Blessings to everyone! Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Center today at 27 Sagittarius. This makes aspects to Uranus in Aries, North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn – and Chiron in Pisces.

Long story short, this is THE time for you to align deeply within. Focus on that space of stillness through which you connect to the galactic womb.

The Mayans understood the Galactic Center as this Cosmic Womb. Reconnecting with it is the birthright of all, irrespective of race, sex, age or gender.

As Mercury is also conjunct Ixion, be wary of authoritarian agendas that seek to limit your access to Inner Knowledge. Especially if they appear in the guise of The Teacher.

Your connection within liberates you from your fears and illusions.

No matter how powerful the teacher, their role is to help you awaken that knowledge within. Not to own it, or control it.

An exceptional teacher can help to protect or guide you as you reach that inner space, but they are not responsible for your journey.

Accepting your role as sovereign Universal Co-Creator also requires acceptance of the fact that your life, and your choices are in your hands. We are all at different levels of accepting and embodying this principle.

And that is totally fine too. To each, their own path.

As Saturn is conjunct the Sun in Capricorn, a set of secondary questions arises – once you get the beep from Spirit.

What do I do with this knowing?
What do I build with it?
What or who am I sacrificing to build it – and is that in alignment?
What is the long-term outcome of all this?

Trust your journey. Work with benevolent guides.

If in doubt, call upon energies such as Archangel Michael or Archangel Metatron for protection and stability.

There´s a lot to be done, especially within this upcoming Capricorn Solar Eclipse.

Take the time to align within. Go deeper than you thought you could.

Back to the space where you meet and become the stars (once more).


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


*** This alignment is especially strong between January 2-3 in the Americas, and Jan 3-4 in Asia/Australia. Remember that´s it part of a wave of energy building up to the Eclipse between Jan 5-6, 2019.



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