one who helps your soul Grow – and that can be achieved in a myriad number of ways.

Either way, it´s a powerful time to recognize who that person is / people are in your life – or even if they´re in disembodied form. Honor them for their lessons and – if stuck in a dysfunctional dynamic – allow that dynamic to release and express itself in a healthier form (especially with Asteroid Karma in the mix). The key word is to ALLOW it to happen, rather than to force it into being.

With the astrological position of the Earth where it is (7 Gemini), I feel that we will all have the opportunity to expand our perception and understanding of these contracts and the way they have shaped our consciousness. Writing stuff down or speaking it out may be helpful as a navigatory tool at this time.

Last but not least, we see the New Moon / Sun / Juno trined Vesta (5 Leo) and Atlantis (8 Leo). Vesta´s energy asks us to either release karmic ties, dedicate ourselves to a path of service/devotion and/or to purify the Self in its relationship with the Sacred. In Leo, the focus is on romance, children, creative pursuits, the Heart and Sacral Chakras – effectively – the Joy or Passion that sustains life. I would recommend working with the Golden Ray, stones like golden topaz and carnelian in clearing the sacral chakra. Recommended meditation (of the Lion Goddess Prathyangira Devi):

Atlantis´ role hearkens back to ancient times in which many have memories, deep-rooted feelings or longings towards civilizations associated with crystals, serpents, the great oceans and forgotten technologies. There was indeed a Golden Age of Atlantis – as metaphysical accounts detail – but equally, a Fall. Those of us who bear these memories are able to speak to both aspects of this energy and the ways their signatures, or residues, continue to impact individuals and the planet as a whole. Working with gemstones such as serpentine, stichite, atlantisite (which is a combination of the two) and/or larimar will be of great use to those who do this work.

Those with placements near 5-8 Aries will experience this as a Grand Fire Trine. Talk about sparks flying …. Prepare to be inspired, one way or another!

Generally speaking …

We can look to the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 9, 2017) to witness the blossoming of some of the seeds you set now. You can also track the energy of this Moon through the movement of the Nodes or significant astrological bodies as they transit 7 Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Some doors Open as others will Close. Some contracts will dissolve as others are strengthened or negotiated anew. This will also involve schools of thought and knowledge, paradigmatic shifts, academia, choosing one´s Path, Guides, Teachers, relocation or matters of nationality / citizenship, political and religious ideologies … and so on.

In short, this is a powerful New Moon – a time of great endings for some, and for others, of new beginnings. Usually both.

A time of great change and the opportunity to shift karmic dynamics for ourselves and all other beings.

A time to speak your Truth, even if your voice shakes. . . . even if it´s unpopular, uncomfortable … or unpleasant.

A time to take the first step forwards on the Path of your Choosing.

And 3… 2… 1…


Blessings to the Collective.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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At 13:52 UTC time on November 14th 2016, we will experience the full force of a Supermoon. The Taurus Full Moon will be at its closest point to the Earth than it has been in the past seventy years!

In energetic terms, it means that this lunation will be felt even more strongly than usual (depending on where you are in and how you process).

Astrologically speaking, we can connect the energy of this Full Moon to its preceding New Moon in Taurus  (7th May 2016). Back then, the Sun/Moon trined Pluto and many other aspects in alignment brought us the possibility to engage with an emergent ” form of consciousness that honors and engages with the material realm” .

It is the seeds of that New Moon that we now experience and are called to realize or bring into being.

Taurus is the energy of the Earth, its Abundance and Material forms and the relationships or arrangements that sustain it. Scorpio connects more powerfully to the Shadow realms beneath, within and without, bringing with it the energy of death, transmutation, alchemy and rebirth. There is so much more that can be said on either sign.

The Taurus Moon at 22 degrees conjuncts Sedna (25 Taurus) and Hekate (26 Taurus). We are asked to journey (immediately) to the darker, more hidden, dis-acknowledged, taboo, intimidating, powerful spaces within the psyche. The body, its sexuality, its physical experience are the key to unlocking these deeper experiences. The language and experience of embodiment that transcends (or simply bypasses) the cerebral or conceptual being is calling out for engagement. Get back in your body, your breath, your blood, your being – and you will instantly be transported into that space.

If that process makes you feel too vulnerable or unstable, practice self-care and/or find a facilitator you trust to make that Journey / Descent.

