Why What I Do Isn’t For Everyone (a.k.a something to read before booking a session with me)

It is useful for those of you who are new to my work to read this before considering a booking with me – especially if you´re booking anything apart from a Vesta Session. As so many new subscribers have recently joined this page … I felt it was the right time to re-share this post.

The energetic component of the work is getting far more intense and so a strong level of grounding is required before beginning.

I do not take on board those who are extremely easily triggered, fresh from the wounds of trauma or abuse, or those who require emergency healings. I can direct you to facilitators who may be more appropriate in those cases.

I work best with those who have already journeyed for some time and are at the conscious state of readiness and wanting to know the Deeper Self. Through the interface of the Conscious Mind, I help a person experience their own Spirit, or Essence.

This is a lot more terrifying than you think especially if the grounding required is not present. Most people have no idea how … … huge! they are!! 😀

Also – I cannot – and will not tell you what you think you want to hear. Only what arises through the astrological chart and/or spiritual guidance.

Most of you who have been following me know this anyway – but some of you are new to the experience.


The Sky Priestess​

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Red rose (Kardinal) with black background.

Whilst I know this isn’t the type of self-promotional material you’d expect, I don’t believe in beating around the bush. I notice the interest in my work is rising, and with it the need to be specific about the energetic impact of my services and why it’s very different from what a lot of people would expect from an astrological reading.

I find that the people who are drawn to work with me are those who are friends with their shadow and want to get out of the ‘wounded healer’ loop – and again, that has no bearing on whether a person identifies themselves as ‘spiritual’ or not. It does require a commitment to truly get deep within the self, without paying lip service to the concept.

In the session, no matter how short or long it is, we connect at a powerfully deep, energetic level. The chart has a…

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Hi there Goddess

I am interested in having a birthday Reading W you sometime soon If/ when possible

If you can Please send me a link To sign up Or Any necessary details That would be great!

Thanks And Bkessings from North America

🙏🌎🌲 Careyana

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