Tracing the Path of Cupid´s Arrow: The Romanticization of Woundedness in Relationship Dynamics

Apt for review today as Mercury has stationed direct in Aries, conjunct Eris and Uranus – and squared Thereus in Cancer. This theme came up several times in the workshop I conducted yesterday on healing the sacral chakra.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Relationships that are based on shared wounds are problematic – for the most part. Whilst there is merit in the idea that two wounded people can come together to heal one another – in practice, it tends to take a different direction. There are of course exceptions, but – rare ones.

Whilst there are some people in this world who (at least on the surface) look like they´ve got it all together, most of us are processing some level or perception of woundedness. And that is a good, evolutionary step for us as a species. I am grateful to all of the work made by prior generations who made it even possible to have such a discussion today.

What we have done, potentially as a means to ensure survival, or silence the voice of an otherwise (potentially dissident) population – is essentially to say that a certain degree of woundedness…

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