Sedna is the Woman who becomes a Goddess through her Surrender into Darkness. In mythology, She is thrown overboard from a boat by her father, into icy waters. She seeks to cling onto life with her fingers, and they too are chopped and thrown in after Her. Despite the trauma of absolute betrayal, Sedna is able to Surrender to Spirit in entirety, existing outside of the polarity of the victim-abuser dynamic. She allows herself to Surrender to the depths and in so doing, is transformed into a Protectoress of the Oceans. Her story inspires those of us who still grieve from the wounds of deep trauma and betrayal, especially through the figure of the Patriarch.

Hekate is the Goddess of the Crossroads. She is the Crone who patiently waits for us in the caverns of the Underworld with her lantern lit, her eyes kind, tired, wise – yet alive with the possibility of Choosing. To me, She is the Grandmother in the Darkness. She is the Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, Source-ery (borrowing a phrase from The Book of Stones) and Journeys Beneath/Within. She shows us that we always have guidance, even in the darkest of places and asks us to Trust in the Process and our Freedom to Choose the Path.

With The Moon – Sedna – Hekate conjunct, this Full Moon brings the energy of these ´Dark´ or Shadow Goddesses in full focus. A perfect time for making the Journey, or Descent into Shadow. Remember to practice energetic protection, stay grounded and/or seek a facilitator who knows how to navigate these realms directly. Shamanism provides a powerful conceptual framework and tools to do so, but again – find the right person to work with.

The Sun (22 Scorpio) conjuncts Astraea (21 Scorpio), Hygeia, Ceto and Black Moon Lilith (19 Scorpio). Long story short – it´s more of the themes described above. Hygeia tells us we can find healing through this journey, Ceto asks us not to fear but to befriend the Serpent/Dragon who appears (with some caution exercised), Lilith tells us of the Goddess-who-Awaits us Beneath and Astraea – well – She tells us that this process of Descent was woven into being by the Stars long, long ago … and is a part of our collective attempt at finding Balance once more.

The only warning that comes to mind is the of the Games that the Ego will play as part of this Process. Watch for games of projection, flights of fantasy, shortcuts that seek to lead you to power too soon, too quickly. Watch for the mind playing its game of control … and simply wave. It´s simply a part of the larger process.

There are more asteroids and bodies that add layers of complexity in the analysis of this alignment, but in substance – it´s pretty much covered here.

Our task here is not to Whitewash the Darkness or seek to Transmute it. It is an intrinsic and utterly interwoven part of our being. If at all there is a task beyond Understanding and Acceptance .. it is in recognizing where our Shadow hides our gifts – and our weaknesses (gifts not yet realized). And to bring these back to the The Surface – into embodied, Material, Tangible Reality.

Get ready to get deep – and to Face the Shadow … Again. Call on your guides … and prepare to take a Leap of Faith.

You never know where you´ll end up, or the world that you will partly manifest into being.

Tools: Labradorite, Merlinite (Gemstone), Black Pepper & Frankincense (Oils)


Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Land-working is the term I am using to describe the way we connect with the frequency or consciousness of land and its manifold inhabitants or expressions of energy. Experienced land-workers can merely stand on a particular location or touch a physical object (like a rock) and ´ know ´ the history and sequence of events that unfolded at that location.

Now that can be an interesting experience itself, especially when information that is revealed in this way is corroborated by historians and archaeologists who have studied the locality. But it is usually the prerequisite to deeper work that is required by the land in question.

Sometimes land-work is the act of being present and listening, sometimes it´s praying, holding ceremony, giving offerings or shifting an arrangement of stones or plants, and sometimes it´s opening or shutting portals. It differs.

There are a few things to remember as general guidelines or principles in this process. The seven principles I introduce here are distilled from the essence of my spiritual pilgrimages thus far in Scotland, England, Cornwall, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Malaysia and Tasmania (in Australia).

(1) Ask Permission, Don´t Impose.

No matter how sensitive you may be in terms of your perception, the ritual of asking permission from the land and its physical and/or energetic gatekeepers is important. Especially in lands that have suffered the trauma of genocide. The focus there tends to be in providing energetic support or facilitating healing in ways that are relevant to the populations who have been oppressed, suppressed, reversed roles and played that cyclical game in earlier times. It is important to be sensitive and to recognize that being able to do something does not necessarily mean you should automatically go do it. That´s the kind of thinking that led to the development of the atomic bomb.. (Ha .. we can do this … why not?) … and so on

(2) Ancestral Lineages.

This is linked to the first point. Whilst I do not believe that DNA coding in this lifetime is the prerequisite for one to connect with land, it does help. Remember to honor the perceptions of those who have a more direct connection in this time-line and to recognize that (though we all come from One source), in some circumstances, taking a back seat as a witness is as powerful as leading the charge. In many cases, the indigenous teachings of a land have been forgotten or simply destroyed by colonial conquest, genocide – and of course the power of globalization (the former reasons tend to leave a very different energetic signature to deal with).  When one allows themselves to witness the re-emergence or re-membering of an old teaching, one helps to heal land and culture in this form also.

