Post-Eclipse Energies (July 29-31, 2018): Opportunities for Transformation

Hello my friends!
It´s been an incredible Eclipse and all of us, in our own ways, are looking through the haze and watching the debris settle.
We have been given a glimpse of transcendence, clarity and a vision of what things can be like.
And so with all this incredible energy, we are asked to ground ourselves – slowly but surely – back into reality. And to make that change happen in the world we see around us.
Today and tomorrow present some astrological challenges / opportunities to road-test the new frequencies we have all been experiencing.
The Sun (6 Leo) is currently conjunct the North Node (5 Leo) and in direct opposition to Ophelia (6 Aquarius).
This is the reminder that we need to be truthful to our innermost emotions and instincts – and to express ourselves outwardly. Otherwise we may feel bottled up and under greater pressure.
Tomorrow, the Sun will go on to conjunct Thereus (7 Leo).
I have been focusing on this centaur planet quite a bit in the buildup to the Eclipse owing to its ability to draw out patterns of predation, covert surveillance, victimization and abuse.
Tomorrow will bring further issues and patterns (yet unresolved to the surface) at the individual and collective level.
You may find it coming up in your conversations with children, creative collaborators, lovers – anyone you really open your heart up to.
Pay attention to what´s going on in politics and the media to understand how the shadow-puppets dance. But attach to nothing of it. It is the screen or backdrop for larger dynamics to play themselves out on.
If you must act on what comes your way, center yourself first and ask whether this is a true opportunity for change, or simply a bait/hook to drain your energy.
The former can transform whatever dynamic you are part of, the latter only reinforces it.
Also … more relevant for the immediate present …
The Moon (22 Aquarius) is opposing Mercury Retrograde (23 Leo) right now!
Triggering and projection dynamics are high in the skies.
Remember that not all messages that come your way are for or about you – even if someone claims it to be.
Acknowledge what is yours, and what isn´t.
And move on.
For those of you with heightened sensory perception (5 senses, and beyond) make sure you have some quiet time to just rest and sink into nature and your own bodies.
Cut out distractions or stimulants and just let yourself process what you need to.
It might be a good time to get out of your shell and go out for a bit if you´ve been tightly wound up in the build-up to this Eclipse.
Happy Navigating!
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