It all comes alive with Love and Self-Love.

Self-Love does not require self-importance

Nor does it require self-negation.

It comes when the two are balanced.

When the Heart is open enough to receive Love

And wise enough to protect itself…

An incredible light of transformation emerges …

When you exist in Love, you become Love.

It is the Light that can inspire countless others.

The meaning that so many seek beyond themselves.

With Love


5 thoughts on “BEACONS OF LOVE (Poem)

  1. Dear Bairavee, I have been following your blog for a long time now. I am a Canadian living in East Germany. I just wanted to say, what a beautiful poem. But it is your smile and beaming eyes that say it all. Thank you and enjoy this lovely weekend!!!
    Love from Germany,

  2. Thank you Dr Bai…..I always enjoy your poetry and words of inspiration
    Be well
    Sending Big Hugs❤️🙏
    Rose Brenton

  3. Thank you for sharing this and your wisdom. How beautiful our world if all could practice this.

  4. Thanks for sharing, love that picture, great smile and you look truly happy, must be all the self-love! 😉 thanks for all you do

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