(3) The Power of the Outsider.

Sometimes coming into a situation without pre-existing cultural or conceptual baggage is a gift. One´s vision and sight of the dynamics that exist can help a local practitioner recognize what they have taken for granted / internalized to the point that they forget to question it, if required. An external facilitator can act as a focal point to bring together a community that has otherwise not recognized itself as one. Or as a neutral mediator, if granted permission.

(4) Partnership.

Land-working is not a one-off event. Whatever is created must be continually re-inforced by those who have regular 3-D access to that land, i.e. those who live there (but distance work is certainly effective as well). Material actions in embodied form are powerful complements to energetic work at a more abstract level. As one of the co-facilitators from my workshop in Tasmania put it, land-working also meant working with the people of the land and the way they held and interacted with land energies. Moreover, it also helps to be a part of a more diverse group to receive energetic re-inforcement and validation of energetic impressions received.

(5) Seek Connection, Not Control.

A Land-worker is a custodian or caretaker, rather than a controller of the land. Whilst the Earth is in crisis – it is also useful to remember that Mama-Gaia has her own Consciousness. We exist here at Her Mercy, not the other way around. Whatever a piece of paper may say in declaring ownership … remember that She´s got a Will of her own.

(6) Know When Not to Butt In

Land has its own wisdom. Do not seek to impose your personal views, ideologies, needs and desires upon it. That generally does not end well. In some cases a human facilitator or group of facilitators cannot ´fix´ what appears (in their eyes) to be a problem. Mama-Gaia, on the other hand, may have different ideas. In those instances, respectfully bowing out, surrendering, or being willing to witness the Land and Her Mystery at play is a legitimate option.

(7) All Land is Sacred.

Recognize that land-working does not require you to go to a forest or designated ´sacred site´ (a lot of those have been tampered with in any case). Every inch of land on this earth is sacred. And that includes your home. Even if it´s made out of plastic and sits next to a McDonalds by the side of a highway. Start with the immediate space around you, make that your temple.

You can go into far greater depth, but this is a decent base-line for doing this kind of work if one is guided to do so. It takes a lot of groundedness, discernment and spiritual practice to do so in a way that supports the land-worker and Mama-Gaia Herself.

I acknowledge that I see the Earth as Feminine, and that is not meant to be an identification that seeks to exclude. If you see the Earth as Male or Androgynous or something else entirely, that´s fine too.

*  *  *

A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit and conduct a workshop in Tasmania, Australia by a loving, beautiful being. She had received guidance to invite me, a woman whom she had never met before and did so three times. I accepted only on the third invitation. And so my journey with this part of the land was set.

In the workshop I co-facilitated at the base of Mt. Kunanyi in Tasmania, I had the good fortune to meet and be surrounded by facilitators, social workers, artists, Dakinis, academics who worked with land from a diverse range of perspectives and who worked with the indigenous people (those who remain) in Tasmania. One of the women drove 3.5 hours through rough road to attend!

A meditation emerged – and it called itself – The Creation of a New Human Tribe –

This is a part of the meditation and discussion, which I am called to share with you:


I feel that receiving and transmitting this message from this location was – in so many different ways – a powerful event with profound significance. The energy of Tasmania is rich with the Rainbow Serpent, with the Red / Root Planetary energy. Things feel so …. powerful –  at once, so much more compressed and intense, as though a footprint or ripple created there leaves a far greater impact that one imagines.

We tuned into something much larger than ourselves and I am grateful to have been a part of it and to learn so much from the land in the short while I spent there. I had a very different set of teachings to internalize and transmit during my workshop in Glastonbury, earlier this year. More on that soon.

To find out more about land-working, or organize a related speaking / meditative event or practice, just get in touch.

Also – for those of you in Australia, I will be presenting at the following events:

Nov 9, Melbourne: The Goddesses In The Stars with Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam . We will also be offering a Water Prayer for Standing Rock.

Nov 12, Uki: Sacred Darkness – a Journey into the Shadow

Nov 18-20, Sydney: Goddess Conference Australia – Invoking the Rainbow Serpent Spirit of the Divine Feminine

Blessings and Love to the Collective,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Om Ah Hum

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Image by Mark Loveridge, 2016 (Tasmania Land-Working Workshop with Dr. Bairavee, 5th November 2016). All rights reserved.

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