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There´s a buzz in the air today and it comes from a confluence of several different celebrations across the globe – and of course the energy of the Equinox itself. The Hindus are celebrating the first day of Navaratri (the 9 Nights of the Goddess). It´s a festival that inspires millions of devotees to honor the Goddess in her many forms through prayers, fasting, massive statues paraded through the streets and so on. Alongside this, we see the Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashanah and the Moslem celebration of Muharram – both festivals heralding the New Year. The Jewish and Islamic calendars are calculated differently, and so this dual celebration is one to note. There may be other faiths who honor holy days at this time as well.

Now all of this fervent devotion and celebration is coming at a significant time: the Equinox. During the Equinox, we see the equalization of day and night before one begins to get longer than the other (which then leads to the Solstice, and back again). During the Equinox, we are asked to consider both light and darkness, masculine and feminine, yin and yang in equal measure, and to question the nature of duality and the binary categories it tends to be predicated on. This is … one of the two energetic Middle Points in which all exists in balance with one another (the other Equinox occurring in March).

It´s a time to look at how we can embrace paradox and reconcile multiple truths – which may appear to contradict one another at the surface. Some may reject that binary entirely, or embrace both sides of the coin. Be it through acceptance, dissolution or transcendence (and those too exist alongside one another), we are encouraged to explore new forms of consciousness and thought. In doing so, we rethink the way we see the world and the value judgements we use to navigate through Life. Some will of course sink deeper into judgements that lead to polarized thinking, or the us-vs-them mentality – and that too is their choice.

For me, the highlight of today´s astrology is the Yod or Finger of Fate involving the Moon in Libra, Pallas Athena in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. Use this energy to be strategic in managing the practical needs of your material life, in finding spaces for pleasure, sensual embodiment and joy. Seek to find the Spiritual in your Material realities (and vice versa), rather than using one to escape the other. Ultimately our choices can lead us to a more equanimous, accepting and tolerant emotional state – one that makes it possible for all kinds of Truths to survive, thrive and co-exist alongside one another .

In other words: Not the day to be a tyrant or overly dogmatic about what you believe to be True.

Expand your possibilities, enjoy your time on this planet as an embodied being and realize that there is room for us all to be true to ourselves, as long as we walk in alignment with Spirit. What road we take on that Journey is entirely our own business.

Live and Let Live ❤

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Perfect.Thankyou Bairavee.Bless


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