With Venus stationing direct in Pisces, my thoughts turn to the ways in which we have – for millenia – used the trope of psychodrama (and the drama cycle of victim-abuser-rescuer) as an alchemical catalyst. It is time to find new ways to walk with Spirit, to seek the Feminine, to propel (perhaps simply realize) ourselves in Communion with the Sacred.


I´m likely to explore this theme in greater depth in the next few weeks. It´s certainly been the lesson that my pilgrimages and encounters have been leading me towards.

We certainly go on a Path in the search of Spirit – and often we are told to let go … let go … let go …

But at a certain point, we are told to let go of the Path itself.

This is what I feel is being asked of me, and many others at this time.

*** The backdrop is of the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia

Blessings and Love,


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My part of the world I call home, it is very beautiful! The mountains have a powerful old energy.


Dr B, it sounds like a process of just walking away, wholly and completely, from the drama and roles etc… or do you feel that work needs to be done in order to release it? ❤


    Sometimes wanting to stay in the work is a choice to stay in the drama. And sometimes it literally is just saying: Enough.
    But work with a facilitator in cutting through karmic ties and contracts is useful to get you to that point. But you have really got to want to cut it.


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